You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Do not kick the ball. Hutts don’t have feet. Show some respect.

Berlinger Mission 4 Log 4

Personal Fund: 7,006

+200 from sound investments

-200 from entrance fee

+2000 from winnings

- 200 to Trosk

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Funds from Republic: 4,950,000

Captain Oglerk greeted me but was concerned I attracted too much attention. I didn’t know what she was talking about. We started negotiating until a blaster bolt pierced the curtain and hit the back room wall when a bar fight was initiated in the Barbie Harpy.

Captain Oglerk suggested we go elsewhere to negotiate. She led the way, followed by her First Mate Kog. RR and I followed Oglerk outside the bar and across the station where the freighter containers with the droids were.

Oglerk said he has buyers willing to pay 10 million credits for them, howe3ver I only had about 5 million to negotiate with. But first, the cargo hd to be inspected. I called Mathus over to inspect the goods while I looked over the manifest.

Mathus said the droids were in good shape. I started an offer of 4 million, but Oglerk did not like my offer. I raised it to 4.5 million if she included the pace tug and containers so I could transport it. I sensed she put on a show, feeling insulted by the offer, but I think she knew not anyone is willing to buy everything in bulk. Breaking it up into smaller sales should take a lot of time, and it’s best to just take the money and run, especially if these droids are hot.

I asked Mathus to return to the ship and inform DZ to bring over 4.5 million credit in the case.

After waiting for 30 minutes, when Mathus and DZ should have arrived, I received a message on my pad from Mathus. Only it wasn’t Mathus. Whoever had the pad said they have Mathus, DZ and the credits and we are not meet with at the Nova Room.

Oglerk was agitated I didn’t have the funds. I apologized and promised I’ll have the credits within 7 hours.

I contacted Cael and Trosk to meet me at the casino to get, at minimum, the case with the credits in it. At the same time, there was an announcement that Shula the Hutt has boarded the station and there were cheers aboard. I thought this was odd because intelligence said Shula the Hutt was no longer in control of this station.

At the same time, security was increased around the station. I initially thought it was because Shula the Hutt is on board, but really it was because an Imp officer was killed in the bar.

I try to get inside by stating I’m on the list, but the bouncer would not let me in. Instead, I was able to talk down the entry fee to 200 credits.

I entered the casino and received a new message on my pad to wait 30 minutes, then head upstairs and give the name “Grakus”.

While waiting, I decided to hit the Pazzak tables. I saw one person with a large stack of credits in front of her. I decided to go after that stack. In one hand, I won 1500 credits and by the end ended up 2000 credits. It was a good night, but I had to continue with my mission.

Cael was able to make it in, but he was dressed differently. Anyway, Cael, Trosk and I rendezvous by the stairs before heading upstairs. We gave the code Grakus, and were lead by some well armed goons. They lead us to Shula the Hutt, surrounded by male dancers.

Schula speaks, but I don’t understand Hutt and asked for a protocol droid. DZ comes out and translates stating she is very angry that I conducted such a large transaction on the station without giving her a cut of the sale. Mathus, DZ, and the case are hers unless we give her half of the sales to her. I said that is not an option as I needed all those credits to seal the deal.

Schula the Hutt was looking over Cael which gave me the idea. I proposed we do a game of Huttball on the station. If we won, we get the case and everyone. If we lost, Schula keep DZ and the case. Schula wanted DZ no matter the outcome and I tried to negotiate for that, but Schula felt we can discuss more when we cross that bridge.

The Huttball match would be Cael, Trask and I vs. any three on the station she selects. Schula agreed to the terms and recruited a Dug, Miriand, and a Gigaram.

The promenade got crowded once the Huttball announcement was made. It was a while since a match was created and people started to pour out of the bar and casino to begin betting.

The contest was divided into two contests. The first was last man standing throwing the ball in a hoop.

Round 1: the Dug missed, knocking himself out the round. The Miriand threw his ball while Cael threw his, knocking Caels ball out thus knocking both of them out of the round. The Gigiram, Troisk and I made our shots and went onto round 2.

On round 2, Trosk and I made our shots, but the Gigiram missed, so we won the first contest.

Second contest started, mini game of Huttball. Cael was point person and grabbed the ball and passed it to me. I tried to fake the incoming Gigiram but fumbled in the process, resetting the ball.

The ball was free and Cael went for the ball. Cael was overwhelmed and dropped it, resetting it in our territory.

Cael went for the ball again, passed to Trosk, and was able to advance it until it was dropped in their territory.

When the ball was free, Cael grabbed the ball and pushed to the end zone scoring a point.

The match ended with us as the victors. Now I can only hope Schula holds up her end of the bargain.


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