You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Going from a luxurious ride to an interrogation room in 24 hours

Beringer Log 6

Personal Fund: 966
+200 from investments

Partisan Fund: 3,900

Black Card: 27,000 – now zero – details in report

With the black card with a 27,000 credit limit and 48 hours to spend it, I wasted no time getting onto the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). I didn’t care if I paid a premium for an item, as long as I got it quickly. I Skyped in Voba asking what shield components we needed. Voba gave me the component serial numbers and I was able to locate them for 2400 credits which include delivery to be received in 3 days. I made a request to deliver it to warehouse 751 in the city. I knew the warehouse was hardly used.

Voba made a request to purchase a comm sweep which included a scrambler and a jammer. I figured why not since we had to empty the card and it was easy to find on the GTN for 2200 credits. That stuff will be received in 2 days at warehouse 751.

Voba asked Cael what else we needed and all of a sudden, all I heard was some more illicit goods like a quad cannon and thermals. I asked Voba to get me onto to Hutt trade Network (HTN) to get that type of gear. I found a used and was way above the usual asking price for 12,000. I contacted the seller to negotiate a more reasonable price of 11,000, fast delivery and no questions asked considering the canon was already used. The seller obliged. I’ll get that in 3 days.

I sent a private message to the seller about Thermals. The seller told me he will get back to me within the hour. 15 minutes later, while in my Uber ride, I got a call from the card company asking to verify the purchases that were made. I had to play it up that I was in no condition to talk and put the agent on hold while I was pretending to vomit. I got Voba back on the comm asking for Preston, the cardholder’s pet name. Voba did a quick search on the galactic web finding Preston’s homepage. Voba found a pic of a dog named Snuffles and gave me that name. I got back to the agent and said “Snuffles” and played out my pretend inebriation. Seems the agent accepted my answer and I hung up before being asked to take a survey.

The seller for the Thermals got back to me and said he is willing to sell them at 2800 a piece but that cannot be transported in. I counteroffered to purchase 3 for 11,000 and to be delivered to warehouse 751. This was an offer the seller could not refuse and obliged to have them delivered within 3 days. I hope the seller gets insurance for that.

I arrived back at Whisper Base and all personnel, including Zal, Cael, and Rosa were busy upgrading the base. I had to debrief Voba to prepare our meeting with Viga and our entrance into Giarrano base where Voba may have an opportunity to tap into the mainframe.

I asked to borrow an officer uniform. A naval lieutenant uniform was available and I asked Voba to create a fake, usable imperial ID. Nick Pappageorgio has become my alter ego while in disguise. Voba was able to do so without effort. As for getting Voba in, we had to create a story stating Voba is a tech contractor and I am there to monitor his work. We needed a ride into the base and got Darius to take us in an Imperial speeder with him in a stromtrooper outfit.

Viga did some tampering on her end causing the router to fail; creating a trouble ticket for the incident. The stage was set.

Darius dropped us off in front of the base and I asked he stay there until we return. I met Viga who seems nervous all over. We had to get past the first set of doors into the buildings. My ID scanned thanks to Voba’s due diligence. Unfortunately Voba had to fill out a stack of paperwork before entering.

Once inside, Viga, Voba and I traveled down a long hallway to another desk. At the desk, they asked for all of our IDs. My Id was accepted. Viga’s was not; she was not authorized. I had to chastise her with my rough imperial accent stating she was incompetent. At this point, I had to continue on with Voba and without Viga. Viga said I should keep my comm link open and look out for a guard named Theaton. Voba, at this desk, had to sign another stack of paperwork.

Voba and I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor. Through Voba’s skills, he was able to locate the place we need to get to. We came open other desk next to a vaulted door. The desk scanned for me ID and Voba has to sign another stack of paperwork. I was getting nervous that time was ticking was before the next guard shift.

Voba and I were able to get past the door but only have a few minutes left before shifts change. There was one armed agent inside the mainframe. He asked for my ID then asked I watch over while he takes a bio break. I said yes while Voba started tunneling through the mainframe. Voba’s succeeded and was able to pull up anything on Whisper base, and attack plans on Whisper Base, and he managed to create and ingenious backdoor into the mainframe. Voba, with a turn of a switch, fixed the wifi issue. Our task was done.

Voba and I started to proceed out of the building. While back on the 1st floor, I hear Viga on the comm in a panic. She was able to get in and started to go up the elevator. She was about to compromise the whole operation. I asked her to come back down the elevators and meet me on the 1st floor. Meanwhile, Voba started to concoct a plan to get Viga off the base and without telling me, setup a honeymoon leave for Viga and I.

When exiting the base, Voba said I needed to show a little affection for Viga. I gave Voba a dirty look until it was uncovered that Viga and I are both on leave. How awkward, in fact it was the most awkward part of the mission. However, that excuse did get us off the base.

Unfortunately, once off the base, our ride was nowhere to be found. Darius moved but he panicked and was being changed by the Imperials on bikes.

I asked Darius to rendezvous with us once he thought he was in the clear. Darius started to meet us, but then floored it when the Imps found him. Darius was in a panic and I tried to stop him. He stopped his bike and I tried to pull him off and tried to put on an act of an officer disciplining his subordinate. The IMP Police showed up and the act did not work; they asked both Darius and I be on the ground. We were both taken into custody.

At this point, I hoped Voba was able to see all of this as there is no way I am able to talk myself out of this one.

I was placed in a holding location at the station. There were mostly aliens there who were picked up and all of them gave me a dirty look. One alien Gran approached me asked why I was there. I tried to ignore him but he was hostile. I said I was in for nefarious activity. I don’t think he fully understood and started to swinging at me. His punch missed me hitting the wall hard, like he was giving a warning shot. I then tried to convince the Gran I was not Imp, but he would not accept anything I said. The other aliens also became hostile. The gran body slammed me and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in a room.

When I woke up, I thought at first I was in an infirmary. But it was an interrogation room with an interrogation droid and 2 intelligence agents. I was weak and sore and played it up when being interrogated. However, it seems that the serum I was given from the droid started to have its effect.

The intelligence agents first asked me for my name. I slurred it so badly, first saying “Berr” then ending it with “georgio”. The agents think they overdosed me but continued to interrogate me. They asked what I was doing inside the mainframe. My body subsumed to the serum and I told the truth that I was there with the Duros to hack into the system. However, the interrogation droid’s lie detector falsely stated that was not true and the agents believed it.

I was asked which planet I was traveling to next, and for some reason I was able to resist the effect and told them I was not going anywhere before passing out. The interrogation was a lot of strain on my already weakened state.

Moments later, could have been 10 minutes, or 10 hours, who knows, I was being cleaned up. Blood from my uniform was being scrubbed out and I was escorted out of the interrogation room to be met by Cael and Zal dressed in Imp uniform. I have no idea what Cael said but he did not seem happy. Cael also demanded the release of Darius, who seems to have faced a worse fate than I have. I was in no shape to think or speak and followed Cael and Zal out of the building and headed back to Whisper Base.

I need a bacta bath.

Side Note: Voba managed to upgrade Ceal and my alter egos on our identify badges to help access areas accessible to imperial intelligence.


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