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I hate this sneaking Around Deceptive Stuff

Episode 7-12-2017

1.071 ABY – 0530 Hour – Martle Station – Cael Log
Omnath is leaving a blood trail as we drag him back to our ship. When we get there, we put him in the medical bay. I hook up the bacta pump that is attached to a sleeve that I place around his non cybernetic arm. Berrenger puts an oxygen hose to his nose and I place a bacta bandage on his bleeding head. Omnath opens 1 eye. (Cael) “Sleep, you need time to heal. We have to go find Grabbo. He can probably do more for you.” I give him a pain killer. Berrenger is going to see if he can find information and / or the procedures for when there is a lock down on level 3. I try to come up with a viable plan without having to improvise again. As I am going over what we know. Berrenger returns with some information and 2 Imperial uniforms tucked under his arm. (Cael) “Good job. This should help a lot in getting onto the freighter.” My comm buzzes, it is Grabbo. We need to meet him at Passk’s shop. He gives us the directions and we head up there.

0930 Hour – We get to Passk’s shop. There is a little of everything in here. Grabbo is in the back with Passk having tea. We sit down and discuss plans in getting on to the 3rd level during lock down. Passk has a friend that works on that level. He is an albino Zabrak. He is called Big Black. At the mention of a Zabrak, I am hoping it is not the 1 that got into the fight with Omnath in the red sector. (Passk) “Yes, plan veery gooood. Black put men cargo container. Push container freighteer. Yooou hiddeen inside. It veery goood plan.” At this point an albino Zabrak walks into the shop with several bacta patches on him and wearing a red jumpsuit. There is an Aqualish and a human entering behind Black. The Aqualish has a bacta bag on a rolling pole. It is set to drip into his arm. My heart sinks. Black and I lock eyes and I stand up. (Black) “You, your thing attacked me. Passk, this is not the guy you are dealing with?” (Passk) “Is probleem heere?” (Cael) “We have met.” (Black) “Met? That assassin of yours tried to kill me!” (Cael) “You owe me. Otherwise you would be sitting in the brig right now. Besides, you were trying to kill my slicer.” (Black) “Its my job to chase out others in my red section. Passk, the deal is off. Lets go boys. We are out of here.” Passk is confused. He tries to stop Black and the others from leaving, but soon returns to the table. (Passk) “Nooo gooood. Wee neeed go alternate plan. I show governor tooo yoou.” Passk looks at each of us. To Berrenger. (Passk) “yooou tooo old fer her.” next he looks at Grabbo and just shakes his head. Then Mathus. (Passt) “Yoou tooo dirty. She like young men.” Next he looks at me. (Passk) “Yoou, yoou just right age. We clean yoou up. You lovey douvey Varla” Passk pulls on my cheeks like he is primping a doll. (Mathus) “Cael here is an ex Blitzball star athlete.” Passk looks back at me and smiles more. (Cael) “Now wait a minuet. My name has been associated with the Alliance for a while. Everywhere I go I am incognito and use another name. 1 mention of the name Cael Hanarist and we are going to be sitting in the brig waiting for Imperial intelligence to pick us up. Faster then you can say – What happened.” Passk is combing my hair and putting gold chains around my neck. I get the sneaky suspicion that Passk is pimping me out to the governor. Information we do find out from Passk, is that the M226 freighter is the last in line on this convoy. There are 2 Star galleon escort ships for the convoy. That will also be docked the entire time the freighters will be here. Passk sets up the meeting with Governor Varla Prule. I still think this is a bad idea to get the governor involved in this but Berrenger and I go meet her.

1400 Hour – We bring my R2 – Roots and some camera equipment with us as part of the cover. We are stopped at a checkpoint just outside the administration offices and cant take the camera equipment into this area. I tell Roots to wait for us with the equipment. He beeps at me – Affirmative. This area of the station is in immaculate condition. White plasteel walls, the air is cool and does not smell of garbage or fuel. Berrenger and I are shown into the governors office by 1 of her attaches . Governor Varla Prule is a middle aged human. She speaks with a heavy Courasant accent. She is dressed in a white military uniform. She is cordial to both of us. Berrenger, who is using the under cover name Nick Papageorgio. Pitches the casino prospecting story. I do notice that Varla is looking at me as Berrenger is talking. Her answers to him are short and to the point. I am using the alias Tony Saprano. I in turn pitch the holovid story about Varla. Getting some holovid time of her and show some decision making. A very in depth story of her on bearing the burden of running this station. She seems interested with this, or is it me she is intent with? Still looking at me. She says to Berrenger. (Varla) “Send me the request for the casino and I will have my staff rubber stamp it. And don’t forget the 5000 credit fee for the permit.” She is still looking at me. (Varla) “How about you and I meet for dinner to discuss how this holovid can proceed. And possibly discuss a few other things.” (Cael) “Well, my ship is stuck down on the 5th level in a cramped corner of the bay down there. It will be very difficult and time consuming to move cameras and equipment around.” She quickly sends approval to move the Oasis to an open bay on the 3rd level. Not that far from where the freighters will be docked. She then gives me the name of 1 of the restaurants on the 3rd level. We decide to meet at 1800 hours. She holds out her hand to me with the palm down. Unsure what protocol to use. I take her hand and nod to her. She seems content with the exchange. Her hand is warm and light to the touch. She does not give her hand to Berrenger. (Varla) “Then I will see you at 1800 hours.” It is more a statement then a question. (Cael) “I will be there.” As we leave, we stop to retrieve Roots and the camera equipment. Berrenger on the way back to the ship. He messages the governors office and forwards the 5000 credits. In under 5 minuets he gets the approval for the casino back.

1530 Hour – Back on the Oasis. Marcus tells us that he needs a card key and that he has the codes and the means to copy it. Berrenger is putting together his gambling equipment. Moonbeam gets clearance and she moves the ship to our new larger docking port on the 3rd level. I find my best looking clothes and get ready to go meet the Governor for dinner. For a middle aged woman that is 20 years my senior. She looks pretty good.

1745 hour – Berrenger has scoped out a good spot in a lounge to put the casino. I head to my dinner meeting, or should I say date with Varla. I am sitting at the bar drinking a sparkling water when Varla enters the restaurant. She sees me and dismisses her 2 guards. As I walk over to her the matradee walks up to Varla and bows and tries to usher her to a special table. Varla holds her hand out to me as I get to her. I take her hand and the Matradee gives me a slight sneer. He escorts us to a table for 2 by a clear pllasteel window over looking Ramduba 2. We start with a little wine and Varla loosens up a bit. She expresses that the older gentleman that was with me before, should have just jumped to the point and offered the bribe. We order dinner and more wine. I make sure that every time she is not looking directly at me. I loose some of the wine. So it make it look like I am drinking more then I am. After and hour She opens the buttons on her uniform jacket to reveal ample cleavage. We discuss the holovid and what shots we can set up. I steer the conversation around to the lock down and what problems that will cause. She assures me that the dock will be busy but we will have plenty of places to shoot that will not interfere with loading operations. By 2030 hours. I have only had a little over 2 glasses of wine. Varla on the other hand has had 6 glasses of wine. (Varla) “Tony, walk me to my quarters.” I get up from the table and walk to her side to pull out her chair for her. As she stands she pivots and grabs my left arm. She leans her head on my left shoulder as we walk down the corridor to her quarters. As we get to her door. The 2 guards there snap to attention. We enter her lush apartment. (Varla) “Tony, make us some nightcaps while I get comfortable.” As she walks to the bed chamber she slides her jacket down her arms and it falls to the floor. As I am making the drinks. I mention to myself that Varla is probably the oldest woman I have ever thought to be with. I make her drink a little strong and mine very weak. As I finish the drinks. I look up and Varla is leaning against the door frame of the bed chamber. She is wearing a shear white lace night gown. I take a large gulp of my drink. She walks over to me at the bar. In my daze of staring at her. I hand her the drink. She takes a sip and pulls me from behind the bar and leads me to her bed chamber.

1.072 ABY – 0300 Hour – Varla is still sleeping. I slip out of the bed to find my clothes. They are at several places around the room. I get dressed, but I am missing 1 sock and cant find it. I think the best thing to do is leave it and get out now. As I exit the apartment door. The 2 guards are just smirking as I pass. I make it back to The Oasis. Roots greets me at the ramp and informs me of the exact time is 0310 hour. Mathus does not even notice me enter the ship. He is working intently on the ships computer. I walk into my room and collapse on the bunk.

0800 Hour – I wake to commotion in the main area of the ship. Berrenger and the girls are getting equipment for the casino ready. They soon take the equipment to a lounge on the 3rd level. Berrenger sets up a gambling table. The girls are preparing drinks from the auto galley. At 1st, business is slow. Mathus hacks into the station communications and video feed system to advertise about the casino. This helps a little and as the day progresses and the house credits begin to grow. More and more people do show up. A card key is picked from 1 of the more clueless workers. Mathus only needs a few minuets to duplicate the key and reprogram the copy for other areas. They return the original key back to the worker. They do this by dropping it on the floor behind him and then tapping him on the shoulder and pointing to the key on the floor. We hear and see the massive freighters docking at the station.

1000 Hour – Roots and I are filling holovid time of the governor. We set up several shots of her giving orders. Walking the length of the dock. Her rearranging the schedule. In between we get some close ups of her giving some orders and looking regal. We get shots showing a lot of what is going on in the background. How the ships dock. What it takes to load. We can cross reference the dock number to the ship number and what gets loaded on it later.

1500 Hour – Freighter M223 docks in the last dock to the port side of our ship. We know it will disembark at 2100 hours. 6 hours from now. (Cael) “Varla, I need to compile the holovid time I have here and we can continue shooting later. Besides, I assume you have much work to do.” (Varla) “Yes, we are at a very busy point. We can continue later. Maybe in my quarters. I can give you a private interview.” (Cael) “That would be great. I will contact you in a while.” Roots and I pack up our equipment and head back to the ship. Once there, Mathus informs me that he has duplicated the card key we need to get on the freighter. I contact Moonbeam and relay that we are limited in time to get to the freighter. She in turn informs Berrenger and he slowly closes down the casino for the day. They return to the ship in less then half an hour. Berrenger and I will dress in the stolen uniforms. Mathus and Omnath will hide in a cargo container. We will use the card key to gain access to the M223 freighter. We will work our way forward and attempt to take the bridge. We easily find a skid loader and a cargo pod to hide Mathus and Omnath in. We easily get through the dock area and are soon on the ship. There is a long corridor running the length of the ship. (Berrenger) “This cargo skiff drives like a drunken nerf. I cant keep it from swaying.” At 1 point we actually hit the side wall of the tunnel so as not to crash into another loaded skiff. After some workers yell at us. We continue forward. When we get to the 1st of 3 vertical cargo lobbies. We are asked what is in the pod. Berrenger blurts out ore. I look at him with a shocked look. He has forgotten that this ship mostly is taking on food stuff. We are then asked for our manifest. At this point I am sure we have truly screwed this mission up. There are way too many guards and crew to take out if we decide to fight our way out. As they try to open the pod. Berrenger again blurts out that it is hazardous. The guard looks dubious at Berrenger. (Guard) “Hazardous? Where are the hazard markers on this pod? Why aren’t you 2 in environmental suits? Ok, open the pod. Sargent, place these 2 under arrest and get them out of here. All I can see now in my mind, is the image of me getting thrown down a long dark shaft in the Kessel mines.

We are taken back aft to the loading dock. I can see over my shoulder. They attempt to open the pod. The officer makes a sour face and they quickly close the pod. They send the pod up the vertical conveyer. Well, at least those 2 guys have not been discovered. Hopefully they can reach the bridge. It takes a while to get back to the loading dock. When we finally exit the ship onto the dock. They take us to a detention waiting room. We are there for only a short while but it seems like days.

1800 Hour – Varla comes in and is sprouting an extremely angry face. Now I get the image in my mind of her pushing me out an air lock. While she is just starting at me with that cold sultry smile and red luscious lips on her face. Her security chief, Tera Wen follows Varla into the room. Varla is screaming at me. Tera is screaming at both of us. My excuses are lame. I press the point that with all this secrecy going on. I just wanted to get holovid time of it. Varla’s rant at me shows that she is angry, but when she says she is throwing us off the station. My heart jumps a beat. (Varla) “Take them to their ship and make sure they are out of here before I change my mind.” This woman cant bring herself to kill me after last night, still fresh in her mind. The guards escort Berrenger and I to our ship. They are not too gentile with us. When we enter the ship. Flower is looking at me confused. When the ramp closes and locks. I turn to everyone. (Cael) “Plan B, or maybe its plan C by this point. Flower, suit up. Moonbeam, get the engines started. We are going to find a docking port near the bridge of that behemoth and force our way on board. I am tired of this sneaking around stuff.” (Flower) “Where are Mathus and Omnath?” (Cael) “Hopefully making their way to the bridge of the freighter. Berrenger and I got caught. Hopefully they didn’t.” I get out of the officers uniform and put on regular clothes and a nerf leather jacket. I take Betty out of her case and load in a fresh power pack. I holster my heavy blaster pistol and slip my knife in a sheath at the back of my belt. I pocket several power packs and the 4 frag grenades I have left. I clip my comm to the inside collar and last. I take a handful of stim packs. I head up to the bridge. Moonbeam is balancing the engines, and they are almost ready for take off. I turn to Roots. (Cael) “Roots, start calculating our hyperjump trajectory. Just enough to get us out of their range. We can recalculate and jump to the rendevous point after that.” Roots beeps “Affirmative.” Moonbeam backs the Oasis out of the dock. She drops down under the freighter next to us. She swings us around to the starboard side of the freighter M223. Flower walks up to me in her white imperial laminate armor. Her blaster rifle is in her right hand and her helmet is in he left hand. (Flower) “How are we going to get on that ship. The ports are locked and coded?” (Cael) “I got a plan, that I hope will work.” Grabbo points to an access port on the side of the freighter. Moonbeam slides us in slowly. I go to the port docking ring to lock it down when we connect. She hits the thrusters and the ship moves right into the docking ring. I hit the magnetic lever and we are attached to the freighter. I open the hatch and the freighter hatch is 1 meter past. The code I use is 1 that I found in some of Sariv’s old notes. (Cael) “Please work.” I punch in the code. The light turns green and the hatch opens. I begin to breath again. There is a short corridor beyond. We can hear warning sirens going off. As we get to the end of the corridor. There are 4 Imperials and a security droid. I flick the switch on Betty to full auto and spray the hallway with fire. 1 Imperial goes down faster then you can say, got cha. Flower also shoots her blaster rifle from my left. She also takes down another Imperial. The guards have scattered. They are returning fire at us. Berrenger has only a hold out blaster, but he gets a good shot on 1 of the guards that was already injured. I take a blaster shot to the left arm. Then we see Omnath at the end of the hallway. He stabs 1 of the guards in the neck. The guard falls to the deck gurgling blood. My last shot takes out the security droid. It falls to the floor in a heap. We rush to the end of the hallway. Mathus has forced the hatch to the bridge open slightly and is crawling under to get in there. (Omnath) “Nice of you to join the party. What took you so long?” (Cael) “Well, trying to persuade the governor to not throw the both of us out an air lock took some time.” Mathus, from the other side. Gets the door to the bridge open. We rush in, point our guns at the crew and take over. I turn slightly to Berrenger. (Cael) “See, I knew this plan would work better then trying to sneak in.”


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