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Never Bump A Drunk Wookee

Episode 1-24-2018

1.078 ABY – 1800 Hour – Hammer Station – Cael Report
I am waiting in the cantina for Kressa to get off shift so we can have dinner. Mathus walks in and sits down next to me. We catch up on what has transpired over the past few days. I give him the jist of what happened with the Gigarans and the imperial prototype. He gives me an update of the damage he has been fixing that the Guppy sustained in her last fire fight. From his description of the damage. It sounds like the Guppy just bearly made it out of that fight with the Imperial cruiser. After a few minuets of back and forth conversation. Kressa comes into the cantina. She sits down on the other side of me and gives me a peck on the cheek. I order her a drink and we all talk for a few more minuets. I go over the next mission with Mathus. (Mathus) “The Guppy is well on its way to being repaired. I am running out of equipment to fix her with. I may be able to get parts at Listehol. Ok if I tag along?” (Cael) “Well, we are leaving for Listehol in the early morning, around 0400. I could sure use someone that can tell if a droid is bad or it is really bad. Not sure how this deal will go.” (Mathus) “Ok, I will pack a short bag and be at the Sailor. Kressa is being quiet and polite. I think Mathus gets the hint that we want to be alone. He excuses himself to go talk to another technician at the far end of the bar. Kressa and I get a private table to have some dinner and another drink. We make it an early night. When we get back to her quarters. I set my alarm on my data pad for 0300.

1.079 ABY – 0310 Hour – I quietly slip out of Kressa’s quarters and head to the Smooth Sailor. Or I should get use to calling her the Spinsters Loon now. I stop by the mess hall to grab some java and food to take with me. As I go up the boarding ramp on my ship Gemmintark is sitting and meditating on one of the deck plates. DZ is powered down and braced against the bulkhead. Berrenger is sitting at the Dajelik table and talking to a male Bothian. The Bothian sees me and gets up to shake my hand. (Trusc) “Good morning, I am Trusc. I have been assigned to your mission by Commander Arkem.” (Cael) “Good morning Trusc. I am Captain Cael, mission commander. And your specialty for this mission is?” (Trusc) “I am Counter Intelligence.” I smile at the Counter Intelligence part. If Arkem wants a Spook along to baby sit us, so be it. (Cael) “Well thgen, welcome aboard the Spinsters Loon. I will check with our pilot and find out exactly when we will be leaving.” I turn to look into the cockpit. RR5 is running through the checklist and course plot with Roots. I head to my cabin to change. Just then, Mathus comes waddling up the ramp into the ship with 3 tool bags an a small duffel bag. I shake my head and think to myself. “Short bag, oh I get it. The tool bags do not count.” I go change out of this black suit and into my armor. I holster a few weapons. My knife goes into a sheath along my back. I even pocket 1 of the thermal detonators. I change the power pack on the pouch and hook it to my belt. I then go and sit down in the co-pilots chair. Berrenger is in the port rear seat in the cockpit. (Berrenger) “Our contact at the station is a human female. A Captain Oglerk and her 1st mate Kog.” (Cael) “How do we expect to move this large quantity of droids. We most likely will not fit them in here.” (Berrenger) “I will figure it out, hopefully by the time we get there.” RR5 turns to me. (RR5) “Captain, we are prepaired to lift off. Do you require any other imput?” (Cael) “No, lift off at your command. You are the pilot.” (RR5) “Aye, Aye sir.” RR5 gets us clearance from launch control and slowly takes us out of the landing bay. Not hitting anything this time. He is getting better at this. Once we are at the jump point. He enters the coordinates for our jump and we are in hyperspace.

0830 Hour – Listehol System – Shadow Port Tuga – ( Warning – White Dwarf System )
As we exit hyperspace and return to normal space. We find out this system is extremely bright. Due to the white dwarf star in system. I dim the view ports on the cockpit. The orbiting station tries contacting us, but there is immense amount of static. Mathus makes a few adjustments to the comm system and we can hear the station better. The station is the shape of a tortoise shell. There are 8 landing ports around the middle section. There is a large command center on top. The station contacts us about docking. They push towards having us pay for a premium docking bay. (Trusc) “ RR5, tell them we are here to see Ruahara. That should give us some clout.” RR5 relays the message. This changes the dock masters attitude. He directs us to a semi-premium dock at the economy dock cost. I turn to Trusc. (Cael) “So who is this Ruahara?” (Trusc) “He is a Wookee captain that I have done business with in this area. His name carries some clout.” (Berrenger) “I am suppose to meet this Captain Oglerk in a bar called the Barby Harpy.” After we dock and disembark. Berrenger RR5 and Mathus head towards the main market part of the station. I follow them about 20 to 25 meters behind them. Trusc is in turn following me by about 15 meters. As we enter the market area. We each are bombarded by people trying to sell their wares. There are small hover droids. Projecting holo vids of products. Some advertise some of the more classic establishments. Berrenger and RR5 continue on towards the bar area. Mathus has gone off shopping for parts. I keep an eye on Berrenger and RR5. They are stopped at a bar called the Nova Room. They are talking with a Aquilish bouncer at the door. I am not sure what they are doing. The Barby Harpy can easily be seen down the block and across the street. I am stopped about 15 meters away at a clothing booth. A group of 3 kids runs up to me. They recognize me through my disguise. I quickly tell them that they are mistaken. I toss a 1 credit chip for them to go after. By this time Berrenger and RR5 are headed towards the Barby Harpy. I have lost sight of Mathus. He is probably elbow deep in a bin of electronics in one of the shops. We will have to find him later. Trusc is about 25 meters back. He is being accosted by someone selling some food item on a tray. Berrenger and RR5 enter the Barby Harpy. I work my way down the block. About 3 minuets later. Berrenger exits the bar. He walks over to an electronics stand. Purchases something and heads back into the Harpy. I wait another 5 minuets and enter the bar. Not too many people are in this bar. There is a large, very drunk Wookee at the bar with about 6 other people. Berrenger and RR5 are at the far end of the room. I order a drink at the bar, but don’t drink it. I keep it with me as I keep myself in the same area as Berrenger and RR5. They seem to be heading for a curtained off area. Probably some private rooms back there. Just then the drunk Wookee swings wide and bumps into me. The drink in my hand goes flying. The Wookee is now enraged. He is spewing drunken shyriiwook at me. What little I understand of shyriiwook. I make up for it in studying his body language. (Ruahara) “You … something piece …. something … something … something … I will something… something…you something … something…!” As I back up 1 step I force of habit put my right hand on my blaster side arm. The Wookee reaches forward. Grabs my armor below the neck and begins to lift me off the ground. I grab his left arm with my left hand. So he does not end up choking me. I am reaching with my right hand for my vibro knife in the sheath at my back. The Wookee picks up his bowcaster from the bar in his right hand. I bring the vibro knife in my right hand up to the Wookee’s neck. In my most intimidating voice. (Cael) “PUT ME DOWN.!” The Wookee sees the knife at his neck. He lets go of me as he is bringing his bowcaster around towards me. As I drop to my feet. With my left hand, I yank the bowcaster out of his hand and toss it to the floor behind me. There are now 5 other drunk crew standing behind him at the bar. I take another step back. Still holding the knife. I think to myself. “These guys are pretty drunk, but 6 of them on 1 of me, may be a stretch.” At this point, Trusc walks up to the Wookee. Calls his name and distracts him. I slip away towards the back rooms. I sheath my knife when I see the Wookee or none of his crew are following me. There are several rooms back here. As I make my way down the corridor. I quickly check each of the rooms. One at a time. Trying to find as to where Berrenger and RR5 went to. One of the rooms has an imperial officer in it. He is “Trapped in the mountains of Ryloft.” His head is buried in between the very ample breasts of a young tel’wik dancing girl. The next room I find. Has Berrenger, RR5, a male and a female Human in there. I quickly duck into the empty room that is just past this room. I will listen quietly to their negotiations. Not sure if I trust Berrenger to be up front on this mission. I still think he skimmed off the bottom on the last mission.


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