You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Falling In Style
Episode 1-18-2016

.251 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – 30 minute PT. The partisan rebels are starting to shape up. The recruits are also working harder to look good in front of the Partisans. A quick shower, shave, day uniform and I go get some chow. In the cafeteria, I go over my planned duty roster with Voba, Treb and Dendrick. We narrow down the specifics of what must be done and who do we assign to do it.

0800 Hour – Florek’s report on the 2nd ATST.
- Both blaster cannons are destroyed and inoperable.
- Salvage blasters from bikes are not compatible and will require extensive adaptation.
- 2 Leg servos are in need of replacing, movement reduced to half speed.
- Most of the controls in the cab are clogged with mud and inhibit proper operation.
- Estimate to repair – 26 days + 3000 credits for parts
As I look at the report. Florek keeps readjusting 1 of his fans. (Cael) “So it was a waste to go get that hunk of metal?” (Florek) “Not Really. It can be fixed with proper time and repair parts. That we do not have time or access to the parts is moot? (Cael) “It will still move. Can we switch it out with the other ATST that does work?” (Florek) “Yes.” (Cael) “OK then Florek. Move on to the next project. I will have some of the Partisans switch out the units. Dismissed.” I dispatch 2 Partisans and Roy to switch out the broken ATST with the working 1 as our look out post. They can mount 1 of the repeating blasters in it for defence. I finish the duty roster and post it.

1200 Hour – I track down Torre to help me. Over the next several hours we go through the storage compartment. We pull out armor and weapons for each Partisan, each recruit and for Berrenger. Zal helps the 2 Partisans finish the headhunter launch ramp. Voba and Viga go over local imperial message protocols. Treb continues training our budding infantry. Berrenger spends the day in the bacta tank. He emerges a shinny new man.

.252 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – 30 minute PT, hot shower, shave and a day uniform. This day comprises of continuing repairs and upgrades to Whisper base. The data feeds coming in stop. Voba suspects Moff Dardanno must be scared and does not want any leaks about his eventual attempt to take back his base. Voba tries for several hours to determine the new frequency they are transmitting on but can not find it. He still has the link to his back door.

.253 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – 30 minute PT, hot shower, shave and a day uniform. This day comprises of finalizing the planning of the attack on Jiranna Base. Picking the targets. Zal still wants to fly the Box in to the base and bail out the back on a speeder bike. She is confident she can pull it off. Berrenger has been on his personal communicator since he got out of the bacta tank last night. Does that guy ever put that thing down?

1100 Hour – (Roots) “Cael – Report on Viga. All seems normal. Her working vicinity is to Voba and the comm room. Other vicinity is her bunk, cafeteria or the rec room. (Cael) “Thank you Roots.” Roots rolls away to continue his duties. Still not sure if I trust Viga too much.

.254 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – I wake up from a bad night of horrible dreams. My combat knife is in my hand. 35 minute PT with the class getting bigger each day. Rosa is at PT this morning. Then a hot shower, shave and a day uniform. Morning chow is pretty good.
All of this day is spent doling out armor and weapons. Treb and I check each individual out on the proper use of the armor and weapon they have been issued. Zal and Berrenger have disappeared with the YT-1210. Even Gaave does not know where they took his ship. He is not happy. I hope those 2 have not gone off to be intimate with each other. That is all I need. All the internal base door locks have been competed. No word from Zal or Berrenger by nightfall. Still no word from Omnath. I list him in my daily report as MIA and presumed dead.

.255 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – I wake up from another bad night of dreams with my combat knife is in my hand again. Not sure if I should still keep it under my pillow at night. I don’t want to loose a finger in the middle of the night. 30 minute PT. Very big class today. Hot shower, shave and a day uniform. The following is a list of items complected throughout the day.
1) 1 turbo laser turret has been raised so as to shoot over the opposite side of the base.
2) The shield generator is 100% complete, but not tested.
3) Voba has set up phoney messages from Admiral Korland’s Star Destroyer to Jiranna Base and back. They are gibberish in a phoney code.
4) The explosives are slowly being loaded onto the Box. Voba will set the detonators tomorrow.

1800 Hour – Voba, Rosa and I are sitting in the cafeteria having dinner. Rosa is explaining that when she was younger. She was always able to sneak in and out of the tiniest places. She once escaped from a lock up by squeezing through a narrow gap of a window. Just then Gaave runs in. (Gaave) “Ah, I think I found out where Zal and Berrenger went. You guys have got to see this.” The 3 of us in a confused state follow Gaave back to the comm room. On the big screens is what looks like the start of a swoop bike race. There are 6 racers on all different types of bikes at the starting line. The 3rd from the left. I see Berrenger standing next to what looks like 1 of our 74-Z speeder bikes talking to Zal on the bike. (Cael) “What the frick is this. Where is this feed coming from?” (Gaave) “Someone in the crowd is live streaming this from the warehouse section in Iziz.” Gaave brings up 5 other cameras that show some other parts of Iziz that are also being live streamed. (Gaave) “These other cameras show the rest of the race route.” (Cael) “What the frick is she doing there?” Just then a young Tel’wik girl in a very tiny bikini walks out in front of the racers. She raises a green flag and swings her arm down. The race is off. Some little guy on a D-22 Screamer bike wipes out after 10 meters past the go line. Another guy in a Mobquet Flare-S bike takes the lead. I am not sure what the other 3 bikes are. They are highly modified. Zal is in 3rd place. There is a long strait away that at the end bends to the right. Switching to the 2nd camera we see 2 lanes of cross traffic. The Mobquet plows right through the intersections without slowing. (Rosa) “Did that guy just run someone over?” The 2nd place guy swerves around a large grav-truck. Zal swerves around the opposite side of the truck. The guy in 4th place cant swerve and explodes when he hits the truck. The 5th guy goes past but clips a taxi. He has a faring loose and his bike is shaking. The racers disappear down a large pipe. (Voba) “Which is the next camera?” (Gaave) “Not sure.” Gaave switches across 3 cameras till he sees the exit of the pipe. It is an agenizing long time before we see the racers come out the pipe. They continue by going through a series of switch backs. Zal is now right on the leaders tail. The other 2 bikes are closing in on her. At the top of the switch backs the next camera shows the route goes over the roofs of several warehouse buildings. All of a sudden Zal drops her bike below the guy on the Mobquet. The loose faring on the 3rd place bike finally breaks off and flies into the chest of the 4th biker. He is knocked off his bike and the camera loses him as he falls between the buildings. After the roofs, there is a long straight away and they pick up speed. The course winds into a corkscrew. Zal is gaining. This is the last section before they reach the finish line. Zal seems to be swinging her bike wide, very wide. She then opens her bike up and it rockets past and clips the right aileron on the Mobquet. Zal brings the bike to a vertical halt at the Start-finish line. The Mobquet spins off and crashes into the stands where people are watching the race. People are scattering. The last remaining bike comes to a stop at the finish line. Some of the cameras switch to show police speeders heading toward the warehouse district. By the time they switch back to the finish line. Zal and Berrenger are gone. (Cael) “Damn that girl can fly! I better stop busting her chops about crashing the Lambda.”

2200 Hour – Zal and Berrenger return to the base. I play it like we did not see the race. (Cael) “So where have you 2 been off to?” (Zal) “Wouldn’t you like to know.” As she walks past with a smile on her face. (Berrenger) “Well, we wont need to worry about the mercenaries that Moff Dardanno hired.” (Cael) “What do you mean?” (Berrenger) “A little wheeling, dealing and the mercenaries that Moff Dardanno hired to attack the base here. Well, they are just going to not be around when he needs them. Plus I told them to not hang around Jiranna base either. He got my meaning.” (Cael) “Good work. You did that all by yourself?” (Berrenger) “Yea, well, Zal helped a little.” (Cael) “I bet she did. I bet she did.” Berrenger gives me a strange look as I head down the corridor. Voba’s last message to Arkam is to confirm tomorrow, local time is when the attack will commence.

.256 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour- Very bad dream this morning. Thousands of people on fire. Screaming at me for help. I cant move. I cant help them. I wake up on the floor all sweaty and my arms are tangled in the blanket. 30 minute PT. Most of the class does not want to stop. I think they really are getting into tip top shape. They will need it for today. A nice hot shower, shave and I put on my combat armor. Sven is making flapjacks in the cafeteria. Zal skips breakfast. She is prepping the box for take off and loading a speeder bike into the cargo area. I make sure that the forward look out, the 2 turrets and the shield generator are manned.

0725 Hour – Zal takes off for Jiranna Base. It will take her about 1 hour to reach the base. Voba, Viga, Gaave, and I are all in the comm room. I am the only one there in heavy armor and look out of place. After Zal is a half hour out. She radios that there is heavy movement in the jungle. Moving in the direction of Whisper Base. (Voba) “Looks like Moff Dardanno move up his time table again. I need to slice into the base fire control system. This is going to go down quick.” (Cael) “Keep me in the loop on my comm. I will get the troops in position.” I head to go get Treb. He is just about done putting on his armor. (Cael) “Show time. We have incoming. 30-40 minutes.” Treb and I get most of the troops into the Motor pool. We have 18 people suited up and ready. Even April is in armor and has 2 portable med kits on stand by. We have 3, 2 man teams on the heavy repeaters. Treb and I coordinate and move the troops out to the tree line 30 meters from the motor pool doors.

0820 Hour – Zal radios that she is slowly gaining altitude to make her run on the base. Voba coordinates the Y-wings and gets the Jiranna Base fire control on line. All in the comm room hears Zal. (Zal) “Port engine out . Negative on building target. Secondary target airfield is now prime target. This brick is falling way to fast. Bailing out.” Gaave pulls up a camera from district 2 in Iziz. To the left you can clearly see the base. The box in a steep dive goes over the wall. We can just make out Zal on the speeder bike exit the rear of the Box. 5 seconds later the camera shows a huge explosion just out of view over the wall. Voba sends the order to Jiranna Base fire control. He gives the coordinates of Admiral Korland’s Star Destroyer. All 6 turbo laser batteries begin to fire. The Star Destroyer takes some damage and tries to evade. Gaave coordinates the 6 Y-wings in on a low trajectory. They are the Flying Drackdalions. (Gaave) “Zal can you use the targeting sight on the bike to home the Y-wings on to target. (Zal) Roger that, lighting up the admin building. Airfield is all on fire. All craft destroyed.” Zal swings the bike around and sets the targeting computer on the South East corner of the admin building. The turbo lasers are still firing up at the Star Destroyer when the Y-wings come in at a shallow angle and their bombs hit directly on target. The admin building collapses into a heap. The Y-wings swing wide for a 2nd pass. (Drack 1) “Drack 1. Heading 320, mark 20. We are coming around for a send pass. Light up our next target.”

0840 hour – We can hear a lot of something coming towards us. We soon see it is a stampede of large animals. (Treb) “TREES! GET BEHIND THE TREES NOW!” We all duck behind the trees. The booby traps and mines take out some of the advancing animals. Right behind them are 3 squads of troopers. I hand signal the 3 repeater teams. They drop the guns down on the tripods and begin to fire. Troopers fire back. We all open fire. A few of us Swing to thetroopers left flank. The fire fight lasts 15 – 20 minutes. Soon we hear the crash, thump of the ATs moving through the jungle. I have 2 men down but we took out the troopers.

Berrenger hears 1 of the Partisans in the turret go silent out on the landing pad. When he gets there with 3 Partisans. They see 2 squads of troopers cresting the hill behind the base. Voba joins them and throws a flash grenade to incapacitate th troopers.

Zal lights up the repair facility at Jiranna base. The Y-wings come around for their 2nd pass. All 6 hit their target. More then 75% base is either destroyed or is on fire. (Zal) “Base is done. Do we have a 3rd and last target for these guys?” (Gaave) “Zal, We are under attack here. Cael and Treb have incoming ATs. They are holding them off. Voba has intruders also on the landing pad. We need the ATs taken out. (Zal) “Roger that. Drack 1 Do you copy?” (Drack 1) “Copy, what are my coordinates?” Zal forwards the coordinates of Whisper Base. (Zal) “These are the coordinates of our base. Use your discretion as to the incoming ATs. You will make it there long before I can. I will be on your 6.” (Drack 1) “Roger Zal, coordinates confirmed. Thanks for your help and see you on the flip. Drack squadron, line up on me for on target at incoming ATs at jungle base.” The Y-wings zoom off in the direction of Whisper Base. Zal accelerates for home but the bike can no way keep up with the Y-wings.

As 2 ATSTs come into view with an ATAT not far behind it. I hand signal to Treb to take out the driver in ATST-2. I will do the same to the driver in ATST-1. We both take aim. My shot goes clear into the pilot of the ATST. The walker stops right away. Treb fires into the 2nd ATST cockpit with his bowcaster. He used an exploding round and takes out the driver and the gunner with the 1 shot. There is smoke coming from his ATST cockpit. The ATAT behind them starts firing. I call for a fall back to the motor pool. Treb and I are the last to head back. We set up a cover fire for our troops to get back to the base. There is another squad of troopers with the ATAT. As we head back the ATAT fires. It is not a direct hit on us, but throws us both about 2 meters. Our troops at the motor pool have set up 1 of the repeaters. They now give us cover fire to get back there.

Voba and the partisans take care of the 2 squads of troopers that were climbing up the back of the base. At this point. They hear the Y-wings on approach. Voba climbs up the ladder to the roof of the base. He will help them target in on the ATs that are just outside the motor pool.

Treb and I reach the motor pool doors. I hit the emergency button to close the doors. They get half way closed and jam. (Cael) “SON OF A FRICK! What else can go wrong? Take cover everyone. Those Y-wings are targeting the ATs just outside these doors!” Our troops all move as far from the opening in the doors. The Y-wings, with Voba’s help. Drop their bombs on the advancing imperial walkers. The ATs are destroyed. The rest of the ground troops that were with them also get decimated. It takes us a few minuets but we pick off the last few imperial troopers from inside the motor pool. As the dust settles we see the Y-Wings heading home. I turn to Treb. (Cael) “I wonder if Voba’s plan to shoot Admiral Koland’s Star Destroyer down worked?” (Treb) “You go ask him and find out. I will have the troops mop up here. You will get a report if we find anything important or when we are done.”

On your marks....get set.....
Beringer Log 8

Personal Fund: 2066
+200 from sound investments
+700 from wager on race
Partisan Fund: 3,400
-500 from thermals being held

I have an uneasy feeling with the impending Imp expedition to Whisper Base. It’s clear the Imps moved up their timetable while Voba, Cael, Zal and all others are trying to rush jobs to get the base running in decent shape. I got a message that the blockade is delaying the delivery of much needed components, specifically the quad canon and the parts for the base shield generator. However, along with that shipment were 3 thermal detonators.

I knew the thermals would be impossible to get through the blockade. I negotiated a holding fee of 500 until another time they can be retrieved. Meanwhile, the other components were delivered to the warehouse and shipped out via the dump trucks for. This was the last truck shipment to be delivered to Whisper Base.

I’ve received intel that the Imps hired mercenaries to join the upcoming expedition. That didn’t sit well with me as Whisper Base was understaffed as is. I am not much of a fighter but I had an idea to help even the odds. I knew a bike gang was hired to help the Imps. That gang needed a driver for an upcoming swoop race. I had the idea I could convince the gang to not join the Imp expedition in exchange for a driver.

I approached Zal asking if she is able to help. I said “I have a plan to convince the Mercs not to join the Imps, but I need your help.” Zal seems confused as first, but I said a bike gang needed a driver for a swoop race and I wanted to negotiate a deal; if Zal wins the race, the bike gang does not send their people into the jungle. I told Zal it’s our only bargaining chip and she agreed. I failed to disclose this plan to Cael and company. Minor oversight on my part.

Zal and I took an Imp speeder into the slum part of the city and met with the Black Shashes gang. The Black Sashes gang, as well as the other gangs, lost their main drivers as the Imps were cracking down on illegal speeding in the streets and they were desperate to get a hold on a large sum of money for the winner. I approached the leader, who appeared to have been beaten one too many times with a police baton. I never caught his name, but he agreed to the terms if Zal wins the race, they will ‘forget’ their rendezvous time with the Imps. We never discussed what would happen if Zal loses the race, but I could only assume it would involve broken bones. On another side note, I placed a wager of 700 that Zal wins the race.

The speeder Zal and I came in, was military quality but needed additional enhancements while the forward canon needed to be removed. I negotiated to trade the forward canon for parts upgrading the speed and maneuverability of the speeder, which the gang agreed to help with.

Around sundown, the race was about to start. 4 other gangs showed up at the start location, each with their own driver. One speeder looked out of place as it was massive. Zal lined up with the other 4 competitors at the starting line, waiting for the green light. The green light lit and Zal didn’t hestitate putting the pedal to the metal. The biggest speeder bike took off, but threw the driver off. The race is now Zal verses 3 bikes now.

I am watching the race now on a monitor. The racers are now in the streets with live people and other vehicles. Zal is in second and seems cool swerving through the traffic. One of the competitors couldn’t handle the traffic and smacks right into a dump truck broadside into a ball of flame and smoke. I hear cheers in the audience seeing such destruction. Another speeder clipped a pedestrian before all of them headed into the sewers. It was not Zal verses 2.

Zal was ahead, but not by much and saw a 3 way split. I noticed on the monitored Zal hesitated as she was unsure what to do. Zal decided to slow down and let one of them pass her. Zal then followed the leader into one of the tennels and floored it. Zal and the other speeders were now in a switchback with very sharp turns. Zal was able to maintain control but the lead speeder pulled out a blaster hoping to slow Zal down. However the lead speeder lost his grip on the pistol and the pistol flew right into Zal’s lap.

The final obstacle in the course was a corkscrew. Zal was catching up but lost control as the turns were tight at the speed she was going. She lost control and became dizzy. One stable, Zal tried again to catch up and pass the lead bike. The finish line was in sight and Zal floored it, then braked immediately at the end as to not hit the crowds of bystanders watching the race. The other racer was not so lucky and hit the crowd.

I went back to the gang leader and he promised not to send his guys out on the expedition. I also collected my winnings and was advised to make a quick getaway out of town as some of the other gangs were not happy. Zal and I made a quick exit out of town.

Upon return, Cael saw Zal and I and asked where we are. I said I took care of the mercenary situation. I don’t think he was thrilled I left the base without his knowledge.

I went back to my quarters with my winnings and fell asleep. I had a strange dream though. In it I was winning hand after hand of pazzak and towards the end, I was carrying out lots of cash. However, the irony was there was nothing to spend money on.

In the morning, Zal went out in the Box to begin the preemptive strike on the Imp base. Upon leaving, Zal noticed movement in the jungle. The Imps moved their timetable up attacking Whisper Base. Treb and Cael took out a small band of rebels to meet up with some of the imps while I stayed behind. There was a bit of chaos at the base so I came out of my quarters and established order, sending everyone to the hangar door.

I hear explosions and blaster fire in the distance while hearing Cael and Treb on the comm link. I also hear on the comm link one of the partisans manning a turret go silent. Thinking a turret was compromised, I took 3 partisans with me to see what happened. Voba joined us and in the rear base, we came across 8 Imp soldiers. Voba threw a flash grenade blinding everyone there while he continued up a ladder to help some incoming Y-Wings.

After I was able to clear my head, I noticed the Imp soldiers were also starting to come through too. Outnumbered, I had our small group retreat back into the fort and closed the blast doors. I asked for reinforcements and I think I started to hear the Imps plant thermite on the doors to blast them. Moments later, I heard nothing. It took me a while to find out the Imps chose to retreat.

There was a bit of relief, but now that the Imps know we are here, I fear they will come back here in greater numbers.

Hey Wait, I know Where There Is Another ATST
episode 1-4-2017

.250 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
1515 Hour- After picking up Voba and Viga at the rendezvous point. We soon land back at base. Zal has taken a very round about way. Just to make sure we were not followed. When we exit the ship Zal checks on the progress of the headhunter launch pad. The rest of us take Berrenger and Darius to the infirmary. All the base doors are locked with codes to get past. It takes us a bit longer then I would like to get them there. Darius is in worse shape then Berrenger. He has 3 broken fingers, several missing teeth, severe lacerations, bruises and several broken ribs. Berrenger just has several small lacerations, a concussion, bruises on his upper body and face. So Darius goes into the bacta tank first. As the new medical droid scans Darius. It finds a tiny tracking device placed under his skin. Just under his left shoulder blade. When the droid removes it. Voba takes it to the comm room. I walk over to Berrenger, who is still conscious. (Cael) “You guys were lucky we showed up when we did. I cant have the Imperials damaging my best asset. Get some rest and April will have you in the bacta tank soon.” Berrenger gives me a half hearted smile before he nods off. I go over to April. (Cael) “Make sure Berrenger does not have a tracking device on him also.” (April) “Med 1 scanned him. No tracker. I will keep him slightly sedated till we can get him into the tank. He has got to be in some pain. I may give him an ice bath to take some of the swelling down” (Cael) “Good, keep me posted on their recovery.” I go find Voba. On the way to the comm room I spot Torr. (Cael) “Torr, There is a human female in the base. She is previously an Imperial junior officer stationed at this base prior to our arrival. Her name is Viga. Do you remember her?” (Torr) “Affirmative Cael. Her Imperial ID# is 2319J45Y.” (Cael) “Good, She is supposedly now on the Alliance side. Please make sure she does not go anywhere restricted, does not damage any systems or contact Imperial forces. I do not 100% trust her.” (Torr) “Affirmative Cael. I and R2-T7 will keep her under lite surveillance.” Torr heads off down the hallway and I continue to the comm room.

1600 Hour – I find Voba, Gaave and Xian in the comm room. They have the tracking device in a stasis box. They are trying to tap into its transmitting signal. (Cael) “Are we compromised?” (Voba) “I don’t think so. It is transmitting on a short burst interval. I think I got it into the box before the next burst. You know, I could duplicate the same transmission it has from somewhere else. How about from Admiral Kolands Star Destroyer?” (Cael) “You can do that?” (Voba) “Sure, just copy the coded signal, set the frequency, power output level, burst interval. Then hack into a stationary droid on 1 of the star destroyers. Set the code in its low priority memory loop. Now we sit back and watch Moff Dardano get goose bumps when he sees where his tracker is transmitting from.” (Cael) “Very slick, I like it.” Zal comes into the comm room. (Zal) “Hey guys. I just had a brilliant idea. Why don’t we go retrieve the other ATST that is stuck in the mud? The YT-1210 is strong enough to pull it out.” (Cael) “That’s not a bad idea. Do you think it is still stuck at the edge of the ravine or do you think the mud washed it farther down hill?” (Gaave) “Let go find out. I can fly…” Zal just glares at Gaave. (Gaave) “It is my ship? I’m a good pilot. I know some maneuvers, some….Ok, Ok, you can fly us there.” Zal points to me. (Zal) “I will need you and possibly Treb to hook some cables to it so I can pull it out of the mud.” (Cael) “Ok, Let me go change and tell Treb. I think Dendrick has all the recruits working on projects with the Partisan Rebels. So Treb should have some spare time.” I find Treb in the infirmary checking on Darius. I inform him of the plan. He agrees and goes to get some harnesses for both of us. (Cael) “April, how are the both of them?” (April) “Well, Darius is healing. He will need several more hours for him in the tank. Berrenger on the other hand. He woke up a little while ago and has been on his personal communicator to some guy in Iziz. I’m thinking he can wait till Darius is healed for him to go into the tank.” (Cael) “Good. Treb, Zal and I should be back in a couple of hours.” I head to my quarters. Change into a jumpsuit with high boots, gloves and a hood.

When I get to the cockpit on the crate. Zal and Gaave are already there. Zal is in the pilot seat. Gaave is being pouty in the co-pilot seat. Every time Gave touches a control. Zal slaps his hand and adjusts the control a bit. I just chuckle and head to the back to strap in. As I sit down, Treb hands me a body harness with several meters of adjustable lanyards. After we are airborne. We unstrap and put on the harnesses. I have to adjust Treb’s harness 3 times to get it to fit his big furry frame body. On the intercom. (Zal) “When we get to the site. I will open the front cargo hatch where the winch is. Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. We should be there in 20 minuets.”

1730 Hour – Zal circles around where the ATST should be. On her 3rd pass she spots a small section of the ATST cab sticking out of the mud. It is approximately 10 meters down the slope and 30 meters from where the Box was pulled out. She opens the forward cargo doors. Treb and I each hook a lanyard to the cable and start to climb down. Not an easy climb. We both slip a few times but get the hoist cable hooked to 1 of the lifting rings for the ATST. We then pull out folding shovels and start to clear some of the mud from around the ATST. Treb gets stuck at 1 point up to his waist and I need to pull him out. As Zal tightens the cable, the ATST pulls slightly free of the mud but stops. The winch cable on the underside of the ATST is tangled around a large tree trunk. There is no way to free it. We both look for the cable release. The Inside of the cab is partially filled with mud also. I can just reach the cable release from the top hatch. After the cable releases. The ATST swings free of the slope of mud. Zal has to fight to control the Crate. The added weight of the ATST hanging off the winch makes her unstable and difficult to fly. Treb and I crawl inside. Treb is able to find the release for the lower hatch to open and all the mud inside falls out the bottom. Making the weight more manageable. The ATST at the end of the 30 meter cable continues to swing wild. Zal finds a clearing not too far from the slope. She sets the ATST down and lowers the Crate. We double up the cable to 2 hook points on the ATST. Now it only hangs 15 meters below the Crate. Before Zal rises up. Treb and I climb back into the Crate through the cargo door. With the door closed. The Crate flies a lot smoother. As we try to get some mud off of us before we track it through out the ship. We can see Zal drop the ship below the tree line. She hovers there for a few minuets then continues toward the base. I try to use the intercom but it is still broken in this part of the ship. Yelling is the next answer. (Cael) “ZAL, WHY DID WE STOP?” (Zal) “THERE IS A SQUAD OF TIE FIGHTERS OFF OUR PORT SIDE. WE ARE DUCKING OUT OF EYESIGHT.” Great, that is all we need. We have to duck into the tree tops 1 more time before we reach base.

1830 Hour – Zal sets the ATST down outside the motor pool. We unhook the cables and Zal lands the Crate on the landing pad. Treb and I are still pretty much covered in mud. 2 of the Partisan Rebels in the motor pool drag out a water hose and hose the 2 of us down before they hose off the ATST. Once we get the mud off of the ATST. We can now clearly see the damage. The winch cable is gone. Both blasters are bent. There is a jammed ankle pivot point. There is a large tree branch stuck in it. Plus the entire cab needs to be cleaned out. This may have been more work for nothing. We will let Dendrick and Florek assess whether it can be repaired in time. I head to shower and change. I am getting quicker at typing in the access codes to get through the internal doors.

1900 Hour – Sitting in the cafeteria having some dinner at the big table. Voba, Viga, Zal, Dendrick, Rosa and Gaave. I grab a plate of gravy covered mystery meat and some java and sit down with them. Remarkably Dendrick does not have a death stick in his mouth. (Voba) “Viga and I have been working on a couple of internal Imperial protocalls to make it easier for me to get information out of their computers.” (Cael) “So Voba, How did Moff Dardano like his tracker showing up on Admiral Korlands ship?” (Voba) “Not good. He moved up the attack date from day 28 to day 23.” (Dendrick) “Oh boy, that will make the schedule very tight. Also I am out of my 3 week supply of death sticks.” (Cael) “You have only been here 1 week.” Dendrick gets a very sad look on his face. Mumbles something and walks away. Everyone starts brain storming ideas. From using the exploding Box on a Star Destroyer. To how Zal will be able to fly it remotely. Voba throws out a couple of ways to possibly boost the remote control signal. Zal was thinking to fly the box in and when it gets close, put it on autopilot and bail out the back on a speeder bike. Voba and I are worried she would get blown up in the Box prior to ejecting. A viable idea is to hack the Jiranna base fire control orders. Give the coordinates to fire the base turbo lasers, but the actual coordinates are the spot Admiral Korlands ship is. This way we get the imperial Army and the Imperial navy to duke it out. When they are beaten down, then we attack. I really like this idea. Especially since Moff Dardano is already suspicious of Admiral Korland. That was why he set up this listening post in the 1st place. Xian comes into the cafeteria and whispers in Voba’s ear. Voba looks at Xian. (Voba) “Are you sure.” (Xian) “Yes Sir. We are tracking their new trajectories.” (Voba) “Ok everyone. Seems Admiral Korland has situated his Star Destroyers to blockade the planet. We need to notify Arkam. We may have a severe problem if this operation goes bad.” I follow Voba and Xian to the comm room to contact Arkam. We generate a short message of the situation unfolding and our provisional plan of attack on Jiranna base. Xian compresses the message and Hyper links it to Arkam. As the 3 of us continue to brainstorm possible contingency plans of attack. 20 minuets later we get a hyperlink message reply from Arkam. (Arkam) “Message received. Approve of plan to pit ground against orbit. Can commit squadron Y-wing bombers. Advise of time table. Arkam.” (Cael) “A Squadron of Y-wing bombers. Wow, that fricken Bothan finally comes through for us when we need it. This may mean the difference between us getting hammered and us hammering Jiranna base.”

Decryption protocol: VM1379-Red-Violet-Green

Command this will be brief in my haste to send out this transmission.
In preparation to extract Viga an Imperial defector and gain access to the direct mainframe of Jiranna Base, I managed to create an actual Imperial Naval ID for Beringer. This gained us access within the base, and too the mainframe.

After extracting vital information (see attachment), I managed to create a back door to the Jiranna Base mainframe as well. This proved to come in handy after a series of unfortunate events lead to Beringer and Darius being captured. I found myself alone after Viga was spooked and ran off. So, I used a local café to collect my thoughts, I then used the backdoor access to create a deep intel ID for both Beringer and Cael, falsifying release papers for both Beringer and Darius. Viga contacted me during all of this and I managed to calm her, and reconnect.

With them being held I did whatever I could to get them out. I do want to put on record that Darius should be removed from all future missions outside of whisper base. Zal, Cael and a few others flew in under the false id of a Naval transport to pick up Beringer. They successfully extracted both Beringer and Darius then Viga and myself from a remote location. We are safely back in Whisper Base, but it also comes with a cost.
Zal, Cael, and a few others went out today to recover some lost equipment, the lost AT-ST we spoke about. Zal called in during this recover and told me there was movement by the star destroyers. I looked into this, and because of recent events within Iziz, Admiral Dardono (ooc: I think this the one in the sky), feels a more drastic measure is needed, so he is setting up an orbital blockade.

It will take apx. 3 hours for them to be in position to achieve the complete maneuver, this is the reason for the very short briefing, and why you must reply with haste if you have any orders. I will have a much more detailed recount of events in the logs, but I wanted to make sure your apprised of all that is happening here.

Voba Montari

Beringer Log 7

Personal Fund: 1166
+200 from investments

Partisan Fund: 3,900

Zal picked Voba, Viga, Cael, Darius and I up and we headed back to base. Darius is in very rough shape.

Upon return to the base, I noticed some of the base doors were upgraded to include codes before accessing another point. It’s a nice feature that will only slow down any potential invaders.

I was ready for the bacta bath, however Darius was in severe need of it and got priority. His broken fingers, swollen eyes, and laceration wounds told the story. It then occurred to me if anyone has checked Darius if any sort of tracking device was placed on our bodies. The nurse, April, with the help of the medical droid, found an entry wound in Darius that was sewn shut. Under Darius’s skin was a tracking device.

I wish I thought of it earlier before coming to whisper base. I asked Voba if it’s possible to hack the tracker and have it rerouted to another location. Voba decided instead of routing the beacon to a location at a planet, to route it to a droid on one of the orbiting VSDs to give the perception that Cael and I are on that ship. We’ll see if it works.

Since Darius is in the tank, a cold ice bath was created for me to help with my wounds as a result of the interrogation I received earlier in the day. The water turned a bit pink from all the blood stains, but my body started to feel better.

While soaking in the tub, I’d glance over at Darius and listen in the comm link for base activity. Cael and Zal chose to recover a AT-ST they once had that was bogged down in mud. When listening in, it sounded like that has trouble lifting the unit out, but eventually they were able to secure it.

Meanwhile, I was making calls to Eugene to pickup some crates in warehouse 751. Eugene said this may the last delivery. The orbiting VSDs were heading into blockade formation and the town was under lockdown. I understood Eugene’s position and wished him well.

I also got a cryptic message from “L”, the one I met in the art gallery a few days back. He said “Tables are turning.” I have no idea what that meant. Was it turning for the partisans or for the Imps?

Zal and Cael arrived back at the base with a beaten up AT-ST. I don’t know if their efforts were worth it.

Voba and Viga were monitoring increased chatter on the imperial lines. Seems that the Imps are preparing for major action against the rebels and partisans. Seems the timetable for any potential expedition to locate Whisper Base was moved up by 5 days. There is less time to prepare the base.

A base meeting was held. I listened in from the com link from the comfort of my bacta tub. Zal, Voba and Cael were thinking aloud plans to deal with the upcoming invasion. Seems the Imps hired groups of mercs to help out with the expedition too which is another headache for us.

After some brainstorming, it was decided that Voba will hack into the base and have its guns fire at the VSD while Zal comes in with the Box, exits the Box on a speeder and have the Box explode on the base, giving the impression an Imp Civil War has started. The plan sounds a bit too complex for my taste.

Speaking of tricky, I have an idea I need to share with the group. Since the Imps hired mercs, I think I have a way to persuade them to not follow the Imps orders. I’ll need to setup a meeting with some of the city gangs and make an arrangement. I am hoping to convince the mercs to join that expedition but to ambush the Imps once they arrive at Whisper Base and fight with us. The plan is dangerous, but it may be necessary in order to even the odds.

Saving Berrenger’s Behind
Episode 12-21-2016

.247 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
1900 hour – I am still standing at the door to the comm room. Voba is on the comm link with Berrenger. Who by the way is somehow in Iziz. (Berrenger) “Lets see. I think I got the parts for the shield generator. This card has a very short time limit. What else do we need?” (Voba) “I need a com scrambler, Electronic Lock Breaker, and if you can find 1 or 2. blackops data breakers.” In my confusion I blert out. (Cael) “We can use some AP grenades or maybe some thermal detonators.” Zal walks up behind me. (Zal) “Is this another wish list for Arkem?” (Cael) “Actually Berrenger can get this stuff in Iziz.” (Zal) “I want a quad laser for the crate, please.” (Berrenger) “”Ok, OK, I got the list. Let me make a few calls and work on it. I will call you back soon.” (Cael) “Where is he exactly?” (Voba) “In an Uber limo. Somewhare in Iziz, I think.” I think to myself that maybe this Berrenger guy is pretty wealthy, or at least has wealthy connections. As we are all standing there. The Holonews network from Iziz shows a picture of me when we were in Shittown. That is a real bad picture of me trying to hide in that floppy hat. Then they show my rookie Blitzball picture and some of my worst game highlights. Wanted as a rebel conspirator, theft of imperial property and connection with illegal drug trafficking in an ongoing probe into juicing by pro blitzball players. Next they show Gaave stuffing a hot dog in his mouth. Then his mug shot from the customs arrest. Wanted for escape from imperial custody, rebel conspirator, theft and unregistered ship code. Next they zoom in on Zal in the background. She is smiling holding the broom. They put up a horrible picture of her as a rookie tie pilot. Wanted as a rebel conspirator and theft of imperial property. (Zal) “When did they take that picture? (Cael) “Shit, this is going to make going to Iziz very difficult for us now.” (Xian) “Zal, you flew tie fighters?” (Zal) “Yea, a long time ago.” I just shake my head and go get another cup of java. (Cael) “Maybe I should add some bourbon to this mug.”

2200 Hour – Gaave and Berrenger return with the parts for the shield generator and a handful of other small boxes. (Berrenger) “The rest of Voba’s comm equipment and 3 of those thermal detonators will be delivered to a secure warehouse location in 2 days. The Quad cannon will get dropped off in 3 days. As far as I know. These 3 boxes and that large crate are the parts for the shield generator. Are we good?” (Voba) “Very good. (Cael) “And you got all this with that crate of Glitterstim?” (Berrenger) “Wheeling and dealing. Helps to know the right people.” As I walk out of the comm room. I toss the empty juice bottle I was drinking in the trash can. It hits the edge. Bounces 3 times around the rim and lands on the floor. Everyone in the room just looks at me and starts chuckling. I pick up the bottle. Slam it into the trash can and walk out. I think I need some practice.

.248 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0500 Hour – I wake from a bad night. I take my frustration out in PT for a 30 minuets before the rest of the recruits and rebels show up. After 25 minuets of PT I am so wound up. I don’t even notice most of the rebels have stopped and are panting hard, out of breath. (Moonbeam) “Cael.! It been 25 minuets. Are we done?” I break out of my daze to notice that everyone has stopped and is staring wide eyed at me. As I stop I realize that they are all breathing heavy. Treb is the only one that has not stopped until I stop. (Cael) “Good work out. Dismissed.” As they all walk out I head to the target range. I pick up 8 vibro knives. Targets are set at 3 meters, 4 meters and 6 meters. I picture Moff Tarken as the targets. That Bastard is the one that destroyed my planet. Throwing the knives. I plant 3 in the 1st target. 3 in the next target and only 1 of the last 2 knives in the last target. The 8th knife misses. I go retrieve the knives. As I turn to go back to the throw line. I see Flower and April standing at the door watching me. When they see that I have seen them. They duck out the door. (Cael) “What is wrong with me. Did that news holovid really upset me that much? Was it the list of trumped up charges? Or was it that I stooped so low as to sell drugs to get the desperate supplies we need? That last thought is what is really bothering me. I was a good athlete. Never used those drugs. I hate those drugs and what they do to people.” I take a long hot shower. Shave and put on a clean day uniform. Just before I walk out of my quarters, I see Betty. She is leaned up against the cabinet. I really need to clean her.

The day consists of booby traps and mines being set along the motor pool entrance roadway and marking them on a map. The ATST is set as a forward post and the camo conceals it. I set up a rotating schedule of rebels in the ATST post. Work has commenced on setting the internal doors to be locked. Darius and Roy return from the hunting lodge. Torre informs me that he still possesses his battle programing and that he can bak up to a point to initiate it. (Cael) “Can you distinguish friendly from foe. (Torre) “Visually, Yes. Do you want me to initiate the program?” (Cael) “No, not yet. I will let you know when.”

1300 Hour – I find time to break down Betty in my quarters. Clean all her parts and reassemble her. There is a knock at my door. (Cael) “Enter.” Moonbeam enters my quarters. (Moonbeam) “Sir, the others asked me to see if you are all right?” (Cael) “I am fine. I just needed to work through something that was bothering me. I have also been slacking on cleaning Betty here.” I place the last 2 parts in place and insert the power pack. (Moonbeam) “Good, we were worried that you were abandoning us to Treb permanently.” (Cael) “Treb will be crushed that you don’t like him.” (Moonbeam) “Its that he sometimes forgets we are not as strong as him.” (Cael) “I will talk to him. Anything else bothering you?” (Moonbeam) “No, Sir.” (Cael) “Thank you for caring, dismissed.” As she leaves, I set Betty back against the cabinet. For the rest of the day. I go through Arkem’s daily report to us. Treb’s daily log on the progress of the students. Florek’s log on his complaints about the weather and the immense amount of stuff he has accomplished . I sleep a little better this night without the bourbon.

.249 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0515 Hour – I wake up from a dream of my uncle. Nothing bad in the dream. Just him waving goodby. When I get to PT. The entire group is there smiling. Ready and waiting for me. (Cael) “Good morning troops. I will try not to hammer you guys and myself into the ground this morning.” This brings a chuckle. A nice easy 20 minuet PT and everyone is refreshed. Shower, shave, clean day uniform and I go grab some chow.

0800 Hour – In the cafeteria Voba is discussing with Berrenger and Gaave about getting into the base to pull information directly from their computer. They will need to have Viga get them into the computer section. As I sit down with a plate of flapjacks and a mug of java. (Cael) “From what I remember of that girl Viga. She was a little unstable.” (Voba) “Arkem says she is trust worthy.” (Cael) “When are you 2 going?” (Voba) “I will try to set this up for tomorrow.” (Berrenger) “How are we getting there that wont look suspicious?” (Cael) “You can take the imperial speeder that is in the motor pool. You should take a driver. How about taking Darius for support?” (Voba) “OK, let me set this up with Viga.” Dendrick sits down with a plate of flapjacks and a deathstick hanging from the left corner of his mouth. (Cael) “So Den, how is our construction schedule looking for today?” (Dendrick) “Florek is finally done with the slave circuit for the box. It does not have the range we all would like. If you fly her from here. There will be a pretty bad delay.” (Cael) “Like how bad?” (Dendrick) “Bad enough that if you blink. You will miss the base. By 3 or 4 kilometers.” (Cael) “Means we will have to fly her from the crate. What else?” (Dendrick) “Well, The shield generator will take another 10 days to complete. I am pretty sure we have all the parts. We are raising 1 of the turbolaser turrets above the roof of the base. That will take 6 days. The internal doors and locks will take about 4 days. Plus we need some parts to complete that. The launch ramp for the headhunter will be complete tomorrow or the next day. We need some parts for that also.” (Cael) “How much in parts will we need?” (Dendrick) “Maybe 1800 credits worth.” (Cael) “We only have a little less then 3000 credits left in the base slush fund.” (Dendrick) “That is good to know. Excuses me, I need to go oversee some of the work.”

0900 Hour – to – 1800 Hour – I work on computer simulated battle tactics and possible scenarios of imperial intrusions to Whisper Base. Counter measures, possible outcomes, realigned troupe movements. It becomes tedious after a while.

Berrenger, Voba and Darius work on their uniform attire and cover story to get into Jiranna Base with Viga. Berrenger will be dressed as a navy lieutenant, escorting a civilian electronics contractor to fix a down system on the computer. Voba will be the civilian contractor in a maintenance jump suit. Darius will just be a driver in a junior officers uniform. Voba creates a persona, of Liutenant Nick Pappageorgio for Berrenger. Voba will use his own name for the electronics expert. Darius will just drive and not leave the speeder. This takes them all day. They also set up the time frame to meet Viga to get into the base.

.250 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0515 Hour – I wake up with a slight headache this morning. I should not have drank that much bourbon last night. At least there were no bad dreams. Darius is not a PT. Berrenger, Voba and him are already on their way to Jiranna base in the speeder. 15 minutes of PT then a quick 10 minute run through the base. The Partisan Rebels are starting to shape up. I mention to Treb that he may be expecting wookee strength from some of the human recruits. He apologizes and will work on that. I shower, shave, clean day uniform and I go grab some chow.

0700 Hour – Gaave and Zal are in the cafeteria. Sven has made waffles for breakfast. I grab a plate and some hot java and sit next to Zal. (Cael) “So, how is the launch ramp coming?” (Zal) “Damn, Florek modified the angle of it less then 1 deg on me, twice! He said { Now It Will Have The Optimal Angle To Thrust Ratio }. He is really starting to bug me.” (Cael) “He can be a bit fastidious. I see Voba, Berrenger and Darius left early this morning to get to Jiranna Base.” (Gaave) “Yup, it will take them at lease 3 hours to get to the base in the speeder. Not that I could not have flown them in the Gundar a lot quicker.”

I spend the next couple of hours with Treb. We go over the possible attack scenarios the imperials will take and how to counter them.

1115 Hour – Xian comes running into the training area where Treb and I are working. (Xian) “Cael, I think there is a problem over at Jiranna Base. You may want to come look at this.” I follow Xian back to the comm room. Gaave has the local Iziz news up on the big holovid screen. What we see is a speeder chase just outside Jiranna Base. 2 police speeders are chasing Darius in the imperial speeder. There is no one else in the speeder with him. All of a sudden the speeder stops and the holovid camera zooms in on Berrenger pulling Darius from the stopped speeder. They are having words. The police surround them and take both of them into custody. As the camera zooms out. I catch a blue glimpse of Voba in the croud. (Cael) “Son of a fricken nerf herder! What the hell happened? Gaave, can you raise Voba on his personal com, discreetly.” Zal walks into the comm room. (Zal) “Treb said there was big trouble in Iziz. Please tell me no one got shot.” (Xian) “Almost as bad. Berrenger and Darius have been captured.” It takes Gaave 20 agonizing minuets to contact Voba. He is at a nearby café with Viga. (Cael) “Talk to me. So what happened?” (Voba) “Darius had to move the speeder. He got spooked when they started to ask too many questions and ran. I am trying to track down where the police took the 2 of them. We may need you to extract them.” (Cael) “You mean impersonate Sariv again? We are going to need a few minuets to get ready.” (Voba) “I still need to find them. By the time you are in the air. I will have all the info for you. Viga, stop crying. Here drink this drink and calm down. Just go get ready and I will call you.” Voba cuts the connection. (Cael) Over the base intercom. “Flower , Moonbeam, This is Cael. I need you girls suited up and on the landing pad in 10 minuets.” I turn to Zal. (Cael) “You need a uniform also. We are going to have to take the YT-1210.” (Gaave) “I will fly…..” (Cael) “NO, I need you here to monitor the news net. Besides your face was all over the holornet as wanted. I at lease have passed for Sariv before.” (Gaave) “OK, please don’t scratch her.” As I runt to my quarters to change into the Lieutenants uniform and once again become Sariv. I think, scratch her. Who would notice another scratch?

1150 Hour – Moonbeam and Flower are in the imperial stormtrooper armor and have their blaster rifles. They are waiting at the ramp of the YT-2110 when I get there. Zal comes out dressed as a imperial pilot. (Cael) “Showing up in the Lambda would have been more impressive but this will have to do.” Zal has the engines warmed up in 2 minuets and we are on our way. I put a call to Voba. He is still at the café with Viga. She is a bit more calm now. (Cael) “We are in the air. What do you have for me?” (Voba) “They are both being held in police precinct #1245. I have Imperial Inelegance dossiers for you as Seriv and an under cover dossier for Nick Pappageorgio. I have incoming clearance listed at Jiranna Base for the YT-1210. I have not found where the speeder is. Been too busy making you guys look bigger then you are. Not sure how long we will be safe at this café.” (Zal) We can pick you up afterward at coordinates 128.2 × 227.9. Just outside the city. That is if we also don’t get captured.” (Cael) “Ye have little faith in the stern voice of imperial might. You need to bluff a lot when you play Sabacc.” (Voba) “Don’t do anything stupid. I will monitor from here as long as possible. Keep your personal comm open. I can pull info as you need it.” (Cael) “Roger that. Zal What is our ETA?” (Zal) “47 minuets. Give or take other police presence.”

1238 Hour – We are cleared to land at the police precinct. Zal brings her in hot and fast. The girls exit the ramp as it hits the ground. They place themselves on either side at the bottom as I heavily stride out. They fall in behind me. Several officers around the lot look curiously at the scene unfolding before them. We walk to the main entrance and up to the desk Sargent. (Cael /Sariv) “You are holding 2 of my operatives. I need them released. Not that you idiots have botched my operation here and months of undercover work.” (Sargent) “Who is it you are looking for, Sir?” I show the sargent on my data pad a picture of Berenger and Darius. (Cael) “These men are my operatives. I want them released to me now.” (Sargent) “Your identity, Sir?” I bring up the identity that Voba had sent me and I show it to the sargent. (Sargent) “They are in interrogation right now. You will have to wait until…” (Cael /Sariv) “Where is your commander. I wish to see him right now if you know what is good for you.” The sargent gets his Lieutenant. I hand the Lieutenant my credentials. His face changes to worry as he reads it. (Lieutenant) “You are just dressed as a Lieutenant.” (Cael /Sariv) “Officially, Yes!. Unofficially, well that is debate you will loose. I want my men NOW.!” There is a few seconds that I am unsure if this data pad pusher will give in. (Lieutenant) “All right. Follow me.” I motion to the girls to follow me. We follow the Lieutenant to an interrogation room where Berrenger is sitting in a chair, face down on the table in front of him. He lifts his head to look glassy eyed at me. Not sure if he recognizes me. (Cael /Sariv) “Nick, don’t say another word. You over there. Release him.” The officer looks at his Lieutenant who nods yes. The officer releases the binders on Berrenger. I turn to the girls and point to Berrenger. They shoulder their rifles and lift him out of the chair. At this point I see that his face is bloodied. (Cael /Sariv) “If you have damaged him or the information he carries. Then there will be hell to pay. Now where is my other man? The driver this man had.” (Lieutenant) “He is being processed in holding.” (Cael /Sariv) “Well then UN-PROCESS HIM!” I follow the Lieutenant to where the holding cells are. There are several people in there. Only 3 are human. They all have Orange jump suits on. The 1 that looks the closest to Darius is all swollen and blooded. I point to him. The guards bring him forward. It is Darius. (Cael /Sariv) Pointing to Darius. “Don’t say another word. I will debrief you when we are out of here.” Darius smiles. We return to the other room where Berrenger is. (Lieutenant) “Where are you taking them. I need to make a report.” (Cael /Sariv) “ Your report does not concern me. I on the other hand need to report that this operation has been compromised and is dead.” I point to Flower then to Darius. She leaves Berrenger for Moonbeam to help out to the YT-1210. Flower helps Darius out to the ship. As I leave the room. I look at the interrogation droid and think. This was close. I hope Berrenger did not tell them anything incriminating.

1428 Hour – Zal is standing at the bottom of the ramp when we exit the police precinct. The engines are still running. The girls help the 2 injured men up the ramp and into the ship. I walk up to Zal. (Zal) “I was getting worried you were not going to make it out of there.” (Cael /Sariv) “Whatever Voba put into that dossier file for me made them scared. Now that makes me scared. Lets get out of here. Nice and slow, and pick up Voba on the way out.” We both enter the ship. The girls have strapped the 2 men in the bunk room. They are sitting at the Lounge bench seat with their helmets off smiling as I walk past to the cockpit. As I get there. Zal has the repulsers lifting us off the duracrete lot. I let Voba know we will meet him and Viga at the designated point. (Cael) “Damn! That was close. Captain of the team scores a goal this time.” The YT-1210 slowly heads towards the pick up point.

Going from a luxurious ride to an interrogation room in 24 hours
Beringer Log 6

Personal Fund: 966
+200 from investments

Partisan Fund: 3,900

Black Card: 27,000 – now zero – details in report

With the black card with a 27,000 credit limit and 48 hours to spend it, I wasted no time getting onto the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). I didn’t care if I paid a premium for an item, as long as I got it quickly. I Skyped in Voba asking what shield components we needed. Voba gave me the component serial numbers and I was able to locate them for 2400 credits which include delivery to be received in 3 days. I made a request to deliver it to warehouse 751 in the city. I knew the warehouse was hardly used.

Voba made a request to purchase a comm sweep which included a scrambler and a jammer. I figured why not since we had to empty the card and it was easy to find on the GTN for 2200 credits. That stuff will be received in 2 days at warehouse 751.

Voba asked Cael what else we needed and all of a sudden, all I heard was some more illicit goods like a quad cannon and thermals. I asked Voba to get me onto to Hutt trade Network (HTN) to get that type of gear. I found a used and was way above the usual asking price for 12,000. I contacted the seller to negotiate a more reasonable price of 11,000, fast delivery and no questions asked considering the canon was already used. The seller obliged. I’ll get that in 3 days.

I sent a private message to the seller about Thermals. The seller told me he will get back to me within the hour. 15 minutes later, while in my Uber ride, I got a call from the card company asking to verify the purchases that were made. I had to play it up that I was in no condition to talk and put the agent on hold while I was pretending to vomit. I got Voba back on the comm asking for Preston, the cardholder’s pet name. Voba did a quick search on the galactic web finding Preston’s homepage. Voba found a pic of a dog named Snuffles and gave me that name. I got back to the agent and said “Snuffles” and played out my pretend inebriation. Seems the agent accepted my answer and I hung up before being asked to take a survey.

The seller for the Thermals got back to me and said he is willing to sell them at 2800 a piece but that cannot be transported in. I counteroffered to purchase 3 for 11,000 and to be delivered to warehouse 751. This was an offer the seller could not refuse and obliged to have them delivered within 3 days. I hope the seller gets insurance for that.

I arrived back at Whisper Base and all personnel, including Zal, Cael, and Rosa were busy upgrading the base. I had to debrief Voba to prepare our meeting with Viga and our entrance into Giarrano base where Voba may have an opportunity to tap into the mainframe.

I asked to borrow an officer uniform. A naval lieutenant uniform was available and I asked Voba to create a fake, usable imperial ID. Nick Pappageorgio has become my alter ego while in disguise. Voba was able to do so without effort. As for getting Voba in, we had to create a story stating Voba is a tech contractor and I am there to monitor his work. We needed a ride into the base and got Darius to take us in an Imperial speeder with him in a stromtrooper outfit.

Viga did some tampering on her end causing the router to fail; creating a trouble ticket for the incident. The stage was set.

Darius dropped us off in front of the base and I asked he stay there until we return. I met Viga who seems nervous all over. We had to get past the first set of doors into the buildings. My ID scanned thanks to Voba’s due diligence. Unfortunately Voba had to fill out a stack of paperwork before entering.

Once inside, Viga, Voba and I traveled down a long hallway to another desk. At the desk, they asked for all of our IDs. My Id was accepted. Viga’s was not; she was not authorized. I had to chastise her with my rough imperial accent stating she was incompetent. At this point, I had to continue on with Voba and without Viga. Viga said I should keep my comm link open and look out for a guard named Theaton. Voba, at this desk, had to sign another stack of paperwork.

Voba and I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor. Through Voba’s skills, he was able to locate the place we need to get to. We came open other desk next to a vaulted door. The desk scanned for me ID and Voba has to sign another stack of paperwork. I was getting nervous that time was ticking was before the next guard shift.

Voba and I were able to get past the door but only have a few minutes left before shifts change. There was one armed agent inside the mainframe. He asked for my ID then asked I watch over while he takes a bio break. I said yes while Voba started tunneling through the mainframe. Voba’s succeeded and was able to pull up anything on Whisper base, and attack plans on Whisper Base, and he managed to create and ingenious backdoor into the mainframe. Voba, with a turn of a switch, fixed the wifi issue. Our task was done.

Voba and I started to proceed out of the building. While back on the 1st floor, I hear Viga on the comm in a panic. She was able to get in and started to go up the elevator. She was about to compromise the whole operation. I asked her to come back down the elevators and meet me on the 1st floor. Meanwhile, Voba started to concoct a plan to get Viga off the base and without telling me, setup a honeymoon leave for Viga and I.

When exiting the base, Voba said I needed to show a little affection for Viga. I gave Voba a dirty look until it was uncovered that Viga and I are both on leave. How awkward, in fact it was the most awkward part of the mission. However, that excuse did get us off the base.

Unfortunately, once off the base, our ride was nowhere to be found. Darius moved but he panicked and was being changed by the Imperials on bikes.

I asked Darius to rendezvous with us once he thought he was in the clear. Darius started to meet us, but then floored it when the Imps found him. Darius was in a panic and I tried to stop him. He stopped his bike and I tried to pull him off and tried to put on an act of an officer disciplining his subordinate. The IMP Police showed up and the act did not work; they asked both Darius and I be on the ground. We were both taken into custody.

At this point, I hoped Voba was able to see all of this as there is no way I am able to talk myself out of this one.

I was placed in a holding location at the station. There were mostly aliens there who were picked up and all of them gave me a dirty look. One alien Gran approached me asked why I was there. I tried to ignore him but he was hostile. I said I was in for nefarious activity. I don’t think he fully understood and started to swinging at me. His punch missed me hitting the wall hard, like he was giving a warning shot. I then tried to convince the Gran I was not Imp, but he would not accept anything I said. The other aliens also became hostile. The gran body slammed me and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in a room.

When I woke up, I thought at first I was in an infirmary. But it was an interrogation room with an interrogation droid and 2 intelligence agents. I was weak and sore and played it up when being interrogated. However, it seems that the serum I was given from the droid started to have its effect.

The intelligence agents first asked me for my name. I slurred it so badly, first saying “Berr” then ending it with “georgio”. The agents think they overdosed me but continued to interrogate me. They asked what I was doing inside the mainframe. My body subsumed to the serum and I told the truth that I was there with the Duros to hack into the system. However, the interrogation droid’s lie detector falsely stated that was not true and the agents believed it.

I was asked which planet I was traveling to next, and for some reason I was able to resist the effect and told them I was not going anywhere before passing out. The interrogation was a lot of strain on my already weakened state.

Moments later, could have been 10 minutes, or 10 hours, who knows, I was being cleaned up. Blood from my uniform was being scrubbed out and I was escorted out of the interrogation room to be met by Cael and Zal dressed in Imp uniform. I have no idea what Cael said but he did not seem happy. Cael also demanded the release of Darius, who seems to have faced a worse fate than I have. I was in no shape to think or speak and followed Cael and Zal out of the building and headed back to Whisper Base.

I need a bacta bath.

Side Note: Voba managed to upgrade Ceal and my alter egos on our identify badges to help access areas accessible to imperial intelligence.

A Shield Generator, My Kingdom For A Shield Generator
Episode 12-7-2016

.247 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
1315 Hour – Several of us are sitting in the Cafeteria drinking some hot java. Idly discussing a few ideas on securing the base. (Dendric) Our new chain smoking security expert. “I have several options already laid out in an extensive flow chart. With projected costs and implementation times. Booby traps for incoming ground troops. Setting up a forward lookout post. Upgrading the existing turbo-lasers emplacements to ion cannons. Maybe another anti aircraft turbo-laser installation. Building a shield generator. Internal base barriers and defense choke point locations. Various troop deployments. There was mention of a bunch of T-16s that were crashed not too far from here. Maybe they could be salvaged and utilized? We can fabricate a launch ramp for the headhunter to launch quicker. Just to mention a few ideas. (Cael) “We only have just under 3000 credits left in the base slush fund account. I am pretty sure we can not buy a slightly hot shield generator on the local black market for that little credits.” (Berrenger) “Don’t be so negative. You never know what product some dumb fool is trying to unload because he does not know what he has.” Dendric excuses himself to finish unpacking. After he leaves. (Cael) “Does he have to smoke those death sticks every waking minute of the day?” (Zal) “He seems a bit high strung. They may help him calm down.” (Cael) “The smoke makes me sick. I also doubt he has the parts for a shield generator stowed in his luggage.” (Gaave) “How is the flying bomb coming? The Box.” (Zal) “Voba has been non-stop working on making a large quantity of explosives. Florek is trying to set The Box to be flown remote controlled.” (Cael) “Berrenger, do you have any contacts that could find out when the Imperials will be attacking the base here? If we knew that date. We could hit them prior to them being ready.” (Berrenger) “I will check.” (Zal) “I am going to go check on Florek and then go look over the Headhunter you almost destroyed on me.” (Cael) “Hey, I said I was sorry. Besides, I did not crash. It was like falling with style.” (Gaave) “Glad I missed that maneuver.” Zal heads to the motor pool and I head to my quarters to work on the duty roster. When Zal gets to the motor pool. She finds Florek is having trouble getting the aileron controls to do what the remote flight program wants them to do. She helps him with the radio controls for a short while and then heads to the landing pad.

In the cafeteria. (Berrenger) “I may know a guy that can possibly help us. He is in a far corner of Iziz. In sector 3. I will give him a call and see what he has in inventory to sell or trade.” (Gaave) “I can easily fly you there in the Majestic Gundar. No one will pay no mind to us leaving.” (Berrenger) “OK, lets go. I also want to take a few Partisan rebels with us. If we just happen to purchase or get some parts. Then they can help us load.” The 2 men and 3 rebels take off in the Majestic Gundar before Zal gets to the landing pad. She is so intense on checking out the headhunter that she does not notice the YT-1210 is not sitting where she parked it. The manifest for the fighter shows that the headhunter only came with 1 concussion missile. As she removes the access panel. She discovers that there are 3 other missiles in the ammo magazine. She carefully removes them and sets them down on the duracrepe pad.

1400 Hour – Before going over the duty roster. I get Rosa to get 2 or 3 of her lackeys to get the schematics for the launch ramp from Dendric. I get them started constructing it. After a while, I remember Voba picked up the crate of glitterstim from the T-16 crash site. Maybe Berrenger can trade the drugs for some of the stuff we need around here. Maybe even for the shield generator. I put in a call to his communicator. When he answers, I give him the information about the full case of glitterstim and to trade it for what we need. I never used the stuff personally, but I knew some of the other guys that played ball professionally would use it. A case of the stuff, as I remember went for around 5000 to 7000 credits. (Berrenger) “OK, I will see what I can do.” He seemed a little leery of unloading the drugs. I next go find Dendric. He has actually taken over 1 end of a barracks room. He has set up a temporary desk next to his bunk as his office. As I enter the bunk room the billowing smoke from his death sticks hits me in the face. (Cael) “Please don’t set off the fire suppression system with those.” (Dendric) “Yea, Yea, OK. Can I help you?” (Cael) “I wanted to go over some of the ideas you had on fortifying the base. I was thinking we could use the 1 remaining ATST we have as the forward post. It at least has armor, weapons and can move or fall back as necessary. We can camouflage it down the road.” (Dendric) “That would work. That would save time on building the lookout post.” (Cael) “I also have our scrounger Berrenger, working on leads on a shield generator.” Dendric lights another death stick. Takes a puff and when as he puts it down on the ash tray he has on his desk. He notices he has another lit stick there. He smokes both of them. I leave him to his smoke filled room. I go find Treb. Treb is in the makeshift classroom with the recruits. (Cael) “Treb, I need you and some of the recruits to set up the ATST down the road from the motor pool as a forward lookout post. We need it camouflaged. Voba should have 1 or 2 vid cameras that can be placed farther down the road. Also set up some booby traps down the road. Trip wires, sensor pads, spring traps. Use your imagination with what is available. Make a map so we know where the traps are set. (Treb) “OK, We will get it done and It will show the class how to properly camouflage.” (Cael) “Good, I will also be sending some of the partisan rebels to you. I need you to get them up to speed on tactics and chain of command. Some of them need armor. Some need weapons. Can you handle all that?” (Treb) “Afirmative, sir.” (Cael) “Good, see to it.” I head back to working on the duty roster. It is so much easier understanding him with that wookee translator now. As I pass Roots in the hall. (Cael) “Roots, does Torre still have his B-1 battle programing in tact?” Roots gives me questionable wheerrrrr that he is not sure. (Cael) “Can you please find out. I may want to deploy Torre as internal base security if we get over run by imperials.” He gives me an affirmative beep and rolls down the hall.

1530 Hour – Zal has removed the 4 missiles from the fighter. She takes them to Voba to determine how he will utilize them. (Zal to Cael) “Cael, I am going to take the headhunter out to survey the T-16 crash sites. See what we have to work with. What is salvageable and what is not.” (Cael) “OK, don’t be too long and don’t go looking for trouble.” (Zal) “Me? How can little ole me get into trouble?” as she cuts the call to my communicator. (Cael) “I know how you can get into trouble.” Zal preps the headhunter and takes it out at a fast clip.

1600 Hour – As I pass the comm room. I can hear the local communication channel from Iziz. Something about a ship. “The Hand of Sorrow” is being boarded by customs agents. (Cael) “Wasn’t that the name the Tie fighter called Gaave’s YT-1210 when we were over Iziz? Maybe I was mistaken. That crate is still sitting hear at the base.” In the hall I come across Rosa. (Cael) “Rosa, I need the rest of your crew to check in with Treb. We need to get them ready for the attack on Jiranna Base. Armor, weapons, directions, training. You know the drill. We all need to work like a team.” (Rosa) “Ok, I will round them up and send them to the rec room where Treb has been holding class.” (Cael) “So far I have 2 men training in each of the 2 turbo-lasers. I have another 2 men working on maintenance on the base generators. Xian is doing a good job of helping Voba and Gaave. The rest are just not handling their keep around here.” (Rosa) “Ok, ok, I will talk to them. I still want in on any attack planing. These are my men.” (Cael) “Yes I know, but if you want to get rid of the Empire on your planet. Then you have to help us here.” (Rosa) “If you have the equipment. I will get the men in line.” (Cael) “Good, this operation is going to start running faster as we get closer to attack date.”

Back in my quarters / office. I go over the inventory list and how we should be utilizing what we have. We should have just enough armor. Between what we scavenged from the Imperials and what was sent to us in the last drop. We should cover everybody. Weapons we have plenty of. With some left over. I would prefer some heavy 1 hand blasters for close quarters. The E-10s are not meant for base defense or close combat. I am going to need to set up 2 man teams for the 4 BlasTech E-Web Repeaters we have. They will cause some havoc but they are heavy and slow to set up. I might want to set up 1 at the top of the motor pool. Just in case we get breached there. We may need Voba to fabricate some grenades. We are running low on those. We do have some of the rocket grenades the Rebels brought with them. The personal shields will also help in close quarters.

1815 hour – I look up from my data pad work at the chronometer. I head to the cafeteria for some chow and more java. As I pass the communications room. I hear Voba talking to Berrenger who is at some night club in Iziz. Something about he is in possession of a Black Imperial Express charge card. So Berrenger is either independently wealthy. Which I don’t believe for a second. He has very wealthy friends or is a thief. I am leaning closer to thief in my gage of this guy. I got to keep an eye on him and our inventory. Wait, how did he get back to Iziz so quick?

Need for Speed?
Beringer Log 5

Beringer Personal Log

Personal Fund: 766
+200 from investments
Partisan Fund: 3900
-100 from bribery

While everyone is working upgrading Whisper Base for a possible Imp invasion, I was sorting through various leads to help the cause. They are:

1) First Imperial Bank Job Heist: taking out an armored hovercar carrying up to 40,000 credits. Personally, I am not a thief and don’t think much of bank heists. However, it’s an Imp bank and if I can hurt them economically, it’s all good. This is a job I may consider.

2) Mercs/Swoop Gang: gangs have grudges with Imps as they are cracking down on swoop racing and their spice deals. They need other sources to launder their deals. This is something I should look into more. I’m sure Zal would love to be behind the wheel of a swoop in a race.

3) La’Vea Tarpitte: kidnap the underground leader who I indirectly interacted with back at the museum. He’s worth a lot in ransom, but I am skeptical. First, I am sure he has a lot of protection. Second, I would have to leave the planet once he is released. I think this is an option that should not be entertained.

4) Loose Lips at Military Academy: Siphon information from drunk cadets. This may come in useful if other leads end up nowhere.

5) Call in Favors / Setup Mole: There is a former Imp intelligence Tech who wants to defect. Her name is Viga. It’s possible good lead especially since I was just asked if we can find out if the Imps are making a move on Whisper Base.

I was asked to help with the base upgrade and get the right components for the base shields as it’s probably the hardest component to acquire. I setup a meeting in the city with a contact to see if I am able to get those components.

Also, I was asked to see if I am able to get information when the Imps may attack Whisper Base to see if we are able to have the base operational on time. I figured now is the best time to meet with Viga. I was given Viga’s contact info and description, as well as possible places I may find her.
I asked Gav is he is able to fly myself and a few of the partisans into town to pickup supplies and meet with Viga. Gav seemed more than happy to help; he’s way too attached to his ship.

Also, Gaave asked me to do a favor and dump from Glitterstim into the market. I was against the idea of distributing the Glitterstim in my home town. However, I didn’t mind dumping it off at the Imp academy if it ended up there. My conscious felt clear and agreed to unload the goods.

Upon arrival into the town, the sip was halted by customs agents. Gav panicked and hid in the ship while I made an attempt to stabilize and land the ship. Good thing I didn’t mess up the landing. I met with the group supervisor and told him I was on my way back from delivering sulfur from the plant. The supervisor did believe me somewhat since the ship still stunk of rotten eggs but still wanted to search the ship.

I showed the supervisor my union membership as proof as I was resident of the city. I also greased his palm a little to look the other way. Good thing he complied as there were armed partisans on the transport. There was no need for bloodshed and I don’t think Gav would appreciate his ship being shot up from the inside.

We landed and I tried to get a hold of the shield components. From my contacts, I was unsuccessful finding the shield components. It was a critical failure on my part. I had to find another way, but had to place it on hold as I was to meet Viga.

I headed over to a bar to meet Viga. Apparently it’s an Imp academy bar, so I knew I was already out of place. I entered the bar acting I worked there. I found an apron, hat and a tray to help with the disguise.

From a data pad, I had a picture of Viga so I was able to find her in the place. I approached her and told Viga Whisper base is running, which caught her off guard. She worked there at one point so she knew who I was. She seems a bit over eager to join; which makes me a bit skeptical with her authenticity. She said she can get us into the base and access to the mainframe.

I excused myself and contacted Voba asking if it’s possible to gain access to the mainframe if we were able to get inside. Voba seemed a thrilled being able to gain access to a closed system; who knows what information he is able to pull.

I went back to Viga and said we will look into her idea and in exchange we will fake a kidnap in order to help her join the rebellion. Before we left, I asked Viga is she knew anyone who I was unload the Glitterstim. She pointed out this one guy partying hard, Preston.

I approached Preston and asked if he wanted a sample of the Glitterstim. He took it in and started buying shots all around the place. Unfortunately, I had to partake in order to gain his confidence. I kind of regret it. Anyway, through an easy negotiation and his partly incapacitated state, I was able to negotiate a case of Glitterstium for his blackcard for 48 hours. Preston said it has a 100,000 credit limit, but has no idea who much credit is left.

I took the card and called an Uber with his card because my thinking has been somewhat compromised. A fancy vehicle showed up; Preston must be a frequent user.

On the way back to the ship, I FaceTimed Voba showing the card in my semi-drunken state. Voba seemed surprised with the card I held. I asked if he was able to find out how much was on the card. Voba asked I provide the number and found out there is 27,000 credits available. I said we have a 48 hour window and Voba agreed it’s time to shop on the GTN (Galactic Trade Network).

If You Cant Shoot The Tie Fighter, Intimidate Him
Episode 11-9-2016

.246 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
Voba, Gaave and Xian have been busy. They have most of the holovideo screens hooked up and are channeling data from various places around Iziz. There are also less exposed wires this time around. Zal is helping Roots and Florek work on the life support system in the YT-1210. (Berrenger) “Don’t worry about the cost of the parts.” As he just smiles at me when I ask him how much they cost us. Cant figure out that guy. It is beginning to rain a little harder. Torre has been overly busy keeping the leaking trash compactor from flooding the floor. Treb and the young recruits are returning to base via the lower road leading to the motor pool.

1830 Hour – Gaave lets me know that he would like to have a full meeting when the recruits and Treb return. (Cael) “They are ETA in 20 to 30 minuets.” (Gaave) “Great, then we will meet in the conference room in 1 hour.” I go and open the bay door to meet the recruits in the motor pool. They all look tired. Treb seems very energized. (Cael) “Meeting in the conference room in 20 minuets. Everyone, get a little dried off and cleaned up. Good job squad. Good job Treb” I grab a cup of java from the cafeteria and head to the conference room. Voba is there already and cussing in his native language at some wires. Gaave is inputting data at a terminal. I sit down at the main desk and put my boots on the desk hard enough that they can hear me. Xian jumps to attention. Gaave even jumps at the sound. Voba just rotates his head slowly to look at me with a scowl on his face. I just smile at the 3 of them and sip my java. They finish the set up by the time people start filtering in. Gaave soon begins the meeting. There are local maps up on some of the screens and images of the area around Jiranna Base on others. (Gaave) “Good evening everyone. I have some good news and some bad news.” (Cael) “Start with the bad news, so we have something good to look forward to.” Gaave gives me the stare. Like I am scared of him. I smile back at him and sip more java. (Gaave) “OK, the bad news. Moff Dardano is prepping troops for a jungle attack. Most likely on this base. You can see here from this vid footage they are running jungle simulation tactics. We suspect they will attack sometime within the next 28 days. We also intercepted messages from Moff Dardano to local leaders. We are pretty sure he has 2 platoons of storm trooper infantry. His air support is a squadron of TIE fighters and a few TIE bombers.” (Zal) “And the good news?” (Gaave) “Sven has procured some spices from local plants. This should make mess hall that much better. Also our supply drop is due in tomorrow. We should receive most of what we asked for. Some antiaircraft weapons, droids, other electronics. We also have a line on some hidden money, maybe.” (Cael) “All this in the drop? What do we have that can move all this back to base?” (Zal) “It should all fit in the YT-1210.” (Cael) “I would feel safer if we had a perimeter guard on this drop.” (Voba) “What do you suggest?” (Cael) “Flower, Moonbeam and I will meet the Crate at the drop zone on the bikes. We can set up a perimeter watch.” Gaave looks angry at the reference to calling the YT-1210 the Crate. (Treb) “raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg awwgggghhh aarrragghuuhw huurh [ translation – I will also go on the bikes. ] ” (Voba) “OK then it is settled. Cael, Flower, Moonbeam, Treb will rendevous at the drop zone. Zal will pilot the YT-1210 there.” (Zal) “I will take 3 of the recruits to help in the supply transfer. Zeb, Bobby and Billy Ray.” (Cael) “That crate going to fly without too much problem?” (Zal) “Some of the problems are fixed already. Nothing I cant work around.” Everyone studies the holo map of the area surrounding the drop zone. It is a large plateau jutting out of the jungle below. Middle of nowhere. (Cael) “Everyone, dismissed. Those not on night duty, get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.” Voba walks past me. (Voba) “Crate, I get the joke. Old little bucket ship the Box. New bigger bucket ship the Crate.” he chuckles as he walks past. (Gaave) “Her name is Majestic Gundar, you nerf!” I just chuckle at how upset Gaave is. In my quarters I run over the duty roster for the next 2 days. I am starting to put the partisan rebels in some positions around the base. Make them earn their mess and cot. I take 1 shot of bourbon and catch some sleep. Tomorrow will bring us lots of new toys. Whether we break them is another story.

.247 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0500 Hour – I wake up in a sweat. Not an overly bad nightmare. I have had it before and it is getting old hat. Watching my parents consumed in flames as Alderan burns. I might have to take out some frustration in PT this morning. At PT, all the present recruits are here. 8 of the rebels are also here. Calisthenic for 10 minuets then I put us through a run through the base for another 10 minuets. (Cael) “Good run everyone. 15 minute fresher and grab some chow.” I shower, shave and change into a day uniform. In the chow line. We can all smell whatever Sven is cooking, and it smells pretty good. When we get it. We are still not sure what it is, but it taste better then what Torre was cooking. After breakfast I put a call out to Darius. (Darius) “We are still settling in the villagers at the Hunting Lodge. My aunt has us busy making sure they have everything. We did have some trouble with some of the Rupee riders, but we took care of them. We should be on our way back either later today or most likely early tomorrow.” (Cael) “Roger that. Be careful and do not engage the enemy at all costs. Whisper Base out.” I also put out a call to Omnath. He has been out on patrol for a while with no contact. I get no reply. That is a bad sign. That is how we lost Keith. I next check to see if everyone has taken to their duty station. I have 2 rebels assigned to each of the turbo laser batteries. They are running through the simulation for aerial assault. Next I check on the 2 mechanics I assigned to maintain the generators. They are going over the wire diagrams. I also find the other 2 rebels on maintenance detail, repairing a ceiling panel that was shot out during a fire fight. Another of the rebels is in the motor pool prepping the bikes for today’s mission. The bikes are purring as smooth as a fluff kitten.

1015 Hour – Flower, Moonbeam and I are in full armor in the motor pool. Our bikes are all prepped when Treb shows up. We give him the quick once over of the controls. He nods yes to all of it. I let Zal know we are leaving. (Zal) “ I will give you a 20 minute head start and meet you at coordinates 237 – 122.” (Cael) “Roger that.” The mechanic opens the bay door and we head out. Treb is better then I expected on the bike. We ramp the speed up to 100kph. We should be at the rendezvous in 1 hour.

1035 Hour – Zal lifts off the YT-1210. She has trouble with the yoke. When she gets to hover, she looks closer at its base. There is something stuck in the spot where the yoke enters the dashboard. She pulls out something sticky. The yoke works perfect after that. She heads to the drop zone. After about 15 minutes. She gets a sensor read on the bikes locations and the Cruiser Tarqunious. The cruiser is coming in a little faster then it should. After a minute it becomes clear that the cruiser has 2 tails. Sensors show they are TIE fighters. (Zal) “Cael, the cruiser has some company on their tail. I will bring the ship in low and pick you 4 up.” (Cael) “Roger that. I have you on the sensor.” we bring the speed down to 25kph as Zal lowers the ship. She opens the port side ramp. We each fly the bikes right up into the crate and park them in the cargo hold. I go up to the cockpit. Zal is on the comm to the cruiser. Letting them know what she is up to. (Zal) “I need you in the turret.” (Cael) “OK, but how are we going to deal with 2 TIEs?” (Zal) “You just shoot when I give you a target. Leave the flying to me.” When I get to the turret. I put on the targeting head set and power up the gun. It is still giving me the error message “Low Tibanna Gas.” (Cael) “Zal, we are still low on gas for this cannon.” (Zal) “Then don’t miss many shots.” Zal comes up to the underside of the Cruiser. Using it as a cover. She brings the crate out from under the cruiser. Several maneuvers and she powers between the 2 TIE fighters. Causing them to break in different directions. The cruiser slips into a cloud bank. Zal follows 1 of the TIEs. My 1st shot misses but puts the TIE into a maneuver away from his wing man or the cruiser. Zal swivels the ship in a tight turn that makes the blood rush to my toes. (Cael) “Easy there Zal. I don’t want to loose my lunch or the back half of this crate.” (Zal) “Just shoot the Fricken TIE.!” I take a second shot as it is coming around and take its port wing clean off. It spirals down to explode in the jungle. By this time the other TIE is circling near the cruisers location. Zal swings us around again and I put the targeting computer on the 2nd TIE. The warning buzzer is going off. I am out of Tibanna gas. (Cael) “Zal, I got nothing to shoot with. We are out of gas for the gun. I still have him targeted. Bluff him.” (Zal) “OK….Tie wing, you are targeted. You either leave the vicinity or you will meet the same fate as your wing man. Your choice, decide.” (TIE 2) “Ah…How do I explain breaking off pursuit?” (Zal) “Dump your Tibanna gas. If you cant shoot you cant do anything. You are running out of time and my gunner has a hair trigger.” (TIE 2) “OK…OK..dumping gas.” The TIE dumps a cloud of Tibanna. Then turns tail and flys back towards Jiranna Base. I lock down the gun and go back to the cockpit. (Cael) “Nice flying. He could not get out of the target sight.” (Zal) “I told you I use to fly those. I know their strengths and their weaknesses. I will drop you 4 on the plateau before the cruiser comes in. Then give them a clear landing zone. I will swing around and come in by their load ramp.” (Cael) “OK, lets go team.” Zal brings us into a hover. Lowers the ramp and we pile out and split to 4 directions to scan for trouble. The cruiser comes in and lands when Zal clears the zone. She slides around and lands on the load ramp side. The crates starboard landing gear is right near the edge of the slope, but it is stable. I can see the 3 boys loading the crates from the cruiser. Looks like 3 more repeating blaster cannons. A crate of armor. A medical droid. A skid of personal shield generators. Our Dendric security advisor and 3 crates marked Detonite “Handle with care”. Well there is our explosives we need. The cruiser crew is opening another larger hatch. They are hoisting a Z-95 Headhunter. Zal must be happy we have that. Now we have some decent air cover.

1145 Hour – Zal calls me over to the Z-95. (Zal) “I cant fly both the crate and the headhunter. You think you can handle the Z-95? I mean just to fly her back to base, nothing fancy.” (Cael) “Yea, I can handle that.” Zal gives me the quick run through of the Z-95s controls. Most of them I knew. It aint no speeder bike. All the crates are loaded onto the YT-1210. I start the warm up procedures on the Z-95. Treb and the girls are already on their way back to base. The cruiser takes off in a slow turn. I can see Zal inside the YT-1210s canopy. I lift off the Z-95. Quickly I realize I have the port thrusters and vanes in the wrong location. The Z-95 pivots backwards and to port. When it gets over the edge of the plateau the ship falls to the right. I quickly realign the thrusters and close the vanes. Point the fighter into a dive and pull up at speed. I soon get up to treetop level. I drop the speed and go into a hover. (Zal) “What putz maneuver was that?” (Cruiser) “Delta 3, I can now see your new toy is clear of crashing. Cruiser Tarqunious out.” (Cael) “Yea, yea, yea, I forgot to realign the thrusters. I will follow you in Zal.” The flight back to base is uneventful.

1300 Hour – Zal has me land 1st on the duracrete pad. I move the Z-95 into the far corner. She then lands the YT-1210 in a position that the loading ramp is facing the base. As I climb down from the cockpit. Torre comes up to me. (Torre) “Good day Cael. Maintenance repairs on the base are commencing. Our only problem is the Ice macker is broken.” (Cael) “Just great, How are we suppose to make sunset margaritas at the end of the day, what horror.” As I walk past Torre towards the door. (Torre) “Sir, I have a renowned recipe for sunset margarita in my data banks. We are missing several ingredients. I can….” (Cael) “Thats OK Torre. We can do without them for now.” (Torre) “Yes Sir Cael.” I should have known better that Torre would not get the joke.


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