You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Load up

Beringer Log Mission 3 Log 1

Personal Fund: 3,106

+200 from sound investments

Party Funds: 3,400

-100 for trade with Quartermaster Smith

Republic Funds for Mission: 1,500

After our debriefing on Titan Base, we were given some time to recuperate and restock. Soon after, we were summoned for a meeting discussing two possible missions. One is Operation Shellcracker, and the objective is to capture a new prototype the Imps were working on. The other is to head to the Roche asteroid belt to Research Station Shantipole. The is an issue of intelligence leakage and the Imps have been sniffing around the asteroid belt. The mission is to find the leaker.

We took a vote and the vote on the mission and by a slim majority, the group decided to head to station Shantipole. I wanted to do Operation Shellcracker as I found it intriguing, however I’m content with the other mission as it may be less risky.

A little about Shantipole, it one of many asteroids in the Roche asteroid belt that are inhabited by the Republic. The base commander is Ackbar with his aides Cannor Jax and Hallaby. They should be our key contacts to solicit info about the station.

There is another asteroid within the asteroid field testing a new prototype that has stabilization/gyroscopic technology developed by the Verbine. Commander Ackbar is overseeing the development and its secrecy needs to be protected.

To prepare for the mission, Kael acquired a bunch of spacesuits while I gathered other common supplies and even some not-so-common like second skin armor. Fortunately I knew a quartermaster, Smith, who had access. I was able to convince him I need the armor for an upcoming mission. I also asked to get an altered heavy blaster pistol to replace my pee-shooter. I had to prove my proficiency before getting one.

Later in the day, Durilla approached me. She kind of apologized for her action earlier in the day and expressed concern for the rebellion. The Imps are mad after the loss at Yavin and that are tightening their grip around the galaxy. I said there is a need to reduce the bureaucracy and let people do what they do best; and only then we will succeed.

I went back to my duty to make sure we have the right supplies for the upcoming mission. When I submitted my list, I may have inadvertently asked for a few Thermals. Well, low and behold, I received a box with 2 Thermals. I was shocked. I took those and handed them to Kael. He seemed pleasantly surprised.

Grabo later approached me and asked be to obtained some substance known as Greenies or Throttle. I reluctantly agreed to help, but I had to be discrete because it’s a controlled substance. I went back to quartermaster Smith asking for specific chemical compounds. Quartermaster Smith understood what I was asking for and agreed to help. He took me to a far, rarely used part of the station used to store odds and ends. He opened a toolbox and supplied the substance in exchange for 100 credits.

Quartermaster Smith also showed me an auto injector and on it was the chemical compound. Smith said this stuff is called the Eyes of Authorian. He said it makes one see everything. I don’t see it as something for me, but took it to Grabo for his analysis.

Grabo was happy to see me, as best as a Wookie can, when I handed him the Throttle. I also showed Grabo the auto injector. Grabo knew the compound and explained, as best he can, it’s a stimulant that meant for the battlefield and causes extreme focus. He thinks that’s something useful later on.

I head back to my quarters to rest, only to be woken up by DZ, how has now grown attached to me for some reason. I don’t mind having DZ around as he help me sort through information and is good in maintaining inventory. DZ hands me a datapad with intel on the upcoming mission. It include the base profile and Commander Ackbar’s aides.

It was advised that I should do this upcoming mission under a ruse as to not draw suspicion to any potential base leaker. I asked to load the shuttle up with more supplies to deliver to Ackbar’s post. I got the supplies and loaded it on the Guppy. Then we were off to the asteroid belt.


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