You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Saving Berrenger’s Behind

Episode 12-21-2016

.247 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
1900 hour – I am still standing at the door to the comm room. Voba is on the comm link with Berrenger. Who by the way is somehow in Iziz. (Berrenger) “Lets see. I think I got the parts for the shield generator. This card has a very short time limit. What else do we need?” (Voba) “I need a com scrambler, Electronic Lock Breaker, and if you can find 1 or 2. blackops data breakers.” In my confusion I blert out. (Cael) “We can use some AP grenades or maybe some thermal detonators.” Zal walks up behind me. (Zal) “Is this another wish list for Arkem?” (Cael) “Actually Berrenger can get this stuff in Iziz.” (Zal) “I want a quad laser for the crate, please.” (Berrenger) “”Ok, OK, I got the list. Let me make a few calls and work on it. I will call you back soon.” (Cael) “Where is he exactly?” (Voba) “In an Uber limo. Somewhare in Iziz, I think.” I think to myself that maybe this Berrenger guy is pretty wealthy, or at least has wealthy connections. As we are all standing there. The Holonews network from Iziz shows a picture of me when we were in Shittown. That is a real bad picture of me trying to hide in that floppy hat. Then they show my rookie Blitzball picture and some of my worst game highlights. Wanted as a rebel conspirator, theft of imperial property and connection with illegal drug trafficking in an ongoing probe into juicing by pro blitzball players. Next they show Gaave stuffing a hot dog in his mouth. Then his mug shot from the customs arrest. Wanted for escape from imperial custody, rebel conspirator, theft and unregistered ship code. Next they zoom in on Zal in the background. She is smiling holding the broom. They put up a horrible picture of her as a rookie tie pilot. Wanted as a rebel conspirator and theft of imperial property. (Zal) “When did they take that picture? (Cael) “Shit, this is going to make going to Iziz very difficult for us now.” (Xian) “Zal, you flew tie fighters?” (Zal) “Yea, a long time ago.” I just shake my head and go get another cup of java. (Cael) “Maybe I should add some bourbon to this mug.”

2200 Hour – Gaave and Berrenger return with the parts for the shield generator and a handful of other small boxes. (Berrenger) “The rest of Voba’s comm equipment and 3 of those thermal detonators will be delivered to a secure warehouse location in 2 days. The Quad cannon will get dropped off in 3 days. As far as I know. These 3 boxes and that large crate are the parts for the shield generator. Are we good?” (Voba) “Very good. (Cael) “And you got all this with that crate of Glitterstim?” (Berrenger) “Wheeling and dealing. Helps to know the right people.” As I walk out of the comm room. I toss the empty juice bottle I was drinking in the trash can. It hits the edge. Bounces 3 times around the rim and lands on the floor. Everyone in the room just looks at me and starts chuckling. I pick up the bottle. Slam it into the trash can and walk out. I think I need some practice.

.248 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0500 Hour – I wake from a bad night. I take my frustration out in PT for a 30 minuets before the rest of the recruits and rebels show up. After 25 minuets of PT I am so wound up. I don’t even notice most of the rebels have stopped and are panting hard, out of breath. (Moonbeam) “Cael.! It been 25 minuets. Are we done?” I break out of my daze to notice that everyone has stopped and is staring wide eyed at me. As I stop I realize that they are all breathing heavy. Treb is the only one that has not stopped until I stop. (Cael) “Good work out. Dismissed.” As they all walk out I head to the target range. I pick up 8 vibro knives. Targets are set at 3 meters, 4 meters and 6 meters. I picture Moff Tarken as the targets. That Bastard is the one that destroyed my planet. Throwing the knives. I plant 3 in the 1st target. 3 in the next target and only 1 of the last 2 knives in the last target. The 8th knife misses. I go retrieve the knives. As I turn to go back to the throw line. I see Flower and April standing at the door watching me. When they see that I have seen them. They duck out the door. (Cael) “What is wrong with me. Did that news holovid really upset me that much? Was it the list of trumped up charges? Or was it that I stooped so low as to sell drugs to get the desperate supplies we need? That last thought is what is really bothering me. I was a good athlete. Never used those drugs. I hate those drugs and what they do to people.” I take a long hot shower. Shave and put on a clean day uniform. Just before I walk out of my quarters, I see Betty. She is leaned up against the cabinet. I really need to clean her.

The day consists of booby traps and mines being set along the motor pool entrance roadway and marking them on a map. The ATST is set as a forward post and the camo conceals it. I set up a rotating schedule of rebels in the ATST post. Work has commenced on setting the internal doors to be locked. Darius and Roy return from the hunting lodge. Torre informs me that he still possesses his battle programing and that he can bak up to a point to initiate it. (Cael) “Can you distinguish friendly from foe. (Torre) “Visually, Yes. Do you want me to initiate the program?” (Cael) “No, not yet. I will let you know when.”

1300 Hour – I find time to break down Betty in my quarters. Clean all her parts and reassemble her. There is a knock at my door. (Cael) “Enter.” Moonbeam enters my quarters. (Moonbeam) “Sir, the others asked me to see if you are all right?” (Cael) “I am fine. I just needed to work through something that was bothering me. I have also been slacking on cleaning Betty here.” I place the last 2 parts in place and insert the power pack. (Moonbeam) “Good, we were worried that you were abandoning us to Treb permanently.” (Cael) “Treb will be crushed that you don’t like him.” (Moonbeam) “Its that he sometimes forgets we are not as strong as him.” (Cael) “I will talk to him. Anything else bothering you?” (Moonbeam) “No, Sir.” (Cael) “Thank you for caring, dismissed.” As she leaves, I set Betty back against the cabinet. For the rest of the day. I go through Arkem’s daily report to us. Treb’s daily log on the progress of the students. Florek’s log on his complaints about the weather and the immense amount of stuff he has accomplished . I sleep a little better this night without the bourbon.

.249 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0515 Hour – I wake up from a dream of my uncle. Nothing bad in the dream. Just him waving goodby. When I get to PT. The entire group is there smiling. Ready and waiting for me. (Cael) “Good morning troops. I will try not to hammer you guys and myself into the ground this morning.” This brings a chuckle. A nice easy 20 minuet PT and everyone is refreshed. Shower, shave, clean day uniform and I go grab some chow.

0800 Hour – In the cafeteria Voba is discussing with Berrenger and Gaave about getting into the base to pull information directly from their computer. They will need to have Viga get them into the computer section. As I sit down with a plate of flapjacks and a mug of java. (Cael) “From what I remember of that girl Viga. She was a little unstable.” (Voba) “Arkem says she is trust worthy.” (Cael) “When are you 2 going?” (Voba) “I will try to set this up for tomorrow.” (Berrenger) “How are we getting there that wont look suspicious?” (Cael) “You can take the imperial speeder that is in the motor pool. You should take a driver. How about taking Darius for support?” (Voba) “OK, let me set this up with Viga.” Dendrick sits down with a plate of flapjacks and a deathstick hanging from the left corner of his mouth. (Cael) “So Den, how is our construction schedule looking for today?” (Dendrick) “Florek is finally done with the slave circuit for the box. It does not have the range we all would like. If you fly her from here. There will be a pretty bad delay.” (Cael) “Like how bad?” (Dendrick) “Bad enough that if you blink. You will miss the base. By 3 or 4 kilometers.” (Cael) “Means we will have to fly her from the crate. What else?” (Dendrick) “Well, The shield generator will take another 10 days to complete. I am pretty sure we have all the parts. We are raising 1 of the turbolaser turrets above the roof of the base. That will take 6 days. The internal doors and locks will take about 4 days. Plus we need some parts to complete that. The launch ramp for the headhunter will be complete tomorrow or the next day. We need some parts for that also.” (Cael) “How much in parts will we need?” (Dendrick) “Maybe 1800 credits worth.” (Cael) “We only have a little less then 3000 credits left in the base slush fund.” (Dendrick) “That is good to know. Excuses me, I need to go oversee some of the work.”

0900 Hour – to – 1800 Hour – I work on computer simulated battle tactics and possible scenarios of imperial intrusions to Whisper Base. Counter measures, possible outcomes, realigned troupe movements. It becomes tedious after a while.

Berrenger, Voba and Darius work on their uniform attire and cover story to get into Jiranna Base with Viga. Berrenger will be dressed as a navy lieutenant, escorting a civilian electronics contractor to fix a down system on the computer. Voba will be the civilian contractor in a maintenance jump suit. Darius will just be a driver in a junior officers uniform. Voba creates a persona, of Liutenant Nick Pappageorgio for Berrenger. Voba will use his own name for the electronics expert. Darius will just drive and not leave the speeder. This takes them all day. They also set up the time frame to meet Viga to get into the base.

.250 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0515 Hour – I wake up with a slight headache this morning. I should not have drank that much bourbon last night. At least there were no bad dreams. Darius is not a PT. Berrenger, Voba and him are already on their way to Jiranna base in the speeder. 15 minutes of PT then a quick 10 minute run through the base. The Partisan Rebels are starting to shape up. I mention to Treb that he may be expecting wookee strength from some of the human recruits. He apologizes and will work on that. I shower, shave, clean day uniform and I go grab some chow.

0700 Hour – Gaave and Zal are in the cafeteria. Sven has made waffles for breakfast. I grab a plate and some hot java and sit next to Zal. (Cael) “So, how is the launch ramp coming?” (Zal) “Damn, Florek modified the angle of it less then 1 deg on me, twice! He said { Now It Will Have The Optimal Angle To Thrust Ratio }. He is really starting to bug me.” (Cael) “He can be a bit fastidious. I see Voba, Berrenger and Darius left early this morning to get to Jiranna Base.” (Gaave) “Yup, it will take them at lease 3 hours to get to the base in the speeder. Not that I could not have flown them in the Gundar a lot quicker.”

I spend the next couple of hours with Treb. We go over the possible attack scenarios the imperials will take and how to counter them.

1115 Hour – Xian comes running into the training area where Treb and I are working. (Xian) “Cael, I think there is a problem over at Jiranna Base. You may want to come look at this.” I follow Xian back to the comm room. Gaave has the local Iziz news up on the big holovid screen. What we see is a speeder chase just outside Jiranna Base. 2 police speeders are chasing Darius in the imperial speeder. There is no one else in the speeder with him. All of a sudden the speeder stops and the holovid camera zooms in on Berrenger pulling Darius from the stopped speeder. They are having words. The police surround them and take both of them into custody. As the camera zooms out. I catch a blue glimpse of Voba in the croud. (Cael) “Son of a fricken nerf herder! What the hell happened? Gaave, can you raise Voba on his personal com, discreetly.” Zal walks into the comm room. (Zal) “Treb said there was big trouble in Iziz. Please tell me no one got shot.” (Xian) “Almost as bad. Berrenger and Darius have been captured.” It takes Gaave 20 agonizing minuets to contact Voba. He is at a nearby café with Viga. (Cael) “Talk to me. So what happened?” (Voba) “Darius had to move the speeder. He got spooked when they started to ask too many questions and ran. I am trying to track down where the police took the 2 of them. We may need you to extract them.” (Cael) “You mean impersonate Sariv again? We are going to need a few minuets to get ready.” (Voba) “I still need to find them. By the time you are in the air. I will have all the info for you. Viga, stop crying. Here drink this drink and calm down. Just go get ready and I will call you.” Voba cuts the connection. (Cael) Over the base intercom. “Flower , Moonbeam, This is Cael. I need you girls suited up and on the landing pad in 10 minuets.” I turn to Zal. (Cael) “You need a uniform also. We are going to have to take the YT-1210.” (Gaave) “I will fly…..” (Cael) “NO, I need you here to monitor the news net. Besides your face was all over the holornet as wanted. I at lease have passed for Sariv before.” (Gaave) “OK, please don’t scratch her.” As I runt to my quarters to change into the Lieutenants uniform and once again become Sariv. I think, scratch her. Who would notice another scratch?

1150 Hour – Moonbeam and Flower are in the imperial stormtrooper armor and have their blaster rifles. They are waiting at the ramp of the YT-2110 when I get there. Zal comes out dressed as a imperial pilot. (Cael) “Showing up in the Lambda would have been more impressive but this will have to do.” Zal has the engines warmed up in 2 minuets and we are on our way. I put a call to Voba. He is still at the café with Viga. She is a bit more calm now. (Cael) “We are in the air. What do you have for me?” (Voba) “They are both being held in police precinct #1245. I have Imperial Inelegance dossiers for you as Seriv and an under cover dossier for Nick Pappageorgio. I have incoming clearance listed at Jiranna Base for the YT-1210. I have not found where the speeder is. Been too busy making you guys look bigger then you are. Not sure how long we will be safe at this café.” (Zal) We can pick you up afterward at coordinates 128.2 × 227.9. Just outside the city. That is if we also don’t get captured.” (Cael) “Ye have little faith in the stern voice of imperial might. You need to bluff a lot when you play Sabacc.” (Voba) “Don’t do anything stupid. I will monitor from here as long as possible. Keep your personal comm open. I can pull info as you need it.” (Cael) “Roger that. Zal What is our ETA?” (Zal) “47 minuets. Give or take other police presence.”

1238 Hour – We are cleared to land at the police precinct. Zal brings her in hot and fast. The girls exit the ramp as it hits the ground. They place themselves on either side at the bottom as I heavily stride out. They fall in behind me. Several officers around the lot look curiously at the scene unfolding before them. We walk to the main entrance and up to the desk Sargent. (Cael /Sariv) “You are holding 2 of my operatives. I need them released. Not that you idiots have botched my operation here and months of undercover work.” (Sargent) “Who is it you are looking for, Sir?” I show the sargent on my data pad a picture of Berenger and Darius. (Cael) “These men are my operatives. I want them released to me now.” (Sargent) “Your identity, Sir?” I bring up the identity that Voba had sent me and I show it to the sargent. (Sargent) “They are in interrogation right now. You will have to wait until…” (Cael /Sariv) “Where is your commander. I wish to see him right now if you know what is good for you.” The sargent gets his Lieutenant. I hand the Lieutenant my credentials. His face changes to worry as he reads it. (Lieutenant) “You are just dressed as a Lieutenant.” (Cael /Sariv) “Officially, Yes!. Unofficially, well that is debate you will loose. I want my men NOW.!” There is a few seconds that I am unsure if this data pad pusher will give in. (Lieutenant) “All right. Follow me.” I motion to the girls to follow me. We follow the Lieutenant to an interrogation room where Berrenger is sitting in a chair, face down on the table in front of him. He lifts his head to look glassy eyed at me. Not sure if he recognizes me. (Cael /Sariv) “Nick, don’t say another word. You over there. Release him.” The officer looks at his Lieutenant who nods yes. The officer releases the binders on Berrenger. I turn to the girls and point to Berrenger. They shoulder their rifles and lift him out of the chair. At this point I see that his face is bloodied. (Cael /Sariv) “If you have damaged him or the information he carries. Then there will be hell to pay. Now where is my other man? The driver this man had.” (Lieutenant) “He is being processed in holding.” (Cael /Sariv) “Well then UN-PROCESS HIM!” I follow the Lieutenant to where the holding cells are. There are several people in there. Only 3 are human. They all have Orange jump suits on. The 1 that looks the closest to Darius is all swollen and blooded. I point to him. The guards bring him forward. It is Darius. (Cael /Sariv) Pointing to Darius. “Don’t say another word. I will debrief you when we are out of here.” Darius smiles. We return to the other room where Berrenger is. (Lieutenant) “Where are you taking them. I need to make a report.” (Cael /Sariv) “ Your report does not concern me. I on the other hand need to report that this operation has been compromised and is dead.” I point to Flower then to Darius. She leaves Berrenger for Moonbeam to help out to the YT-1210. Flower helps Darius out to the ship. As I leave the room. I look at the interrogation droid and think. This was close. I hope Berrenger did not tell them anything incriminating.

1428 Hour – Zal is standing at the bottom of the ramp when we exit the police precinct. The engines are still running. The girls help the 2 injured men up the ramp and into the ship. I walk up to Zal. (Zal) “I was getting worried you were not going to make it out of there.” (Cael /Sariv) “Whatever Voba put into that dossier file for me made them scared. Now that makes me scared. Lets get out of here. Nice and slow, and pick up Voba on the way out.” We both enter the ship. The girls have strapped the 2 men in the bunk room. They are sitting at the Lounge bench seat with their helmets off smiling as I walk past to the cockpit. As I get there. Zal has the repulsers lifting us off the duracrete lot. I let Voba know we will meet him and Viga at the designated point. (Cael) “Damn! That was close. Captain of the team scores a goal this time.” The YT-1210 slowly heads towards the pick up point.


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