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Not my day, can't sugar coat it

Beringer Log - Log 2 Mission 2

Personal Fund: 2,506

+200 from sound investments

+40 from gambling

Partisan Funds: 3,400

Republic Funds for Mission: 1,500

-6,000 for permits

Today hasn’t been my greatest day. Everything that seems that could have gone wrong went wrong.

We took Omnath back to medical bay in the ship after his altercation with the workers. He was given a stimpack but he was still in bad shape.

While Omnath was receiving treatment, I’ve went back to the promenade to solicit more information on the upcoming station lockdown. I’ve befriended a cadet, Chevan, playing a game of Pazzak. While chatting I’ve said I am a casino prospector and Chevan said bringing a casino to the station would lift spirits.

Chevan said he needed to get his uniform cleaned up before the next station lockdown. I offered to help so Chevan gathered a pile of clothes to get washed. I offered to watch his laundry while scoping out the laundry mat as a possible location for a casino. Once Chevan left, I took two of his uniforms thinking it will be useful in the future.

The rest of the group tries to negotiate with Grabo and Rath to help get us onto the 3rd level of the station during lockdown. But it turns out it was the same group of people that Omnath was engaged with. We were not able to secure a deal. Needed a plan B.

Gabo suggested we meet with the station governor, Varlaprale. We took it under consideration; didn’t know if we can trust her since she is imperial.

After our meeting with Grabo, I went to the 3rd level of the station to scope it out. When I entered the turbo lift, two imp soldiers entered along with a woman in an Imperial officer uniform. While going up, she inquired about the casino I was seeking to establish. I said “Word travels fast.” She introduced herself as Varla, the governor. I was not prepared for the encounter and talked my way though it pretending I was serious setting up a casino.

Varla gave me her contact card and exited the turbolift.

Later, Cael and the rest of the group came up with a plan to move the ship to the 3rd level. Cael and I met with Varla asking to film her for an upcoming documentary. Varla was cautious to the request but agreed and allowed us to move our ship to the 3rd level right before the section is lockdown. She also requested we get a filming permit for 6000 credits.

We needed a keycard to help us get around during lockdown. Mathus and Omnath were able to acquire a keycard while I distracted a miner playing Pazzak, they made a copy of it and returned it back to the miner.

Once the station was in lockdown, Cael and I got dressed in uniforms and hid Mathus and Omnath into shipping containers to help get us onto a freighter at Dock 226. Once inside the freighter, we got to the first checkpoint and were asked to identify the goods. I said “Ore” but should have stopped there and said it’s “unstable” which was a mistake. I was further questioned as to why the containers were not properly labeled and wanted to open the container. I panicked stating that Varla requested I bring the container in.

The checkpoint guards called Varla. Once Varla arrived, Cael and I knew we were in deep touble. Cael and I didn’t have good explanation why we were there. I felt for certain we were going to be thrown out the airlock. Instead Cael and I were sent to the brig.

I have no idea what happened to Mathus and Omnath left in the containers.

Varla questioned Cael and I but honestly, I was not at my A-game. I thought I was done for, but what I should have done was turn up my charms. But I didn’t think I can BS that much.

Varla ended up giving Cael and I a harsh warning and kicked us off the station. We were set free and had to leave immediately.

Back on the ship, I find out Mathus and Omnath were able to penetrate inside the ship. Cael had a plan to join them by docking with the freighter and boarding with Flower and Moonbeam. Alarms were triggered on the ship. I’ve heard over the comm Mathus and Omnath engaged with an imperial patrol and while Cael, Flower, Moonbeam and I engaged a patrol of 3 soldiers and a driod.

Cael and the girls made good work of the imps while I took a shot from the droid. I never been hit before and It’s a great feeling. Both imperial patrols were neutralized but the alarms were still going off on the ship. I’m sure more imperials are on their way.


Nice….You need to bump up the charm or deception

Not my day, can't sugar coat it
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