You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Green Recruits
Episode 6-22-2016

1530 hour- .241 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base
Voba, takes out some of his frustration on Zal. He rigs her bunk room door to lock when she enters. He also rigs the lights to flash on and off at odd intervals and the intercom to pipe in some god awful fast Denubian opera music into her quarters. This takes him a little while to rig up. I continue to set up the conference room as a holo screen center. Roots has been keeping an eye on Torre and categorizing his motivations . Omnath is helping Gaave in the comm room. It has been a long tiring day. I turn in for the night at 2200 hours.

0530 hour – .242 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base
(Carel) “Slept without any nightmares. This has not happened in a long time. Maybe its not having to worry about the prisoners getting loose?” 20 minute PT, shave, shower, day uniform. I check the laundry. Torre has several piles for each of us. I check my pile and it is all my clothes. On my way to my bunk I hear Zal banging on her bunk room door. (Zal) “Help me, I am locked in here.” (Cael) “OK, let me try the lock from out here.” I try the lock from the outside. Nothing happens. I pull my knife and pry the lock plate off the wall. I start poking at the wires and circuit board and the door pops open. She looks like she did not get any sleep. (Cael) “Well, nothing 20 minutes of PT and a shower cant fix.” (Zal) “Yea….Right…maybe.” I stop at my room and put the clothes on my bunk to put away later and head to the cafeteria. There I find Gaave making a large kettle of Java. This kettle is about 10 maybe 12 liters. Gaave’s eyes are bloodshot and he looks like he has not gotten any sleep either. Torre is making reconstituted scrambled eggs for breakfast. They taste like dirt flavored plastic flakes.(Cael) “We really need to get a better cook program into that droid.” Zal comes dragging in and grabs a cup of the kettle java. Omnath sits down with a plate of plastic tasting eggs. His left arm from the elbow down is not attached. He uses it in his right arm as a scoop for the eggs. Voba comes in looking well rested and smiling like a content Nextu. We discuss the plan of order for the day. (Cael) “What are we going to do about the meeting with “L” in 2 days? He meets with Sariv. I cant pass for Sariv in the Imperial uniform.” (Voba) “We go but we just observe him. Where he goes. Who he talks to. I also found out his name is La’vea Tarpitte. He is a wealthy business man. He manages several start-ups and long running businesses in Iziz.” (Cael) “What about credits? We need more parts for the shuttle. We will need to pay Verala for her next shipment in a week or 2. Maybe some other things or bribes?” (Voba) “There is a hidden slush fund. It is siphoned off of the merchants in Iziz . There is about 6000 cr right now in it.” While we are sitting there the proximity alarm goes off for the area by the motor pool door. We check the holo monitor. There are a group of kids and young adults coming up the jungle pathway. Zal, Voba, and I meet them at the door. (Darius- Deil’s nephew) “Since it is the rainy season and there is no work for us. We want to join you guys.” I look at Zal and Voba with my eyebrows raised. (Zal) With a confidant look on her face “Looks like my contact and good will with the natives has paid off?” There are 7 males and 6 females in the group ranging from 16 to 25 years old. We bring them to the cafeteria so we can interview them for their information and what skills they know.
1. Darius – male human 25 years old – brown hair – brown eyes – can pilot planetary or space – can handle a blaster – knows the area from Whisper base to Iziz and to Jiranna Base – perfect Scout
2. Zac – male human 22 years old – black hair – blue eyes – father is a woodworker, can fabricate from native wood
3. Zeb – male human 20 years old – brown hair – brown eyes – has no measurable skill but is enthusiastic.( Brother to Bobby )
4. Roy – male human 22 years old – blond hair – hazel eyes – can handle a slug thrower or blaster – can pilot planetary – has native armor
5. Bobby – male human 17 year old – sandy brown curly hair – green eyes – has no measurable skill but a very strong kid ( Brother to Zeb )
6. Svenn – male human 18 year old – blond hair – blue eyes – can cook – knows hydroponics and native horticulture
7. Billy Ray – male human 19 year old – brown hair – brown eyes – can play music on several instruments – no other measurable skill
8. April – female human 16 year old – red hair – green eyes – Mother is a village nurse – knows first aid + some more advanced medical techniques
9. Lucy – female human 24 year old – black hair – brown eyes – know piping, plumbing, irrigation piping
10. Rorry – female human 19 year old – black hair – brown eyes – has no measurable skill but is enthusiastic.
11. Flower – female human 20 year old – blond hair – blue eyes – very experienced with slug thrower or blaster – crack shot ( Sister to Moonbeam )
12. Peggy Sue – female human 18 year old – brown hair – brown eyes – has a little skill operating machinery – can fix small items
13. Moonbeam – female human 22 year old – blond hair – blue eyes – very experienced with slug thrower or blaster – crack shot ( Sister to Flower )

By talking to all the kids we find out they are all from the same 2 villages and none are fans of the Empire. (Svenn to Torre) “These eggs are horrible. Do you know what spices are? I can do better with my eyes closed.” (Torre) “I have no taste sensors installed.” (Zal) “Well then Svenn. You now have the most important job on the base. You are the base head chef. 3 squares a day for all of us.” Svenn smiles at the comment.

1030 hour – (Voba to Zal) “Please take me to install the 10 communication relay rods.” (Zal)” I got no sleep last night. I need a nap then we can go later.” (Voba) “Not acceptable. These need to be installed right away.” (Zal) “Later, I’m not clear to fly in this condition.” She goes off to find a bunk. Voba now more ticked at Zal. Loads the 10 relay rods onto a speeder bike with some tools. He checks the map and heads out the motor pool door to set them up himself.

I take the kids to the conference room for a Alliance introduction video and some basics as to military structure. The video is short and sweet. The instructions on military structure. Well, somewhere in the middle of it. I loose most of them (Cael) “Ok gang. Lunch then its weapons training. Lets move to the cafeteria then the target range.” This brings them back around. Lunch is simple sandwiches with some tasteless past between bread. At the cafeteria I grab Omnath to help me at the range. I start them out with a hold out blaster. At 20 meters, Darius and Roy can hit the target without any difficulty. I find out Flower and Moonbeam are really good shots. I mean real good. The rest of the group at least know better to keep the blaster pointed down range. April has never handled a gun before. After 3 times trying to fire it. She pulls the trigger. The shot goes wild and we all duck. The gun falls out of her hand to the floor. (April) “Sorry everyone.” Omnath quickly scoops up the pistol. We will keep her far away from blasters as our Nurse. We next try the EL10 blaster rifle. It is way too heavy for the girls to hold. Flower and Moonbeam can hit the center of the target if the rifle sits on the firing bench. Bobby picks up the rifle like it weighs nothing. Damm strong kid. All the boys are better shots with the rifle then the pistol. While we are using the rifle. I have Torre set up some snacks and decent music in the rec room to keep the kids occupied after we are done for the rest of the day.

Voba travels about 1 km from the base. He checks the coordinates and places the 1st relay rod. He then travels another 1 km farther to the spot he has on the map for the 2nd relay rod. As he gets farther from the base. He seems to deviate slightly from his original course. After a while of zig zagging. He finds the coordinates to place the 3rd relay rod. It is 1.25 km from the location of the 2nd relay rod.

Back at base, (Gaave to Cael) “I have lost contact with Voba over his comlink. I cant even track him on the sensors. He is too far from the base in the under brush.” Omnath and I set the kids up in the rec room. I give Torre orders to only dispense no more then 2 shots of alcohol . (Torre) “Exactly how much is 2 shots? I was not aware a blaster was involved with alcohol?” (Cael) “2 shots is approximately 89 ml alcohol per individual and keep them contained at the rec room while we go look for Voba. No blasters allowed” (Tore) “Roger, Roger.”

Voba has traveled another 1.15 km from the 3rd relay rod and places the 4th relay rod. He re-checks his map for the spot for the 5th relay rod and heads off in that direction.

0210 Hour – I wake up Zal (Cael) “We have lost communication with Voba. Cant even find him on the scanners. Don’t want anything like what happened to Keith, happening to him.” (Zal) “OK, I’m up.” We prep the shuttle and take 2 recruits with us. Zeb and Peggy Sue. I give them a quick once over on the front and rear turret on the shuttle as Zal lifts off. She zeros in on the #1 relay rod and heads in that direction at about 5 m above the tree tops.

Voba, looking for the next location to plant the relay rod, runs into some trouble when a ground fissure widens abruptly under him. The bike goes into a steep drop and he losses control. The front ailerons on the bike hit a pond of water. Throwing Voba several meters past the bike into the deep water. As he tries to swim back to where the bike is sticking out of the water. He notices bubbles coming up all around him.

Zal hovers over relay rod 1. The scanners show relay rod 2 about 1 km away. She slips over to the 2nd rod location. Then the 3rd rod show up on the scanners about 1.25 km away. At this point we hear the crackling voice of Voba over the comlink. It is coming from 2.5 km away. As we get closer we can see the speeder bike sticking out of a pond of water and Voba surrounded by some 2 m size frog creatures. Zal brings the shuttle in at a slow hover. I tie off and open the forward ramp. As we get to 6 m above the water. Omnath dives out the shuttle with his arm blade extended. (Cael) “Damm that Gank.” I lower the winch cable down to Voba. He is standing in chest deep water where the bike is. I take a pot shot at one of the frog creatures. Zeb and Peggy Sue attempt to shoot at the creatures. Omnath is engaged with 2 creatures and Voba has dropped a grenade into the water. Both are thrown a little after the grenade goes off. Voba hooks up the cable to the bike and I starts the winch. Voba is now surrounded. (Cael) “Oh Hell.” When the bike gets up on the ramp. I unhook the cable and send it back down. I also unhook the tie line on me and jump feet 1st into the water from 6 m up. I grab Voba and push him towards the cable. Between Voba’s grenade and Omnath’s blade. Most of the creatures are dead or moving off. Zal starts the cable up with Voba and I on the end. After we are in the shuttle I send it back down for Omnath. (Zeb) looking at the 3 of us dripping wet as the ramp closes. “WOW.! That was Great.!” Omnath pushes past him. Retracts his blade and sits in a chair. I just shake my head and go strap into another chair next to Omnath. Voba goes up to Zal in the pilots seat. (Voba) “We need to plant the rest of these relay rods.” (Zal) “Its getting too dark. We will finish tomorrow.” (Voba) “But, But, Ok, Ok.”

*0530 hour – .243 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base *
Another night of no nightmares. 20 minutes PT, shave, shower and a fresh uniform. I drop yesterdays wet uniform into the laundry. When I get to the cafeteria Svenn has mad something better with the reconstituted eggs. They smell and almost taste like real eggs. Not sure where he got the potatoes for the hash browns from but they are good, and the Java is allot better then the stuff Gaave made yesterday. I notice none of the other kids are around. I finish my breakfast and head to the barracks rooms. I open the doors and abruptly throw a chair into each of the 4 rooms that the kids are in. (Cael) “Get up you maggots.! Its 0630 hour and you should be up and ready to start the day almost an hour ago.” They all start scrambling to get out of bed and for their clothes. (Cael) “Class starts in 1 hour.” I walk away with a smile on my face.

0800 hour – Zal and Voba after breakfast load up tools and the last 6 relay rods onto the shuttle. They again take Zeb and Peggy Sue to man the turrets on the shuttle and act as guards with EL10 blaster rifles. As they are taking off. Several Rupangs ( flying lizards ) land on the shuttle and start clawing at it. With 1 engine still down the shuttle is unbalanced and drifts starboard and almost hits the turret and the trees. Zal hits the alarm. Omnath and I hear this and rush to the landing pad. Omnath extends his blade and goes after the lizards with a vengeance. I climb into the turbo laser turret. In the process of Zal trying to keep the shuttle from hitting anything. 1 of the kids in the shuttle turret hits the turbo laser turret I am in with a laser blast. It starts a small fire inside. The smoke makes it hard to see or to fire the turbo laser. I don’t want to hit the shuttle. After a few intense minutes of firing the Rupangs are dead or scared off. Zal swings wide and heads to the # 5 relay rod location. I power down the turret and put out the fire. (Cael) “What a mess. We are going to need Florek to add to his list and see if there is anything he can do to fix this mess.”

Zal gets the shuttle to the 5th relay rod spot in under 10 minutes. She brings it down to ground level and Voba hops out. Zeb follows him holding an EL10 blaster rifle. Voba looks at him. Zeb is looking around and seems very scared. (Voba) “Good thing no Rupangs are around.” Zeb nods. Voba places the relay rod and they both get back on the shuttle. The next 4 relay rods get installed just as quick over the course of a 4 km stretch. The last relay rod spot is in the side of a cliff. Voba points to the spot about 10 m below the top edge. (Zal) “Lower the ramp. I will move as close as I can and tilt the shuttle back so you can reach that spot.” Voba ties off (Voba to Zeb) “Stay seated. I don’t want you to fall.” This Relay takes Voba some extra time to install. Getting it into the rock takes using some of the tool but it is eventually installed. Voba gives Zal the OK and raises the ramp. Zal checks the sensors and wheels the shuttle around to head towards Whisper Base. They are back on the landing pad in a little under 35 minutes.

1120 Hour – Gaave calls us to come to the comm room. When Voba, Zal, Omnath and I get there. Gaave shows us the scanners. There are 2 Imperial speeder bikes out from Jiranna Base. They are starting to get close to Whisper Base here. (Cael) “Frick. If they get close enough then we are in real trouble. We need to get rid of them. Maybe take them out and make it look like the lizards did it?” I look at Omnath. (Omnath) “I can make it look like an accident. Easy, very easy.” (Cael) “Take some of the dead lizards with you that are out on the landing pad.” (Omnath) “Roger, Roger.” (Zal) “Stop that. You sound like Torre.” Omnath just smiles as he heads out of the comm room.

Good Riddance To The Imperials
Episode 6-8-2016

2015 hour – .240 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Lamda Shuttle.
Returning to Whisper base aboard the Lamda shuttle with Gaave Fenro and Omnath from Iziz. Omnath is still in the binders and not looking happy. By the time we land at the base we get the Gand’s assurance that he will behave. So we release him from the binders. We find each of them a bunk for the night. I check on Torre (Our B1 droid ) and the prisoners. All is well. I turn in for the night. A shot of the bourbon helps me sleep. Helps is a relative term.

0610 hour – .241 ABY – I wake up in a cold sweat. It takes a minute to clear the nightmare from my mind. 15 minutes PT, shower and fresh uniform. I breakdown Betty, clean and reassemble her. Next I head to the data center. It is still on auto. I head to the galley for some breakfast. There is water in the hallway. Vile smelling water that seems to be coming from the trash compactor sealed door. The door is sweating. There must be a leak into the compactor from the roof. Torre walks past with a plate of flapjacks for the prisoners. He is babbling about the capacity of the compactor and the burst pressure of the door as he walks away. I grab 2 flapjacks off the pile before he goes too far. While eating, I check the store room for some tarp and sandbags. There are 2 large tarps and 6 long sandbags. I load a cart and bring them to the compactor door. I use 1 tarp, the 6 sand bags and 3 benches from the cafeteria to build a deck weir to hold the water. As Torre goes past again, I ask him for a pump and hose. He brings it from a storage closet. I next take the tarp and pump up on the roof to seal the leak.

Zal after her morning PT, shower and breakfast, she finds Omnath to help her repair the Lamda engine with the parts we received from Iziz. This takes them several hours. Voba is setting up the listening tower to be a relay only. He wants to transfer all the equipment back to the main base. Gaave has started sorting through the jumble of scorched wires in the comm room. He figures he will have this running at 70% capacity by late afternoon.

When I get to the roof section over the trash compactor. There are several fissures in the roof covering and the rainwater is pouring into the compactor room. The rain is heavy and hot. Like someone is peeing on my back.”I should have brought up a pair of goggles.” I lay the tarp out. Covering all the fissures and secure the edges so it does not flip or blow away. I run the pump hose through a fissure under the edge of the tarp. It sends the pumped water down the sloped edge. I make the tarp channel the water the same direction as the pump water. This way the tarp does not fill with water but drains down 1 side. The pump is not big but will have to do. I figure it will probably take 10-12 hours to fully pump out the excess water. I head back down into the base. Tracking water and mud everywhere. I go out to the landing pad to check with Zal on the progress with the shuttle engine. (Zal) “We should be done no later then 1600 hours. What time is our rondevu with the transport?” (Cael) “1900 hours. Will it take longer then an hour to reach the point?” (Zal) “Depending on traffic and if we get bothered by Imperials, maybe.” (Cael) “It will take us an hour to transfer and secure the prisoners. Thats cutting it close. Do the best you can.” (Zal) “I will. Omnath is a big help.” The Gand just smiles a toothy grin. Not sure if I like that grin. I head to the bunk room and I take a quick shower. Throw the wet uniform in the laundry and get my fresh uniform. Someone has taken it out of the laundry when it was done earlier and dropped it on the floor. I brush it off and put it on. “Better then the wet one I had on.” I belt on my sidearm, knife and get the last 4 stun grenades from storage. I go help Gaave in the comm room until Zal is done.

1410 hour – Via comlink (Zal) “Cael, The shuttle engine is fixed.” (Cael) “Tested and working?” (Zal) “YES I tested it. Wait till Admiral Kolland gets my bill.” (Cael) “Go get cleaned up and we will start transferring prisoners in about an hour.” Omnath gets a laminate storm trooper armor and we give him an E-11 blaster. He looks at it like Zal handed him a rock, but he takes it.

1500 Hour – Zal, Omnath and I start transferring 4 prisoners at a time from the conference room to the Lamda shuttle. The 1st couple of sets of 4 geeks come easily. They do not give us a problem. We get 16 geeks strapped in. Omnath has orders to shoot any of them if they try to escape. None even attempt when they see his toothy grin. The last 4 are actual storm troopers. I have a bad feeling on these 4. As they get close to the door. I drop a stun grenade inside and close the door. WHUMP. When we open the door they are all on the floor moaning. I quickly bind them. 1 of them gets difficult. I drag him into the hall by an ankle and swing him into the far wall head first. Then I do it again a second time. This jamoke is more docile now. We get the last of them into the shuttle then I go retrieve Sariv from his quarters. He is not happy but he cooperates and allows us to strap him into a seat on the shuttle.

1635 hour – Zal powers up the shuttle and we take off for the rondevu point. Traffic is difficult and our pain in the ass Admiral is floating 3 star destroyers in a wedge formation right in our path. I make sure there is an open channel to Voba in the listening post. He is also listening to the comm chatter to make sure that we don’t get stopped or bogged down. Zal has to take a more round about course. After a while she has trouble with the engine that Voba partially fixed with the T16 parts. We are lucky that repair lasted this long. Now down to 1 engine, it takes Zal longer to turn the shuttle and make adjustments in course. We are 3/4 the way to the drop point when 3 tie fighters from Jiranna Base come swooping in. Voba sees this and quickly tries to enter an “Imperial Do Not Intercept” code to wave them off of us. They soon change course. Zal has plotted a microjump to the drop point. (Zal) “Get ready for a quick hop.” I rush to a seat and just get the belt on when she pulls the lever. We come out of hyperspace at the drop point. We are early. Almost 45 minuets early. Soon a GR-65 cargo transport comes into view. It is a smaller, older model of the Gr-75s that are in use now. Zal contacts it on a secure tight beam channel. The pilot is a little confused about meeting up with an Imperial shuttle. He is some A-wing zoomie that Zal knows. (Cael) “Probably got this run dumped on him for doing something stupid.” We match course and dock with her. The crew of the transport helps us offload the 21 prisoners with no incident. We make sure we get our binders back. Our new mechanic steps on board. He is a Devorian named Florek. One of the transport crew brings a grav cart on board with 3 crates on it. The 1st crate has medical supplies. ( This is wonderful, except none of us are medics ) the 2nd crate is locked with 3 coded locks. The last crate has Florek’s mechanical tools, spare uniforms, a kit for Voba, a kit for Gaave and a dusty wrapped package addressed to me. Confused, I quickly unwrap and open the package. It is a birthday present from my Uncle Martin. It is a very old bottle of wine. My uncle perished in the destruction of Alderan. I ask the crew of the transport. “Where did this package come from.?” (Crewman) “Someone found this a while ago. It got lost and someone finally remembered it when your name came up on this mission log. So we brought it along” I put the bottle back into the box and secure it in the crate. Our R2 unit comes wheeling onboard. It is painted black and its Designation is R2-T7. Everything gets strapped down and everyone straps in. We uncouple from the transport and head back to Whisper base.

2215 hour – We land back at Whisper base. It is raining heavy again. Florek does not like the wet heat. He perspires allot. He complains allot also. (Cael to R2-T7 [Roots]) “Can you keep an eye on our B1 droid? He has a restraining bolt right now that we were unsure to remove it. We want to remove it, but we want to make sure of his motivation.”
(R2-T7) “Tweet tooo de bop [ Eye, Eye Sir ]” I quickly move my gear and equipment into Sarev’s quarters. While I am storing things away the floor hatch opens and Zal pops her head out. (Cael) “Excuse me?” (Zal) “OK? Sorry.” After she ducks out and closes the secret hatch I put a heavy chair over it. I put the bottle of wine that is still in the box, on a shelf. A shot of the bourbon and I catch some zzzs.

0615 hour – .241 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon -Whisper Base
I wake to the screams of my Uncle Martin in my dream. My commando knife is already clenched in my right hand. I calm myself and get my breathing back to normal. I put the knife back in its sheath. 20 minuets PT. I look at the bottle on the shelf for a moment then take a hot shower in the personal fresher in these quarters. Shave, a clean uniform and I go get some breakfast. I think we need a slight program upgrade for Torre. He is again making flapjacks. 2 days in a row. Oh well, I take a short stack. Some powdered sugar on them and some hot java. I remind Torre that there are no 21 prisoners to cook for, but we are +3 new personnel. Afterwards I head to the conference room. It is a utter mess in there.

Voba has already radioed in that he has the listening post on relay. All the equipment has been removed and the system is on a triple redundant circuit relay. (Cael to Zal) “Zal, Are you going to go pick up Voba? He has too much equipment to bring back on the bike. Besides it is electronic equipment that really does not need to get wet.” (Zal) “On my way. Going to drop off some food and supplies at the village.” (Cael) “OK. Just don’t take too long.” I get Torre to help me clean and straighten up the conference room while Zal is out picking up Voba. Omnath is helping Gaave in the comm room.

1020 hour – Zal arrives at the village in the Box. She apologizes to Diel about the last time she was there. (Zal) “I was with an imperial geek from the listening post not far from here. Not sure I relayed my need to you then. (Diel) “No you did not. So what now?” (Zal) “I have food and some medical supplies for the village.” (Diel) “Wonderful. I will get someone to help us unload it.” This unloading and diving up of the food and medical supplies with the rest of the village takes several hours. Punctuated by some food and drink. Zal finally gets to the listening post around 1500 hours. She proceeds to sleep off some of the drink. Leaving Voba to load everything himself. This takes him almost an hour. He is soaked by the time he is done. Zal wakes and powers up the Box. There are no other seats so Voba sits on the bike that is strapped down. They head back to Whisper base.

I pull up the 3 codes for the locked crate we received from the packet of orders. When I get the 3 locks open. I am in awe. There is a heavy repeating blaster with generator and tripod in the crate. I close it back up and move the crate to the armory. Gaave has completed the repairs to the comm room. It is operating at 90%. That is the best he says he can do without replacing major components. The transmissions are coming in allot more clear. I continue to set up the conference room as a multi holo screen data center for us. When Voba gets back, we can tie in the screens to several cameras in Iziz and Jiranna Base. This way we may find out more about this contact “L” .

Can Imperial Offices Actually Rescue Rebel Smugglers
Episode 5-25-2016

1030 hour – .240 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base.
Zal preps a speeder bike with provisions and a bottle of some unpronounceable bourbon to take to the 2 imperials at the listening post. She will try to persuade them that they need to stay a couple of more days. I think it is a bad idea but she is set on doing it anyway. I continue to scour through the previous messages between Sarev and L to figure a pattern and code. Voba has completed a partial repair of 1 of the Lamda shuttle engines. It will operate at 50% and sluggish. Keith I believe has gone native. He was enthralled with those flying lizards. He is AWOL from the base from earlier in the day and has not answered his com.

1147 hour – A “Do Not Reply” hyper dump message comes in. It says we will be getting an R2 unit and an engineer to help run the base in 2 days at the transfer of prisoners. There are several other blurb messages. We are processing too much information to the Imperials. “Well what do they want us to do with just the 3 of us going through all this data?” Tech help will be forthcoming in 4 days and our fricken Bothan commander Arkim wants an update report. (Voba) “In due time commander. We will report in due time.” The Droid informs us that 3 of the base techs that are prisoner want to know if they can have something to do. They are even willing to help at their old jobs of filtering data. Voba and I don’t trust them but we put the microphone in the conference room into record and we listen in for chatter as to whether to trust them. Zal, who is on her way to the listening post radios back “I think Keith bought the farm. I think 1 of those lizards got him as he was trying to contact them.” (Cael) “Great, Just Great. Now its just the 3 of us holding down the fort for 2 more days.” (Voba) “We will work with what we got.” Voba examines the data in the T16s flight recorder. Seems it was taking a lazy path around Jiranna base. (Voba) “Probably just out of sensor range but close enough to keep an eye on things and listen.”

1305 hour – Zal reaches the listening post. After having a slight problem on the way with a loose fuel line. When she gets to the posts hatch. She identifies herself as TK198. She informs the 2 techs that they will need to stay put for a few more days and that she has brought extra provisions. They are not happy when they let her in the post. They think she is a person named Dak. She plays it cool. Private Viga the female human tech goes ballistic with the stress of this news. Zal continues to assure them that they will be relieved in a few days. That is why she brought the provisions and the bottle. The 2 techs soon become suspiciously parrinoid that this may not be Dak. They draw their weapons, fire and duck for cover. Zal assures them that all is well as she tries to dodge the blaster fire. (Zal) “There is a new base commander and he is trying to straighten out Sarev’s screw up. I am just using this suit to get out to here. We had an attack from those flying lizards. Sarev is trying to get his command back.” Private Viga wants out and wants to talk to the new commander. Zal relents. She leaves the provisions and bottle with the human male,Private Gant. Viga rides back to Whisper Base on the back of the bike with Zal. They make a stop off at the small village but Diel suspects something is not quite right and denies them refreshments. Zal tries to loose Viga by jumping back on the bike quickly but Viga hangs on. Zal radios in “Whisper base. This is TK198 on approach with 1 tech passenger from the outpost to see the new base commander. ETA to motor pool is 15 minuets, out.” I go to the room where I have been bunking. I don the Imperial uniform and now attach full lieutenant insignia to it. I then head to the motor pool to meet Zal and Viga when they arrive. Voba meets me there in the storm trooper uniform. I have picked up a short riding crop along the way and we are waiting outside the motor pool when they get there. (Cael to Voba) “Starting to like this masquerade party we have here.” When they arrive. Private Viga’s hair is all wild and matted from the bike ride. Her uniform and face are also dirty. As she gets off the bike. (Cael) “PRIVATE VIGA.! Why are you here and not at the listening outpost? Did you not understand my message?” Viga snaps to attention and runs a hand to straighten her hair. (Viga) “Sorry sir. I…was …am reporting a …that…. Private Gant has been sexually harassing me at the outpost and any more time there would have ended terribly.” (Cael) “We are short handed at the moment dealing with the latest attack by those flying lizards.” (Viga) “I…a … where is Commander Sarev?” (Cael) “He is knee deep in the process of finding someone willing to give him his command back. I doubt that he will after my status report. Corporal, Please take Private Viga to the conference room for debriefing.” Zal salutes and walks her to the conference room. (Viga to Zal) “Wow, he is more hard ass then Sarev.” (Zal) “You have no clue. Oh, by the way. Your side arm?” Zal with her hand out accepts the hold out blaster from Viga. As they walk through the motor pool. Viga see the Box. (Viga) “You came in that?” (Zal) “Flew in under cover so no one would suspect a listening base out here.” (Viga) “Oh yea, I see.” When they get to the conference room, Zal opens the door and as Viga walks in Zal hears from inside. (Imperial 1) “Damn, lost another bet. I did not think they would capture you Vig.” It is too late for Viga to understand what has happened when the door is shut and barred behind her. When Zal gets to the com center. Voba and I are already there. He has found information that Sarev and L have a meeting in Iziz every 1 to 2 months. They discuss many topics. Mostly L feeds Sarev of local rebel activity. Their code word for the Imperial Admiral is “Space Rat.” Soon after a message from Private Gant comes in. He is slightly drunk and also wants out of the outpost. (Voba) “I can take his place. I will set up my equipment and monitor from there.” (Cael) “OK. You take 1 bike with your equipment so you don’t get stranded out there and Zal will take another to bring back Gant.” After they load up and leave I check the local data dump. There is a blurb about a smuggler Glave Dalgo and his crew of the Shattered Nebula being caught. I go back to the data dump from home base from this morning and there is a blurb about an incoming rebel freighter by AKA Glave Dalgo. (Cale) “FRICK.”

1545 hour – Voba and Zal arrive at the listening post. Private Gant is highly intoxicated. Voba unloads his equipment and Zal loads Gant onto her bike. She returns to base in a little over 1 hour. The route is getting easier for her to traverse. I again greet their return at the motor pool and I walk Private Gant to the conference room. I relieve him of his side arm and shove him through the door. From inside I hear. (Imperial 1) “Aw….Not you too Gant.”…. (Imperial 2) “Woo Hoo, I win again. These guys are good.” I shut the door, lock it and return to the com room shaking my head. At the com room I fill in Zal as to the fate of our rebel smuggler. We run the info and find out he is only being held by the Customs Police in Iziz. Not the Imperials. (Cael) “Do you think we can get them out?” (Zal) “How are we going to do that?” (Cael) “I can dummy up an Imperial Warrant. We fly in. Walk right into the front door like we know what we are doing and walk out with them as our supposed prisoners, simple.” While Zal preps the Lamda shuttle. On a datapad, I dummy up a Warrant for Glave Dalgo and associates for espionage, theft of Imperial property and failure to pay tariffs. I holster a sidearm and hide my commando knife under the imperial Lieutenants jacket I am wearing. I also take Sarev’s ID chip. After I change the name on it. Zal is still in the storm trooper armor and has an E11 blaster. The Lamda takes off like a balloon in a wind storm. I help Zal with the controls. What would be a 35 minute hop to Iziz takes us a little over 1 hour. The walls around Iziz are at least 25 meters higher then the tops of the surrounding trees. We get clearance to land on pad 237W after some scrutiny as to where we actually came from. It is slightly cooler in Iziz but not much and there is no rain. When we exit the Lamda the dock master can see the damage to our Port engine. After some back and forth and a 50 credit bribe. He gets a rush requisition for the parts and bills the materials to the Imperial base across town. As we walk down the causeway we are bombarded by vendors plying their wares. Even a telw’ik prostitute attempts to steer us to her brothel. We decide that she may be the best source for information and approach her. (Telw’ik) “Hello Boys, I have some fun for you. Just go right down the block to the building with the green canopy front and…” (Cael) “That is not the information we are looking for. We are looking for the Customs Office that houses the brig?” As I pass her 5 credits. She smiles. (Telw’ik) “Its right down this block.” (Cael) “And when we get there. What will we encounter?” As I pass her another 5 credits. (Telw’ik) “I have personally NEVER been there, but others have told me that there are 2 sets of doors to get through with ID before you get to the customs office. The Customs chief smokes death sticks like an old fossil fuel speeder churns out smoke. Have fun boys and I will see you when you get done.” We contact Voba and let him know the plan. He pulls up information that Glave Dalgo is actually Gaave Fenro and his crewman is some Gank lackey named Omnath. Voba will monitor the data stream from the customs office and when they check the warrant, he will real time step on it going any further and show approval to them. Simple as shooting bracka fish in a tub of water. I change the name on the warrant and add the Shattered Nebula freighter to it. We slowly go down the block to the custom house. There are 2 guards at the door. We show them the warrant for the prisoners. We show the ID chip and they let us through the 1st set of doors. The 2nd set of guards are more thorough. They ask us several questions. We are evasive as to where we are taking the prisoners. Just that the warrant says we are taking them. They eventually let us through into the customs house main office. The chief’s office is up a flight of stairs and when we enter the telw’ik was right. He is smoking death sticks and there is an pan full of the left over butts sitting on his desk. (Cael) “Chief, I have a warrant for the prisoners you are holding.” (Chief – putting down the smoking death stick) “Where are you taking them?” (Zal) “Need to know basis and you do not need to know.” The chief looks between Zal and I. He inserts the datapad into the reader. It takes longer then we both expect but we remain calm when the green light finally comes on. (Chief) “Seems in order. Not sure why the Imperials want a 2 bit smuggler. Go through the doors at the bottom of the stairs. They are being interrogated right now.” I put my hand out. (Cael) “The warrant back, please.” He takes it out of the reader and hands it back to me. (Cael) “And the freighter, the Nebula?” (Chief) “She is in the impound yard around back.” (Cael) “Thank you Chief. We will take our prisoners and be on our way.” We go down the stairs and through the double doors at the bottom. There is a short hallway and there is several interrogation rooms. Through the 1 way glass we see Gaave. There is a human male interrogating him with a floating droid about to give Gaave a shot. I rap 3 times on the pane of glass. The man comes to the door. (Agent 1) “What is it? I almost have him giving me the information on the rebels.” (Cael) “This prisoner is now mine. You will release him to me.” The agent looks at the warrant and I can see it in his face that he is heartbroken that he can not finish. Zal enters the room. Puts the binders on Gaave and releases the table binders and walks Gaave out of the room. I go to the next window. There is a heavy set female human with a large stick interrogating a Gank sitting at the table. She hits the Gank several times. It does not even flinch. (Cael – to himself) “I hate Ganks. Nasty, sneaky and always have several cybernetics. Probably has a weapon hidden inside of him somewhere.” Zal walks Gaave over to where I am. (Zal) “Omnath I presume?” I rap on the window with the binders I have in my hand. She hits the Gank 1 more time before she comes to the door. (Agent 2) “What the frick? I am in the middle of breaking this prisoner. Do not bother me.” I put my foot into the door before she can close it. (Cael) This prisoner is no longer your responsibility. He is mine.”The agent looks over the warrent several times then hands it back to me. (Agent 2) “So, what will you do to him?” (Cael) “You do not want to know. (Agent 2) “Oh Yes, I do want to know. Some more advanced imperial tactics?” Zal looks at the agent and then at me and shakes her head. (Cael) “Well you see he is a Gank. We will remove all his cybernetics. Then we will break him down. 1 piece at a time.” The Gank just stares at me. The agent on the other hand is wide eyed, mouth open and shaking like in the throws of a orgasm. (Agent 2) “OH…! I wish I could watch that being done to it.” (Cael) By the way, madam. Do you have a spare set of cyber negating binders? We seem to only have brought standard binders with us. A mistake on my part.” (Agent 2) “Oh here. Take my personal set.” (Cael) “Oh I could not do that.” (Agent 2) “Yes, please take them. For you, I will gladly give them to use on that thing.” I take the cyber binders from the woman and hand them to Zal. Keeping eye contact with the woman. Zal goes over to the Gank and attaches the cyber binders and tests them before releasing the table binders. The Gank just sneers at everyone. We walk the 2 smugglers out of the customs house. When we are on the street. I whisper to Gaave. (Cael) “Play it cool and we all get out of here in tact.” Gaave looks at me and I wink at him. He then leans a little closer to the Gank and whispers 2 words to him that I do not understand. The Gank smiles and continues to walk to the lamda shuttle. Inside the shuttle there is a pile of engine parts at the top of the ramp. We strap Gaave and the Gank, Omnath into seats. After we close the lamda ramp I tell Gaave “When we get outside of the city. Sit tight.” Zal preps the shuttle for take off and radios for clearance. I then strap into the copilots seat to help Zal with lift off. Once we are airborne and on a slow winding course back to Whisper Base. I go back to unstrap Gaave. He is already arguing with the Gank. (Gaave) “Play it cool I said. Let the customs inspector look around. What do you do? You start shooting like a stupid nerf herder on leave. We were outnumbered. I could have bribed them. (Omnath) “They were going to arrest us after they found the contraband.” (Gaave) “No they would not. I cant trust you to not go off the deep end again.” Hearing this I decide not to unbind the Gank. Gaave turns to me. (Gaave) “So how many do you have on your strike team? (Cael) “Counting the 2 of us. 3 total.” (Gaave) “Oh Great. What has Arkim got me into?” (Zal) “Your free. Take that as a plus.” (Cael) “Your ship, the Nebula. Do you have anything incriminating on it?” (Gaave) “No, not really.” (Cael) “We may have to leave it.” (Gaave) “I would like to get her back at some point. This is just great. When I see that Bothan I am going to…..” (Zal) “You, plus the line forms on the left. Hey, I need help up here or we are not making it back to base without crashing.”

Freeing the Box From The Mud
Episode 4-27-2016

Cael Log – 1600 hour – .238 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. We finish unloading and store the delivery from Vrala Mishar’s shuttle. This takes us approximately 3 hours. Zal pays Vrala the 200 cr before she lifts off. Voba, Zal and I have a quick dinner and take stock in the continuing plan. Keith is still missing and unaccounted for. I bring up the loose cannon comment about Keith again. Zal and Voba let the comment slide. The transport for the prisoners will be in orbit, we hope in 4 days. The 2 Imperials at the small listening post need to be relieved in 3 days. The Droid is doing a good job of keeping the prisoners fed and at bay. There is way too much information passing through this base for any or all of us to keep up with. I really hope we get reinforcements to handle the data. Voba is working on a program to filter some of the info down to important words and phrases. We don’t want to have anyone notice a slight drop in the info flow. After a few more hours in the transmission room. I set the data retrievers on auto for the night. I also set the proximity alarms and make sure all external doors are sealed. Voba is bunking in an officers room as am I. Zal has been bunking in the motor pool. I try to get some sleep. Denubian brandy may help. It is 2345 hour.

0500 hour – .239 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. Quick shower, combat uniform. Still need to field strip Betty. Maybe tomorrow. I grab a handful of protein bars and a fruit juice and head to the Operations room. I have set up a holo board of time tables – cross referenced by holo monitors, time stamp and location. Zal preps 1 of the ATSTs to go out and check on the Box and maybe find Keith. She leaves the motor pool at 0730 hour. Voba is prepping the Lamda shuttle to go out and examine the crash site that was discovered of the fly over the jungle. The Lamda is moving very slow and awkward after the damage I caused it. Voba heads North at 0900 hour. I settle in to a routine between the operations room and the data transmission room. Every once in a while check on the droid and the prisoners.

Zal heads South and after 1 hour mistakenly thinking she has gone the wrong direction and changes course. After another 2 hours she comes across Keith’s signal. She again changes course and homes in on his beacon.

Keith awakens with a slight hangover on a couch in the small village. A small boy is playing a game on a data pad. He points to the back door not looking up from the game. Keith gets up and goes out the door. He finds Deil Kadrum in another room. She explains that the men of the village will be returning soon. After another hour, an older 4 door speeder arrives with 4 men in it. Darious, the driver introduces himself. They discuss the problem of retrieving the Box. Darious tells Keith “It is caught in a mud slide and is some 30 meters down the slope from where it was originally parked.” At this time an ATST appears at the edge of the trees at the South end of the village. The men panic and try to leave. Keith radios to see which 1 of us is in the ATST. When Zal radios back. Keith gives the all clear to the rest of the village. Zal brings the ATST to rest in the middle of the village and pops the hatch. (Zal) “Been looking for you.” (Keith) “Well, Been making contact with the villagers here.” The men then lead Keith on the speeder bike and Zal in the ATST to where the Box is stuck. It is about 1 hour from the village.

Back at Whisper Base I get a large blip on the scanners. It disappears then reappears closer to the base. When it reappears over the base. There is a large crash from the roof. 2 of the monitors go blank. I grab Betty and head out to the landing pad. There are several large lizards flying over the base. I can also see that there is a large boulder crashed into the roof of the base. When I climb up to where the boulder is. It has crushed 1 of the data transmission cables. I go down to the supply room and retrieve a 2 meter section of cable. A splicer and a welder. I also check the circuitry to make sure there is power to the turbolasers on the landing pad. When I get out to the pad. I climb into the turbolaser, power up the scanners and rotate the guns to aim at the biggest lizard flying over the base. I fire a burst. It falls to the ground. The rest of the lizards disperse. I power down the turbolaser and go repair the crushed cable. I return to the data center to reroute data through the repaired cable. It works to satisfactory standards. I will need to get Voba to check it later.

After 2 hours of cross searching the jungle. Voba finds what is left of a crashed T-16. There is a small clearing about 50 meters from the crash where he can put the shuttle down. When he gets to the crash site he is puzzled that there are no bodies in the T-16. He retrieves the black box and also finds 3 large locked boxes in the rear compartment. He moves all of it to the shuttle. When he opens the 3 locked boxes. He finds 9 DL10 heavy blaster rifles and 3 kilos of pure glitterstreme. He closes and locks the cases and straps them in the cargo hold of the shuttle. He then goes over what is left of the T-16. There are a few parts he can salvage from it to possibly repair the engines on the shuttle. He spends the next 2 hours removing them and placing them in the shuttle.

Keith, Zal, Darious and the other 3 villagers get to where the Box is sunken into the mud on a slope close to the edge of a 100 meter drop off. The villagers start digging the Box out. Keith attaches a cable from the ATST to the rear of the Box. The digging of the mud disturbs the balance and the Box starts sliding farther down the slope. Zal attempts to pull the Box out but slowly gets the ATST pulled down the slope deeper into the mud. Keith quickly attaches a cable from the speeder to the ATST and attempts to pull them both out. The ATST Sinks down into the mud up to the top of the legs. Zal lowers the front dual blasters and the ATST is now an anchor in the mud. Stopping the Box from sliding any further. The villagers dig out more mud while Keith removes the cable from the ATST that is attached to the speeder. He attaches the cable to the Box. Now with the ATST as an anchor, the Speeder pulls the Box out of the mud. Zal feels a little guilty having to leave the ATST sunk in the mud but there is no way they will get it out. It takes the 6 of them another hour to clear enough mud from the repulsers and the door so Zal can get inside the Box and get it airborne. Keith loads the speeder bike into the Box. The villagers in the speeder, Keith and Zal in the Box head back to the village. Once there, Diel greets them. There are several large lizard creatures flying overhead. Keith thinks he sees people riding them. Diel explains that they are a Hunting clan and help the village every once in a while.

In between checking back and forth between the data and the output to the local Moff. I come across some personal messages from a contact with a code name L. These messages go to the base commander. They are clandestine messages for sure. Will take some time to decipher. I also come across info on the palace in Izis. When the ruling family was removed from power. Several merchant families were installed into the palace. Commander Sarev’s family is 1 of those rich merchant families. In the early afternoon, Voba returns with the shuttle. He informs me as to what he found. We store the DL10s and the glitterstreem. He cracks open the black box and filters through the data. Seems the T-16 was a private shuttle from the Deamon Moon.

Just before sunset. Keith and Zal return to base with the Box. There is no room to land on the landing pad. I tell Zal to park it in the motor pool. Keith has to move some of the speeder bikes but Zal makes it fit where the missing ATST should have been. We again all sit down to dinner and go over today’s excitement. Again I bring up “What are we going to do with the 2 Imperials in the small listing post that get relieved in 2 days?” (Voba) “We will relieve them.” (Cael) “With who? We are already short handed.” Voba just shrugs. After dinner Keith and I again keep tract of the data flow. At around 2350 hour I put the system on auto. I set the proximity alarms and make sure all external doors are sealed. I then take another shot of the Denubian brandy and head off to catch a few hours of rem sleep.

0310 hour – .240 ABY – The base proximity alarms go off. I throw on some pants, grab my combat vest, goggles and Betty and head to the sensor control center. Voba comes in groggy a minute after me. The sensors show several unknown blips all around the base. We can hear more boulders being dropped on the base. I head to the landing pad. Keith and Zal come in to the sensor control room just as I am leaving. Out on the landing pad, I can see several objects flying overhead. Something whizzes past my right ear. I hit the switch on Betty to FULL AUTO. 2 short bursts into the sky. Another shot whizzes past my left side. I keep moving. Another 2 short bursts. Zal comes out onto the landing pad behind me. She is heading for the shuttle when 1 of the giant flying lizards lands on the starboard wing of the shuttle. Zal gets a javelin through her right shoulder. The rider on the lizard is in a mix of armor, fur and bone carapace. He hops down to Zal and grabs her. I turn towards the intruder. Hit the switch back to SEMI AUTO. I have a clear shot but he has Zal by the shoulder between him and I. (Cael) “Let her go and step back!” (Jarro – Rider) “You want your friend to die. Lower your weapon.” (Cael) “I got a clear shot at those pretty green eyes. Want to loose 1 and your life?” (Jarro) “Glad you can see they are green. Now put down your weapon.” (Keith – Stepping in front of me) “No, They are friends of the villagers.” Jarro twists and removes the javelin from Zal’s shoulder in 1 swift motion. (Jarro) “This base must be gone from our sacred land. 1st they made 1 base, then another, then another. Now you come and take the base from them but you are still here on our sacred land.” Jarro mounts his flying lizard and bounds up into the sky (Cael) “Well isn’t he an ungrateful turd? We come all this way to liberate him from his oppressors and he does not appreciate it 1 bit.” Keith shoots Zal with a stim pack and puts a field dressing on her wound. We lock down the base again and go back to bed.

0530 hour – .240 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. Quick shower, combat uniform. I take 23 minuets to field strip Betty. Clean her and re-assemble her. After grabbing a protein drink and a breakfast MRE. I head to the data center. By the time I get there Voba is already going through messages and comes across a recent 1 from L about the weather and to meet. I show Voba what I had found about L. We start scouring the message dump for previous messages and replies to and from L. We generate a reply. L sends us back another message. Voba back tracks the massage to a semi industrial section of Izis. He pulls up several local surveillance cameras in the area and in under 20 minuets he finds L sitting at a lone outside table in a small café. Our messages back to L is to wait. We hope he buys the ruse?

Capture At Whisper Base
Episode 3-30-2016

Cael Log – .236 ABY – 1500 hour – Whisper Base – Jabrial System – Planet 45830. Locally know as Onderon. I disable the starboard engine on the Lamda class shuttle. Now both engines are grinding and smoking bad. With the power off to the base. The landing clamps still hold the shuttle from lifting off. Keith radios to Zal “Turn on the turrets so we have some firepower out here on the landing pad.” I take up a defensive position behind a crate and target the shuttles ramp area for when they open it. The shuttle starts to sputter and sets back down on the pad. Voba over the com “I am in control room. 4 junior officers. Disabling transmission unit.” Zal gets the power back to the turret and Keith rotates the turret around facing the shuttle and fires a warning shot over the top of it. I yell “Exit The Shuttle NOW! 1 at a time.” The ramp lowers and 1 engineer slowly walks down the ramp. He tosses his side arm over by my feet. (Cael) “Get on the ground on your belly!” The engineer does not get down (Cael) “On that belly or you loose a kneecap!” He gets down on his belly. (Cael) “Next Out, 1 at a time. Drop your weapons out.” Keith is now at the side door to the turret keeping his gun on the contingent of prisoners now coming out of the shuttle. Keith and I get them all disarmed and on their belly. We hear 1 of the junior officers inside the shuttle. “The commander does not want to come out” (Cael) “I can fix that with another grenade up the ramp.” (Officer) “OK, we are coming out.” 2 junior officers drag Lieutenant Sarev down the ramp. The 2 officers drop their sidearm to the duracrete. Sarev, holding the barrel. Hands me his ornate pistol. (Sarev) “Please do not mishandle that. It is a family heirloom. Now I suggest you and your associates leave before Admiral Korlan drops 10 squads of stormtroopers on this base.” (Cael) “What he does not know. Will not bother us.” I send Keith into the shuttle to get binders. When he comes out he has 4 pairs in his hands, but 1 pair is locked on his left wrist. We hear a loud WHUMP. Over the com we hear Voba. “Got a ATST moving. Took out 4 on speeder bikes. Motor pool is clear.” Keith and I bind the prisoners and we get them locked away in the conference room. We disable any computer and communication equipment in there. We also disable the door control access panel on the inside. 20 prisoners in there. We lock Lieutenant Sarev in his quarters. Again we disable any computer and communication equipment. The door control access panel on the inside. We also weld the access to the now discovered secret access tunnel to the landing pad. Sarev does not look happy. Zal is able to segregate power to only the systems we want running. We reestablish the uplink so the base is still processing and forwarding information. We discover the base is expecting a supply delivery in 3 days. 2100 hour – We set watches and alarms for the night. Close off the motor pool doors and reset the access codes. ( Sleep is not restful. Up 3 time in the night )

0600 hour – .237 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. 15 minute PT, quick shower, combat uniform. Betty does not leave my side. The base cafeteria has decent food. At breakfast the 4 of us discuss the days procedures. (Zal) “I think I got the circuitry board figured out. We can make sure only the areas we want are powered. (Voba) Good. What little information I got out of the stuffy pants Lieutenant is that the base is gathering information on Admiral Korlan and his fleet. They are relaying this info to Moff Dardano. Keith We need you to go out and scout the area. See if there are straggler scout troopers out there and possibly make contact with the locals. (Keith) “Eye, Eye. I will prep a bike after I feed the prisoners. Are we getting any reenforcements?” (Voba) “We will find out this morning when we transmit the all clear code” (Cael) “From what I can find is a Verala Mishar. A private delivery courier is making a supply delivery here tomorrow. Food stuff, maintenance parts, com equipment, repair parts and patches, ammo, electrobinoculars and a couple of barrels of rust preventor.” (Voba) “We need to uplink back to base and report to that stuffy Bothan.” Keith feeds the prisoners and makes sure that they have not tried to escape or any communications. He then preps a speeder and heads out to check on The Box and contact the locals. The rest of us narrow beam contact our commander. He seems surprised when we report that the base has been taken. 20 prisoners + the base commander. Shuttle damaged. Communications room damaged. 5 speeder bikes damaged. No casualties. No indication Admiral Korlan suspects anything. He debriefs each of us separate. My report is short and sweet. I explain Keith is a little of a loose cannon. The rest of the squad all works well together. We tried to keep the damage down to a minimum with what little equipment and armament we had. He commends my actions. He says he will recommend me to his superiors that I be Squad Leader. I am a little confused by this. I tell him “I am more a point and shoot kind of guy.” he will take that under advisement. Reenforcements will hopefully be in system soon. We will need to transport the prisoners to orbit to transfer them. Later I look for a Imperial junior Lieutenant uniform that fits me. We are going to need to fool this Verala tomorrow morning when she gets here. Voba communicates with an Imperial 2 man outpost not far from the base. They are due to be relieved in a few days. Keith is gone for the whole day. We have not been able to communicate with him either. We are reluctant to send out anyone else until we get reinforcements. It is raining very hard. We clear part of the landing pad and Zal moves the damaged Shuttle over so the delivery shuttle has room to land tomorrow morning. Still no word from Keith. I bring the prisoners their dinner.

0600 hour – .238 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. 5 minute PT, very quick shower, combat uniform. Have not field stripped Betty since leaving base. Must allocate time later. This wet weather must be running havoc on her. Still no word from Keith. Been 14 hours. The 3 of us have been on high alert. Our squad is now at 75% efficiency. 0900 hour – We get the call from Verala Mishar. She should be arriving within the hour. She inquires as to whether the load lifters have been fixed. We reply “I don’t think so.” I don the Imperial uniform, cap and field side arm. Zal and Voba don the stormtrooper uniforms. 0950 hour the Lamda class shuttle comes on the sensor screen. Zal puts the landing track beacon on auto. We then exit the landing pad control room and go out onto the duracrete pad. The shuttle “Dathomir” circles once and comes down with a bad bounce (Zal) “Amateur, she cut the repulsors too fast.” We space ourselves around the platform. So as not to be 1 easy target and any 1 of us will get the drop on her if this goes bad. She opens the ramp and slowly walks down. Seeing me she asks “Where is Rick? Who are you?” (Cael) “We had a bad lightning strike. Most of the base is on repair detail. Even our Lamda took a bad hit and is severely damaged.” (Verala) “Who are you?” She starts to back up, I smile and say “I am 2nd Lieutenant Cael. And you are Vrala Mishar.” Zal has slowly moved to the ramp and is standing on it when Verala uses a Beck on Call to raise the ramp. Zal is now inside her ship. Verala continues to back up with her hand close to her gun on her right hip. I continue to slowly move forward with a smile on my face and my right hand near my holstered blaster. (Verala) “Why do I get the impression this base has changed hands?” (Cael) “Why do you say that?” At this point Verala sees Zal inside her ship cockpit waving. Voba who is off to her left removes his helmet. Revealing that he is a Duros. Verala looks at him. (Verala) “Well that changes everything. How do we deal with this?” (Voba) “Same as always. You keep supplying supplies. No one is the wiser.” What if someone finds out this base has changed hands.” (Cael) “Play it cool. You were only delivering stuff. You see 3 lackeys unload it. You get paid by a covert account anyway. No problem.” (Verala) “I’m taking all the risk if someone finds out. It’s going to cost.” (Voba) “How much?” (Verala) “Say 200 credits and I play dumb. As long as the material gets paid also.” (Voba) “Done. 200 credits. You say nothing. A win, win situation for all of us. Now lets get this unladed so you can get out of here.”

Shhh, This Is Whisper Base
Episode 3-16-2016

Cael Log – .235 ABY – 0400 local time at base 234. Wake up to another night of bad dreams about the death of my family and Alderan. PT run 10k. 25 minuets agility training. Shower, duty uniform, breakfast is an ugly pale green meat product mixed with I think mushroom chunks. Tastes just like yesterdays breakfast, crapp. After breakfast I break down Betty. “Betty is my Zenoti Arms #43B Heavy Blaster Rifle. A real sweet gun” Cleaning all her parts and reassemble her. 0800 Briefing on our next mission in conference room 2. Present are Voba Mantari our Duros Engineer, Keith our Scout / Spy, Our pilot Zal Rio and I. We are waiting 8 to 10 minuets when the holoprojector powers up and projects our Bothan Commander. “Good morning Squad – Delta 3. Your next mission is to rondevu at coordinates 234-127.73 Jabrial System – Planet 45830 – Whisper base. Listening and scout outpost. Planet 45830 is a typical jungle environment. 39.2 deg C temp – 2.973 m rainfall / year. Your mission is to Secure the facility. Capture and detain the base Commander. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let the base sound the alarm to alert any nearby Imperial Star Destroyers. Afterwards you will reply by tight beam message for further instructions. I am sorry to say the only transport we have available is the tiny freighter you used on your last mission. The blood stains have been removed and the breach holes have been repaired close to specs. You leave today at 1300 hours. Pack your gear. Commander Out.”
(Cael) “Well that was cheezy. They patched the holes CLOSE to spec?” (Keith) “I assume we take our Standard equipment? What little they gave us .” (Zal) “I will check out our ride. I think she is still out back behind the motor pool” (Voba) “I really need more equipment but the quartermaster will not part with any of it. We are lucky we still have a few grenades left over from the last time.” (Cael) “OK We meet at “The Box” at 1230 hours with whatever equipment we got, can borrow or just commandeer.”

1230 hours – Our transport “The Box” is little more then a box with a pilot seat. 8 temporary sling hammocks. A tired repulsor drive and a slow as a nerf hyperdrive. But even after our last run she still held together. Faded on the side you can still read Proton Transport – Messenger. I only have 2 grenades and 1 power pack. I did find 5 stim packs and a pair of scan goggles no one was using. My armor, Betty, my Davos vibro survival knife, comlink to beta channel and a few days of protein ration bars. We all stow our gear. The motor pool Sargent Mathews comes over to Zal to sign “The Box” out for our mission. Shakes his head as he walks away. “Frick that datapad pusher. They could have given us something better to fly in.”

As Zal gets us to the jump point. We all look at the patched holes to see if they hold in a vacuum. Luckley they do. I catch some ZZZs in a hammock for the 3.75 hour ride. I wake up when The Box shakes like crazy coming out of hyperspace. I go up to Jin in the pilot seat and look over her shoulder at the scanner. No Star Destroyer or Ties in the immediate vicinity. Zal starts looking for a LZ that is not too far from the target base. She finds 1 about 3 km South. She bring us in low over the treetops and into the LZ in under 20 minuets. When the door of the Box opens. The heat and humidity of this fricken jungle hits us like a ton of duracrete. The scanner puts us 3.1 km South by South East of target. We hump our way Northwest. After about 2 km we hear speeder bikes. The rain and the insidious birds makes it difficult to track them. Voba taps me on the shoulder and points North East. With my scan goggles I can make out 3 74-Z speeder bikes with imperial scout troopers on them. They are heading North West towards our target. Takes us a little over 1.5 hours to reach the target. The base, what we can see of it. Is a large blast door in the side of a mountain. Up the mountain we can see outcropping of roof sections. We work our way to the West side of the 20 m wide door. Voba rigs the sensor to not open when it receives a radio signal open. We then hide and wait for a patrol to return. After about 7 minuets a 3 man patrol comes screaming in from the South West. We can see the lead man punching his panel to get the door open. Too bad I could not see his face when he hits the door at full speed. Wrecked that poor bike. The other 2 stop just in time. They manually open the door. The 2 imperial scouts drag the bike and their injured man inside and close the door after themselves. We regroup after 3 minuets at the panel. Voba opens the blast door. Inside is a motor pool. There are 2 rows of 74-Z speeder bikes and a STAT sitting at either end of the bay. We can follow the trail of mud and blood to the ramp to our right up to a catwalk and down the hallway. There is a odd maintenance droid attempting to clean the mud and blood from the floor. Zal’s eyes light up when she sees 16 speeder bikes just sitting there. I wonder if we can fit 4 in the Box for us on the way back to base. It would be cramped, but we might be able to fit them. We all move to cover when we hear 3 imperials coming down the hallway towards the motor pool. Keith jams their comlink channel. When they enter the room at the ramp they spot Voba and Zal. The Imperials open fire. I come out from under cover of the catwalk and blast the lead man. Voba and Keith hit the 2nd guy as they back into the hall. As the 3 man back around the corner at the hall. I charge up the ramp. Into the hall I Draw my knife and bowl the imperial over and plant the knife in his throat just below his helmet. I drag his body back into the motor pool room. Zal, Voba and Keith decide to disguise themselves with the 3 imperials uniforms. I take 2 of the light blaster pistols then go up to the hall. I check the range of the other 3 imperials down the hallway to the West. They are at the far end of Betty’s range. Tough shot. I would not be able to get all 3 before they raised the alarm. I go back down the ramp and tell them the range of where the other 3 imperials are down the hall. We head to the West end of the motor pool. There is another ramp with a closed door at the top. Keith jams the imperials comlink. Voba opens the door and throws a stun grenade into the hall. WHOOMP.! When we open the door. There are no imperials there except a scorched blast door in the corner. “Frick” When we enter the hall. Voba tries to pop the lock on the blast door in the corner. At this point the lights go out “Zal must have found the generators” I turn my goggles on light intensifier plus IR. Voba cant get the door open. Then 3 imperials are seen coming down the hall to the North and 3 more are coming from the East. I blast the lead imperial North of me. I can bearly hear Voba say something like “We have him. Don’t shoot” as he grabs my head. I blast the 2nd imperial North of me and break free into a run up the North hallway. The 3rd imperial ducks around the corner. I come around the corner in a low tackle run. As I hit him, I have my vibro knife out and into his throat. He is dead before he hits the floor. Now I hear Vova and Keith taking care of the other 3 imperials from the East hallway. I check the door across from this empty barracks hall I am in. This room is empty with just now dead computers and seats. As I move more North I hear a faint WOOMP.! Another grenade just went off to the East. “I hope Zal only turned off the generator and not blow it up?” I slowly peak around another corner. Noone, but along the North side of the hallway there is an empty recreation room. Next there is an empty locker room with a shower stall, still with the water running. There are wet foot prints heading for the barracks hall. Next I come up to a firing range with 2 imperials reloading some blasters. From my vantage point in the hall. I crack open the door. Aim and fire. I hit the 1st imperial in the neck. The 2nd imperial tries to duck behind the 1st and the blaster bolt goes completely thought the 1st ones neck and into the eye of the 2nd imperial. “SWEET, 2 dead imperials with 1 shot.” I continue through the empty firing range. Keith radios “I found the landing pad! There is Lamda class shuttle. It is prepping for take off !” From the hallway in front of me. I can hear the whine of the shuttles engines. As I run down the hall we can hear Keith over our com again “Zal.! I need the power back on. I cant operate the turbo laser out here. I need it to stop the shuttle.!” I get to the short hallway that goes out to the landing pad. I make the left and when I get to the landing pad. I see Keith by the turbo laser turret. The forward loading ramp of the shuttle closes as I turn to it. The shuttle engines start to raise in pitch for takeoff. I pull out the AP grenade. Pull the pin. Easy as throwing a laser ball into a 5 point hoop, I throw the grenade into the port engine intake. As I duck for cover in the short hallway, it goes off. I can hear the engine grinding. When I look, the port engine is smoking bad. “That should stop them from leaving anytime soon.”

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