You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Grabow's and Mathus' Recap

You have a gentle touch, for a Wookie...

Grabow ran into Mathus in the cantina in Mos Shuuta as Mathus was finishing up a “house call” to repair some droids in the casino.

Mathus was bored with his job at Sol’s Repair in Mos Eisley, and really frustrated with Sol’s refusal to stop hiring Jawas to “help out”. Every time Mathus turned around, another piece of his gear or some part that he had laid out for the repair he was working on had gone missing. Besides, how often can a mechanic swap out a “used engine” for a “slightly less used engine” on an aging light freighter before he admits that he is totally, thoroughly, bored. What made it worse, the boredom and stress had led him to start stress eating and he had lost the last of his hair. No need to shave his head anymore! After 6 months he looked at least 10 years older than his actual age.

He had been talking with some friends who had made working for the Alliance, and they made it sound really thrilling. A mechanic never knew what he would be working on in that outfit! And some of the tech was even cutting edge! Time to do some thinking…

Grabow had come to realize that Mos Shuuta was a dying town, and his idea of opening a clinic there was flawed. The mines were mostly played out and most of the miner families had left after the promised jobs in the casino had been taken by bartender droids, dealer droids, and other forms of automation. And after the initial excitement of the casino opening, most of the big shots and their hangers on had realized that they could get more “business” done by gambling at Jabba’s palace itself. Anatto the Toydarian was barely seen around anymore. The only visitors were some die hard locals and some types who really did not want to be found.

Mathus had been toying with the idea of joining the Alliance, and after a few drinks at the old cantina in Mos Shuuta both had gotten convinced that it was the right idea. Grabow closed up his clinic, and left with Mathus on his transport back to Mos Eisley… A month later, they both were on a light Freighter “The Smooth Sail r” and headed to a remote system on their first mission for the Rebellion!


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