You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Who Stole The Stolen Ship From Those That Stole The Stolen Ship
Episode 10-26-2016

0900 Hour – .246 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Whisper Base – Planet Onderon – Cael Log
After Arkem’s transmission and debriefing. Florek and Zal go back to work on the box in the motor pool. Zal is adamant that they need the blaster cannon from the ATST mounted on the box. Florek says he just cant make the power ratios work. The power plant can fire the gun or fly the ship. It cant do both. Torre comes in and hands Zal a data pad that was taken off 1 of the Imperials that infiltrated the base. It contains a map of all the T16 crash sites in the jungle. (Zal) “This will come in handy if we need parts. Thank you Torre.” (Torre) “Your welcome Mistress Zal.” Treb comes up to me and starts talking in wookee. I have no fricken idea what he is saying. I give him the confused look and shrug. He stops, holds his paws out for me to wait. He runs down the hall and around the corner. I hear a high pitched squeal and he comes back down the hall to me with Roots in his paws. He sets the droid down and taps on its dome while he talks in Wookee. Roots translates for him. (Treb) “I am sorry. I forgot you do not understand Shyriiwook. I am wondering how you want me to proceed with the students. Keep them on class work or I would like to suggest taking them out on a practice sortie.” (Cael) “A practice sortie would give them some very good training. OK, don’t take them too far from base. I do not want you to run into any opposition.” (Treb) “Affirmative, We will leave immediately. Thank You.” (Cael) “Thank you for taking over their training.” Treb runs off to gather the recruits. (Cael) “Roots, do we have a portable wookee translator unit in the base?” Roots just swivels his head no. (Cael) “Maybe I can get Arkam to put that on the list of stuff we need. By the way. Did you and Torre finish the list of Partisan Rebels?” Roots beeps affirmative. Please down load it to my datapad here. Carry on Roots.” (Roots) “tweee beep beep.” The little droid rolls away as I go through the listing of Rebels. When I go to the cafeteria to get a mug of java. I see Berringer and Rosa in some sort of discussion. Still not sure if I trust this guy yet. He has got to have an angle in this. I get my java and head to the Communications room. Voba, Gaave and Xian are all hunched over a computer terminal pointing at different code on the screen and arguing. I don’t even bother them. I next head to the conference room to transmit the daily packet to Arkem. Most of these rebels are criminals or severe outcasts. What a bunch of nerfs. In Arkem’s packet I have the list of rebels, a progress report on the recruits, the daily duty roster, a few of my personal recommendations for commendation and a short list of last minuet items we really need here. Including the portable translator. Still only have 3 of the outside the base cameras working but I have most of the holovid screens hooked up. I go back for another cup of java. Zal is now in the cafeteria talking to Berrenger and Rosa. When I walk over to them they are talking about giving the rebels speeder bikes. (Cael) “Woah, what’s going on here? Who is giving speeder bikes to who?” (Berrenger) “We need something to trade to get Gaave’s ship back.” (Cael) “So let me get this straight. You stole the ship from impound. You hid the ship, somewhere. Now you have to pay someone to get the ship back?” (Rosa) “These people are holding the ship for us. So if you want the ship back. Its going to cost.” (Cael) To myself. “Nice way to pay us back for getting your ass out of the police blockade.” (Cael) “How many bikes will it take, say 3 bikes?” (Zal) “They are the military version. Blaster cannon mounted on them. Encrypted comm links. These ani’t no civilian slow putt putt bikes.” (Rosa) “We can do it for 3 bikes. The ship is hidden in Sector 117 of Iziz.” (Berrenger) “Shit Town? Oh great. That is not a nice section. All the low lifes, criminals and illegal aliens stay there. The Sulphur plant makes everything smell like shit.” At this point I see Rosa staring at my face. (Rosa) “Cael, Cael, Your Cael Hanerist. You use to be the blitzball team captain for the Corellian Crusaders. I think my son has your rookie card.” (Berrenger) “You’re a pro ball player?” (Cael) “Not anymore. How do we get to this Shit Town?” (Berrenger) “Since today is technically a holiday. Day the Empire took over the planet. My buddy with the garbage truck can probably pick us up in an hour or so.” (Cael) “OK, set it up. Zal and I need to change into some street clothes. These uniforms will not do walking around in Iziz.” (Zal) “I will tell Gaave. He will probably want to come get his own ship.” I change into grey pants, brown shirt, floppy hat, glasses and a grey wind breaker jacket. I take 3 hold out blasters and my combat knife. I head back to the cafeteria.

1100 Hour – Waiting in the cafeteria for the truck is Gaave, Rosa, Torre, Berrenger and Zal when I get there. (Gaave) “I’m a little nervous someone in Iziz might recognize me. I cant go back to jail.” (Cael) “We can fix that. Torre, Come here.” (Torre) Yes Sir Cael?” (Cael) “Torre, please shave Gaave’s head and beard.” (Torre) Yes Sir Cael?” (Gaave) “What, shave what? NO, WAIT!” Zal sits on Gave and I hold his arms while Torre completes the task. When he is done, Gaave looks nothing like himself. (Gaave) “This sucks, but I do look completely different. My head is cold now.” As the truck arrives on the landing pad. I give Torre a credit chip with 500 credits on it. (Cael) “When Verala shows up with the supplies. Have some of the rebels help you unload. Food stuff goes to Sven in the cafeteria kitchen and the medical supplies goes to April in the infirmary. Don’t pay her till everything is unloaded, OK?” (Torre) Yes Sir Cael?” I am the last person into the garbage truck before they close the doors. Going to Iziz are Berrenger, Zal, Gaave and I. (Berrenger) “Our contact is a forklift operator named Mayla. She will direct us to the ship.” I notice the inside of the garbage truck is really clean. I suspect they don’t use this truck for much garbage as opposed to transporting other stuff. Not a bad cover. No one wants to sift through a truck full of garbage. The truck driver, Max lands us at a small parking deck. About 5 blocks from the sulphur plant. They were not kidding. Everything smells like shit once the doors open. Zal grabs the last re-breather mask and puts it on. I can deal with the smell. I have been in locker rooms that smelled worse. We head down to the street level. As we travel towards the plant. We turn a corner and there is a news van up ahead. The holovid crew is filming officer McMurphy and a half a dozen police officers handing out hot dogs to kids in this dilapidate part of town. Everyone on camera is all smiles and the reporter is lauding the holiday. Off camera the police are intolerable and have re-breathers on. I pull my collar up and hat down. I don’t need that news crew getting a picture of me or for that matter even recognizing me. As we approach they hand everyone a mystery meat hot dog. The reporter tries to get a shot of McMurphy talking and handing a hot dog to Zal. Zal plays it cool while I slip past un-noticed. She soon catches up to the 3 of us. (Berrenger) “What did you tell him?” (Zal) “I told him I sweep up at the sulphur plant.” When we get to the plant. We easily slip past the guard. He is too busy in his hermitically sealed pod watching the blitzball game. Seems my old team, the Corellian Crusaders are getting their ass handed to them. The score is 4 to zip. Berrenger asks some of the workers for Mayla. Some maintenance guy tells him that she is over in the break room. Zal grabs a broom from a passing droid cart to look more authentic. We head to the break room.

1230 Hour – Mayla is a dark haired older woman. She is eating chips and drinking java when we enter. There is 1 other guy in the opposite corner of the room watching the blitzball game. Score is now 5 to zip. (Cael) “What the frick is wrong with those guys. They are leaving their left side open. They are letting the other team hog the ball.” Berenger walks up to Mala. (Mayla) “Do I know you?” (Berrenger) “Rosa sent me. I need to retrieve a ship in storage by you. An old YT-1210.” (Mayla) “Yea, she sent me a short message to expect you guys. The 1210, why that piece of crap? We have only used it a few times. It is in an exhaust vent on the far side of the plant. No one goes there and the vent only sporadically gets used if there is an extreme heat load.” Berrenger taps me on the shoulder. (Berrenger) “Ship is on the other side of the plant, this way.” I follow him out of the break room and across a loading area. Not paying attention. Still thinking about that blitzball game. I walk right in front of a forklift. It hits me and knocks me to the ground a few meters in front of it. I get a little scraped up. I am such a dumb ass. The driver is screaming at me about a hard hat. (Cael) “Yea, yea, yea, I’ll be more careful next time.” I catch up to the group. We go down a hall, through a door. Around a tank. Cross an open field and come to a large vent access in the side of an even larger building. About 100 meters down the vent sits a pretty banged up YT-1210. It is sitting only on the front 2 landing pads. The back end is sitting on the floor of the vent. The port side is all scratched up. Looks like someone hit the side of the vent landing in here. Gaave opens the ramp. It will only open part way because of the way the ship sits. We have to crawl in. The inside is complete mess. There are wires hanging everywhere. I honestly don’t think this hunk of metal will fly. And I thought the Box was in bad shape. Zal calls me up to the cockpit. (Zal) “Cael, can you go topside and clear out the engine exhaust ports?” (Cael) “Sure, where is that broom you stole?” (Zal) “I dropped it outside by the ramp.” I crawl back out the ramp. Grab the broom and climb up the back of the ship. The exhaust ports are clogged with sulphur and other debris. (Zal) “Hurry up Cael. We only have 7 minuets till they vent this tube. (Cael) ”What vent? No one told me they were venting this tube. Why does no one tell me these things?” I finish clearing the vents, slide off the top of the ship, drop the broom and crawl up the ramp. I go up to the cockpit and strap in. Gaave is in the pilot seat and Zal is in the co-pilot seat. She seems to be adjusting all the correct controls. While Gaave just marvels that he has his ship back. (Zal) “Cael. Can you an Berrenger open all the rear hatches. Seems our life support system does not work. We need to make sure we get air back there.” (Cael) “OK.” I point to Berrenger, then point back down the corridor. We open the top iris hatch. Open the ramp slightly and in the engine room there is another hatch that takes the 2 of us to open. (Zal) Yelling. “Cael, the targeting computer up here has a glitch. Can you check it at the turret?” I Yell back. (Cael) “Will do!” I climb the center ladder to the dorsal turret. Just as I get in the chair. The ship moves a meter or 2 with a grinding groan. Then the ship stops. I think Zal put the rear landing pads up to level the ship. It takes off rather smooth this time. All of a sudden there is an intense smell of sulphur throughout the ship. That must have been the venting. We exit the vent in the plume and are soon about 2 kilometers away from the plant. Traffic control asks us for our code and our vector. Calls the ship “Hand of Sorrow”. I thought Gaave said he called it Majestic Gundar? They vector us away from the parade and we are soon over the jungle. I put on the targeting head set and power up the turret. Targeting compute comes up with a smiley face and the words. I am happy to blast something for you. (Cael) “What the frick is this?” (Zal) “Once we are over the jungle. Test the turret.” (Cael) “Roger that. This targeting program is a little strange.” (Gaave) “You like it? I got a free version of that software for doing an easy favor for someone.” Zal slows the ship down and puts us about 20 meters over the tree tops. I pick a large tree ahead of us and fire. (Cael) “Targeting system works but we are low on tibanna gas for the gun. Its giving me an error code that we are almost empty.” At least the head set works to the cockpit so I did not need to yell. I lock the turret back in place and go down to the cockpit. As I watch Gaave try to fly this ship. I can see Zal correcting everything he does.

1430 Hour – We soon land back at Whisper base. The landing pad still has crates from the delivery today. I get 2 rebels to take the 2 crates to the infirmary. I next get an update from Torre and Roots. Then I go take a hot shower and put the sulphur drenched clothing in the incinerator. Clean uniform and I look as good as new, maybe better. Afterwards I head to the cafeteria. Zal is sitting there with Gaave and Berrenger. I grab a mug of java and sit down with them. (Zal) “Life support has been taken out of the ship. Heating system is broken beyond repair. 3rd party software needs to be purged from just about every system. Maybe, just maybe we can get it back to factory spec. Oh yea, the internal comms are also mostly broken throughout the ship. We aint getting off this planet in that old boat any time soon.” (Cael) “So what now? We need parts to install in her? Berrenger, looks like just up your alley.” (Berrenger) “Yea, I know a guy, or 2 that can get us parts. 1 of these Guys is named Riker. Problem is. He is right near Jiranna base.” (Cael) “If you can get this ship fixed? Then we can use the box. Zal, can you rig the box to fly remotely? How much explosives do we have?” The 3 of them look at me strange. (Cael) “Just a thought out loud. I leave you 3 to work out the details. Our funds are starting to get low. Remember, L is not funneling any credits to us anymore. So don’t spend like drunken sailors on shore leave trying to get parts.” I head to the conference room to check on the holovid monitors. I am able to find another camera near Jiranna base. From what I can see. Moff Dardano has his troops practicing jungle maneuvers. I really hope Arkem comes through with the extra base generator and the shield generator or we are going to be in deep trouble

1600 Hour – The landing platform camera shows Zal and Berrenger taking off in Gaave’s YT-1210. Maybe we should call that boat “The Crate”. It is slightly bigger then The Box but in not much better shape. I switch 1 of the monitors over to the local news. The Crusaders lost 9 to 3. (Cael) “Frick, those guys cant hit the broad side of the planet they are standing on with a blitzball .” The other monitor outside the motor pool shows Treb and the recruits returning to base. Treb looks happy. The kids don’t. I hope all went well. It does not look like any of them got hurt. I start working on the duty roster. I need to start putting the Partisan Rebels into positions around the base. We need a crew for each tubolaser battery. We need someone to handle supply. Someone to help with maintenance. I will find other duties for them.

1730 Hour – Rikers Shipyard – Sector 2 – Iziz – Planet Onderon – ( As relayed to Cael from Zal upon their return with I am pretty sure parts missing ) Zal and Berrenger fly the YT-1210 to sector 2 of Iziz. This sector is right next to Jiranna base. As they fly around the base restricted air zone. They notice troop movement in the jungle below. They circle around an bring the ship in for a landing in the mechanic yard. As they exit the ramp a maintenance droid approaches them. (Droid 223) “God day sir and madam. Can I get some information from you on the nature of the repair that you require? We here at Rikers Repair pride ourselves on promptness, efficiency and speed. I will need the Boss code from the engine and computer. Any passwords to access the computer and a list of what work you want completed. After our diagnostic we will advise you as to other repairs that are needed or required.” (Zal) “Thank you 223. Our ship needs a new life support system. A new heat exchange radiator for the life support system. The internal comm system is non operational and there has been allot of 3rd party software installed. We would like to get the computer back to operational specs. I do not think there is a password on the computer. I need a cost for parts. We can handle the repairs ourselves.” (Droid 223) “Yes miss. I will have a listing of parts for you shortly. I assume you have empire credits?” (Berrenger) “Of course. Please leave the parts at the top of the ramp.” (Droid 223) “Yes sir.”

[ After an hour of the maintenance droids consolidating parts onto the ship. Droid 223 discovers a discrepancy in the Boss code, ship name and the wanted hot sheets of Iziz. Zal and Berrenger lift off the YT-1210 from the shipyard in a haste without paying for some of the parts and they are on their way back to Whisper Base ]

New Base, New Objective
Beringer Log 4

Personal Investments: +200 Credits from investments
Personal Fund End of Session – 366
Partisan Fund – 4500 Credits

The ride in the trash trucks was not the smoothest ride, but it was adequate. It was sweltering because there was no air conditioning but we finally arrive at our destination, Whisper Base. Upon exit, we were greeted by Zal and Voba’s other partners.

All of the partisans disembarked, many of them wounded. Rosa, the partisan leader, said some of her people need surgical care, but I advised that it’s probably not in our best interest as any hospital we go to would notify the locals if anyone comes in with blaster wounds. Fortunately we have bacta tank which I just purchased but I don’t know if anyone has the knowledge of knowing how one works.

I took a tour of the base and I noticed a few things were missing, specifically a triage center. A makeshift triage was created in the gym locker. Not the best sanitary conditions, but it will suffice.

Most people worked to get the base going and jury-rig a AT canon on the Box. I’m not sure if the box can sustain such a piece of equipment nor if it has the necessary reactor to power it. Each shot would cause the vehicle to stall, but I am sure they will figure it out when they test it.

After getting settled, I spoke with Rosa and asked her about her leader Saw. She mentioned earlier in the day Saw went down in the jungle not too far from here. I asked if it would be in our best interest whether we check the jungle. Fortunately Cael said the group found wreckage not too far from the base and believed it was Saw’s ship. Rosa wanted to see the wreckage for herself. I volunteered to hear out with Rosa along with a partisan, Zeb and the Wookie.

The ride in the jungle was a hot, bumpy ride. We had to stop because we clipped a few trees or paths were blocked. But ultimately we made it to the crash site. Rose confirmed the ship was Saw’s, but there is no indication of his body indicating he may have ejected out before the ship crashed. She was also surprised that the ship was stripped bare of everything.

The search party returned to the base and Rosa wanted to make plans to search for Saw in an area between the crash site and a communication tower. Meanwhile, there was other work to get done and we have a planned meeting with Arkin the next day debriefing the status of the base.

Morning broke and everyone gathered in the debriefing room. Arkin called in asking for a status of the base and giving praises the team. I have to say, I am not a fan or Arkin or the Rebel Alliance because they too think they know what is best for my planet. Yes, I said it, my planet. I hate when external politics interfere, but I reluctantly joined the alliance because we have a mutual interest of removing the Empire from this part of the galaxy.

Arkin said the alliance will be sending a supply ship, some additional help to man the base, and said we should start planning to strike the next base, Jiranna Base. Time to pack up.

What A Mess
Episode 9-28-2016

0930 Hour – .245 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
(Cael) “Who is this Berrenger guy and what is his angle. He has got to be making money off helping us. Reminds me allot of my Agent. Back when I played ball.” The garbage trucks both come in for a landing on the pad. Voba, Gaave, Berrenger and a dozen rebels off load from the first truck. I can see a few crates inside behind them. The other truck offloads another dozen rebels and a few more crates. I give Voba and Gaave the bad news about the communications center. (Voba) “How bad?” (Cael) “Bad enough. There were about a half dozen scout Imps trashing whatever did not look like Imp standard.” (Gaave) “Frick.! All that work wasted.” (Cael) “You may be able to salvage most of it. Looks like they just pulled allot of wires. Oh yea, also. The Box is being repaired by Zal and Florek. We aint getting off planet till it will hold air again. But, as a consolation prize we won a T 43 open top speeder that the Imps kindly parked in the motor pool for us.” Voba does not get the joke and looks at me confused. (Voba) “Got to see what they did to my equipment.” He rushes off to the comm center. Gaave chuckling, follows him. At least he got the joke. Berrenger and a red haired woman are standing on the duracret not sure what to expect from me. I walk over to them and shake both of their hands. (Cael) “So, whats in the crates? Are you bringing us anything good?” (Berrenger) “Your name is Cael right? There are rocket launchers, RPGs, mixed blasters, 1 bacta tank and a little bit of food stuff. Good enough?” (Cael) “Very good stuff.” Berrenger introduces Rosa. The leader of the rebels. (Cael) “ We will put all that stuff to good use. You 3 guys standing there. Take those crates to the armory and the bacta tank to the infirmary. I will have my R2 unit show you where.” I call Roots and Torre to the landing pad. Rosa explains she is actually the assistant leader. Their actual leader was lost in the jungle. (Cael) “Was he flying a T16?” (Rosa) “Yes, how did you know that?” (Cael) “We found the wreckage of a T16 in the jungle. No one was in it or near it. It was picked clean by the time we got to it. We pulled some engine parts off it to fix the Lambda shuttle. We even have the black box.” I do not tell her what else we found in the T16. (Rosa) “Where? We need to find him” (Cael) “We can give you the coordinates to find the wreckage. Torre will show you to the motorpool. Take 2 speeder bikes. I will send Zeb with you as a guide.” (Rosa) “Thank you. Berrenger, why don’t you come with me.” (Berrenger) “OK.” I radio Zeb to report to the Motorpool for a speeder bike mission. Roots and Torre come up to the 3 of us and Torre introduces himself and R2-T7. Rosa looks at Torre. Who is an old B1 battle droid and then looks at me with a worried look. (Cael) “He is fine, reprogrammed. Gentile as a fluff kitten.” (Cael) “Torre, Roots, after you take them to the motor pool. I need you to gather all the pertaining information from each Partisan Rebel. Find them each a bunk. I will need to forward a report to Arkam with our strength in numbers.” Torre nods and Roots beeps an affirmative at me. I walk to the Comm center. When I get there. Voba is rummaging through cables piled on the floor mumbling something to himself. Gaave is standing there with his mouth open. Trying to figure where to start. 1 of the rebels, a tech guy names Xian introduces himself. He will be helping the guys make sense of all the damage and help with repairs.

I next check on the students. Treb, the Wookee has got them using the laser pointers on different body parts and the computer is giving a fatality probability of a blaster shot to that body region. They seem to be more attentive when Treb growls at them. I next check on the conference room. Not as bad as I suspected. Looks like the imp scouts were trying to download all our information. The thumb drive is still in the computer terminal. I pull it out and smash it. After a few minuets of putting some things back together. I boot the system up. More then half the holo-monitors are not working but only 2 are giving me any images. A camera in an Izis market and the camera down the road from the motor pool. There is a pre-recorded message from our Bothan commander, Arkam in the queue. I put it up on 1 of the working holo-monitors. When the image comes up. He is typing something on a data pad. Not looking at the camera. In his monotone voice he commends us on our rescue and subsequent trouble we are causing the Empire. He is confident that they can even run the blockade now to get us reinforcements. We need to fortify the base as a permanent site. He will have a direct message and to debrief everyone at 0700 local time – .246 ABY. (Cael) “What a pompous ass that Bothan is.” I next put a call to Verala Mishar about our next delivery and getting it here a little faster. Only for the highly increased price of 500 credits will she get us the food stuff and medical supplies here by tomorrow.

1230 Hour – Florek and Zal are having trouble with repairing the Box. Seems more people then worked on the Death Star have had their hand in on fixing the Box in the past. Nothing matches spec and only some parts are original. This confounds Florek. On top of that. Zal is really trying to figure a way to mount the blaster cannon from the ATST they are scavenging onto the Box. I leave them to their arguing and recalculating.

1300 Hour – Time to talk to Diel. The villagers cant stay here. We need to find them a safe place and eventually transfer the 3 injured people to a hospital. (Diel) “I know of a hunting lodge that is out of the way that we can go to. It will take us a day walking to get there.” (Cael) “What will you need? I can supply weapons, food, some minor supplies.” (Diel) “That will be fine. I would like Darius to help us get there.” (Cael) “”I can send Darius and Roy. They can take 2 speeder bikes to carry some equipment.” (Diel) “Thank you for your help. We will leave in a little while.” I give Roy and Darius their assignment and parameters on engagement if they run into any Imperial patrols. (Cael) “Get Diel all the food and supplies that they will need and you can carry. Keep them safe all the way to the lodge. Get them situated. Place a portable camera for aerial surveillance and return ASAP. Are we clear?” (Darius and Roy) “Yes sir. Do not engage the enemy. Protect the villagers. Deliver them to the lodge. Place camera. Got it.” (Cael) “Be alert. Be careful. Come home safe. Wear the scout armor to look like a lost scout patrol.”

1600 Hour – On my way back to the Conference room I hear banging in 1 of the barracks rooms. The door is open and Treb is inside hanging a rather large hammock. He has taken 2 of the cot mattresses to cushion the hammock. Next to him is the bunk where Gaave is crashing. He has a holo image of his ship. It is a YT-1210. There are also several pairs of shoes and boots lined up in front of his locker. Everything he has is in a straight line. (Cael) “Looks like Gaave has a bit of OCD?” Treb chuckles at the comment. I go back to straightening up the conference room and re-attaching the holo monitors. I have a 3rd camera working. It shows the camera from the landing pad.

1800 Hour – The recruits are still at it with the laser pointer when I break them for dinner. By this time Rosa and Berrenger have returned from the crash site. (Cael) “Did you find anything.” (Rosa) “Only a shell of the ship. No Trace of our leader.” (Cael) “I told you there was no one in the ship.” (Rosa) “We needed to check anyway.” (Cael) “We can trace his trajectory by the angle of the crash and try to figure where he bailed out. But that will be tomorrow. On the way to dinner I stop by the Comm room. Voba’s feet are sticking out from under a cabinet and he is asking for more cable. Xian is feeding cable through a slot down to him. Gaave is working 2 monitors trying to calibrate the data coming in. I don’t disturb them. Voba gets pissy if you interrupt when he is in the middle of something. I will send them down some food.

Dinner is some sort of mystery meat in a broth with vegetables that Sven will not tell us what it is. Other then say that the animal is indigenous to the planet. While eating, I work on the duty roster for the following day and inform everyone about Arkam’s transmission at 0700 hours. I post the roster outside the rec room. I clean up the mess from the laser pointers and other equipment all over the room. I turn in early. I will try to sleep with out a drink tonight. We will see how that goes.

0530 hour – .246 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
I wake up to vaguely remembering parts of a dream about the time I was at Florrell Beach back on Alderan. No night terrors this night. I throw on a pair of sweats and off to PT with the recruits. They are ready when I get there. There is also 2 Partisan rebels ready also. We do a 40 minuet PT and they all keep up. Afterwards I make sure they all check the roster. Shower, shave and a clean day uniform. I grab a handful of fruit muffins and some hot java from the cafeteria. Voba is already at work in the comm room when I get there. (Cael) “When did you sleep?” (Voba) “I didn’t. This has to be up and running or we will draw too much attention.” (Cael) “How much more?” (Voba) “We are at 40% capacity. I need to completely rebuild 1 of the circuit boards. Then re-calibrate the data stream into my matrix. May take me another day for us to get back to where we were.” (Cael) “Where is Gaave and that other guy Xian?” (Voba) “Not sure when Gaave went to bed but that guy Xian is a big help. He was here till about 3 hours ago.” (Cael) “Get some food and rest. 40% is better then sending nothing. And don’t forget Arkam’s transmission at 0700.” (Voba) “Yea, Yea, Arkam.” He just keeps working. I go set up the conference room for Arkam’s transmission that will be in a little over 30 minuets. As the recruits, rebels and the rest of my people filter in I count heads. 24 Partisan rebels, 13 recruits, 1 shady business man, 1 part android, 1 fussy engineer, 1 Wookiee, 1 shady smuggler, a B1 droid , R2 unit, Voba, Zal and I. Makes 47 of us. Base is getting pretty crowded. Roy and Darius are still escorting Diel to the Hunters Lodge and Omnath is out on perimeter patrol this morning. Torre and Roots enter. (Cael) “Torre, have you and Roots compiled all the information on the Partisan rebels? (Torre) “Negative, we are 83.33333% complete. We will inquire of the last 4 Rebels and be complete by 1030 Hour, Sir.” (Cael) “Good, Thank You.” At 0655 hour Gaave helps me power up the big holovid screen and open a channel to Arkam.

0702 Hour – Arkam’s face appears on the large holovid screen. (Arkam) “Good morning everyone. I want to commend you all on your efforts at keeping the dreadful Empire at bay on planet Onderon. We are now in the position to be able to resupply you and send reinforcements. Our end goal on Onderon will culminate in an attack and the destruction of Jiranna Base. It is…..” I loose tract of his long winded speech when Voba walks in the conference room door. I walk over to him. (Voba) “Did I miss anything important?” (Cael) “No, just a long winded speech that we are to attack Jiranna Base and route the Empire from the planet with flying lizards and a case of vibro spatulas.” Voba looks at me confused about the joke. (Voba) “You are joking about Jiranna base, right?” (Cael) “No, once we get reinforcements we need to attack Jiranna Base.” What Voba says in his native tongue. I could not understand a single word but I got the implication it included a whole bunch of colorful metaphors. (Arkam)”… At this time I want to again thank all of you. Now I need to debrief the 3 remaining members of my strike team, Engineer Florek and Gaave Fenro.” All the other personnel slowly file out of the conference room. Voba goes 1st. After about 10 minuets he comes out and points to me. He does not seem too unhappy. I go in and close the door. I go to the front of the seating and stand at Parade Rest with my hands clasp behind my back. (Cael) “Good morning Commander.” (Arkam) “Cael, reports I have here show that you are doing a very good job with recruiting the locals. There is a commendation and possibly a promotion in for you. We have a resupply ship that is ETA to you sometime tomorrow. Local time. I am sending you a base security expert. His specialty is in base reenforcement.“ (Cael) “Commander, if we are to fortify this establishment. I would like to make a request for an extra generator and a portable defense shield. Also, if we are to attack Jiranna base. We will require some air support. As of right now we only have a handful of ground vehicles at our disposal. The Lambda shuttle was destroyed and the Box was severely damaged in our last sortie to Izis to liberate the local rebels.” (Arkam) “I will put the request in and we will work on getting you some of the equipment on your list. Anything else I should know about?” (Cael) “I will have a compiled information list of the local Partisan rebels to you later today in the daily packet with a full progress report. The Items we also need are. Personnel armor, small hand blasters, power packs, food stuff, medical supplies, fresh uniforms, tarp material, maybe a maintenance droid. The extreme humidity on this planet makes everything sweat. And then rust or corrode.” (Arkam) “I will add these items to the request. Thank you Cael. Please send in Zal next. Dismissed.” I turn and head to the door. I send Zal in next. Outside the Conference room Voba and I discuss the situation. We compare what we each asked Arkam for and what he said. Soon Zal walks out of the conference room with a large smile on her face. She walks past us like she did not even see us. We send in Florek next. (Cael) “What a mess this place is. How far have you gotten?” (Voba) “Approximately 42% data capacity. Do you think Arkam will get us all the equipment we requested?” (Cael) “No, but if he gets us 30% of it. We may get off this planet in 1 piece.”

Time to get out of Dodge

Personal Investments: +100 Credits from investments
Personal Fund End of Session – 166

I’ve overheard on the comm the lambda shuttle I was asked to help get components for went down hard in the jungle. It’s unlikely my services to acquire parts for it are no longer needed.

The bus we hijacked arrived in the industrial sector. It was battered and seen better days but was still drivable. The bus driver, Fille, was clearly shaken. Can’t blame him since I threatened him in order to get out of town. I told Fille we do not mean any harm to him, but he was more concerned about losing his job and facing his wife. I said it wasn’t his fault and pointed up in the sky to the orbiting Star Destroyers. I asked if he wishes they were no longer here. He said he was not a fan of the Empire and believed things would be far better if they were no longer around.

Fille understood we were working for a greater cause and offered us further assistance by providing a contact within the transportation union, Tragger. I offered to tie Fille up but he asked to be knocked out. I didn’t want to do it, but obliged to make his story believable.

The band of partisans and I moved quickly to a safe house. To my understanding, it’s one of the few remaining places that was not found. I was surprised to see the safe house to be packed to the gills with weapons including outdated rifles without powerpacks and explosives. However, the partisans were short on food and clothes. They were down to the last of their Raman noodles.

Other partisans trickled in; some from the warehouse and others who heard of the incident at the warehouse to see who is left. By the end, there were 2 dozen of us. I was debriefed of the setbacks the partisans have recently endured. The first major blow was Supercop McMurphy. He has been cracking down on partisans smoking them out of most of their safe houses. Many were arrested thinning the partisan ranks. Seconds, the partisans have not heard for their leader Saul Guerra. Last they heard he was in the jungle after his ship went down. Things seem bleak as they are disorganized and have low morale.

I offered my assistance to get them reorganized. They needed a plan to 1) get them fed, 2) get them out of the industrial sector to a safer location. First, I needed to raise some capital and do some bartering. I was authorized to use the partisans cache of weapons for bartering.

I contacted Eugene and asked if we can meet at our usual spot at a bar to which he agreed to. At our meeting, I said I needed supplies for our friends, specifically food and clothing in exchange for rifles without powerpacks. A fighting force is useless if they are not fed.

Eugen said it may take time to get the right supplies, but I asked it be sped up. Eugene asked in return for getting the supplies quicker, he asked I get an unmarked speeder for his daughter. The partisans had a few I was authorized to barter with. Given we are leaving town, nothing of value should be left behind.

I left the bar and picked up some groceries for the partisans before heading back to the industrial sector. When I arrived back at the safe house, the partisans were thrilled I came back bearing gifts of fresh food for 10 credits. Most of them were worn out and anxious. I said I have supplies on the way and that we needed to relocate to whisper base which was a hidden base in the jungle. But first, I needed to secure a speeder for Eugene.

There were 3 that the partisans had 1) a ship 2) an air speeder and 3) a fancy land speeder. I opted to try the land speeder first. It was a very fancy piece of machinery that was registered to the lieutenant governor’s daughter. I asked Voba to help scrub it. He said if he tried, all kind of bells and whistles would go off alerting authorities of its location. It’s not worth the risk so I turned to the air speeder which Voba said is much easier to scrub. When I delivered the air speeder, Eugene said he was hoping for something a little more grounded, but he made good on his deal.

Now what to do with that landspeeder? It’s useless to anyone so I used my contacts to tear the speeder into parts. I ended up netting 7,000 credits. I think if I had the time I would have netted more but we were under the gun to get out of town and sold at a deep discount.

I contacted Eugene to see if I can acquire enough bacta to heal the group two times over. Eugene said it’s tough to do, but fortunately I remembered I have a personal contact in the medical field who was able to help me acquire what I needed at half the regular market price since his warehouse had a surplus to protect against pilferages. I bought a tank of bacta for 2000 credits. I took that out from the partisan fund.

I contacted Trager and asked if it was possible to move 2 dozen partisans and supplies to an outpost in the jungle. Trager said he can make it happen and appreciated it that I helped poor Fille, the bus driver, out. Trager made arrangements to have 2 garbage haulers pick us up and take us to the whisper base coordinates.

The following morning, the haulers arrived and picked us up. About 6 hours later, we arrived at whisper base worn out, beaten and tired. However, there is still much work to do.

Mental note (and to George), I will send Fille 500 credits for his troubles and to help his family out. I’m taking that out of the partisan fund.

Partisan Fund – 4500 Credits

All the Lights Ar Off But Someone Is Home
Episode 8-31-3016

1730 hour – .244 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
Zal fights for control of the Lambda. Now with 1 engine out and the other malfunctioning. The lower fins of the shuttle continuously hit the tree tops adding to Zal’s problems of maintaining control. Finally the 2nd engine flames out after too much debris has gone into the intake. The Lambda starts to drop like a stone. (Zal) “Brace for impact. We are going down, HARD.” Everyone straps in. The Lambda hits the forest muddy floor. With the engines out Zal cant raise the 2 lower ailerons. When the ship comes to a stop. It is tipped forward and to port. The Port aileron has been torn off and the starboard one is bent in 2 directions. The trench it made is 130 meters long. Peggy Sue climbs to the escape hatch while Zeb and Zal retrieve any equipment they will need to carry back to Whisper Base. Once outside, Zal walks completely around the shuttle and surveys the damage. (Peggy Sue) “I’m not sure, but I don’t think that ship will fly again.” (Zal) Smiling “We are alive. No one is hurt and it should only take us a few hours to walk back to base.” They head off in the direction of Whisper Base.

Darius is having trouble controlling the Box. I close the back door and ramp but the hole in the upper canopy is sucking stuff out that is not strapped down. As I unstrap myself and try to go forward. I am sucked up to the hole. My legs and body are outside and my head and arms are inside. The Wookee Partisan tries grabbing for me to pull me back inside. (Cael) “DARIUS. STOP THE SHIPSTOP THE SHIP!” Darius stops forward momentum a little too fast. Inertia, a wet slick shuttle canopy and I slide all the way forward. Right over the nose off the front of the shuttle. Darius puts the Box into a dive and catches up to me falling. He gets close enough to me that I can grab a hand hold on the ship. He brings it to a level stop and I climb back in though the hole. (Cael) “FRICK. I don’t ever want to do that again. Especially without a grav belt on.” The Wookee helps me into a sitting position against the bulkhead and straps me in. I don’t even know his, or is it her name. It is talking to me in Wookee speak. I have no idea what it is saying. (Darius) “We cant go very fast. It will take us a few hours to get back to base.” (Cael) Panting heavy “Take your time. Just don’t let anyone follow us.”

1900 Hour – The bus that Beringer and the rest of the Partisan Rebels are on finally breaks down from running the road block. They made it to sector #6 – Industrial Zone but they are still several blocks from where they need to go. (Driver) “I’m gonna get fired. I know it. Plus my wife is going to kill me. Do me a favor. Just kill me now.” (Beringer) “We are not going to kill you, relax. Just tell your boss the rebels held a blaster to your head. We can tie you up?” (Driver) “If you knock me out, it will look like I put up a fight.” Beringer knocks the driver out. They all file out of the bus with all the weapons. Beringer’s hand hurts now from hitting the driver. They walk the 6 blocks to the rebel safehouse. People on the street try not to stare at them but the group is caring allot of heavy weapons. When they get there. The place is filled with weapons and not much else. They have little to no food or other supplies. Beringer discusses with them on trading some of the weapons for food and other supplies. (Beringer) “Relax, I know a guy. Let me make a call.” Someone across the room turns on the news on the holovid. They are showing scenes from the fire fight. Footage of the special ops team landing and going in. They are interviewing an officer named McMurphy. (Reporter) “Officer, can you tell us what happened?” (McMurphy) “Well, we had some rebels that had stolen some weaponry and vehicles and were holed up in that warehouse over there. We brought in a special operations team. All the rebels are dead or captured and we recovered a large stash of the stolen weapons. Now it is just data work to catagorize the stolen property and return it to the proper places.” (Reporter) “Were any officers hurt or injured in the raid?” (McMurphy) “Thankfully none were killed. I and 1 other officer was injured. Excuse me. The EMTs want to bandage this wound.” (Reporter) “Thank you officer McMurphy. This is Silvia LaMore, Live from the warehouse district.” (Rebel 1) “Wow, what lies.” (Rebel 2) “Thats Imperial news for ya.”

2230 Hour – Darius is bringing the Box in low over the tree tops towards Whisper Base. From about 2 kilometers away. We can see that all the lights are off at the base. There is no short range beacon to follow. Darius cant raise them on the comm either. (Cael) “This does not look good. Set her down on the path about 1 kilc from the motorpool entrance.” When the Box lands. It sinks slightly in the mud. Nothing bad. We gather our equipment and hike it to the motorpool entrance. As we approach. I get a buzz on the com from Zal. (Zal) “Cael, where are you?” (Cael) “We are about 300 meters outside the motorpool doors. They are closed. There are no lights or comms.” (Zal) “We are about 100 away from the landing pad. We are coming along the ridge. I think I got a blip message from Roots. Something about base is in lockdown mode.” (Cael) “We will meet you up on the roof.” As we approach, we head to the South side and try to climb up the side of the cliff. Flower and the Wookee have no problem climbing up there. The rest of us have to wait till they send down some rope for us to climb up with. We meet Zal, Zeb and Peggy Sue at the Generator pit. (Zal) “Hey? Where did the Wookee come from?” (Cael) “He is 1 of the Partisan Rebals.” I try to reach Roots on the comm. (Roots) “The doors to medical, the range and others are all locked down for the past few hours. Florek has cut the generator power. Minimum of 2 intruders. Possibly more. Torr and I are awaiting you in rec room.” We climb down to the catwalk around the 2 main generators. The book is strewn all over. Peggy Sue will wait here for the all clear to start them up. We force open the door. It is pitch black inside. Only some minor battery light and the flashlights from the intruders. Flower, Moonbeam, Roy and I are the only ones in stormtrooper armor with infra red helmet visors. We go in first. The Wookee follows us anyway. I peek around the first left corner. There are 3 intruders down the hall with flashlights. I tell Flower and Moonbeam that we will each take 1 of them out. On 3, we round the corner and we each fire our rifles. 3 Imperial scouts go down in a heap. We grab them and drag them back to the generator hallway. 2 more intruders come around the corner past us. Zal throw a grenade over our heads. It lands right between the 2 Imperials. As they look down at it. It blows them each down the hall. I remove the 3 scout helmets. (Cael) “OK, who needs one of these. Zal and Zeb take one. The Wookee cant fit it on his head and hands it to Darius. I hand out the 3 E11 blasters. The 5 of us head back down the hall to the far end. The armory room is in front of us. The hallway goes around either side of it. We can hear maybe 3 Imperials are on the other side of the room. We split up and go around from 2 sides. As we round the corner shooting. There are 3 Imperials but they have a portable shield. We duck back around the corner. I set a grenade and with laserball accuracy. I lob it right over the shield, right in the middle of them. The shield being in between us and them really saved us from any shrap metal. We force open the armory door. There is 1 portable battery pack out of the 3 left. We take it so we can open the doors manually with the portable power. Zal and Zeb have gone completely around us down another hallway. They are past the barracks rooms. By the time we catch up with them. They are at the infirmary door. We hook up the power pack and the door opens easily. April and Lucy are in the infirmary with several patience. (April) “We need the power back on. We are keeping these people alive manually.” (Zal) “Give us 5 minuets and we will have the power back on. OK?” (April) “OK, make it fast.” We find Roots and Torr in the rec room. I notice Torr does not have the restraining bolt anymore. We continue our sweep of the base and take out 2 more Imperials. There are no more intruders. (Zal) “Ok Peggy Sue, fire up the generator.” The lights soon come back on and the power is restored to the infirmary. We strip the Imperial Scout bodies and throw them in the trash compactor. I last check the motorpool with Darius. There is 1 new speederbike and a 4 person convertible speeder in there. (Cael) “Now we have some sweet transportation. Darius, go get the Box and fly her in here. I will man the door.” (Darius) “OK. Give me a few minuets to get her warmed up.” Soon Darius parks the Box in the motorpool. I close the doors and head to the control room. Allot of what Voba had set up has been destroyed. The information is flowing through at 10% capacity. The cameras are still working and the sensors are back on auto. (Cael) “We will deal with the rest in the morning.” We find the Wookee and the other Rebel a bunk for the night. I still cant understand a word that Wookee says. Just keep nodding yes.

0530 hour – .245 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
20 minuet PT with the new recruits. Shower, shave and I put on a day uniform. Torr has informed us all in the cafeteria that they are now out of flapjack ingredients. He also starts listing other foodstuff we are out of or soon to be out of. After breakfast I set up the recruits with some informational holovids of body kill points and anatomy of different species. I then go find Florek. He is sitting enjoying his flapjacks in the cafeteria when I walk over to him. He looks at me like a Naboo Gazelle caught in speeder headlights. (Cael) “Florek, my friend. I need you to look at something for me.” I walk him to the motorpool. I show him the damage to the roof canopy on the Box. (Cael) Can this be fixed. I mean space worthy fixed. It does not need to look pretty. It just need to not decompress within 5 minutes of us leave atmosphere.” (Florek) “Well. We would need plating, welders, support structure and some time.” He starts calculating with his datapad. (Cael) “There is the other ATST. You can use any plating or parts from it.” (Florek) “Take me the rest of today to lay it out and maybe 2 days to do the work. I will need other hands.” (Cael) “You will have them. Plus Roots and Torr.” The intercom cackles “Cael, we have an incoming transmission from some guy named Beringer. Can you come to the comm room?” I leave Florek to his calculations. In the comm room, I find Rory with a headset on hovering over a view screen. She points to a holomonitor to her right. As I look at it. There are 2 large size garbage trucks coming in for a landing on the platform. (Cael) “Oh Great. Now what. As I head to the platform. I think to myself. “How did this Beringer find us all the way out here? I bet the whole fricken Empire knows we are here listening to the Admiral Korland’s crazy orders and playing house.”

Who Are These Partisan Rebals And Why Are We Saving Them?
Episode 8-3-2016

1330 hour – .244 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
Darius has the Box prepped and warmed up. Flower, Moonbeam, Roy, Omnath and I are in our armor with heavy blaster rifles. The heavy repeating blaster is loaded and assembled on board the Box. I even grabbed some grenades. (Cael to Voba) “So what is going on? Who are these dumb ass rebels? How am I going to get into Iziz and past the check point?” (Voba) “We are working on it. Just start heading this way.” (Cael) “This is crazy. You know this. OK, OK, We will start heading towards you.” Darius lifts the Box and we just fit out the motor pool door. He puts it at about 3 meters above the tree line in a slow easy course for Iziz.

Beringer looks at the information on where the rebels are holed up. (Beringer to Voba) “I know a secret way in and out of that warehouse. It is through the mag-lev terminal.” (Voba) “Can you get them all out through there?” (Beringer) “I think I can.” (Voba) “I will try to get to that crane and set the explosives on it to topple on the police as a diversion.” As Beringer heads to the mag-lev terminal. Gaave and Voba pull up the schematics of the building and some news footage showing the area outside the warehouse. There is a large crane next to the building. It can be dropped onto the warehouse or onto the police cordoned off area with a tiny bit of explosives that Voba just happens to have with him. (Cael to Voba) “Hey Voba. Can you get us through the check points as a Imperial special force team? I also need some plans of that building to come up with a plan of attack.” (Voba) “Not a problem. Give me a minute. Oh yea, by the way. We have someone here that can probably get most of the rebels out of the building via an underground tunnel. It will take him some time to get there and get them out. Time that we don’t have. Time that you will need to give him.” Voba sends the drawings on the building to the Box. I pull them up on the small holovid monitor and start forming a plan. I look over at Darius. He looks scared. He sees me looking at him. (Darius) “I’m OK, really I’m OK. At our present speed and course. We should get to the outer wall of Iziz in about 15 minutes.” Voba lets us know he has us set up with the police as a Special Imperial Assault Team to flush out the rebels. (Cael) “Special? Yea we are a Special bunch all right.”

Zal powers up the shuttle. She attempts to get to a closer spot to the warehouse but is waved off by the police that have cordoned off the area. She flies South and exits over the city walls and waits for the Box. She has a plan to get closer.

1430 Hour - Meanwhile, Beringer gets to the mag-lev terminal. He goes down a side hallway to a door with a sign on it in 6 languages. ( Authorized Personnel Only – No Entry ) It is unlocked and he slips inside. There is an access tunnel that runs under the warehouse district and come up in several warehouses. He follows the tunnel to the one he wants and goes up a stairway to a locked door. He easily picks the lock and goes inside. The tunnel splits 2 ways. He follows the right tunnel to another door. Just as he is about to grab the door handle. He hears a slight hum and the hair on his hand stands up. He checks the door by tossing a scrap piece of metal laying on the floor at it. It is electrified. He then throws stones at the door several times to get their attention inside. (Beringer) “Open up. I am here to help.” (Guard) “Oh Frick. I told you they would come this way.” (Beringer) “I’m not the police. I am here to get you guys out.” The door opens a crack and a scared young rebel looks out. (Beringer) “Well kid, you gonna let me in or not?” The guard sees no one else standing near Beringer and opens the door. He slips inside. (Beringer) “Who’s in charge? We gota get you guys out of here before the police bust in here.” The guard takes Beringer to the Rebel leader. An older woman named Lilly. (Beringer) “We have an assault team coming in here as a cover decoy. I need to get you guys out through the tunnels below this building.” (Lilly) “Who sent you?” (Beringer) “I got connections with a local Rebel Alliance group. They are the ones that are helping you.”

1445 Hour - As the Box gets to the perimeter of the cordoned off area. We get a automatic message. “Police activity ahead. Please alter course. Police activity ahead. Please alter course.” Zal moves the shuttle into the radar shadow of the Box and follows us in to the cordoned area. I radio the police. (Cael) “I need a direct path to the buildings landing pad.” (Police) “Oh Yea. You guys are the Special Imperial assault team. We will follow you in.” (Cael) “Negative on that ! I cant have any of you amateurs messing up my operation. Hold your men back till I give the signal to enter.” There is some grumbling garbled message that we cant understand and Darius and I look at each other in confusion. The police cruisers back off and let us through. We drop onto the landing pad. Open the rear doors and ramp and quickly file out. Darius stays with the Box. We can see the rebels at the upper windows. They pull back as we get to the door. Which has been left slightly ajar for us. As we get inside. The Rebels are behind 3 pallets of explosives. (Cael to Omnath) “These clowns have no idea what they are cowering behind. If they don’t get themselves or us blown up.” As I approach a tall gentleman introduces himself. (Berrenger) “Voba sent me to guide these people out through the tunnels. My name is Beringer.” (Cael) I Nod. “Cael. You need to get these people out of here ASAP. Before those police get too antsy and do something stupid. (Lilly) “What about all these weapons? We cant just leave them. I need these 3 crates.” I look at the size of the crates. They are way too big to fit 1, let alone 3 in the Box. (Cael) “Take what RPGs you all can carry. You have to go NOW.” We will cover till you are all out.” Just then the doors at the far end of the warehouse burst open and 6 police storm in. 2 are in heavy armor. (Cael) “Frick.! Damn Police never listen.” None of them have POLICE written on their black armor. (Cael) “Moonbeam, Flower, Roy, Lay down suppression fire to keep the police at the far end of the warehouse. Beringer, get these people out of here.!” Omnath runs past me towards the first policeman and begins to slice right through his lite armor with the blade that extends from his arm. Roy switches his gun to AUTO. Several short bursts and the police are scrambling all over the place. Flower and Moonbeam start picking off the police 1 by 1. I toss a grenade into the middle of the police. 2 go down the other 4 are injured. As the rebels flee with what they can carry. More of the police come through the upper windows onto the catwalks on either side of the warehouse. Several of the rebels are wounded and need help running. Just then, some hot shot policeman in special armor, jumps through the window in a tumbling roll. His name badge says McMurphy. Omnath, who is near him, turns and stabs the man 3 times. I level Betty and put a heavy blaster bolt through his right shoulder. He is staggers back but he is not down. (Cael) “ALL OUT, NOW !” As Berrenger gets the last of the rebels out and down the stairs. 2 of the rebels follow my strike force out to the Box. Darius has the engines revved and ready. When we all get inside. I pull the RT97C over to the rear door and strap it and myself to the Box. Omnath pulls the generator over. Plugs it into the gun and straps himself and the generator. We lift off as 3 police cruisers ascend over the edge of the landing platform. (Police) “Halt, You are under arrest.” I fire the repeater hitting the 1st cruiser.

1515 Hour - Zal has drifted the shuttle into a slow moving traffic pattern to hide and dodge some police. As a lone Tie fighter passes her in the other direction, heading towards the Box. She spins the shuttle around and follows it. (Zal) “Peggy Sue, Get a bead on that Tie. The Box has no shields or weapons. They are sitting mooche birds.” (Peggy Sue) “Aye, Aye Captain.” As the Tie swoops in on the Box. Easily passing the police cruisers. It fires and takes a huge chunk of roof out of the Box. Zal puts the Lambda behind the Tie and Peggy Sue fires the front turret. Zal fires the main guns from the pilot seat. The Tie fighter is blasted out of the sky. Just then the jury-rigged T16 Skyhopper engine installed on the port side fails and the Lambda shuttle slowly descends towards the forest below. Zal has to fight for control.

In the Box. Flower and Moonbeam have laid down prone and have their E10s firing out the rear door at the police cruisers. Soon all 3 cruisers are disabled and are falling back. (Cael) Looking at the hole in the roof of the Box as Iziz falls behind. “This fiasco is going to bite us in the backside.”

Beringer gets the rest of the rebels down into the tunnels and heading towards the mag-lev terminal. As they get near the terminal. 1 of the rebels grabs a grav cart. They throw the grenade launchers on it and cover them over. When they get out into the terminal. Most of the rebels scatter in 3 different directions. Taking some of the RPGs with them. Beringer, with the 7 remaining rebels. Some of them are injured. Head to the terminal exit. There is a local bus sitting there just about to leave. They all board the bus and hide the grenade launchers under their clothes. As the bus pulls out. Berrenger walks forward to the bus driver. (Beringer) “Where are we headed?” (Driver) “Hotel Sector 3 then sector 4.” (Beringer) Handing him a 20 credit chip. “Can you make a slight detour by Industrial Sector 6? Say Bleaker Avenue?” (Driver) Looking at Berrenger and then the credit chip. “It’s a little out of the way, but, I can do it.” The driver looks toward the back of the bus and sees the rebels all panting from running. The RPGs sitting on a bench and the few of the rebels that are injured pretty bad. (Driver) “Your not gonna shoot me?” (Beringer) “Just drop us off at Bleaker and South St. You will be fine.” As the bus rounds a corner there is a simple 2 cruiser police road block. (Berrenger) “Just run it. If you hit the 2 cruisers. They will not be able to follow us. The Driver floors it and hits the 2 cruisers in the nose. They both spin out of the road and into a building on either side of the street. (Driver) “Always wanted to do that.” Beringer looks back down the street. The 2 cruisers are smashed and not following anytime soon.

I'm not too old for this $h!t
Beringer Personal Log

Good news! I thought I had only 1 credit left in my name after last night’s game but I found an additional 75 credits. However I don’t have the time to use it as events begin to unfold.

Zal and I left the museum to rendezvous with her group. We were trying to figure out how to rescue the trapped Pubs inside a warehouse on dock 79. Zal was in contact with Voba near dock 79 and Cael at Whisper Base. The 3 of them were coordinated but I was not privy to the details at the time. However, I made it known it’s in my interest to rescue the trapped Pubs.

Upon arrival by the warehouse, the local police had the perimeter surrounded while a crowd gathered outside seeing the commotion. I wondered why the police did not raid the facility, only to learn later on those holed up inside the warehouse may be heavily armed.

Zal, Voba and Cael disclosed an intricate plan which included the following:
1) I find a way in to make contact with the Pubs. I think I recalled a way inside underground via the metro.
2) Cael comes in a “box” with others and appear to look like a SWAT team trying to break in.
3) Voba detonates explosives he planted on a crane to create a distraction.
4) Zal takes the shuttle and hovers low beneath the docks. We were going to use a tube by the warehouse to get down to the bottom and meet up in the shuttle.

Most of it did not go as planned. We caught wind the police were sending in their own SWAT teams so we had to move quickly.

I was able to find my way underground via the Metro. The first entrance was locked. I never remembered it being locked in the past but fortunately I was able to pick it open. I proceeded down the underground corridors and found the underground door for warehouse 79. I tried to open the door but was zapped by a strong electrical current. It was trapped.

I needed to communicate with those on the other side of the door, so I threw stones at the door to get their attention. It sounded like they were ready to open fire once the door opened, but I convinced them I was there to help them. They agreed to let me in. One of the Pubs who jury-rigged the trapped door wondered why I was still alive. I said there may be a flow in the trap; the Pub realized he did not power the capacitor at full strength. I got really lucky there.

Once inside, I found out there are 20 Pubs holed up, some armed with RPGs. I disclosed to the leader of the group SWAT teams are on their way and amongst them is a vehicle that’s there to help rescue them. The leader was said she had 3 crates that had to go with them. I wondered why those crates were so important when they could have easily exited underground.

I’ve learned the contents of those crates were missile tubes. I’ve estimated the value of all those missile tubes is around 100,000 credits, but it’s much higher on the black market since its restricted equipment. I knew the importance as only a few of these can turn the tide in battles.

Now, all we needed was the plan to be fully executed. The “box” arrived, but the police started entering the facility initiating a firefight. I don’t recall seeing much of the action as I was focused on getting as many of the Pubs out of the warehouse. At this point, our plan was pretty much scrapped. I didn’t hear Voba’s crane explosion and it’s unlikely we will meet Zal at the bottom. I suggested the Pubs grab as many launchers as they can and exit out into the tunnels.

Some of the Pubs were injured in the firefight and had to be carried out. As a result, only 9 missile tubes were taken. Out of the 20 Pubs, 2 went with Voba, 18 went underground. Also out of the 20 Pubs, 4 were injured and had to be assisted out. The two that went with Voba have 2 of the missile tubes. The remaining 7 went underground.

I tried to lead the underground group but people scattered in 3 different directions. With the 7 people that were left with me, including 3 who were injured, we had 2 missile tubes and were slowed down. I heard the police were on our tails so quick thinking was needed, and perhaps a bit of luck.

We quickly exited the tunnels and as luck had it, there was a bus. We commandeered the bus since it was hard to disguise the fact we were loading injured people and had 2 very visible missile tubes. I had to coerce the driver to put the pedal to the metal to get away from the police. Fortunately he complied.

The police were quick to react and setup a barrier up the road. I convinced the driver to ram the barrier. The bus nixed a few of the skiffs, but the bus did not slow down and broke through. I told the driver to continue driving to the industrial sector where I think we can recover.

One piece of good news is I got a message from one of my contacts indicating a deal I worked on went through guaranteeing a steady income. It kind of takes the edge off of today.

Personal Credit Journal – 76 Credits

Just a short, easy trip to Iziz
Episode 7-20-2016

1930 hour – .243 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
The flight back to base takes us almost 25 minuets. Zal has to go around a severe weather front. We have 2 villagers with minor injuries. Omnath has been hit. Darius was hit and is still a little shaken up. I even took 2 blaster shots. I make sure Bobby and Zac help the 2 villagers to medical. Next I give orders to Billy Ray and Zeb. They are to get the villagers settled in the cafeteria for the night. We can come up with better accommodations for them tomorrow. When we land and Zal opens the ramp. The boys get everyone off the shuttle. I make sure Omnath gets Darius to medical. I swing by the comm room to check in with Gaav and Voba. (Cael) “Messy scene at the village. We have 10 surviving villagers. Imps are all dead. Not sure if they got a message out before we eliminated them.” (Voba) “We did not detect any message from them.” (Gaav to Cael) “How are you standing with that much blood on you?” (Cael) “Not my blood. Had to get personal with a pain in the ass Imp Lieutenant and my knife.” Gaav’s eyes widen at that statement. (Voba) “Did we have any casualties?” (Cael) “None, other then Darius freezing up for a minute. He is OK now. I have to find Florek and give him a piece of my mind.” I leave the comm room, go to Florek’s quarters and proceed to bang on his door with my fist. Zal is down the hall and hears me banging. She comes to make sure I don’t kill the Devorian. Florek answers. He is dressed for bed. There is 2 dehumidifies going in his room and 4 fans. (Cael) “WHAT THE FRICK IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU LET ME GO OUT IN THE SHUTTLE AND DON’T TELL ME 1 OF THE FRICKEN TURRETS IS STILL IN PIECES! You almost got some of us killed.” (Florek) “I…I was not done with…with the power coupling yet.” Florek shakily picks the coupling up from his table and tries to hand it to me. I don’t even look at it. My face is right in his. He sweats allot normally. Now he is leaking buckets. Zal reaches past me and takes the coupling from Florek’s shaking hands. (Zal) “I will take that and install it myself.” (Florek) “I…I…I am truly sorry. It will not happen again…ever agin. Please don’t hit me?” His last sentence snaps me out of my rage. I storm away disgusted with him. (Cael) “Damn, Fricken, Idiot. Cant keep an eye on his antics and everything else around here.” I head to Medical.

In Medical, Rory is applying bacta bandages to 1 of the villagers arm. April is administering a stim shot to the other villager. Lucy is cleaning the blood from Darius’s wound and trying to get him to drink something. Omnath is sitting on the bench taking a blue pill and drinking a protein drink. I think to myself. (Cael) “Wow, The girls are really on top of this.” Rory looks up from applying the bandages. (Rory) “Oh My God Cael! Sit down, Your bleeding!” (Cael) “Relax, relax, almost all of this is not my blood. You finish patching up the villagers. Then you can deal with me.” I take off the bloody imperial jacket and shirt, then sit on 1 of the benches. April has Omnath escort the villagers to the cafeteria and comes over to me. (April) “OK, what part of this mess is your blood and what part is not?” I point to where I got hit. She cleans the wounds and applies a bacta bandage to both. Rory hands me a blue pill and a protein drink. (April) “Minor pain killer. Take it.” I take the pill. As I leave Medical. (Cael) “Good job here April. You Rory and Lucy handled this well. Get some rest. Thats where I am going.” I head to my quarters. Throw the dirty and bloody imperial uniform into the laundry and get some sleep.

0530 hour – .244 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
My dreams are more brutal then what actually happened at the village. In the dream all the villagers and recruits are laying dead on the ground. The Imp Lieutenant is standing pointing a blaster over me. When he shoots, I wake up in a pool of cold sweat and breathing heavy. (Cael) “Haven’t had a really bad dream like that for a week. Must have been due.” I get up and put on sweats and head to the recruits bunk room. Most of them are actually up and ready for PT. Zal is also up for PT this morning. Nice easy 20 min Exercise. Svenn bows out early to shower and start breakfast. When we are done. (Cael) “All right. Shower, shave and day uniforms. Breakfast in 20 minuets.” After I shave and shower. I put on a clean day uniform and head to the cafeteria. 1 end has been set up as sleeping quarters for the villagers. Svenn has made some sort of fruit bread with re-hydrated meat strips. (Cael to Zal) “Kids not doing bad on the food with what the larder here has to work with. Even the hot java is livable” (Zal) “Tastes better then whatever Torre made, any day.” After breakfast. (Cael to Recruits) “Today we will work on the operation, breakdown and use of the E10 rifles and the BlasTech RT97C heavy repeating blaster at 0730 in the target range room.” (Recruits) “Yes Sir.”

0730 Hour – Target range room – 15 minute holo vid on the capacities of the E10. We spend 1 hour breaking 1 gun down to clean and re-assemble. Then I have the rest of them each break down a rifle by themselves. This takes 2 hours. I have to point out procedures missed amongst each of them but all the rifles are re-assembled correctly, in working order and tested on the range. Next I have Bobby help me bring out the RT97C Heavy Repeating Blaster. Another short 15 minute holo-vid on its operation. I can see in their faces. They are impressed or scared of the firepower that this gun has.

1100 Hour – 2 tie bombers and a snub fighter do a fly over the base. All personal are to be inside and out of sight, so as to not cause any suspicions. Afterwards, Zal goes out to the landing pad and preps the shuttle for the trip to Iziz. She buzzes me on the com. (Zal) “Hey Cael. I am going to need Zeb and Peggy Sue on the gun turrets for this trip to Iziz.”(Cael) “Ok, they are on their way.” I point to the 2 recruits and then point towards the landing pad. They slowly walk out of the room. We continue going over the breakdown of the RT97C. A few minutes later. Voba comes into the room. (Voba) “I will require Bobby on the sortie.” I shrug, point to Bobby and then to Voba. Bobby gets up. (Bobby) “Dang, I’m gona miss firing that hot blaster.” (Cael) “I will go over it with you, Zeb and Peggy Sue another day. Voba, when are you leaving?” (Voba) “Soon, Gaav is getting his stuff together. BTW. Several ships have been stolen from the Iziz customs impound yard. Gaav’s ship was 1 of them.” (Cael) “Bet he is not happy about that.” Voba and Bobby leave and we continue with the RT97C.

1145 Hour – The shuttle takes off for Iziz with Zal, Voba, Gaav, Peggy Sue, Zeb and Bobby. They are all in civilian clothes but Zal brings an Imperial pilots cap. Just in case. When they get to the outskirts of Iziz. There is allot of Imperial presence. (Control Tower) “Shuttle 23745, what is your destination?” (Zal) “Ah, the business district. Can we get pad #25?” (Tower) “You seem to be listing to port. We will put you in dock #27. That is closer to the repair shops. Also, customs wants to do an inspection when you land.” (Zal) With a worried look on her face “Roger that. Dock #27. Shuttle #23745 out.” (Gaav) “Everyone act cool and customs should not bother us much.” Zal lands the shuttle on pad #27 and shuts down the engines. (Zal) That T16 engine is really starting to cause a problem. I have to really compensate with the other good engine or we will keep turning to port.” In the customs line. 2 imperials pull Voba out of line. (Imp1) “So, what is your business in Iziz?” (Voba) “Pleasure and maybe some supplies.” (Imp 2) ”why you with these people?” (Voba) “Just getting a ride here.” The 1st imperial checks Voba’s ID disc. The 2nd proceeds to frisk Voba. Dropping Voba’s comlink on the ground. They find nothing. (Imp 1) “Get back in line you blue whatever.” Voba picks up his comlink and gets back into the customs line. They all are through the line in less then 5 minutes. (Zal) “Good thing they found nothing on you? We have time before the meeting. I am going to look for a new engine or parts for the shuttle.” (Voba) “I have to meet Eugene before we get to see L.” He heads off down the block with Bobby. Peggy Sue stays onboard the shuttle. Gaav says he will look for parts at a couple of shops. Zal goes down a side street with Zeb in search of Lambda shuttle parts. They come across a junkyard that has allot of different ships and parts strewn all over. There is also several re-purposed droids working there. The owner of the shop is a very old clone trooper. Zal negotiates with him for a replacement shuttle engine. She also agrees to run some salvage missions for him in exchange for the new engine. The owner gives Zal coordinates of three T16 crash sites from tourists hunting big game out in the dense jungle. He also hints that word is getting out about the base exploits in the jungle, and that Whisper base is not such a secret base anymore. (Zal) I will land the shuttle in your yard here so we can install the motor. (Owner) I may not have enough room to land something that big. (Zal) “Relax, I will make it fit.” On the way out she comes across another old clone trooper testing a servo rig in the junkyard. She introduced herself. The clone troopers name is Devil. She proceeds to get Devil’s life story in exchange for saying Hi. Devil follows her back to the shuttle. He rambles on for the entire walk back to the shuttle and then more during the short flight back to the junkyard. Peggy Sue looks at the new person with confusion. She escapes to the back of the shuttle where it is quieter.
Voba meets with Eugene and is introduced to a negotiator, parts dealer named Berrenger. After some discussion, they decide to go to the casino to meet the workers boss that Voba wanted to hire. When they walk into the Spinning Star Casino, everyone there seems to know Berrenger. They grab seats at the bar to talk. The scantily clad well endowed female Tel’wik barmaid gets each of them their drinks. On the holovid monitor comes a news flash about the stolen ships and that the rebels that stole them are holed up in the warehouse district of Iziz. The holovid shows swarms of police surrounding a warehouse. (Voba) “Your friend is not here?” (Berrenger) “He does not seem to be.” After they finish their drinks, they rejoin Zal at the junkyard. Gaav, seeing the news flash calls Cael. (Gaav) “You need to get down here to Iziz. We have to rescue some rebels. (Cael) “What are you talking about. These recruits are still green.” (Gaav) “But they are rebels, so they are our friends.” (Cael) “Your nuts.” I break the connection and put in a call to Voba. (Cael) “Gaav requested that I bring in the recruits to rescue some flunky rebels that stupidly stole a bunch of impounded ships from the customs yard. Then got themselves boxed in at a warehouse. Other then The Box. I got no way to get to Iziz within reason. On top of that I still need to get past any Imperials blocking the way. This is a suicide mission and I am not doing it for this fool.” (Voba) “Prep the box and get the recruits ready but hold until you hear from me.” (Cael) “So the enemy of my enemy is my friend? This is nuts. The Box has no weaponry. If they are surrounded by local police. How am I going to ever get close to that site?” (Voba) “Just get ready and sit tight till you hear back from me.” (Cael) “OK, but don’t take too long.” I get Flower, Moonbeam, Roy and Zac into stormtrooper armor. I get Darius into a pilots uniform and send him to the motor pool to prep The Box for the possible fast flight to Iziz. Zac and I put the RT97C in The Box with plenty of grenades and power packs.
(Voba to Zal) “I am going to need you to go meet L.” (Zal) “Me, why me?” (Voba) “I need to handle the trapped partisans/rebels problem.” The group then split up again with Zal and Berenger going to meet “L” at the museum. When they get there. The museum has very little on the King and life before the Empire showed up. Most new pieces are propaganda pieces that underline show the Empire in a soft light. In 1 of the many rooms. They come across an early version protocol droid standing near a statue of the Emperor. (L) “Where is Sariv?” (Zal) “Ah, he sent me in his place.” The voice out of the droid is not the normal metallic protocol droid voice. Someone has hacked into the droid and is speaking through its vocal receptors. (L) “We have herd rumors about goings on at the base in the jungle. I believe my money can be put to better use elsewhere.” Zal has little to no clue on how to respond. (L) “My 3rd cousin means allot to me. I would like to see him, unharmed.” (Zal) “He is missing. Somewhere out in the jungle.” (L) “I would hope you can find him and soon. I would hate if the situation changed and Moff Dardano found out about the woes of his private listening post in the jungle.” (Zal) “I don’t know. It may take us a while to contact Sariv.” (L) “You do that. I will be in touch.” L’s voice trails off and the metallic protocol droid voice returns. It is in the middle of explaining the Statue of Emperor Palpatine. Zal looks to Berrenger with a worried look as they leave the museum. (Zal) “We have a real problem here.”

My latest job

Beringer Log –
What a day! A few hours I lost the shirt off my back due horrible luck at Pazzak leaving me a single credit chip to my name. It left me fuming and of course the table got hot after I left. I do admit, I did make a lot of friends there.

With little left in my possession, luck would have it a job came around for me and my crew. I had to negotiate with an engineer, I think his name was Voba, to repair a Lamba shuttle. We negotiated the fee and I felt Voba was a bit of a cheapskate. But I knew the crew would do an excellent job repairing the shuttle. Speaking of which, I suspect the shuttle is not theirs in the first place and they are on a mission. It’s best I keep a close eye thinking we are for the same cause.

Later in the day, I found out from Voba’s group Imps surrounded a port trapping rebels inside it and were ready to storm it. Because of my allegiance to the Rebellion, I tried to offer assistance by pointing out a place to enter the building. I offered to go with them inside, but as luck had it, I was instructed to take Voba’s comrade Zal to meet up with a VIP at a museum. Zal had to provide a report on a hidden base that he maintains and they needed a me\ to help be a smooth talker in the event things got ugly. .

We made contact with a virtual presence device, which is expected since high profile people don’t want to be exposed in the public. The through VPD, we discussed the paintings and the history of them. He seemed impressed with my knowledge behind some of the paintings, but honestly I was bullshitting through half of it to lower his guard and gain his trust. However, I was rather impressed with his own collection of art which he loaned to the museum. Then, we got to business.

The boss knew his secret base was taken over by a band of Rebels. He was thinking of reporting it to the Imps and turning Zal and I in. But he reconsidered thinking the Imps don’t has as strong as a footing on the planet as originally reported, despite having 3 star destroyers in orbit. God, how could I have missed all the Star Destroyers in orbit? It’s been a while since I looked up but it seems things are about to get a bit heated on this planet.

So the group with Voba and Zal, who I suspect are rebels, are now in charge with a secret base. It’s going to take a lot resources to get that base running. Fortunately I think I am up to the task.

Nosey Imperials
Episode 7-6-2016

1230 hour – .243 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base – Cael Log
Voba busies himself finishing up on making 10 home made bombs out of available material around the base. Just in case we get over run. Omnath has taken 1 speeder bike and a few of the smaller dead lizards and is in search of the Imperial scouts in the jungle. Zal has Florek helping her repair the down engine on the Lambda shuttle. Florek has on a modified suit to deal with the humidity. It has 3 fans with hoses all over to keep his body dry. He is also a bit OCD. He does not remove assembled parts. He will remove each part of the assembly. 1 at a time. After 1-1/2 hours, Zal is about to wring his neck but she keeps her cool. Voba checks all the cameras situated around the base. He leaves Florek a detailed list of how he wants the cameras to face and rotate.

In the rec room I have the recruits going over hand to hand combat techniques on some holo-vids. Also, what can be used as an improvised weapon and some of the kill points on the body. After about 2-1/2 hours. Which is about the length of time that this group loses interest in learning. We move to the training area. Zal comes to check on me and their progress. (Zal) “How are they doing?” (Cael) “Ok, I guess. I was going to put some of the hand to hand that we have been going over to practical use. You want to help?” (Zal) “Sure, anything is better then dealing with that annoying Devorian.” Zal removes her jacket and puts on a pair of fingerless nerf hide gloves. She goes into a ready stance about 1 meter from my right. (Cael to Recruits) “OK, we are going to demonstrate some of the moves and techniques we went over before. Who wants to be 1st to take on Zal?” All 7 boys push and shove to be the 1st in line. (Darius) “I’m the oldest here, I go 1st.” (Zal) “All right. Come at me then.” Darius rushes Zal, she easily sidesteps him. Hooks her left arm under his neck. Pivots his body around. Kicks him in the back of the knee and drops him to his knees. Then with her right fist pushing on the side of his rib cage. Bends his body outward with his head crushing into Zal’s left breast. We can all see he is in some pain but he is smiling. (Cael) “Do we see what he did wrong?” All the boys just stand there with their mouths open nodding yes. (Moonbeam) With her hand raised “He was not thinking with the head on his shoulders but the 1 in his pants.” The girls all giggle. Zal drops Darius to the floor and backs up. I look at Zal with a smile. (Zal) “Didn’t even break a sweat. NEXT! ” Over the next 2 hours as Zal puts the boys through their paces. I get the girls, in groups of 2. To practice the grips, moves and pressure points. Flower and Moonbeam are very fast and are good at grappling. The rest are picking it up by watching the 2 blonds block my hand from even close to touching them. All of a sudden, Darius’s comm beeps with a message from his Aunt Diel. “Imps in village-help–come quick”

Omnath after 1-1/2 hours, finds some of the scouts from Jiranna Base. He circles them and figures out they are headed to Diel’s village. It begins to rain harder. When he gets to the outskirts of the village. He hides the bike and temporary disables it so no one can take it. As he sneaks into the village. There are 4 Scouts in Diel’s hut arguing with her. He disables the 4 bikes. He then tries to sneak up on the hut they are all in but when he gets to within 3 meters of the steps. All 4 scouts are on the porch with Diel pointing their blasters at Omnath. (Scout 1) “Is this alien 1 of yours?” Diel, with a scared look on her face. Shakes her head , NO.(Omnath) With his hands slightly raised “I give up. Cuff me Imp.” (Scout 1 to Diel) “Seems you have been holding out on us old woman.” He turns to the other 3 scouts. (Scout 1) “Round up the rest of the rebels in this village. We need to make an example of them.” Omnath on hearing this tries to move but 2 shots from a blaster set on stun and he is out cold on the ground.

(Darius) “We have to go. My aunt needs us.” (Cael) “Wait a minute. You cant just go rushing into there. Besides, how long will it take you to walk there?” (Darius) “about 2 hours.” (Zal) “We can be there in 10 minutes in the shuttle.” (Darius) “Then lets go!” (Cael) “OK, OK. We need a plan. You all need armor and weapons. Come with us, except April, Lucy and Rorry” At the armory, we put Flower and Moonbeam in stormtrooper armor with the EL10s. The boys get Alliance armor vests and helmets. I give each an EL10. I don the Imperial lieutenants uniform. Sariv’s side arm on my right hip. Holdout blaster and knife under the jacket. Zal preps the shuttle. (Cael to April) “I need you to set up a Med bay at the end of the locker room. We are going to have injured when we get back. I hope none that are too seriously injured. Lucy and Rorry will help you, OK, Can you do this?” (April) “Yes Sir.” (Cael) “Torre can help. He can get you what you need. Move or lift anything to get ready for us.” (Cael to Voba) “We have a problem. Our friends at the village are being held by Imperials. We are on our way there to liberate them.” (Voba) “OK, I will monitor from here. Take a relay rod. Plant it at the village before you leave there.” (Gaave) You need help? I will go also.” (Cael) “Come on then.” I take the rest of the recruits to the shuttle. We put Peggy Sue in the front gun turret and Billy Ray in the rear turret. (Zal) “Darius, Get in the co-pilot seat. I am going to need your directions when we get close.” Darius goes up forward to the seat to Zal’s right. (Cael) “All recruits strapped down Zal.” I go forward and hold onto the grab bar behind Zal’s seat as we take off in the direction of the village.

1430 Hour – In flight I go over some hand signals with the group. (Cael) “Flower and Moonbeam. You follow me out of the shuttle and take positions about 2 meters behind me to the left and right.” Both girls smile and nod. (Cael) “Darius, you keep the guys in the shuttle until I signal. If I raise my right hand up vertically. It is all out of the shuttle and take the Imps out. If I hold my left arm out horizontal. We are still talking and to wait. Zac, you stay in the shuttle at the top of the ramp and make sure none of the Imps enters the shuttle.” They all nod Yes (Cael) “All of you. When you exit the shuttle. Pick your targets. I don’t want any innocent villagers getting shot.” They all nod yes again. I go back up to Zal. (Zal) “We should be there in about 5. (Darius) “Come in from the South. There is more cover and the sound does not travel well from that direction. It will mask our approach” Voba signals that he has a com jammer set for the scouts com channel but it will only work in the area of the village. (Cael to Zal) “You heard my hand signals to the recruits?” (Zal) “Yea. There is the village 3 kilometers to our starboard.” She points to the right. As we approach the village, Zal slows the shuttle to dead slow. There are 10 Imperial Scouts. They have the villagers out in the rain in a U shape in the center of the village. The Imps all have blasters pointed at the villagers. I can see that Omnath is laying on the ground in front of Diel’s hut. Zal turns the shuttle slightly and makes sure the speeder bikes get the force of the repulsers as we land. They all bang into each other and most get their front ailerons tangled. Zal lands the shuttle and opens the ramp. I exit and the 2 girls follow. 1 of the scouts is a Lieutenant. He walks over to me. (Xaro) “We were not expecting a shuttle. I am Lt Xaro – Patrol 2348 – Jiranna Base. And you are?” (Cael) “Lt Sariv – Whisper Base. We were on a search pattern and seen you in our local village. We seem to have misplaced a prisoner. You wouldn’t by chance have found a Gank?” (Xaro) “Affirmative, he is our prisoner. He will return to Jiranna Base with us.” (Cael) With his left arm our “He is OUR prisoner. I need the information from that abomination. (Xaro) “You will have to take that up with my commander. He is going back to my base. Sargent, Pick 2 villagers to make an example of them.” (Cael) With his right arm raised up. “OK, Have it your way.” I reach under my jacket. Grab the commando knife. I plant the knife into Lt Xaro’s throat up to the hilt. The gurgling that comes out of his mouth kind of sounds like. (Xaro) “We suspected this.” The scouts start firing at the villagers. (Cael) “Girls, Shoot them, GO, GO, GO!” Moonbeam and Flower both put a large hole in the center of 2 imperials that are closest to them. Darius and Gaave run out of the shuttle. Darius on seeing the villagers being killed freezes just outside the ramp. Gaave fires and hits 1 of the scouts. The rest of the recruits scamper out of the shuttle. I am using Xaro’s limp body as a shield. Leaving the knife in his throat. I draw Sariv’s fancy pistol and fire at a scout. The shot goes through his eye socket and he falls in a heap.(Cael) “Damn! I like this gun.” the rest of the boys run down the ramp. Peggy Sue tries to fire the shuttles laser turret, but nothing happens. She looks under the handles at the targeting computer box and there are a few pieces missing that Florek did not re-install. (Peggy Sue) “Guns not working Zal. Its missing parts.” (Zal) Damn that Florek. Hold on.” Zal raises the shuttle and pivots so Billy Ray can have a clear shot. Flower seeing the shuttle pivoting moves to the side of Cael that Moonbeam is on. She sees Darius just standing there (Flower) “Darius! Come on! Snap out of it.” Flower grabs Darius and pulls him out of the way of the shuttle moving. Moonbeam continues to fire at the scouts. Billy Ray fires the rear laser turret. He does not hit anything but the Imps all move for cover. Omnath who has woken up from being stunned, crawls behind the nearest scout. This scout is holding a villager as a shield. He stabs the scout in his legs. The scout falls over backwards letting go of the villager. Omnath continues to stab the scout until his is dead. I catch 2 blaster shots. 1 in the right leg. The other in the left arm that is holding up Xaro. Soon most of the scouts are dead. The last 2 scouts disappear under a hut. (Moonbeam) “Cael, You want us to get those 2 guys that ran away?” (Cael) Taking the knife and dropping the body of Xaro. “Yes, don’t let them get far enough to get a signal out.” Flower and Moonbeam run after the 2 scouts hooping and hollering in their helmet. (Cael) “Damn those girls are good.” (Zal) “Billy Ray. Hit the bikes.” Billy Ray fires again destroying all 10 speeder bikes. (Cael) “No! We need to. . . Damn.! That blows this village.” Zal pivots the shuttle and lands. There are 8 survivors from the village. (Cael to Diel) “Can you get everyone to grab what belongings they will need from their huts and only what they can carry. This village is now done. You are all coming back to base with us.” Darius smiles and goes to help his Aunt Diel get her belongings. Flower and Moonbeam soon return holding 2 extra E11 blasters. (Flower to Cael) “Those 2 scouts bodies will make a nice dinner for a ruping. Gaave goes into the shuttle and retrieves the relay rod. He plants it at the North edge of the village. I check my chronometer. It is 1515 hour. (Cael) “Lets get a move on people. We need to get out of here before someone else comes looking for these Imps. By 1610 hour, all the villagers and what little belongings they have are loaded on the shuttle. (Omnath to Cael and Gaave) “I slipped in the rain. Stupid imps would not get close enough to me.” Omnath takes a seat in the shuttle. Darius is in the co-pilot seat and I am standing behind Zal when she lifts it off the ground. She flies the shuttle at only 1-2 meters above the tree tops to avoid detection. (Cael) “We got lucky, this time.” (Zal) “So when do we run out of this luck?” (Cael) “I hope not for a very long time.” We are landing back at base in a little over 14 minutes.


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