You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!


Beringer Log 7

Personal Fund: 1166
+200 from investments

Partisan Fund: 3,900

Zal picked Voba, Viga, Cael, Darius and I up and we headed back to base. Darius is in very rough shape.

Upon return to the base, I noticed some of the base doors were upgraded to include codes before accessing another point. It’s a nice feature that will only slow down any potential invaders.

I was ready for the bacta bath, however Darius was in severe need of it and got priority. His broken fingers, swollen eyes, and laceration wounds told the story. It then occurred to me if anyone has checked Darius if any sort of tracking device was placed on our bodies. The nurse, April, with the help of the medical droid, found an entry wound in Darius that was sewn shut. Under Darius’s skin was a tracking device.

I wish I thought of it earlier before coming to whisper base. I asked Voba if it’s possible to hack the tracker and have it rerouted to another location. Voba decided instead of routing the beacon to a location at a planet, to route it to a droid on one of the orbiting VSDs to give the perception that Cael and I are on that ship. We’ll see if it works.

Since Darius is in the tank, a cold ice bath was created for me to help with my wounds as a result of the interrogation I received earlier in the day. The water turned a bit pink from all the blood stains, but my body started to feel better.

While soaking in the tub, I’d glance over at Darius and listen in the comm link for base activity. Cael and Zal chose to recover a AT-ST they once had that was bogged down in mud. When listening in, it sounded like that has trouble lifting the unit out, but eventually they were able to secure it.

Meanwhile, I was making calls to Eugene to pickup some crates in warehouse 751. Eugene said this may the last delivery. The orbiting VSDs were heading into blockade formation and the town was under lockdown. I understood Eugene’s position and wished him well.

I also got a cryptic message from “L”, the one I met in the art gallery a few days back. He said “Tables are turning.” I have no idea what that meant. Was it turning for the partisans or for the Imps?

Zal and Cael arrived back at the base with a beaten up AT-ST. I don’t know if their efforts were worth it.

Voba and Viga were monitoring increased chatter on the imperial lines. Seems that the Imps are preparing for major action against the rebels and partisans. Seems the timetable for any potential expedition to locate Whisper Base was moved up by 5 days. There is less time to prepare the base.

A base meeting was held. I listened in from the com link from the comfort of my bacta tub. Zal, Voba and Cael were thinking aloud plans to deal with the upcoming invasion. Seems the Imps hired groups of mercs to help out with the expedition too which is another headache for us.

After some brainstorming, it was decided that Voba will hack into the base and have its guns fire at the VSD while Zal comes in with the Box, exits the Box on a speeder and have the Box explode on the base, giving the impression an Imp Civil War has started. The plan sounds a bit too complex for my taste.

Speaking of tricky, I have an idea I need to share with the group. Since the Imps hired mercs, I think I have a way to persuade them to not follow the Imps orders. I’ll need to setup a meeting with some of the city gangs and make an arrangement. I am hoping to convince the mercs to join that expedition but to ambush the Imps once they arrive at Whisper Base and fight with us. The plan is dangerous, but it may be necessary in order to even the odds.


Nice write up, I like the idea of making the merc’s turn on them, very order 66ish. :)

gdallaman brian_k

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