You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Never Shot A Droid That Did Not Need It
Episode 2-21-2018

1.078 ABY – 1810 Hour – Listehol System – Shadow Port Tuga –
( Warning – White Dwarf System )
Shoola the Hutt slithers over to congratulate us on our slim victory. Bypassing the Mirilan that is still laying on the floor. Not that she did not make a sector load of money betting on us anyway. I notice her sneaking glances at me as I get dressed. Berrenger continues to negociate getting Mathus, DZ and the briefcase. Shoola is pretty set on keeping DZ. I lean over to Berrenger and whisper in his ear. (Cael) “We have protocol droids in the batch we are getting. Give her one of them.” Berrenger turns to me with a smile, then turns back to Shoola. (Berrenger) “Shoola, I have grown accustom to this older style protocol. I have access to another, brand new protocol droid. I will give it to you so that we can have DZ back.” She smiles at this prospect. (Shoola) “New you say? As long as it can translate Hutties. I accept.” Berrenger smiles and bows to the hutt. I meanwhile have retrieved my helmet from the mens room. The 2 men are still passed out cold in there from the 2 lines of glitterstream they did. As I return to the mezzanine. Shoola is directing Berrenger, DZ, Mathus and Trosc to a side exit. (Shoola) “Cael, if you ever want to get back into playing Huttball. Just let me know. I will make it worth your while.” I smile at her about this prospect. For a second there, it was starting to sound like a good idea, but I keep walking. When we get outside the door and in the alley. Berrenger hands me the briefcase with a stern look on his face. I say to him. (Cael) “Whats the problem? That was easy as pie.” He just gives me a disgusted look as we walk back to the docking bay 99. There are warning bells going off everywhere. When we asks a nearby shop owner about them. (Shop Owner) “It is just a minor solar storm. It should blow over in a few hours. Nothing to worry about.” We take our time getting to the dock. On the way, Trosc stops to look for some electronics gear. We also buy Mathus a smoothie to settle his nerves.

1830 Hour – We get back to the tug and find Captain Oglerk and Kog. They have been coupling the cargo pods so they are ready to be towed. I bet they were assuming that we would not return and they would have needed to get out of here quickly. (Oglerk) “Well, that was pretty quick. You got my money this time?” I hand Berrenger the case. He in turn, opens it and hands it to Captain Oglerk. (Oglerk) “Ooooo, very good. It was good doing business with you, and your backers.” As the 2 walk off smiling. We call RR5 to come to docking bay 99. He needs to check out the tug. Berrenger, Mathus and I look for a protocol droid for Shoola. We soon find a nice shinny silver one. We activate it and DZ checks to make sure it has the proper languages stored in its memory. When it checks out. We send it on its way to the Nova Room and to Shoola. RR5 soon shows up and he goes over the tug with Mathus. The tug is not in the best of shape. It only has a jump 4 hyperdrive. Also the slave circuit to coordinate jumps is burned out. We also need to do some other minor repairs. Our coordinates are encrypted and we need to coordinate the jump of the tug and the Smooth Sailor together. (Mathus) “Do you want me to crack the encryption on the coordinates?” Berrenger and I both give him the look of. What are you waiting for? (Mathus) “Ok, ok, give me an hour and I will have it open.”

1930 Hour – While Mathus is busy with the encryption. Berrenger revisits the Nova Room casino. I really hope he is betting with his own money. RR5 and I go over the check list on the tug and the pods. One of the couplers between pod #3 and #4 is not completely engaged. It takes us a few minuets to fully couple the pods together. Next, RR5 plugs himself into the tugs computer and familiarizes himself with the ships systems. By this time Mathus has broken the encryption on our coordinates and rendezvous point. At least now we can coordinate the 2 ships to the same points.

2030 Hour – The solar storm has subsided and we can finally leave the station. RR5 will pilot the tug and I will pilot the Smooth Sailor. Roots has calculated and transmitted the several rendezvous points to RR5. It should take us a little over a day and a half to reach our final drop off point. We launch both ships and get a safe distance from the station before we enter hyperspace. At jump 4 we will make our 1st incursion to normal space in a little over 8 hours.

1.079 ABY – 0445 Hour – Our 1st check point. The Smooth Sailor emerges into normal space. There is no other ships near by. After 15 minuets. The tug emerges. (RR5) “The tug is operating at nominal efficiency.” Roots double checks the next point. I allow the tug to enter hyperspace before the Sailor this time. This jump will be over 9 hours.

1410 Hour – Our 2nd check point. The Smooth Sailor emerges into normal space. There again are no other ships near by. After 10 minuets. The tug emerges. (RR5) “I have reduced the ships life support to compensate a slight power loss. Since I do not need to breath. There is no need for air circulation.” I got to hand it to RR5. That was a good call. Roots double checks our next point. This is only a 7 hour jump.

2120 Hour – Our 3rd check point. We are sitting for over an half hour before the tug emerges into normal space. RR5 quickly radios us. (RR5) “I regret to inform you that the tugs hyperdrive is not working at nominal efficiency. There is now a 6.345% power drain. I can only compensate that slightly.” (Mathus) “Do I need to come over there or can I talk you through a check list to look for?” (RR5) “To optimize time. Please vocalize the procedures for me to observe and correct.” Over the next hour. Mathus gives RR5 directions on what to look at and possibly correct. (RR5) “Mr Mathus, The power drain is now at a 2.62486%. I do think this is as close to optimal that we will acquire. We should be on our way for the final jump.” Mathus is satisfied with the repairs. Roots again coordinates our final jump point. This jump is another 9 hours.

1.080 ABY – 0730 Hour – Bonadin System – The Sailor emerges into normal space. Our sensors are on maximum. There does not seem to be anyone here to meet us. After about 15 minuets, the tug emerges into normal space. We continue to wait for another 15 minuets. (RR5) “The tugs sensors do not show any ship near by, but my optical sensors detect slight movement. Bearing 76, Mark 10, 2000 meters.” We all look in that general direction. After a few seconds, we notice something big, dark and moving closer to us. On the comm system. (Cael) “Shadow Raptor, this is Smooth Sailor, come in?” After a few seconds we get a reply. (SR) “Smooth Sailor, this is Shadow Raptor. Welcome to the Bonadin system. We were just being cautious to make sure you were not followed. We will beacon you and the tug into our rear landing bay.” As the beacon directs us to the rear of the ship. We now notice that it is a Nebula Class Frigate. She is painted a matte black and there are strategic lights place on the hull to simulate stars. Making it harder to detect. I have seen some of these frigates before, but this one has a huge sensor array on it. I let the tug dock 1st. With all those pods. It will be easier for the Sailor to maneuver around the tug then the other way around. As we disembark, the deck crew is already off loading the 1st pod of droids. The Deck master gives us directions to the fore section of the ship and as to where to meet with Captain Sortuli.

0815 Hour – Captain Sortuli and Navigator Coomsay meet us at the main vertical turbo shaft on the forward section. The captain has some sort of lizard as a pet following her. (Sortuli) “Welcome aboard the Shadow Raptor. The deck crew has already unloaded 1 of the pods you delivered and are working on the rest. We are very pleased with the shipment of droids. General Cracken will be holding a debriefing at 1030 hours in conference room 3. We will make the jump to hyperspace within the next hour.” (Cael) “Captain, do you have any further instructions or orders for my crew and I?” (Sortuli) “No Captain Cael. Hopefully the General will have your new orders. Are you worries we will leave you here in the middle of nowhere. You and your crew have free run of the ship.” She walks off and the lizard follows her. I spend some time on the ships bridge to see how it operates. I notice, most of the crew are not in uniform. I suspect that is because of the secretive nature of this ship.

1030 Hour – Shadow Raptor Conference Room #3 – General Cracken is not on board the Raptor, but is on the holo projector. He commends my crew and I on completing the mission and about bringing the much needed droids to this ship. He goes over several other aspects of the mission. Making sure the technicians are doing memory wipes on all the droids. He gives Sortuli other orders on the droids but none are given to my crew or I. He salutes us and signs off. I turn to Berrenger, RR5, Trosc and Mathus. (Cael) “So are we in a hurry to get back to Titan Base?” (Trosc) “I could enjoy finding out more about this ship and some of the toys she has.” (Berrenger) “I’m in no hurry.” (Mathus) “The Guppy is going to take at least 2 more weeks for her tech crew to complete repairs. I could also enjoy looking over whats on this ship.” RR5 does not answer. He just gives a blank stare. I take that he is indifferent. (Cael) “Well then, it unanimous. We see what this ship has to offer, for a little while.” Just then the ship lurches. Inertial dampers strain from the jolt and we are thrown all over the room. I can tell the ship has fallen out of hyperspace. Klaxon horns are going off everywhere. The lights flicker and go out. Emergency lights immediately come on. As we are helping people to their feet. One of the crew members, Hastings tells us. (Hastings) “The ship is in lock down mode. It is a fail safe if we are ever taken over. Or if something strange happens.” The intercom system come on with a mechanical voice. (Droid) “We have taken control of the ship. You are now under Imperial control. Do not resist and you will not be harmed.” We look at each other and understand. This is all our fault in bringing that shipment of droids here. Next we notice that the air handlers are off line. We figure we have an hour or so of air in this ship. We are presently on deck 17. 1 level above the Life Support on deck 18. The Bridge is up on deck 9 and the barracks are 1 deck higher on deck 8. All the doors are locked. I look around us to see what we have to work with. There just so happens to be a power/gonk droid sitting in the corner of the room. We activate it and use it to open the door to the main corridor. (Berrenger) “I will head to the life support level and reactivate the atmosphere system.” (Cael) “Take the power droid with you. You might need to hook him into the system.” Berrenger and the power droid head to the lower level. (Mathus) “We need to get the ships power plant back on line. RR5 and I can head there.” (Trosc) “I can help you guys in getting there.” The 3 of them head to the main stairway shaft up. (Cael) “Hastings, you are with me. We are going up to the bridge level and see if we can wrestle control back from these renegade droids.” (Hastings) “I am unarmed.” (Cael) “We will fix that soon.” I pull my data pad and contact Roots in the Smooth Sailor. I ask him what is going on in the landing bay. (Roots -translated from binary) “Several hundred ill intent droids have taken over the dock, engineering and the near by armory. I have locked the Sailor. The droids are taking the ships crew hostage.” I type back. (Cael) “Sit tight and don’t let any of those droids in. Mathus, Trosc and RR5 are on their way.” Hastings and I proceed to go up the stairway. We pass RR5 helping Mathus at 3 levels above. By the time we get to the bridge level. We are both winded. We can hear blaster fire coming from several directions. When we look through the clear door panel. We see armed droids passing. We wait for them to pass. We muscle the door open and head down the hall towards the bridge. Hastings finds us a storage locker. There is a hold out blaster and a stun baton in there. I hand Hastings the blaster and I clip the stun baton to my belt. We travel several corridors until we are at the door to the bridge. We can see through the clear door panel that there are 4 astromech and 5 protocol droids in there. They each have weapons and they have taken the bridge crew hostage. The door is electronically locked. I try using the power from the stun baton to operate the door. The best I can do is get the door unlocked. We ready our blasters and muscle the door open. We both proceed to shoot. This sends the droids all scattering. I don’t think we hit any of them, but maybe we can get to the hostages.

An Expensive Blitzball Game
Episode 2-7-2018

1100 Hour – Listehol System – Shadow Port Tuga – ( Warning – White Dwarf System )
Berrenger and RR5 are in the next room at the Barby Harpy. They are negotiating with Captain Oglerk and 1st mate Kog. There is now a loud bar fight going on in the main bar room. I can not hear what is being said in the next room. I try an old trick. I grab a drinking glass off a side table. I place the glass on the wall and listen. It helps me hear some but not much. Oglerk’s freighter is parked in docking bay 99. Oglerk is expecting 10 million credits for this shipment of droids. I know for a fact we do not have that much. Berrenger hems and haws and gets them down some. The bar fight is getting intense. A couple of blaster shots come down the hallway and into the back rooms. They decide to take this party to where the droids are located at docking bay 99. As they file out of the room. RR5 is the last out. I quickly grab his arm. (Cael) “I need you to open your com link to transmit only. Not to receive. I will be listening in as I follow behind you, OK?” RR5 nods yes and continues after the group. I let them get ahead and then I make my way out of the bar. I sneak my way around the opposite side of the bar that the fight is on. There are close to 25 people fighting each other. Once outside the bar I can follow Berrenger and RR5 easier since I can hear their conversation. Berrenger is still going over finer points in the negotiation as they walk to the dock. I try to keep far enough back but not far enough that I can not see them. Trosc is still tailing me by 10 to 15 meters.

1200 Hour – Docking bay 99 – I make my way around to the far side of the transport tug and the 5 cargo containers. There is no one else in this 4 slot docking bay. 1 slot has the tug. The 2nd slot has the 5 cargo containers in it. Slot 3 and 4 are empty. Berrenger has called Mathus to come examine the droids. While they wait the 15 minuets for Mathus to show up. Berrenger continues to chew down the 10 million price tag. I find a comfortable spot on a fuel drum that is partially covered with a tarp. I can see the group, but they can not see me. By the time Mathus gets there. Berrenger has gotten the price down to now somewhere around 5 million credits. They continue to haggle while Mathus and Kog go through the droids. Randomly they activate some of the droids. Mathus even opens the chassis on some of them. I cant hear what he is saying. RR5 is closer to Berrenger then to Mathus. After about a half hour. They are done examining the droids. Mathus walks up to Berrenger’s left side and whispers into his ear. Berrenger nods, nods again and turns to Oglerk. (Berrenger) “So Captain Oglerk, are we in agreement on the 4.5 million credits? 5 cargo containers of droids and the tug thrown in for good measure.” (Oglerk) “Ok, 4.5 mil. Where are your credits?” Berrenger sends Mathus to retreive DZ and the case. As he is walking away I can hear Mathus complaining about walking and being an errand boy. To bide the time. Captain Oglerk regales Berrenger and RR5 on a short story about being boarded a few months ago by Imperial customs. I do not pay attention to the story. I am more interested in keeping an eye on them and DZs approach.

1400 Hour – Mathus still has not returned. I can hear Berrenger trying to contact him. Now I am starting to get worried. Then I see Berrenger walk away from Oglerk. He is looking at his data pad. (Berrenger) “Frack, the Nova Room, 20 minuets to be there.” Berrenger begs forgiveness that there is a problem locating our droid with the money. (Oglerk) “You show up to a negotiation without bringing the money? You have until 2100 hours to get us our money or the deal is off. You got that?” (Berrenger) “Yes, we will have it. We will have it.” Berrenger and RR5 start heading towards the market and the Nova Room Casino. When they are out of sight of the 2 angry people at the tug I rush up to them. Our Bothan spook Trosc comes up behind me to see what happened. (Berrenger) “Shoola The Hutt has Mathus, DZ and our case of credits. She wants us at the Nova Room.” (Cael) “I have a way in. You get inside and I will back you up.” (Trosc) “I will see if I can get Ruahara’s help.” Trosc runs off to the Barby Harpy. Berrenger moves to in line to get into the Nova Room.

I move off to the side and ready myself to rush in the guarded door. I calculate how long it takes for the door to open and then close behind someone. There is a Gigaran and a Miriralan bouncer at the door. I wait for a group of 5 merchants going inside. They pay their fee and are putting their weapons into a locker. When they are just about done. I flick the switch on the stealth shield and move in. As they filter through the door 1 at a time. I rush the door as the last of the 5 merchants enters. I can hear the alarms go off as I pass the doorway. Once inside I move off to the right and out of the way. Before I can breath there are 4 large bouncers in this entryway. They are all sporting very large blasters. They cant see me and are searching the room. 1 of them gets close to me and accidentally steps on my foot. (Bouncer 1) “Ah, I think I found him?” I quickly push the bouncer back and tip him over. Blaster fire starts bouncing all over the place as I run past the coat check and into the casino. 1 of the blaster bolts catches me in the left side. I make a quick scan of the place as the bouncers enter the casino. There is the kitchen hallway. No only droids coming out of there. There are several males going into the mens room. 2 of them are about my size and are sporting long duster coats. I slip in the door behind them. Inside I turn off the field. I can still hear Berrenger on the open comm link outside pleading to get in the casino. He bargains his way past the bouncer for only 200 credits.

In the casino mens room. The 2 humans I followed are in the corner at a small table snorting glitterstreem. When they see me they think I will turn them in. I befriend them that I will make sure no one bothers them while they are busy. When they do a 2nd line they both get real glassy eyed. (Cael) “You ok? Here sit down. Is it hot in hear?” I get them to take off their dusters. They soon pass out on the couch. I take the larger of the 2 dusters and put it on over the armor and my blaster side arm. Its not a perfect fit but it hides my armor. I hide my helmet in the mens room and exit out onto the casino floor. I soon find Berrenger at a Pizzatt table with a pile of chips sitting in front of him. I step next to him. I can see Trosc a few isles over near the slot machines. I wonder how he got past the bouncer. Berrenger turns to me. (Berrenger) “We have to go see Shoola the Hutt upstairs in 30 minuets. Our code word to get past is Gronkis.” (Cael) “I should have just changed into the black suit and signed autographs to get my way into this place, but I did not think of that at the time. I am still armed and I have a little round ace in my pocket.” Berrenger give me a confused look. Then by the look on his face. He realizes I have a thermal detonator in my pocket. Trosc is working his way over towards us. Berrenger wins a couple of more hands of Pizzatt. It has been about 20 minuets. He looks at his data pad for the time. Then gets up from the table and cashes out 2000 credits at the cashier.

1500 Hour – The 3 of us head towards the mezzanine level stairway. When we get to the top. The bouncer stops us. (Berrenger) “We are here to see Gronkis.” The bouncer lets us through. On a large raised dias is a female Hutt. Shoola the Hutt is a medium sized purplish Hutt. She is wearing a large feather head dress. There are several semi nude male Tel’wik dancers entertaining her. Shoola motions us closer. She says something in Hutties that none of us understand. She next says something to 1 of her attendants. The attendant goes into a door to the side and comes back out with DZ. If a droid could look worried. Then DZ is worried. DZ interprets for Shoola. (Shoola) “We have captured your protocol, the chubby scared human and have your case. Who do you think you are coming into my domain and making a deal as large as this and not cutting me in. I will be kind to you and will only charge you 50% to get the case and the human back. I will keep the droid.” DZ looks to Shoola and to Berrenger, then back to Shoola. Now I know DZ is worried. (Berrenger) “My information was that you were not in control of this station any more.” (Shoola) “I have always been in charge here. All business transactions go through me. Who is the fine looking friend you have there. Step forward. Show me.” At this point It dawns on me that she is talking about me. I have been too busy determining that there are 8 armed guards, 6 attendants, 7 Tel’wik dancers, 14 other assorted males and 6 assorted females in this room. Not counting the Gigaran bouncer at the top of the stairs. I look at Berrenger. (Berrenger) “Move up. Let her take a look at you. I need time to think of something.” I give him a grimace as I step 2 steps forward. Shoola twirls her finger around as she licks her bright red lips. I slowly spin around and face her again. (Berrenger) “Shoola, how about a wager, or maybe a game of Hutt Ball. Winner take all. Now I turn my head and really grimace at Berrenger. (Shoola) “I keep the protocol.” (Berrenger) “Winner takes ALL.” I step back to Berrenger and whisper. (Cael) “What are you thinking. I have not played pro ball in over 2 years” (Berrenger) “Like you can forget how to play? This is our best chance to get out of here alive with that case and all the credits in it.” (Shoola) “That is an Interesting proposition. You 3 against any 3 that I pick. We will make it 2 contests. 1st accuracy, the 2nd will be actual game. As you say, All or Nothing.” Shoola picks her 3. A very muscular Gigaran. A Dug, now Dugs are versatile. They have 4 appendages that can act as a foot or an hand. Makes them agile. Her last pick is a Mirialan. I recognize him as an ex pro ball player. He played for the Hutts as I was just getting out of the game. Near as I can remember. He got pitched for using enhancing drugs. (Cael) “Guys, I cant play ball in this coat and armor. I need some help in hiding the blaster and little round ball in my pocket.” As I take the duster off. Trosc hides my blaster and the thermal detonator in the coat. I strip down to my skivvies and put my boots back on. Shoola seems impressed with my body. I may have not played ball in a while, but PT every morning has kept me in top shape.

1545 Hour – We start with a standard .45 meter target hole. We are about 10 meters away from the target. The 1st throw. We all make it except the Dug. He is out. The next round the Mirialan cheats and knocks my ball out. Berrenger scores. The Gigaran misses and Trosc scores. We win the 1st round. Now comes the hard part. I give the guys some pointers on the game as we line up. I normally play a left guard forward. Playing point center is more difficult. The mezzanine has gotten really crowded. I can see a Drall taking bets on the game. I get ready. When the ball pops between the Dug and I. I grab it and lateral it back to Berenger. He swings around to the left. We gain some meters towards the goal when the Gigaran knocks the ball from his hands. We are almost half way to the goal line. This time when the ball pops. I grab it an run right. I get pretty far in this mini field, until the Gigaran tackles me. We reset and when the ball pops. The Dug is ready for it and grabs it. I am a bit stronger and rip the ball from his hands. I pass it to Trosc. He fakes left and gets deep into their territory. The Mirialan knocks it out. We are within scoring distance. I huddle the guys. (Cael) “We are going to do a simple play that most times works flawlessly. You 2 will line up to my left. It will look like I will run or throw to whoever is farthest left. I will fake left, pivot right and dive for the goal line. As long as the Mirialan does not guess what play we are doing. We should score and win.” Berrenger lines up at my left. The Gigaran is guarding him. Trosc is far left. The Mirialan see this and moves over and guards him. When the ball pops. I grab the ball like I am going to throw left. The Dug jumps left. I did not know Dugs could jump that high. I pivot to the right and dive. Crossing the goal line. I look over at the Mirialan. I am pretty sure he is ticked that we got the better of him on a simple old play. I head towards the pile of my clothes. Just in case this goes from bad to worse. I want a weapon close by. Now it depends if Shoola will hold up her part of the bargain.

Do not kick the ball. Hutts don’t have feet. Show some respect.
Berlinger Mission 4 Log 4

Personal Fund: 7,006

+200 from sound investments

-200 from entrance fee

+2000 from winnings

- 200 to Trosk

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Funds from Republic: 4,950,000

Captain Oglerk greeted me but was concerned I attracted too much attention. I didn’t know what she was talking about. We started negotiating until a blaster bolt pierced the curtain and hit the back room wall when a bar fight was initiated in the Barbie Harpy.

Captain Oglerk suggested we go elsewhere to negotiate. She led the way, followed by her First Mate Kog. RR and I followed Oglerk outside the bar and across the station where the freighter containers with the droids were.

Oglerk said he has buyers willing to pay 10 million credits for them, howe3ver I only had about 5 million to negotiate with. But first, the cargo hd to be inspected. I called Mathus over to inspect the goods while I looked over the manifest.

Mathus said the droids were in good shape. I started an offer of 4 million, but Oglerk did not like my offer. I raised it to 4.5 million if she included the pace tug and containers so I could transport it. I sensed she put on a show, feeling insulted by the offer, but I think she knew not anyone is willing to buy everything in bulk. Breaking it up into smaller sales should take a lot of time, and it’s best to just take the money and run, especially if these droids are hot.

I asked Mathus to return to the ship and inform DZ to bring over 4.5 million credit in the case.

After waiting for 30 minutes, when Mathus and DZ should have arrived, I received a message on my pad from Mathus. Only it wasn’t Mathus. Whoever had the pad said they have Mathus, DZ and the credits and we are not meet with at the Nova Room.

Oglerk was agitated I didn’t have the funds. I apologized and promised I’ll have the credits within 7 hours.

I contacted Cael and Trosk to meet me at the casino to get, at minimum, the case with the credits in it. At the same time, there was an announcement that Shula the Hutt has boarded the station and there were cheers aboard. I thought this was odd because intelligence said Shula the Hutt was no longer in control of this station.

At the same time, security was increased around the station. I initially thought it was because Shula the Hutt is on board, but really it was because an Imp officer was killed in the bar.

I try to get inside by stating I’m on the list, but the bouncer would not let me in. Instead, I was able to talk down the entry fee to 200 credits.

I entered the casino and received a new message on my pad to wait 30 minutes, then head upstairs and give the name “Grakus”.

While waiting, I decided to hit the Pazzak tables. I saw one person with a large stack of credits in front of her. I decided to go after that stack. In one hand, I won 1500 credits and by the end ended up 2000 credits. It was a good night, but I had to continue with my mission.

Cael was able to make it in, but he was dressed differently. Anyway, Cael, Trosk and I rendezvous by the stairs before heading upstairs. We gave the code Grakus, and were lead by some well armed goons. They lead us to Shula the Hutt, surrounded by male dancers.

Schula speaks, but I don’t understand Hutt and asked for a protocol droid. DZ comes out and translates stating she is very angry that I conducted such a large transaction on the station without giving her a cut of the sale. Mathus, DZ, and the case are hers unless we give her half of the sales to her. I said that is not an option as I needed all those credits to seal the deal.

Schula the Hutt was looking over Cael which gave me the idea. I proposed we do a game of Huttball on the station. If we won, we get the case and everyone. If we lost, Schula keep DZ and the case. Schula wanted DZ no matter the outcome and I tried to negotiate for that, but Schula felt we can discuss more when we cross that bridge.

The Huttball match would be Cael, Trask and I vs. any three on the station she selects. Schula agreed to the terms and recruited a Dug, Miriand, and a Gigaram.

The promenade got crowded once the Huttball announcement was made. It was a while since a match was created and people started to pour out of the bar and casino to begin betting.

The contest was divided into two contests. The first was last man standing throwing the ball in a hoop.

Round 1: the Dug missed, knocking himself out the round. The Miriand threw his ball while Cael threw his, knocking Caels ball out thus knocking both of them out of the round. The Gigiram, Troisk and I made our shots and went onto round 2.

On round 2, Trosk and I made our shots, but the Gigiram missed, so we won the first contest.

Second contest started, mini game of Huttball. Cael was point person and grabbed the ball and passed it to me. I tried to fake the incoming Gigiram but fumbled in the process, resetting the ball.

The ball was free and Cael went for the ball. Cael was overwhelmed and dropped it, resetting it in our territory.

Cael went for the ball again, passed to Trosk, and was able to advance it until it was dropped in their territory.

When the ball was free, Cael grabbed the ball and pushed to the end zone scoring a point.

The match ended with us as the victors. Now I can only hope Schula holds up her end of the bargain.

Never Bump A Drunk Wookee
Episode 1-24-2018

1.078 ABY – 1800 Hour – Hammer Station – Cael Report
I am waiting in the cantina for Kressa to get off shift so we can have dinner. Mathus walks in and sits down next to me. We catch up on what has transpired over the past few days. I give him the jist of what happened with the Gigarans and the imperial prototype. He gives me an update of the damage he has been fixing that the Guppy sustained in her last fire fight. From his description of the damage. It sounds like the Guppy just bearly made it out of that fight with the Imperial cruiser. After a few minuets of back and forth conversation. Kressa comes into the cantina. She sits down on the other side of me and gives me a peck on the cheek. I order her a drink and we all talk for a few more minuets. I go over the next mission with Mathus. (Mathus) “The Guppy is well on its way to being repaired. I am running out of equipment to fix her with. I may be able to get parts at Listehol. Ok if I tag along?” (Cael) “Well, we are leaving for Listehol in the early morning, around 0400. I could sure use someone that can tell if a droid is bad or it is really bad. Not sure how this deal will go.” (Mathus) “Ok, I will pack a short bag and be at the Sailor. Kressa is being quiet and polite. I think Mathus gets the hint that we want to be alone. He excuses himself to go talk to another technician at the far end of the bar. Kressa and I get a private table to have some dinner and another drink. We make it an early night. When we get back to her quarters. I set my alarm on my data pad for 0300.

1.079 ABY – 0310 Hour – I quietly slip out of Kressa’s quarters and head to the Smooth Sailor. Or I should get use to calling her the Spinsters Loon now. I stop by the mess hall to grab some java and food to take with me. As I go up the boarding ramp on my ship Gemmintark is sitting and meditating on one of the deck plates. DZ is powered down and braced against the bulkhead. Berrenger is sitting at the Dajelik table and talking to a male Bothian. The Bothian sees me and gets up to shake my hand. (Trusc) “Good morning, I am Trusc. I have been assigned to your mission by Commander Arkem.” (Cael) “Good morning Trusc. I am Captain Cael, mission commander. And your specialty for this mission is?” (Trusc) “I am Counter Intelligence.” I smile at the Counter Intelligence part. If Arkem wants a Spook along to baby sit us, so be it. (Cael) “Well thgen, welcome aboard the Spinsters Loon. I will check with our pilot and find out exactly when we will be leaving.” I turn to look into the cockpit. RR5 is running through the checklist and course plot with Roots. I head to my cabin to change. Just then, Mathus comes waddling up the ramp into the ship with 3 tool bags an a small duffel bag. I shake my head and think to myself. “Short bag, oh I get it. The tool bags do not count.” I go change out of this black suit and into my armor. I holster a few weapons. My knife goes into a sheath along my back. I even pocket 1 of the thermal detonators. I change the power pack on the pouch and hook it to my belt. I then go and sit down in the co-pilots chair. Berrenger is in the port rear seat in the cockpit. (Berrenger) “Our contact at the station is a human female. A Captain Oglerk and her 1st mate Kog.” (Cael) “How do we expect to move this large quantity of droids. We most likely will not fit them in here.” (Berrenger) “I will figure it out, hopefully by the time we get there.” RR5 turns to me. (RR5) “Captain, we are prepaired to lift off. Do you require any other imput?” (Cael) “No, lift off at your command. You are the pilot.” (RR5) “Aye, Aye sir.” RR5 gets us clearance from launch control and slowly takes us out of the landing bay. Not hitting anything this time. He is getting better at this. Once we are at the jump point. He enters the coordinates for our jump and we are in hyperspace.

0830 Hour – Listehol System – Shadow Port Tuga – ( Warning – White Dwarf System )
As we exit hyperspace and return to normal space. We find out this system is extremely bright. Due to the white dwarf star in system. I dim the view ports on the cockpit. The orbiting station tries contacting us, but there is immense amount of static. Mathus makes a few adjustments to the comm system and we can hear the station better. The station is the shape of a tortoise shell. There are 8 landing ports around the middle section. There is a large command center on top. The station contacts us about docking. They push towards having us pay for a premium docking bay. (Trusc) “ RR5, tell them we are here to see Ruahara. That should give us some clout.” RR5 relays the message. This changes the dock masters attitude. He directs us to a semi-premium dock at the economy dock cost. I turn to Trusc. (Cael) “So who is this Ruahara?” (Trusc) “He is a Wookee captain that I have done business with in this area. His name carries some clout.” (Berrenger) “I am suppose to meet this Captain Oglerk in a bar called the Barby Harpy.” After we dock and disembark. Berrenger RR5 and Mathus head towards the main market part of the station. I follow them about 20 to 25 meters behind them. Trusc is in turn following me by about 15 meters. As we enter the market area. We each are bombarded by people trying to sell their wares. There are small hover droids. Projecting holo vids of products. Some advertise some of the more classic establishments. Berrenger and RR5 continue on towards the bar area. Mathus has gone off shopping for parts. I keep an eye on Berrenger and RR5. They are stopped at a bar called the Nova Room. They are talking with a Aquilish bouncer at the door. I am not sure what they are doing. The Barby Harpy can easily be seen down the block and across the street. I am stopped about 15 meters away at a clothing booth. A group of 3 kids runs up to me. They recognize me through my disguise. I quickly tell them that they are mistaken. I toss a 1 credit chip for them to go after. By this time Berrenger and RR5 are headed towards the Barby Harpy. I have lost sight of Mathus. He is probably elbow deep in a bin of electronics in one of the shops. We will have to find him later. Trusc is about 25 meters back. He is being accosted by someone selling some food item on a tray. Berrenger and RR5 enter the Barby Harpy. I work my way down the block. About 3 minuets later. Berrenger exits the bar. He walks over to an electronics stand. Purchases something and heads back into the Harpy. I wait another 5 minuets and enter the bar. Not too many people are in this bar. There is a large, very drunk Wookee at the bar with about 6 other people. Berrenger and RR5 are at the far end of the room. I order a drink at the bar, but don’t drink it. I keep it with me as I keep myself in the same area as Berrenger and RR5. They seem to be heading for a curtained off area. Probably some private rooms back there. Just then the drunk Wookee swings wide and bumps into me. The drink in my hand goes flying. The Wookee is now enraged. He is spewing drunken shyriiwook at me. What little I understand of shyriiwook. I make up for it in studying his body language. (Ruahara) “You … something piece …. something … something … something … I will something… something…you something … something…!” As I back up 1 step I force of habit put my right hand on my blaster side arm. The Wookee reaches forward. Grabs my armor below the neck and begins to lift me off the ground. I grab his left arm with my left hand. So he does not end up choking me. I am reaching with my right hand for my vibro knife in the sheath at my back. The Wookee picks up his bowcaster from the bar in his right hand. I bring the vibro knife in my right hand up to the Wookee’s neck. In my most intimidating voice. (Cael) “PUT ME DOWN.!” The Wookee sees the knife at his neck. He lets go of me as he is bringing his bowcaster around towards me. As I drop to my feet. With my left hand, I yank the bowcaster out of his hand and toss it to the floor behind me. There are now 5 other drunk crew standing behind him at the bar. I take another step back. Still holding the knife. I think to myself. “These guys are pretty drunk, but 6 of them on 1 of me, may be a stretch.” At this point, Trusc walks up to the Wookee. Calls his name and distracts him. I slip away towards the back rooms. I sheath my knife when I see the Wookee or none of his crew are following me. There are several rooms back here. As I make my way down the corridor. I quickly check each of the rooms. One at a time. Trying to find as to where Berrenger and RR5 went to. One of the rooms has an imperial officer in it. He is “Trapped in the mountains of Ryloft.” His head is buried in between the very ample breasts of a young tel’wik dancing girl. The next room I find. Has Berrenger, RR5, a male and a female Human in there. I quickly duck into the empty room that is just past this room. I will listen quietly to their negotiations. Not sure if I trust Berrenger to be up front on this mission. I still think he skimmed off the bottom on the last mission.

The Droids I am Looking For
Beringer Mission 4 Log 3

Personal Fund: 5,406
+200 from sound investments

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Rebel Alliance Negotiating Fund: 4,994,600
-400 for docking fee
-5000 for Mathus’s request

There’s little time between missions. Arkan meets me with another Bothan named Trosks and a case. Arkan asked we take Trusk along for the next mission to be the eyes and ears. Is it being the group’s eyes and ears, or Arkan’s eyes and ears? It was not clear.

The case Arkan handed is 5,000,000 credits to be used for the droid negotiation. I’m not used to carrying physical cash before; why not cryptocurrency?

I handed Trosks the luggage and took him over to the Spinster Loom, formerly the Smooth Sailor. DZ and Gemmintaerk were both on board and I paged the rest of the group to meet with us for the next mission.

I took the luggage and locked it in a secure place on the ship.

When everyone arrived, I debriefed the group reminding what the mission was.
1) Fly to Port Tuga and rendezvous with Captain Oglerk
2) Negotiate and acquire the droids.
3) Transport the droids and rendezvous with the Shadow Raptor for delivery.

RR pulled the Spinster’s Loom out of dock and punched in the coordinates to Port Tuga.

We arrived in a few hours; the area was bright due to the white dwarf star. Mathus was able to clear the communication line of static and Trosks was able to secure a landing bay namedropping the name Roowarwa, a captain on a ship that is docked at the station.

RR and I headed to the bar while Trosks and Cael followed behind as to not draw any attention. Next to the bar, names the Barbie Harpy, was a casino, the Nova Room. I was drawn to the Nova Room but could not get past the bouncers. They asked for a fee to enter, but I knew better and refocused back on the mission.

I entered the Barbie Harpy, scoundrels and it was noise. I tried to look around for any female captains and RR informed me he spoke to a serving droid who mentioned there is someone that meets the description in one of the back rooms.

RR suggested he play a role of a serving droid and I said let’s make it more believable by attaching a broken restraining bolt. I went out to the marketplace and found one, and attached it. RR didn’t seem so thrilled, but he’s a droid.

Behind curtain one was an imperial ensign with a Twileik. He was not happy I was there and pointed his pistol at me.

Behind Curtain two were two droids. These are not the droids I was looking for.

Before heading to the 3rd room, Mathus contacts me and asked me for 5000 credits. I asked for what, and he would not answer. I gave it to him anyway to keep him distracted while I focused on the mission.

Behind curtain three was Captain Oglerk. She said she was expecting me but also said I should have been a bit more discrete.

A Bad Parking Job For A Gunship
Episode 12-27-2017

1.077 ABY – 1330 Hour – Hammer Station – Cael Report
While the Spec Opps squad is getting ready. I walk towards the door to the conference room. I call Roots on my comm. (Cael) “Roots, see if you can scan for and find the Shell Cracker prototype. Let me know where it is.” (R2T7) “Tweee Beep” I peek through the broken door. Berrenger is talking to the Pyke on the far side of the room. I thought the Pyke stormed out and left? The Spec Opps commander still has the Gigaran guarding him. We will have to get him out later. The Czerka Corp people must still be in the banquet room negotiating. I can not see where Sariv is from my position. He was off to my left. I go back to the Spec Opps squad. RR5 comes over my comm. (RR5) “Cael, R2T7 and I have discovered that the Shell Cracker is located in the lower levels of the station. Approximately 30 meters below your location now.” (Cael) “Great, be ready. I suspect the Imperials will threaten the Gigarans into giving them the prototype. Shoot the rest of us down or a combination of both.” (RR5) “Affirmative sir.” As the Spec Opps squad and I are looking for a working turbo shaft. The station comm system comes on line. (Seriv) “Rebel scum. You will hand over the prototype and leave the station or we will decimate each and every one of you. There will be no negotiating on this. And furthermore….” I don’t listen to the rest of Sariv’s ramblings. We find some re-breathers and a working turbo shaft. We all get in and head to the lower levels.

1445 Hour – After dropping 6 levels. The turbo shaft car stops. We force open the doors. We are stuck between floors. We force open the upper level and the lower level doors onto each of the floors. The lower level looks like where we need to go. We all squeeze out onto the lower level. Since we are in very low light and I am the only person that has scanner goggles. We are all in a close line with me leading. We also have to use the re-breathers down in this area of the station. It takes us a several minuets in the cold to find where the Shell Cracker is moored. It looks like the Gigarans blew up the station armory to make an open space to park it in. We are standing at the end of a hallway that opens into a large void. The Shell Cracker is floating about 16 meters away, in the middle of this void. We quickly search for some cable. We can hear blaster fire from above us in the station. I can hear Berrenger over the comm. He is in a fire fight near the landing bay. I think the Gigarans are with him. We compile enough cable. I tie 1 end around myself. I let each of the squad see the Shell Cracker through my goggles. This gives them a better idea of our surroundings. Since it is almost dark in this area. We tie the other end of the cable to an plasteel outcropping at the end of our hallway. I push off towards the ship. I run out of momentum about 4 meters from the ship. (Cael) “Frick, guys, pull me back, I’m short.” The squad reals me back to where they are at the edge of the hallway. Just as I get back onto the hallway floor. We hear a loud explosion from above us in the station. (Cael) “I hope that was not my ship exploding.” I make sure there is no kink in the cable. (Cael) “This time, give me a good push and make sure the cable does not get snagged.” This time I push off with more thrust and make it to the gunboat hatch. I tie the cable to the handle near the hatch. I then manually open the hatch as the squad climbs over to the ship via the cable. I can see an imperial shuttle slowly entering the void through the large hole in the side of the station. We get all the squad into the gunboat and lock the hatch. (Cael) “Someone needs to stay here and delay the imperials if they try getting in. The rest of us. We need to find the cockpit and the engine room. So split up. This is a pretty big ship.” One of the team waits at the hatch. The rest of the squad and I all go in different directions. We soon get some lights on in the ship. It takes us another 5 minuets before 1 of the squad finds the cockpit. Another squad member finds the engine room. I head to where the cockpit is. I am flicking switches as I sit down. Trying to warm up the engines as fast as possible. I can see on the view screen. The imperial shuttle has its boarding arm extended and attached to the hatch we all came into the ship from. I turn the ships comm to the channel our team is using. I can hear RR5 in the Smooth Sailor (Spinster’s Loon). He is radioing the locations of the imperial shuttles. (Cael) “RR5, where are you and the rest of the crew?” (RR5) “I am presently in the Spinster’s Loon. Grabbo, Vora, R2T7 and Gemmintark are also aboard. Lieutenant Berrenger, DZA7, the Quarren commando and I believe 2 Gigarans are aboard the solar sailor with the Pyke. Our position is presently 200 meters from the station. Bearing 000, Mark 90. I can see the hole that the Prototype gunship is within from my position. There is an Imperial shuttle attempting to dock with the prototype. Shall I attempt to disable the Imperial shuttle?” (Cael) “No. I will attempt to get the prototype out of the station. Have Roots calculate a short jump point for all of us to rendevous at.” (RR5) “Roger.” I activate the thrusters and start to move the ship slowly towards the opening in the side of the station. I keep the Imperial shuttle that is attached to us. Close to the wall on the port side of the gunship. As we get closer to the exit hole, the shuttle hits the side of the station. It breaks free of the gunship and is wedged into the opening behind us. Roots transmits the jump coordinates and I enter them into the computer. The comm turns on with a transmission from Sariv. (Sariv) “Stop, you rebel scum. I did not spend almost 2 years in a rebel prison to be upstaged by scum like you. I will not rest till I……..” I do not hear the rest of his ramblings. He has no clue that it is me getting the better of him again. The gunship jumps to hyperspace. I guess I can not use the alias as Sariv again. Pitty, it was fun ordering Imperial fools around dressed as an Imperial officer.

1800 Hour – We come out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere. The Smooth Sailor emerges a minute later and the solar sailor emerges a few minuets after that. As Berrenger, the Spec Opps commander and the Gigarans are transferred to the Smooth Sailor. We run a scan of the prototype to make sure we do not have any trackers on us. This takes us a few hours. We transfer Vona to the prototype to help with the scan. We also transfer Grabbo to check out the Spec Opps squad. I am informed we also have a Imperial office as prisoner. Berrenger is in deep negotiations with the Pyke. Probably some under handed deal he is making. I don’t want to know. It takes us a lot longer to check the prototype out. Longer then I would have liked. We are lucky no Imperials have shown up. After their negotiating is complete. The Pyke and the solar sailor leaves. Roots calculates an easy, round about course for us back to Titan Base. We enter hyperspace and I set the alarm to wake me 10 minuets before we enter normal space.

1.078 ABY – 1200 Hour – Titan Base – Bonadan Sector
We come out of hyperspace on the outskirts of Titan Base’s scanners. The base confirms who we are before they send us a beacon into the landing area. The sailor lands in the main landing bay. They direct me to bring the prototype into the shipyard area. I moor the ship next to the Guppy’s port side. Grabbo radios for 2 gurneys for the 2 injured soldiers. I catch up with Berrenger at the Smooth Sailor. He hands me 10 pieces 100 credit chips. (Berrenger) “Your back pay. I have the girls pay and Grabbo’s. I assume Gravic or Elmac will have paid Mathus.” I pocket the chips. (Cael) “Thanks. I think DZ and Roots deserve an oil bath. You too RR5.” (RR5) “Thank you sir.” (R2T7) “Twee Beep Beep” (DZA7) “Oh Thank you sir. My servos have been in need of a good oil cleaning.” All 3 of them head to the Droid maintenance area of the base.

1300 Hour – On the way to the debriefing. I stop by the infirmary. Flower is out of the bact tank and recuperating in a bed. She hopes to be out of the infirmary in a day or so. Moonbeam is still in the bacta tank. Her wounds were far more then expected. I tell the doctor to keep me posted. I next head to the debriefing. When I get there. Captain Jannis is in a rush and makes it quick. They are excited and want to get working on the Shell Crusher. The 2 Gigarans are sent to interrogation. Berrenger argues that they were within their right about getting paid for their services. Listening to Berrenger’s explanation of the negotiations. I am pretty sure he skimmed a couple of hundred thousand credits off the 3 million he had for this job. I might just need to discuss that with him later. Jannis informs us that we will need to meet A General Kracken at the designated spot near Listehol at approximately 1200 hours tomorrow. Listehol is only a short jump core ward down the Hydian Way. Kracken is famous for being an 1 of the originators of the rebellion. Jannis excuses himself and leavs. I turn to Berrenger. (Cael) “So you paid the Gigarans? Why would you do that? They betrayed us. They almost got themselves, the Spec Opps team and us killed with that stupid stunt.” (Berrenger) “They were just trying to get paid for their service and get home.” (Cael) “At least they still have a home to get to.” I get up and walk out of the briefing room. I will wait in the cantina for Kressa to get off her Duty shift. As I walk to the cantina. I notice that no one notices that it is me and wants my autograph or to take a selfie with a Blitzball star. I just might keep the hair color this dark for a while.

Savings, savings, and saved
Beringer Mission 4 Log 2

Personal Fund: 5,206

+200 from sound investments

+1000 – Dividing Party Funds

Party Fund: 900

-1000 each to Cael, Mathus, Grabo, RR-5. Beringer

-250 each to Flower, Moonbeam, Roots and DZ

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Two Czerka negotiators were in the back room with the negotiator. I continue to chat with Taeiltas the Pike in the room and a few ideas popped in my head. I called DZ over and asked him to take a message back to our ship, the Smooth Sailor, and ask whoever is on the ship to try to hack into Czerka to create a “Clerical Error” moving their available fund pool by a decimal point. Won’t be as noticeable and more plausible instead of taking it outright.

I was then thinking over what the lead Gigoran said about not being paid. I was going to contact Titan Base about paying them, but I chose against it because of the red tape. So I took it upon myself to pay the Gigorans what they were owed out of the funds that were to be used for bidding. I transferred 400,000 credits plus 20,000 in interest.

I handed a note to the lead Gigoran’s lieutenant and asked him to deliver it to his leader. I said in the note “Here are the funds, plus interest, the rebellion owes you. A deal is a deal; no strings attached.” I think my gesture was received well.

I continued speaking with Taeiltas. He did not appear to be satisfied with his dealing with the negotiator and that the Gigorans were looking for something more than just credits. I suggested to Taeiltas if we can pool resources to beat out Czerka and the Empire. He didn’t seem too optimistic with the idea.

RR-5 seemed a bit off just waiting in the room so I asked him to go check out if there are other ships in the area. He goes off and reports that there are multiple transports scanning the station for the prototype.

The Czerka negotiators exit the negotiating room unhappy and arguing with each other. I sense it’s unlikely they were able to secure a good deal.

At that moment, the holoprojector in the middle of the room shut off showing the image of the prototype. Sariff then appears on the holoprojector and announces that negotiations is over and he is taking the prototype by force.

A shuttle enters the bay and Stormtroopers begin to fill the bay.

RR, Roots, Grabo, DZ and Gemma are on the Smooth Sailor. I direct RR-5 to get the shuttle out and to follow the directive. In the negotiating room is myself, Taeiltas, The Lead Gigoram and his lieutenant, 2 driods, the 2 Czerka negotiators. I round up everyone in the room and ask the Gigorams for access to weapons. They lead me to a room with Stormtrooper bodies and their weapons. We each arm ourselves.

We head to the hangar bay to get to a ship but there is a squad in our way. They being firing, pinning us down. In the hangar I heard a turboblaster fire followed by a big detonation. I later find out RR-5 hit an officer with a missile tube and detonated the missile, taking out an entire squad.

The squad pinning us in the hallway closes the bay door to protect their rear while advancing on my position. The lead Gigoram takes a few hits and I try to patch him up while the rest return fire, taking most of the squad. A trooper and the Imp officer charges us incapacitating the lead Gigoram but the trooper is taken out and the Imp officer is knocked unconscious.

Our group picks up the incapacitated Gigoram and the Imp officer and take them to Taeiltas’s Yacht. It tight inside with myself, Taeiltas, 2 driods, 2 Gigorams and the Imp Officer. The 2 Czerka negotiators fled to their ship.

I get a message from RR-5 with rendezvous coordinates. I hand them to Taeiltas and we jump to hyperspace.

We meet up with the Smooth Sailor and the Shell Cracker prototype. Cael found the ops group that was held prisoner and freed them. They accomplished their mission.

I make a new deal with the Gigorams and Taeiltas since I still had many credits from the rebellion. I said I will give the Gigorams 200,000 credits as payment for this mission and for their troubles, even though they really deserved nothing. But in exchange, they are to say they received 500,000 credits while I launder the remaining 300,000 credits. I decided our group needs a Slush Fund to obtain resources or information without having to go through rebellion channels and red tape.

Taeiltas give me his personal comm information in the event I need to be in tough or access the funds. Taeiltas did offer me a lot of credits for the location of Titan base but I declined because that information is very valuable and top secret.

I boarded the Smooth Sailor along with the Imp Officer the Gigorams. We headed back to Titan base.

At Titan base, we were quickly debriefed and was asked to be off on our next mission. I handed back 2,080,000 credits out of the 3 million we were authorized to use for the bidding. The officers debriefing me seems satisfied with the result given that we got the Shell Cracker and I didn’t spend more than 1 million credits.

Ready for the next mission.

Remember to Feed The Gigarans
Episode 12-13-2017

1.076 ABY – 0845 Hour – Titan Base – Cael Report
I awake in bed in Kressa’s quarters. She is still sleeping next to me. My head is pounding slightly from drinking some local drink called the “Hammer of the Gods.” Now I know why its called that. That invisible hammer from that drink is pounding my head this morning. Guess I will not make it to PT, but that’s ok. I got enough exercise last night. I check my datapad for the time. A blurb pops up 1st. It is Life Day on Kashyyyk. I then notice there are several messages from Mathus. Mostly tech stuff about the Guppy. 1 message from Grabbo. The girls prognosis is better then expected. Flower will be out of the bacta tank sometime tomorrow and Moonbeam will be out in 3 days. The last is from Elmac. Kressa wakes up and rolls over towards me. I put the datapad down. (Kressa) “What time is it?” (Cael) “0845.” (Kressa) “I better get dressed before I am late for my post.” She gives me a kiss on my cheek and rolls out of bed. As she walks over to the fresher, I think to myself. “I can get use to waking up to her face every morning.” I roll out of bed and look for my clothes. I read the message from Elmac as I get dressed. Seems he wants to congratulate my team with some sort of award ceremony at 1300 hour today. I am just finishing putting my boots on when Kressa comes out of the fresher dressed in her day uniform. I stand and face her. (Cael) “Can I see you again, minus those hammer drinks?” She chuckles at my joke. (Kressa) “I get off duty at 1800 hour.” (Cael) “I will see if I can catch up with you. Depends what Elmac has planned.” She nods and kisses me on my cheek again as we exit her door into the hallway. She turns and heads towards the command section. “I can really get use to waking up to her face every morning.” I head towards the cafeteria. 1 cup or maybe 3 cups of java might get rid of this headache. I have to admit. The food on this base is a hell of a lot better then it was on Whisper Base.

0930 Hour – At breakfast, I read the daily reports coming in. Seems the Oppressor is more severely damaged then we all thought. She is derelict and cant jump out of the Roche asteroid field. The other Imperial cruiser, Shadow of Bardos is stationed at the edge of the asteroid field to protect her. If we had a squadron or 2 of those B-wings. Might be worth it to finish off both cruisers. I forward Elmac’s message to Berrenger, Grabbo and Mathus and let them know about the ceremony at 1300 hour. After chow, I head to pick up my armor. The burn mark is still on the leg, but at least they got the blood stains and smell out. I head to the Smooth Sailor. I drop off my armor and pull out my dress uniform. It needs a good brushing and I need to realign the pips on it.

1300 Hour – The Titan Base has a decent size briefing room. It has a huge holo projector in the center with 10 rows of seats rising up on all sides in a large circle. Berrenger is already there. He is talking to Captain Jannis. Soon RR5, Grabbo, Zal and Mathus show up. We all sit in the 3rd row near the door leading to the command section of the base. Most of the ceremony is boring. Elmac is very monotone in his speaking. Gravic is promoted to a 2 star admiral. There are 2 short holos of the battle at the Roche Asteroid field. Most of it is from RR5’s recording from the B-wing. There is a bit of holo from the Guppy’s view. The battle was impressive. The Guppy held their own against the Oppressor. Next commander Ackbar has a recorded message. Due to the fact he has been summoned by Mon Mothma and is no longer on base. He thanks my team for his rescue. The protection of the B-wing data and the B-wings themselves. Elmac has us all come down to receive high honors commendations with a ruby cluster. Berrenger is given an official rank of Lieutenant in the Alliance Intelligence division. No promotion for me. I guess I will need to ratchet up my kill score of Imperials to become a Major. Or maybe rescue a General or do some big thing next time. The Ruby Cluster does make for a nice pip on my uniform. Even the admirals get wide eyed when they see that pip. Elmac goes over a few other awards for some of the Guppy’s crew. The Guppy’s crew is technically on leave while she is in dry dock. Some food and drinks are served. A lot of small talk amongst the base personnel. Kressa is not at the ceremony. She is probably stuck on duty. As the crowd thins. Elmac motions that he wants to speak with me. As I make my way across to him. Berrenger and Jannis are talking a few meters away. (Elmac) “Captain, we may have another pressing assignment for you and some of your team.” (Cael) “My fire team portion is in the infirmary.” (Elmac) “This assignment may be more subtle. The missing Spec Opps Team and the Shell Cracker Prototype, well, has run into a snag. Arkem sent the Gigaran mercenaries on that mission.” (Cael) “Then I assume the mission did not go well?” (Elmac) “On the contrary. The Gigarans took Hammer Station without too much trouble. But, they, well. They are now trying to sell the Shell Cracker prototype to the highest bidder.” My facial expression must have giving away my shock. (Elmac) “”Yes, we were a bit taken back by their action also. Let us sit down with Mr Berrenger and Jannis to discuss this further.” We go into a side conference room. (Jannis) “Well the Gigarans have gone rogue. They have broadcast that they will be taking bids from all comers for the Shell Cracker prototype. We would like you Mr Berrenger to represent the Alliance in this bidding process.” (Berrenger) “How much of a credit line will I have to work with? This cant come cheap?” (Jannis) “The Gigarans have no clue how important that prototype is or what its cost will be.” (Cael) “So why haven’t the Imperials gone in and taken their prototype back?” (Jannis) “We are not sure, but the Imperials are sending someone to bid for them. There may be others bidding on this also, but we are not sure who.” (Elmac) “Mr Berrenger, you will be given a 2 million credit line. Arbitrarily it can be increased to 3 million credits, but we have on good authority to trust your negotiating ability to keep the price reasonable.” (Elmac) “Once you have secured the Shell Cracker. We will also want you to negotiate a deal with an obscure pirate crew that has come into possession of a large amount of droids that they acquired from 3rd party. They wish to offload them, I mean sell them. This deal we can allocate up to 5 million in credits.” (Jannis) “These droids will free up Alliance personnel for more active duty. We can not afford to loose many personnel. The Empire has been making large advancements on some of our hidden bases. Here are the coordinates for Hammer Station, but I believe you 2 have already been there.” A large smile crosses my face thinking about the Governor on Hammer Station. (Berrenger) “Sir, I will do my best. What personnel are available for this mission?” (Elmac) “Well, Mr Mathus is up to his elbows in repairs on the Guppy. Captain Cael will be in command of the mission but you are in charge of the negotiating. I think your pilot, that RR5 droid would be a good asset. I suspect you can use the Smooth Sailor.” (Cael) “Can we get her camouflaged in some way? Maybe a phony BOSS code transponder? Different paint scheme?” (Jannis) “That can be arranged” I turn to Berrenger. (Cael) “We have R2T7 as our astromec and you have your DZ protocol droid. We may even bring Dr Grabbo for support. Just in case, but since we are short a technician. Can we have a computer tech expert?” (Elmac) “We can easily arrange that. We will transfer the credits to 2 separate datapads.” (Jannis) “Here are also the coordinates of the meeting with the pirates.” (Elmac) “Good Luck gentleman, dismissed.” As Berrenger and I walk out of the conference room. (Cael) “Look at you, a Lieutenant. You’re in it now. Up to your neck.” Berrenger just grimaces at me and grabs his neck. Like I was going to slice it with a vibro knife. (Cael) “I need to pick up some tools and stuff before we assemble our team.” (Berrenger) “Ok, I will meet you at the Smooth Sailor later.

1530 Hour – I stop by supply to get a black suit. Something roomy that I can hide a few blasters under the jacket. It fits pretty good. I ask Wayne what he has in stock in hold out blasters. He hands me two DC17 lite blasters. (Wayne) “These are just as easy to conceal and have a slightly better range.” (Cael) “Ok, I need a double shoulder holster that these will fit. Do you have a pair of scanner goggles that look like dark sun glasses?” Garth hands me the harness while Wayne goes into a closet. He comes out with a pair of goggles. A little bigger then glasses but not overly bulky. (Wayne) “Here, try these. They are an older style.” I try on the shoulder harness and adjust it to fit. Both blasters fit snug. The glasses work fine. (Cael) “Thanks guys.” (Wayne and Garth) “Your welcome Captain Cael.” I stop by the base barber. I have him adjust my hair style and darken it up to a darker brown. When she gets done. I look in the 3 D mirror. Even my mother would not recognize me. This memory of my mom stops me in mid thought. Then I catch myself. The barber is staring at me. I think she may have asked me a question. (Cael) “Thank you miss. This will do very well.” I head to the smooth Sailor.

1730 Hour – The docking bay is all hustle and bustle. There is a crew prepping the Sailor. They changed the color scheme to a blue accent on the white. The deck Sargent walks up to me and hands me a new datapad for the ship. (Sargent) “Captain Cael sir?” (Cael) “Yes” (Sargent) “Oh, I was not fully sure that was you. Here is your new ship designation. She is listed as the Spinsters Loon – 237S77RA44. This BOSS code checks out as active for a model 2660. The actual ship, well she is technically out of commission and in for major repair. So you should not have any trouble. She is almost fueled and prepped. Should be done soon. Besides the paint needs an hour or 2 to dry. Please sign here.” I sign the datapad. He downloads the form into the main computer and then hands the datapad back to me. (Cael) “Thank you Sargent.” When I get inside my ship. There is a the person that Berrenger freed on the prison ship. The one that worked in the Jedi temple archive. He is playing dejarik with Dizzy. Berrenger walks in just after me. (DZA7) “I can not comprehend losing 5 times to this person. I know 1,986 winning combinations but I can not seem to win?” As we watch the game progress. I am far from adequate in this game, but this guy Gemmintark just lures DZ in and flanks him with smaller faster pieces. Then goes in for the kill. The game, I think game #6 is over in under 5 minuets. (DZA7) “I have Analyzed your play style. I have deduced your anticipated moves but you do not use the same strategy more then 1 time.” (Berrenger) “Gemmintark, what are you doing here?” (Gemmintark) “Well, when I was released from the infirmary. The base commander did not have any orders for me. Only not to leave the base. So I have been on and off playing dejarik with DZA7 here.” I put my suit and other toys in my cabin. I head out past them. Still in my dress uniform. (Cael) “Berrenger, we shove off tomorrow morning at 0700 hour. Please inform RR5 and make sure he is here and ready. Did Jannis give you the 2 credit datapads?” (Berrenger) “Yes, they are both safe in my cabin on the ship here. Where are you off to now?” (Cael) “Meeting someone very important at the cantina.”

1.077 ABY – 0600 Hour – Titan Base – Cael Report
I slip out of Kressa’s bed so as not to wake her. I grab some sweats from the gym room and go to PT. The class runs for 25 minuets. Then a shower and I grab a stack of protein bars and java on the way back to the Smooth Sailor. It is 0645 hour when I get there. Everyone is ready. RR5 and Roots are prepping the ship for take off. Berrenger is still in his cabin. There is a male Doros named Vona. He says he is assigned to this mission as a computer technician. Gemmintark is still sitting with DZ. (Cael) “Are you going with us? I thought you cant leave the base?” (Gemmintark) “I have no other pressing matters. I would like to go with you.” I cant understand why I said what I said. (Cael) “Sure, why not.” I change into the black suit, and get ready. Grabbo comes on board and sits at the Dejarik table with Jemin. RR5 gets clearance to depart. As we are maneuvering to the jump point. I come out of my cabin. (Berrenger) “Well if you don’t look the part of a Black Sun bodyguard.” I accented the outfit with some bling. A couple of gold chains and 2 gold rings. I step into the cockpit. (RR5) “R2T7 has calculated our jump trajectory. I can initiate it now or are we to be delayed?” (Cael) “No delay. You are the pilot to get us there. Use your discretion.” RR5 gives me the blank stare. He engages the hyperdrive and we are in seconds in hyperspace. The trip is actually shorter then I expected.

1100 Hour – Hammer Base
We arrive in system. Hammer Base does not look too good. There are a couple of areas that look dark. There is also some debris floating near the base. There are a few other ships in the area. There are 2 imperial shuttles about 5000 meters above the base and a sleek private shuttle sitting off to our port bow. (RR5) “Sir, there is no beacon to follow into the landing bay. The station also does not reply for landing instructions.” (Cael) “I do not think there is anyone to guide us in. Just bring us in and land us in the main landing bay. The 1 with the force door still operating.” RR5 brings the ship in and finds a spot on the far side of the landing bay from a solar sail ship. The private shuttle lands after us in between the yacht and us. There is a Czerka Corp logo on the shuttle. 1 of the Gigarans walks over towards our shuttle as we exit the ramp. We can see the 4 people exiting the Czerka Corp shuttle. 2 male humans, a Devorian and an Aqulish. They all have large datapads and are entering data. The Gigaran with the heavy blaster rifle. Walks over to us. (Gigaran 1) “Who you with?” (Berrenger) “We are here for the Alliance. Do you remember. I was the person that freed you from the prison ship.” (Gigaran 1) “Yes, freed guy. You follow me. Only 4.” So Berrenger, DZ, Grabbo and I follow the Gigaran. The Gigaran motions for the 4 Czerka members to follow him also. These Czerka people are strange. They are constantly typing in their datapads and looking at us and the Gigaran. They are probably trying to calculate how much we are willing to bid. As we walk through the base. There are a large quantity of dead imperials laying everywhere. It is starting to smell in here. All the doors we go through have clear sign that the Gigarans had forced them open. We enter a large room with a holo projector in the center. It is showing a holo of I assume the Shell Cracker. It is some sort of heavily armed gun ship. Already in this room are several other Gigarans. A Quarren in combat armor is sitting next to another Gigaran with a rifle. There is a Pyke in a very expensive suit across the room. He is smoking something that emits brite red smoke. He has a protocol droids standing on either side of him. Another Gigaran, the 1 not holding a large blaster rifle. Walks to the center of the room. (Gigaran 2) “We have powerful ship. We want only small portion of cost. You each chance bid. Best bid win.” I contact our ship with my comm. (Cael) “Roots, run a low level life form scan of the station. Is anyone else here. Let me know.” (Gigaran 2) “I put 4 glostos in bag. Each pull 1. Red bid 1st. Blue bid 2nd. Black bid 3rd. White bid last.” My comm beeps, so I open the link. (RR5) “Sir, R2T7 has detected 15 life forms in close proximity to you. He also detects 5 other life forms. Approximately 20 meters past where you are. No other life forms detected other then in our ship.” (Cael) “Thanks, I’ll get back to you.” I close the connection. The Devoric walks forward to pick 1st. He picks the black gostos out of the bag. Gostos must mean colored rock. The Pyke walks forward and picks 2nd. He pulls the blue rock from the bag. The Pyke does not look happy. The Gigaran motions to Berrenger. As Berrengeer steps forward. The doors to our right open. (Imperial) “Hold it right there rebel. I will pick next.” I look over at the imperial officer standing in the doorway, it is Sariv. How the frick did he get released? He is wearing an Imperial Captains uniform. Sariv struts down past Berrenger. Puts his hand into the bag and pulls the white rock from the bag. He then reaches in again and pulls the red rock. He tosses the red rock to Berrenger, who catches it. (Sariv) “There Rebel, you can go bid your trinkets and leave the true bidding to the rightful owners.” Sariv walks over to the other imperial officer and 2 storm troopers by the door they came in.. Berrenger has an angry look on his face. (Gigaran 2) “Come, you bid 1st.” The 4 of our group walk into a side room with the lead Gigaran. There is a large table in the center of the room. It is piled high with all types of food stuff. Most are not on plates. Just piled on top of other food. Not sure how long it has been sitting there. (Gigaran 2) “Feast, we talk, you bid.” the Gigaran fills a canister with several items and attaches it to their breather mask. (Berenger) “You did a good job taking the station.” (Gigaran 2) “Gigaran take station for Gigaran. Gigaran jailed last mission. Alliance no rescue Gigaran. Gigaran angry.” (Berrenger) “Remember, I was the 1 that freed you on the prison ship. That should at least count for something?” (Gigaran 2) “Gigaran remember friend. Alliance not friend” (Cael) “Didn’t we rescue you from prison ship?” (Gigaran 2) “You just there on ship. You no sent rescue Gigaran. You there for stuff. Just find Gigaran.” (Cael) “Then why did we rescue you and not get any of the imperial stuff?” Berrenger is giving me his angry look. (Gigaran 2) “Gigaran no trust you.” I throw up my hands and walk away towards the table. Berrenger begins to discuss the deal with the Gigaran. I only catch part of it. After about 10 minuets. They have agreed upon 2 million credits for the Shell Cracker prototype and we supply safe passage for the Gigarans home. I am pretty sure, if the imperials do not win the bid. They will resort to force. We then exit the banquet room and go back to the holo projector room. The Pyke and his 2 droids enter the other room to discuss their bid with the lead Gigaran. I work my way around to the other side of the room. There is a double door that is slightly ajar. As I pear in the darkened room beyond. I can see several people in there. I put on the scanner goggles. This allows me to see in the dark. It is the missing Alliance Spec Opps team. The Pyke and the droids soon come out of the other room. The Pyke has an upset look on his face. He paces a bit and blows a lot of the red smoke. Berrenger walks over to the Pyke and introduces himself. The Pyke blows smoke in Berrengers face. As Berrenger is coughing. The Pyke and his 2 droids storm out of the holo projection room. Towards the hanger bay. The Gigaran next motions for the Czerka Corp group. They go into the other room to bid. I use the commotion of the Pyke storming out to slip into the darkened room. I make my way across the room. The floor is strewn with dead imperials. When I get to the group. (Cael) “And I assume you 5 are the missing Spec Opps team?” (Soldier 1) “Yea, Who are you?” (Cael) “Captain Cael, my team and I are here to rescue you.” I undo their binders. (Cael) Who is the worst 2 of you? I only have 2 stim packs on me.” The soldier point to a male human and a female Merialan. I give each solder 1 stim pack each. (Soldier 1) “We have not eaten in days. We are pretty weak.” (Cael) “Where is your commander?” (Soldier 1) “The Gigarans took him out that door you came in.” Their commander must be the Quarren in the combat armor. The last 2 soldiers are rounding up weapons from the dead imperials. Now comes the hard part. How to get this team safely out of here. Then the idea hits me like a fat nerf falling on me and I smile. We may be able to rescue these people, get the prototype, and not spend a credit. This might work. I call the ship again.

Send in the Negotiator
Beringer Mission 4 Log 1

Personal Funds: 4,006
+200 from sound investments
-500 from Gambling

Party Funds: 6,900
+2000 credits from Rebellion for payment
Should try to divvy up the party funds.

Back on Titan Base. We’re finished with our debriefing with the success of our mission from retrieving the B-Wing prototypes.

I’ve heard the Imperial Cruiser Oppressor is crippled from our bombing run but was not destroyed. I would assume the Republic would try to do something to finish it rather than get that cruiser back online. I started to ask around with my usual method of playing Pazak in the open area on the station.

I came across a rebel intelligence officer. I didn’t catch his name, but her was feeding me information on the operation which we were on and there are plans to take out the Oppressor while it’s prone and vulnerable. He did also say the other mission, “Shellcracker”, the mission I originally wanted to go on, didn’t pan out as planned. The Mercs hired, which were the Gigirams we rescued a while back, reneged on their agreement to take out the Imps and bring the prototype “Shellcracker” back to rebellion intelligence from Hammer Base.

I was so distracted listening to the mission I lost 500 credits! How the hell did I lost so much focus? The intelligence officer took my credits and left.

Even though action was happening around us, time was taken out of our day for a celebration of mission accomplishments. The Guppy was presented a battle star. Gravic, the commander of the Guppy was presented the Star of Duty. Myself, Cael, RR, and the rest of the rescuers were given the Republic Ruby Crystal for high valor.

After the awards ceremony, Jannis summoned Cael, Grabo, RR, and I for briefing on the situation on Hammer Base. The Gigirams wanted to sell the Shellcracker to highest bidder. The republic gave me a credit line of 3 million but asked I try to keep it at 2 million credits. They wanted to send me to Hammer Base to negotiate since I’ve rescued them 2 missions ago and guess they would be more open to listen to me instead of anyone else from the rebellion.

The Hammer Base mission was to be followed up with a second mission to purchase 5 million credits worth of droids at Port Tuga then rendezvous with the alliance flagship Shadow Raptor. The rebellion needs a lot of droids to man many different posts they lack manpower for.

Cael, R2-T7, RR-5, Grabo and I boarded the Smooth Sailor to head towards Hammer Station. On the Smooth Sailor was DZ and Gemmintark, the Jedi archivist. DZ and Gemmintark we playing Dejarik and DZ was losing every match. I asked Gemmintark why he was on board our craft. He said he was killing time and was not allowed to leave the rebel station. I said we were about to leave, but he seems not to mind and asked to come along. I didn’t say no since he is technically under rebellion supervision.

RR-5 takes his seat in the Smooth Sailor and begins to calculate the jump to Hammer Station. He’s able to cut the trip short by 4 hours with his calculations.

When we arrive, we see Hammer Station is half lit. Debris is floating all over and there are other ships around the base which include a troop transport, a ship from Czerka, and a Solar Sailor Yacht for probably someone important.

A Gigiram hails us and ask we land in the shuttle bay. We were then told only 4 of us were permitted to meet with their commander. The Gigrams recognized me as the one who freed them. They gave me the nickname “Jail Breaker”.

Cael, RR, DZ and I exited the Smooth Sailor and were led by a Gigiram to the negotiation room. We noticed the halls were marked with scorched marks and blood from Imps. There was bit a putrid smell in the air due to the rotting corpses.
We were taken to a room with a holoprojector showing the Shellcracker. It’s corvette size that is able to penetrate shields and use high-yields bombs on capital ships.

In the room is a Pyke with 2 protocol droids. The Pyke is taking notes while smoking spice.
Also in the room are representatives from Czerka. They are diligent and a bit anxious looking to get their hands on the imperial technology.

Oddly, there are no Imps in the room.

The lead Gigiram approaches and announced the rules of the bidding war. He will have each party draw a chip from a bag. The chips are Red, Blue, Black and White. The red chip goes first, followed by blue, black then white.

Czerka first pulls a chip and it’s Black. The Pyke pulls the blue chip. I was hoping to pull the white chip to go last, but then an Imp officer enters the room. It’s Captain Sariv, former commander from Whisper Base. He got promoted and does not appear to be in a good mood. He pushed me out of the way and pulled the white chip and left the room. That mean I would get the red chip and go first.

I was summoned to negotiate first. I was led to the catina to meet the lead Gigiram. The offer was 3 million, but I offered 2 million. However, I was told what the rebellion promised them for their previous mission and they said the rebellion owed them 400,000 credits for their last mission so they don’t think of them very highly. That’s a new obstacle I need to deal with now.

I raised my offer by 200,000 credits the mission were promised to be paid for plus passage back home on the Smooth Sailor. (3 successes and 2 advantages). They were open to my offer but had to hear others out and said will get back to me.

While waiting in the room, I speak with the other Gigirams listening to their mission and how they were able to defeat the Imps with a Gatling laser.

I then sat next to the Pyke to befriend him. His name is Taeiltas. I spoke to him the importance of networking and not all dealings must be related to our allegiances. I think Taeiltas got where I was going.

Anyway, I need to quickly think of what to do to meet my mission goals. The objective is to get the Shellcracker but was also ordered acquire it by force if needed too. However, I am conflicted because the Gigirams feel slighted by the rebellion and I want to make things right. Plus they’ve been to Titan Base so who knows if their knowledge is also available for sale?

Perhaps I need to make contact with Titan Base to send more credits to make good on their promise plus interest? Perhaps I should also pool funds and come up with a mutual agreement with Taeiltas?

A Hop, Skip And 7 Jumps
Episode 11-29-2017

1.074 ABY – 1930 Hour – Reserch Station Shantipole – Roche Asteroid Field-Cael Report
We are having a hard time dragging Carnor Jax back to the shuttle. He continues to plead that we let him go. (Cael) “Shut up or I will stab you again.” This shuts him up, but he continues to stall walking up the tunnel. Grabbo picks him up and walks him back in his arms. We can hear over the comms. Zal and RR5 are engaged with the rest of the Tie fighters. Seems they are making short work of them. It must be something to watch those B-wing fighters in action.

1945 Hour – As we reach the shuttle. I can just bearly see The Guppy engaged with the Oppressor. I ask Roots to start warming up the engines for us. We secure Carnor Jax in the main compartment. Grabbo patches the 2 large holes that Omnath and I put into him. We can hear that all the Tie fighters are disabled or destroyed. Zal is radioing to RR5 a vector to attack the Oppressor. (Cael) “What the Frick? They cant take on a cruiser with 2 fighters?” I run to the cockpit and radio Zal. (Cael) “Zal, you 2 cant take on a cruiser by yourselves. You need to get those fighters out of here.” (Zal) “The Guppy is bogged down. Her shields are failing. We need to give her a fighting chance. If we distract the Oppressor enough. Then the Guppy can get some room to maneuver and possibly get out of here.” I turn to Commander Ackbar. (Cael) “Do those fighters have hyperdrives?” (Ackbar) “Ah, well, yes, but we have never tested them, but they should work.” I cant read the Calamari’s face, but by the tone of his voice. I think he hopes they work. I climb into the pilots seat and start lift off procedures. (Cael) “Roots, start the calculations for us and the rest of the group to jump to the original extraction point we were suppose to meet the Guppy at.” (Roots) “Twee Beep” I bring the shuttle around but there are a lot of asteroids that I need to avoid. As I round another large asteroid. We can see the Shadow of Bardos cruiser moving through the asteroid field towards the Guppy. I bring the shuttle around to the far side of the large asteroid to hide us. The cruiser does not stop. So I assume it has not seen us. Over the comms. (Zal) “Cael, we have isolated the Oppressor’s starboard deflector shield. We are going to make 1 run and hopefully it will give the Guppy enough time to get out of here.” I transmit the coordinates of the rendevous point to Zal. I then use a tight beam transmission to let the Guppy know what we are doing. I get a “Received” back from the Guppy. I move the shuttle slowly out of the asteroid field. Zal and RR5 make their run on the 1st cruiser. They take out the Starboard deflector shield and the starboard engine with their proton torpedoes. As the cruiser tries to turn away. The Guppy opens up their Port batteries and lets loose on the Oppressor. The Oppressor begins to lists to its port side. I put the shuttle into hyperspace and we are gone. Damn those B-wing fighters are powerful. A few more of them and they could have taken on that cruiser by themselves.

2025 Hour – We emerge from hyperspace at the rendevous point. It is agonizing to wait to see if the B-wings and the Guppy show up. About 3 minuets later and the B wings emerge from hyperspace. (Cael) “Zal, where is the Guppy?” (Zal) “She was picking up her Y-wing fighters and was following us out. That cruiser took a beating after we took out the deflector shield.” After another 12 minuets waiting. The Guppy emerges from hyperspace. She looks like she took a beating also. With her comes a few parts of the Oppressor and 2 tiny asteroids. They must have got caught in the hyper jump bubble. The Guppy radios us that her landing bay is in shambles and that it will take about half an hour before they can have us land. (Cael) “Guppy, We each can follow you in hyperspace. No need to wait. Let us know the coordinates.” (Guppy) “Lambda shuttle, Commander Gravic wants several micro jumps to throw off the imperials. Transmitting the 7 jump points to you now.” I look at Roots. He swivels his head “Twee Beep.” I forward the coordinates to both B-wings. Over the next several hours and jumps we make it back to Titan Base.

1.075 ABY – 0700 Hour – Titan Base – Corban Sector
The 2 B-wings, the Guppy and our shuttle all emerge from hyperspace within a minuet of each other. We are about 10,000 kilometers from the base. Nightmare 4 and 5, 2 X-wings on patrol near by, intercepts us. They escort us into the base. It takes us about 15 minuets to reach the landing bay. The Guppy is being moored on the far side of the base. In the shipyard facility. She will need some major repairs. The 2 B-wings and our shuttle land in bay #1. As we break the threshold. I can see the Smooth Sailor in the corner of the bay. There is a load lifter and a stack of crates sitting in front of her, but she is still here. The deck attendant directs us into slot # 5 and I shut the engines down. I open the ramp and I head into the main compartment. Grabbo already has the deck hand calling for a gurney to move Moonbeam. She is still unconscious. I go down the ramp and stand at the bottom. I am watching the deck crew marvel at these B-wing fighters. Both of them are slotted directly across from our shuttle in slot #2 and slot #4. 1 of the deck hands is holding a refueling hose in his hands. I am pretty sure he has no idea where it hooks into. As the gurney with Moonbeam is coming down the ramp. Petty Officer Kressa comes over to me. (Kressa) “Captain, do you have more injured in your team?” I point to the crew coming down the ramp. Moonbeam is on the gurney. Flower has her left arm in a sling. Omnath is holding his detached left arm, in his right arm. Kressa’s mouth is a gape at our injured. I turn towards Grabbo as he comes down the ramp. Grabbo, after getting out of the space suit. His fur is all matted and tangled. He looks like a wet nerf. As I turn back to Kressa. I see her staring at my lower armor. (Kressa) “Sir, your armor is smoking from your leg.” I look down. My left leg, where I took a blaster bolt is smoldering. I quickly pat it out. (Cael) “Superficial, nothing to worry about. By the way. I need guards to take possession of Carnor Jax. He was the traitor at the Shantipol base.” Kressa calls over 2 guards. (Kressa) “Please take Jax to the brig.” The 2 guards lift Carnor out of his seat. As they get to the bottom of the ramp. Carnor gives me a look of “I will get you for this.” Like I care what he thinks. As I am making sure everyone exits the shuttle. Kressa is stammering something about a debriefing with commander Elmac in conference room 3. I also catch he say something about her in the cantina at 1800 hours. Not thinking I turn back to Kressa. (Cael) “Ok, got it. Debrif, Commander Elmac, conference room 3 and you at 1800 hours at the cantina.” My mind is going over so many things that it does not hit me until she smiles and walks away. Meet her in the cantina at 1800 hours? What the? Then it dawns on me. OH, meet her in the cantina. Wow I got to pay more attention to some of these officers. Kressa is about 15 meters away. She is standing by a load lifter, talking to a deck hand. I head to the infirmary to check on my crew. When I get there, Grabbo is barking orders to the nurses and orderlies. They are prepping to put Moonbeam into a bacta tank. 1 of the other doctors is examining Flower’s arm. Flower sees the worried look on my face. (Flower) “I’m fine. We will know about Moonbeem in a day or so. Omnath went to maintenance to get his arm reattached. Stop worrying.” (Cael) “Ok, I will be in conference room 3 for the debriefing. Don’t let Grabbo switch out your arm for a wookee arm.” (Flower) “Why not? I will be able to handle a bigger gun then.” She smiles at me in between a grimace of the doctor poking her broken arm.” I head to conference room 3.

0745 hour – As I get to the command center level of the base. I ask a female lieutenant where conference room 3 is at. She is just staring at my armor. She sticks her left arm out and points down a hallway. I go down the hallway to a door marked Conference room #3. When I enter, Berrenger is already there. Also there is Captain Jannis. (Jannis) “Is that, is that blood on your armor?” I look down at my armor. There is the burn mark on my left leg and sever blotches of blood on my chest and left arm. (Cael) “Yea, Sorry. I should have freshened up before the meeting.” I sit down and cross my arms across my chest to hide most of the blood. Pretty sure everyone can still see most of it. Commander Elmac, Zal and commander Gravic walk in and sit down. Gravic gives me an odd look as he sits down. I think he notices the blood, Frick. (Elmac) “OK, this debriefing is open. Commander Ackbar is resting. Gravic and I will discuss his work with him later. Gravic Why don’t you start.” Gravic goes over the basics of the mission. The stellar work Mathus did so the Guppy could be ready. He goes over some tactical maneuvers while engaged with the Oppressor. He commends Zal for the strafing run her and the other pilot of the B-wings did on the Oppressor. It gave them the opening to get a hyper jump head start on the cruisers. The 7 jumps and we were all in system. (Elmac) “Very good. Captain Cael, Your report.” (Cael) “Well, The Guppy put us in system and we coordinated an extraction point. My team landed on the Shantipol stations command asteroid. We were only on site for a short time before imperials micro jumped in and boarded the base. Prior to this point. I had my suspicions about Carnor Jax, but nothing was sufficient to confront him. When the imperials landed. My team split up to confront both incursions. We neutralized the incursions. After the commander downloaded all the prototype info. Carnor moved the commander to a shuttle pod bay for safety. When we arrived in the pod bay. Carnor launched the pod with him and the commander in it. He was well aware of our mission to protect the commander and he seen us approach. We evacuated all base personnel on 2 imperial Lambda shuttles. My team rendevous on the prototypes asteroid. We neutralized several other imperial squads there and secured the prototypes. Carnor attempted to blackmail us. Using the commander as trade for the prototypes. Zal, mathus, RR5 and Mr Berrenger. Launched in the prototypes. We liberated all the Verpine techs on this asteroid and placed them on another commandeered lambda shuttle with an alliance intelligence officer, a Kroviev. He was under cover at the station and also suspected Carnor Jax but was not successful in gathering enough information before the imperials arrived. He did have information that the project had been delayed for dubious reasons. My teck, Mathus had previously uncovered evidence that Carnor Jax had been delaying the project. Possibly for months. My team and I went in search of the commander. I will say that I am very impressed. These 2 B-wing fighters pretty much easily destroyed a squad of Tie fighters and put a world of hurt on the imperial cruiser. My team succeeded in tracking down Carnor Jax and we retrieved the commander, unharmed. We took Carnor into custody with only slight difficulty. With no time to land on the Guppy. We coordinated a rendevous point for all the ships. The Guppy, the 2 prototypes and our shuttle each jumped. Unable to safely land in the Guppy’s bay. From there we each continued for 7 other jumps to arrive back here at Titan Base. Most of my team is in the infirmary. And Carnor Jax has ben sent to the brig.” (Berrenger) “Has anyone checked Carnor for a tracking device?” Elmac looks at Berrenger and frowns. He then hits the comm button. (Elmac) “Security, Make sure you scan the prisoner Jax for trackers.” I give Berrenger a slight punch in the shoulder. (Cael) “Look at you. Thinking like a spy.” He gives me a smirk. (Elmac) “Thank you Captain, and Miss Zal. Do you have a report.” (Zal) “Yes, but as I give my report. I would like to bring in my wing man, ah wing droid. He has a visual recording of the dogfight between the 2 prototypes and the ties and the cruiser.” Elmac nods yes. Zal calls RR5 to the conference room. When RR5 gets to the room. She hooks him into the holo projector and starts the video. As the view of the dogfight starts to roll. Zal gives a shot by shot commentary. As I am watching the dogfight, I am in awe. Now I am sure. Those prototypes are awesome machines. They can spin out of the way of most incoming fire. The holo video shows the destruction of the 5 tie fighters and the 1 disabled fighter. These prototypes even have a powerful enough jammer to isolate the 1 disabled tie fighter from calling in reinforcements. Next it shows the strafing run they did on the cruiser Oppressor. The proton torpedoes did some pretty impressive damage. The video ends with the jump to the rendevous point. (Elmac) “Very good. By the looks of that holo video. We need to get these fighters into production as soon as possible. Mr Berrenger. Your Report.” Berrenger looks at me then commander Elmac. (Berrenger) “Well, sir, Cael pretty much covered the jist of the mission. The only thing he left out was the imperial use of boarding droids. They were pretty formidable to deactivate. I will also say the B-wing fighters are a very impressive ship. They handled better then others I have seen. They cant outrun a Tie but they easily evaded enemy fire. The increased shields do make a major difference. The cockpit is a bit cramped for a pilot and a copilot. Other then that. I have nothing.” (Cael) “Sir, what happened to the 3 other shuttles of Verpine techs?” (Gravic) “We retrieved 1 of the shuttles. That was why the landing bay was a mess. They came in too fast in the middle of the fire fight. Crashed into a load lifter. Tore 1 of the shuttles wings off. We had 2 deck hand casualties. Everyone on the shuttle survived. I suspect the other 2 shuttles hid amongst the rest of the Verpine settlements in the asteroid field.” (Elmac) “Does anyone have anything else to add?” (Zal) “Sir, my contract was only for the prototype production and testing. What assignment would I be on now?” (Elmac) “We will find something for your talents. Anyone else?” We all look at each other. (Elmac) “Good, everyone dismissed.” As we are walking out of the conference room. (RR5) “I need to see if maintenance can increase my armor rating. If I plan to continue operations with this crew. I will require it.” RR5 heads off towards maintenance. (Cael) “Wait, whats he mean by that?” (Berrenger) “How many of your people from this operation are in the infirmary right now?” Berrenger walks away. I look at Zal. (Zal) “Go soak your armor. You are starting to smell like a meat locker.” She walks away. The female lieutenant behind the desk is looking at me with a horror look on her face. I head to the shuttle we came in on.

0900 Hour – I retrieve Betty and the rest of my gear from the lambda shuttle. I figure I will bunk in the Smooth Sailor. Roots follows me. I have to move 2 large crates to get to the hatch. It does not open. The power is off. I look around outside and find the power cable and plug it back in to the ship. Now the hatch opens. Roots rolls over to his docking port and plugs in and goes into sleep mode. As I am stripping off my armor in my cabin. Now I notice the other blaster shots I took. Yea, this was a tough mission. I start to notice how tired I really am. I look at the chronometer 0915 hour. I will just get a few hours sleep.

1545 Hour – I am dreaming. I am home on Alderan. I am standing in a field of tulickie flowers. I look up and see the Death Star hovering in the sky. Suddenly there is a loud roaring sound and a green laser envelops the whole field. I wake up sweaty with a start to the sound of engines revving near by. I am back on the Smooth Sailor. There must be a another ship launching from the base. In between my heavy breathing. I notice a smell in the cabin. My armor still has the blood on it and it is starting to smell bad. I throw on my PT outfit. I take the armor and find the base laundry. When I get there I place it on th counter. The corporal behind the counter looks at the armor and wrinkles his nose. (Cael) “Ah, can you guys clean this up for me?” (Corporal) “Yea, I cant do anything about that burn hole, but we can get the blood and that horrible smell off of it, maybe. Thats not your blood, right?” (Cael) “Imperial traitor blood.” The corporal smiles at that. I head back to the Smooth Sailor. I check the chronometer. It is 1640 Hour. I take a long hot shower and shave the 3 day old stubble from my face. I change into a pair of black slacks. A tight fitting black no collar shirt. A pair of mid calf nerf hide boots. I trim my hair a bit on the sides. A black dinner jacket and I look in the mirror. I check the chronometer again, 1740 hour. I put on my championship blitzball ring. Slip my datapad into my jacket pocket and head to the base cantina. As I walk across the flight deck. I catch several deck hands talking and pointing in my direction. I ignore it like I use to of the paparazzi. They were constantly trying to get holo pictures of me and some girl I was with at a club. I take my time. I get to the cantina at 1800 hour on the dot. When I walk in, Kressa is sitting at the bar. She is wearing a form fitting little black dress and knee high boots. Wow, that is a big difference from her day uniform. She sees me at the door and smiles. I smile back. I think to myself as I walk in. “Oh, this is going to be a fun night.”


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