You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Fast Track Upgrade For the Guppy
Episode 9-14-2017

1.073 ABY – 1600 Hour – Titan Base – Corban Sector – Cael Report
After getting a better idea of the 2 possible missions. We rendezvous back at the Smooth Sailor. I lay out what we know of the 2 missions. There are only a few questions brought up on each and then I put it to a vote.
Go to the Asteriod base where Commander Akbar and the Alliance Verpine gyroscopic prototype is. Remove the imperial threat, or evacuate commander and prototype or make sure the Imperials do not get the commander or the prototype.
Vote for – Cael, Mathus, Flower and Omnath
Rescue the Spec Ops Team looking into Shell Cracker Imperial prototype and / or complete mission to get info on imperial prototype weapon.
Vote for – Berrenger, Grabbo and Moonbeam
(Cael) “Looks like we are fast tracking the Guppy’s upgrades and taking a short hop to the Roche asteroid belt. Mathus, what is your time table to complete. Or complete most of the Guppy’s upgrades?” (Mathus) “Well, if the Guppy’s tech crew is half as good as me. I need a day.” (Cael) “Good, will you inform Gravic of our decision when you get to the bridge on the Guppy? Arkem will not be too happy with our decision.” Mathus nods Yes as he walks out the boarding ramp.

1700 Hour – Mathus heads towards the Guppy’s bridge and I head to the supply depot on Titan base. I think we will need some equipment to complete this mission. When I get to the supply area. It is in a desolate section of the base. Mostly asteroid in this area. The supply Sargent’s behind the desk is named Wayne. Working on a mix match of parts at a nearby workbench is Garth. (Wayne) “Good evening Captain. What can we do for you?” (Cael) “I need about a dozen space suits. 1 needs to be Wookee size.” (Garth) “We have them in stock. The wookee suit, I need a few hours to modify.” (Cael) “I see you can modify by what you are putting together there. I have 3 Imperial laminate armor suits. Can they be made space worthy?” (Wayne) “Sure, we have something that can be retrofitted to the outside of the suit to last you several minuets in space.” I look around at all the odd equipment sitting on shelves. (Cael) “Cool, so do you have any personal stealth fields?” Garth gets wide eyed and excited. (Garth) “He wants it.! I have it finished. Wait here. Let me go get it !” (Wayne) “Go get it. Sir, Captain Cael sir. I think you will like this.” Garth comes back with a small pouch that hangs on a belt. He walks around the counter to attach it to my side arm belt. (Garth) “Your Cael Hanarist, the blitzball star. Hear lift your arm. It attaches to your belt.” Garth backs up and has a grin from ear to ear. (Garth) “Try it. Hit the button. Hit the button.” When I press the button. I can see a sheen cover my entire body. When I look into the mirror. I can not see myself. If I move my arms there is a little distortion but still hard to see. I turn the field off. (Cael) ‘This is great. How long will it last?” (Wayne) “If you have it on constant. The power pack will drain in about a half hour. If you use it sporadically. Maybe a little longer.” (Cael) “Good, then I will need power packs for this and for several other weapons.” (Wayne) “Who is the Wookee. I can pull up his service record and get his specifications.” (Cael) “Well, you see, he is not alliance personnel. He is an independent doctor assigned to my crew. He is about 220 centimeters tall and 112 kg. Will that do.” (Wayne) “We can do it. So, you like the stealth field?” (Cael) “Yes, this will do well.” (Garth) “For the field. Can we get you autograph?” (Cael) “Sure, what would you like me to sign.” Garth runs into another small room and comes back with a wall poster of 1 of my early year games. I am in the air over the top of 3 other heads and the ball is poised to be thrown from my right hand. I do not remember the shot but the picture look good. (Garth) “Can you, can you sign this.?” I take a large black marker and sign it “To Wayne and Garth – Cael Hanarist” (Garth) “Thank you sir.” (Wayne) “Let us know if you need anything else Captain Hanarist.” (Cael) “I will, thank you guys.” (Wayne) “Oh, by the way sir. I have packages for you and 2 others of your team.” Wayne hands me 3 packages. 1 is for me. 1 is for Omnath. The 3rd is for Zal. I hand Zal’s package back. (Cael) “This package, you will have to forward to her new unit. Not sure where she is stationed.” The 3 packages are from Gaave. I wonder what he is sending me? Just then, I get a call from Mathus on my com. (Mathus) “Cael, can you get me about 100 meters of RD64 cable and about a dozen T5 power couplings. I am elbow deep in upgrades on the Guppy right now.” (Cael) “I will see what I can do.” I look at the 2 men behind the counter. (Garth) “The RD64 cable is not a problem. I have plenty of that, but I only have T4 couplings. He will have to make due.” (Cael) “OK, Mathus could also use some other equipment. Do you happen to have a data-breaker?” (Wayne) “We have an older model. Garth, please get the DB112 off the 3rd shelf on aisle 6.” Garth comes out from the back room with a 40 cm square box that has a small screen on it and several wires attached. (Garth) “1 slightly used DB112 for you.” I blow a little dust off it and look at the 2 guys skeptical. (Wayne) “It will work. Trust me.” (Cael) “OK, thanks guys.”

1900 Hour – With the stealth field clipped on my belt. I take the DB112, the cable, the box of T4 power couplings and the 2 gift boxes from Gaave and head towards where the Smooth Sailor is Berthed. I stop in a side hallway because the curiosity has got the better of me. I open the package from Gaave. It is an under barrel blaster shot gun. Damn, these things are vicious. Only close range but deadly. There is also a holo-disc in the box. I pop it into my datapad and Gaave’s face pops up. Looks like his hair has grown back. He mentions he has been on several assignments since Onderon and that he found these items and thought we would could use them. He wishes us good luck. Gaave is not a bad guy. We could not have competed the mission on Onderon without him. I head back to the Smooth Sailor to drop off the 2 presents and then head to the Guppy. I stop by the PX and grab a case of ding dong cakes. When I get to the bridge on the Guppy. There is tons of wire hanging everywhere. I find Mathus under a control panel. I walk over and kick his foot. (Cael) “Beware of Mandelorians bearing gifts.” Mathus crawls out from under the consol. I drop the bundle of cable on the deck plate. Place the box of power couplings next to it. Then I reach into the box and pull out the DB112 and hand it to him. (Cael) “Thought you could use this.” (Mathus) “Wow, sure I can use it. Ah, those are T4 couplings not T5.” (Cael) “Supply said you will have to make due. They have no T5s in stock.” (Mathus) “Ok, we will just have to re-route a few things. More cable laying people.” There is a consensus groan from all the tecks in the room. Roots even swivels his dome and gives a groan. I hold up the box of ding dongs. The groans from the tecks turn to a YEA. Mathus grabs the box from me and sets it on the consol. (Cael) “I will leave you all to your work.” As I make my way back to the Smooth Sailor. I go past the ships barracks. I am confronted by a female Tel’wik marine. (Marine) “I hear you are not going after the Spec Ops team. You know they are based here. Too tough of a mission for you?” (Cael) “I felt it was more important to keep a commander safe then having to rescue an Ops team that should have known better of what to do.” The Tel’wik and I have several more cross words before she shows me how accurate she can shoot. On the target range. She runs a silhouette target to the long range setting. She hoists her HG203 blaster rifle and fires a single shot. Her shot is good. Very good but it is to the left in the chest of the silhouette. We seem to have draw a bit of a crowd. Some of the other marines are watching from the door. I hold my hand out for her blaster rifle. She looks at me for a second but hands it over. I re-adjust the sights since they are slightly off. (Marine) “The sights are fine.” I hoist the rifle. Target in the head of the silhouette and fire. The blaster bolt goes right between the eyes. Fricken HG203 rifle kicks like an anger kratt dragon. My shoulder is killing me. I hand her back her rifle. She and the other marines have their mouths open in a gape at that shot. The Tel’wik just stares at me as I leave.

2000 Hour – I grab some chow from the cafeteria. It is some mystery meat in a lite brown sauce and a blue green vegetable that taste like an old seat cushion. I finish eating and head to the Smooth Sailor. When I get there, I notice that Berrenger and Grabbo are not there. They have been spending a lot of time together. Still not sure what Berrenger’s angle is in helping us. I make a quick report to Arkem. Explaining that my team will take the Commander Akbar mission. I decide to put some fire under the Guppy’s marine strike team in the morning with some early morning PT. I turn in for the night. It is a good night with no bad dreams.

1.074 ABY – 0430 Hour – Titan Base – Corban Sector – Cael Report
I wake up early. Throw on some sweats and running shoes. I head to the Guppy’s marine barracks. I get there at 0445. The entire company is still sleeping. I turn on the lights and toss a chair across the room. (Cael) “Up an atom you maggots. Time for PT. The company commander, a quarren sargent named Walden comes into the room half dressed. He sees me at the door barking orders. He runs over stands at attention and salutes. (Walden) “Sir, is there a problem sir?” (Cael) “Sargent, your company has become a bit laxed. We are soon going on a dangerous mission. If, and I do mean if it goes bad. It is your company of marines I am going to call for back up support. For starters we are going to have a 30 minuet PT. Records show you have not required PT for several months from them. We need these people in tip top fighting shape. Do I make myself clear?” The quarren nods yes. He turns to the company. (Walden) “All right, everyone up for PT, 5 minuets !” (Private) “But sarge, its only 0450. We have another 2 hours sleep.” (Walden) “I said up now Becker or I am going to make you scrub floors with a toothbrush for a week.” In 5 minuets the company is as ready as they will ever be. I take them on a jogging course through the ship. At a cross hallway we come across Mathus slowly walking towards us. He looks like he has been up all night. (Cael) “Good morning Mathus.” (Mathus) “Good night Cael.” As we jog by him. We wind our way through corridors. The early shift crew is dumbfounded that the marines are up this early and training. I deliver them back to the barracks in a half hour. (Cael) “All right, shower, shave and day uniforms for chow. After chow I want to see how well you can disappoint me in the rest of your training.” They all look at me like they want to fall back in bed, but they head to the showers. I find the officers quarters. Shower and shave and I grab a clean flight jump suit. I am waiting in the cafeteria for 10 minuets before the first of the marines makes it down there. Breakfast is a protein drink, 2 slabs of meat and a grain – vegie bar. After 15 minuets Lt Coronel Gravic comes into the cafeteria. He is startled by the amount of marines in here this early. He grabs a cup of java and a bowl of some gelatin that smells like fish. He sits at my table and we discuss the upgrades while he eats. (Gravic) “Your man Mathus is a work taun taun. He competed 4 days of upgrades, wiring and repairs in 1 night. We should be ready for departure later this morning.” (Cael) “Thank you sir. I will inform him of your gratitude when he finally wakes up in a week. I passed him in the corridor a while ago heading towards his bunk. I have a few things I need to attend to. Plan b stuff. Then my crew will load the shuttle for when we get to our departure point.” (Gravic) “Good, good, you do that. By the way, why are the marines up this early?” (Cael) “Plan B stuff sir, plan B.” Gravic gives me a sideways look but does not press the point. I finish my vegie bar. I stand, salute Gravic and head to check on the records of each marine.

0630 Hour – I make a list of recommendations for the marine company sargent to train each person in his company. I forward him the list. They are in better shape then I originally expected. As I return to the Smooth Sailor I am met by Berrenger. (Cael) “So what have you been up to? You know we depart in a few hours.” (Berrenger) “I have been helping Grabbo. Oh yea here, this sort of ended up in my hands. So you can have them.” Berrenger hands me a small heavy box. I open it and there are 2 thermo detonators in it. (Cael) “I love you man….Not that way, but, but I love you man.” Berrenger smirks and walks past. I check with the girls. They are attaching the space suit attachments to their armor to test them out and see how it fits. (Cael) “We need to move the Sailor back to the Guppy. Then move any equipment we are going to need to the shuttle. Do the retrofits work on the armor?” (Flower) “It’s a little time consuming to attach to the armor. A bit bulky but they seal and you have about 12 to 15 minuets of heat and air.” (Cael) “Good, I got extra power packs and be careful with these.” I hand moonbeam the box. (MB) “What’s in here?” (Cael) “Thermo detonators. Berrenger scrounged them up somewhere.” Both girls look at me wide eyed. (Cael) “They are stable as long as you don’t activate them. Just put them with our stuff that needs to go in the shuttle. Move the Sailor. I have to go meed Gravic. He has been running interference for us with Arkem. Who is upset that we did not take his mission.” (MB) “Cael, 2 guys from supply also dropped a load of space suits off. These suits and the mods for our armor are going with us, right?” (Cael) “Yes, the mission involves an asteroid belt. We most likely will need them.” I leave the girls to move the ship.

0930 Hour – I get to the bridge of the Guppy. Roots is just finishing up on the software upgrades. I find the empty box of ding dongs sitting on a roll of cable. Grabbo is there. He is handing out green pills to some of the teck crew still working. I am pretty sure I don’t want to know what those pills are. Berrenger soon after me, walks onto the bridge. (Berrenger) “Wow, what a mess Mathus left here.” (Cael) “Yea, he worked all night to finish the upgrades.” A female bridge ensign comes up to me. (Ensign) “Captain Cael, We have cleared your transport vessel the Smooth Sailor to docking bay #2. The crew in that bay will load your equipment across to the shuttle you will be using.” (Cael) “Thank you ensign.” Gravic comes over to Berrenger and I. (Gravic) “Gentleman, We will be leaving in approximately half an hour. The upgrades are complete. The bridge just needs a little clean up but that can happen while we are under way. We will brief you after we have entered hyperspace.” (Cael) “We will return in half an hour for departure and the briefing.” Berrenger and I take a short tour of the Guppy. We discuss what has transpired over the past day. I inform him of the equipment I have allocated from Titan base. I also inform him that I prepared the marine company on board the Guppy here that they were on stand by if all hell breaks loose. I do not tell Berrenger about the stealth field. The less people know of that ace in the hole the better. Berrenger informs me that he has been helping Grabbo secure some special medication. He shows me his new larger blaster pistol. Not sure he will hit any better with it. We work our way past the barracks level. The marines are working on hostage drills and forced entry drills. We stop at the cafeteria and we each grab a cup of java and then head back to the bridge.

1000 Hour – As we get to the bridge. We find Mathus is going through the new software with the bridge crew. Gravic orders the departure. The pilot and navigator start the procedure. Titan base retracts the access port ramps. The Guppy reals in her mooring cables and she slowly starts backing out of her berth. Mathus is showing Gravic his new 4 holo screen command console. Soon we are moving a half speed to our 1st jump point. Mathus walks over to Berrenger and I. I pull out the shotgun attachment. (Cael) “You think you can attach this to Betty?” (Mathus) “Yea, wow, where did you get this?” (Cael) “Someone gave me a gift.” (Mathus) “Some gift. It will take me a half hour to attach it.” Gravic gives command of the bridge to his 1st officer and he points the 3 of us to his office. Berrenger, Mathus and I sit at the conference table as Gravic calls up the mission specs. (Gravic) “Mathus, before we get started. I want to personally commend you on these upgrades. This would have taken the tecks at Titan base several days.” (Mathus) “Thank you sir. This is more refreshing then my last job. Also less Jawas I would have to deal with.” (Gravic) “Yes, very good. Gentlemen, it will take us several hours to reach the Roche asteroid belt. Commander Akbar is at research station Shantipole. It is camouflaged as several asteroids. He is working on a Verpine gyroscopic prototype fighter. We have received reports that there are several imperial star destroyers in the sector looking for the secret base. We may have a leak and we can not afford to loose this prototype. I also have a holo disc for you to deliver to the commander.” Gravic pulls up a holo schematic of the base. There are 18 actual asteroids in the base. The 2 largest holds the command center and the other holds the hanger bay for the prototype. The base commander is a colonel Hallby. Ackbar’s aid is a Quarren named Conror Jax. Your mission is to deliver this coded disc to Akbar. If possible, throw off the imperials to the bases location. Find the leaker and eliminate them. If all starts to go bad. Smoothly, and I do mean smoothly evacuate Ackbar and the prototype.” (Cael) “Sir, What if we can not get the prototype out safely?” (Gravic) “Then your mission is to make sure it does not fall into imperial hands.” (Cael) “And what if Ackbar does not want to evacuate or allow us to destroy the prototype. He does technically out rank me.” (Gravic) “The coded disc will inform him of your mission parameters. You will complete your mission even under Ackbar’s objections. Do I make myself clear?” (Cael, Berrenger, Mathus) “Yes Sir.” (Gravic) “Good, we have procured a MC-24A shuttle for you and your team to covertly get to Shantipole Base in. It has some shields and is lightly armed with 2 light laser cannons. Less flashy they your transport.” (Berrenger) “How long till we reach our drop point?” (Gravic) “Several hours. We need to make 1 jump and some maneuvering when we come out of hyperspace on the other side. Any more questions?” We all shake our head No, but Berrenger looks slightly worried. (Gravic) “Good, dismissed.” As we filter out of Gravic’s office. I lean over to Berrenger. (Cael) “Relax, we will be back here on the Guppy with the commander and the prototype faster then you can count the number of asteroids in that belt. Berrenger just gives me a thin smile worried look.

Load up
Beringer Log Mission 3 Log 1

Personal Fund: 3,106

+200 from sound investments

Party Funds: 3,400

-100 for trade with Quartermaster Smith

Republic Funds for Mission: 1,500

After our debriefing on Titan Base, we were given some time to recuperate and restock. Soon after, we were summoned for a meeting discussing two possible missions. One is Operation Shellcracker, and the objective is to capture a new prototype the Imps were working on. The other is to head to the Roche asteroid belt to Research Station Shantipole. The is an issue of intelligence leakage and the Imps have been sniffing around the asteroid belt. The mission is to find the leaker.

We took a vote and the vote on the mission and by a slim majority, the group decided to head to station Shantipole. I wanted to do Operation Shellcracker as I found it intriguing, however I’m content with the other mission as it may be less risky.

A little about Shantipole, it one of many asteroids in the Roche asteroid belt that are inhabited by the Republic. The base commander is Ackbar with his aides Cannor Jax and Hallaby. They should be our key contacts to solicit info about the station.

There is another asteroid within the asteroid field testing a new prototype that has stabilization/gyroscopic technology developed by the Verbine. Commander Ackbar is overseeing the development and its secrecy needs to be protected.

To prepare for the mission, Kael acquired a bunch of spacesuits while I gathered other common supplies and even some not-so-common like second skin armor. Fortunately I knew a quartermaster, Smith, who had access. I was able to convince him I need the armor for an upcoming mission. I also asked to get an altered heavy blaster pistol to replace my pee-shooter. I had to prove my proficiency before getting one.

Later in the day, Durilla approached me. She kind of apologized for her action earlier in the day and expressed concern for the rebellion. The Imps are mad after the loss at Yavin and that are tightening their grip around the galaxy. I said there is a need to reduce the bureaucracy and let people do what they do best; and only then we will succeed.

I went back to my duty to make sure we have the right supplies for the upcoming mission. When I submitted my list, I may have inadvertently asked for a few Thermals. Well, low and behold, I received a box with 2 Thermals. I was shocked. I took those and handed them to Kael. He seemed pleasantly surprised.

Grabo later approached me and asked be to obtained some substance known as Greenies or Throttle. I reluctantly agreed to help, but I had to be discrete because it’s a controlled substance. I went back to quartermaster Smith asking for specific chemical compounds. Quartermaster Smith understood what I was asking for and agreed to help. He took me to a far, rarely used part of the station used to store odds and ends. He opened a toolbox and supplied the substance in exchange for 100 credits.

Quartermaster Smith also showed me an auto injector and on it was the chemical compound. Smith said this stuff is called the Eyes of Authorian. He said it makes one see everything. I don’t see it as something for me, but took it to Grabo for his analysis.

Grabo was happy to see me, as best as a Wookie can, when I handed him the Throttle. I also showed Grabo the auto injector. Grabo knew the compound and explained, as best he can, it’s a stimulant that meant for the battlefield and causes extreme focus. He thinks that’s something useful later on.

I head back to my quarters to rest, only to be woken up by DZ, how has now grown attached to me for some reason. I don’t mind having DZ around as he help me sort through information and is good in maintaining inventory. DZ hands me a datapad with intel on the upcoming mission. It include the base profile and Commander Ackbar’s aides.

It was advised that I should do this upcoming mission under a ruse as to not draw suspicion to any potential base leaker. I asked to load the shuttle up with more supplies to deliver to Ackbar’s post. I got the supplies and loaded it on the Guppy. Then we were off to the asteroid belt.

Finding The Traitor
Episode 8-17-2017

1.073 ABY – 0300 Hour – Calamari Cruiser, Guppy – Cael Report
The Guppy has made several micro jumps but the Star Galleons are still hot on our trail. Its like someone is telling them where we are. Berrenger and I are in the infirmary when we are approached by Master Petty Officer Kressa. She is a human female that speaks with a slight Correllian accent. (Kressa) “Welcome aboard the Guppy. Your ship is secure in docking bay #2 . We will continue to make several micro jumps to throw off the Star Galleons. We will debrief you all in a little over 10 minuets. If you need anything. Please just ask.” (Cael) “Thank you master petty officer Kressa. Approximately how long till we reach our destination?” (Kressa) “That will take several hours. In the meantime, we need to do psych evals and we have many questions for you and your team.” She trails off as her mouth gapes open at the sight of the Gigarans helping corral some of the imperial engineers towards the prison pod. (Cael) “Relax, they are helping. We need to pay them and I think feed them.” (Kressa) “Feed them? What do gigarans eat?” She turns to her assistant to ask the question. (Cael) “As soon as Berrenger and I are released from the infirmary here. We will report for the debriefing.” At this point Grabbo enters the infirmary and proceeds to take charge of his 2 patients. Namely, Berrenger and I. (Kressa) “Well then, we can start the debriefing here. Mr. Berrenger, I see here you do not hold any rank in the Alliance?” (Berrenger) “No I am a diplomat from Onderon.” (Kressa) “I see, You have always been on Onderon, and never been off planet?” (Berrenger) “Yes to the 1st question and yes I am off planet now.” Kressa seems to get a little perturbed by his short answers. I am trying to stifle a chuckle. (Kressa) “So can you describe in your words how this mission was accomplished?” (Berrenger) “We boarded the freighter and delivered it to you.” Now I am really trying hard to stifle laughing, but I am not succeeding. Kressa’s assistant, a short female human named Drila whispers in Kressa’s ear. (Kressa) “What do you mean you do not know what gigarans eat?” Berrenger turns to his protocol droid DZ-A7, Dizzy for short. (Berrenger) “Dizzy, what do gigarans eat?” (Dizzy) “Gigarans consume a liquid protein and carbohydrate mixture in a suspended solution that is ingested through their breathing apparatus.” (Berrenger) “Thank you Dizzy. So there is your answer Miss Kressa.” Kressa is now just short of hitting Berrenger with her datapad, but she composes herself. I turn towards the 2 woman and what I suspect is an Alliance intelligence agent standing behind them. (Cael) “The mission went horrible because of the lack of intelligence we received prior to our departure. We improvised as needed. We brought you the M223. The Star Gallons are a bonus.” Grabbo at this point starts trying to calm both of our heart rates down. Kressa walks away with the cybernetic intelligence officer. (Drila) “Gentlemen, how are each of you feeling right now?” (Cael) “Fine now that Kressa has stopped accusing us of aiding the enemy.” (Berrenger) “I get the impression she does not trust us.” (Drila) “She does not trust anyone.” (Berrenger) “Who sent you to interrogate us?” (Drila) “This is only a de-briefing, not an offical interrogation.” Drila Askes us both several more questions before she leaves. Grabbo converses with the chief medical officer. Ravin, the alliance agent that Mathus released, enters the medical bay and walks over to us. He is persistent and wants to thank us for helping him. He continues to ask several questions but Berrenger and I are only giving him vague answers. Not sure if I trust him yet. I think Berrenger also does not trust him. Grabbo walks over and informs us that he has had Berrenger and I released into his care. Ravin says goodby and leaves the medical bay. We follow a few minuets after. We each decide to head separate ways. We can tell something is not right with the situation here on the Guppy. I head to the bridge to find out more info. Berrenger heads to the prisoner checking area. Grabbo goes and looks for Mathus.

0600 Hour – When I get to the bridge. I find the Calamari commanding officer, Commander Gravic. We discuss several aspects of the mission and that the Star Gallons seem to be following our every jump. Like they know where we are going. In the middle of more discussions I get a ping on my comm. It is Mathus. (Mathus) “Cael, Grabbo and I captured the traitor. It was Ravin. He was pinging the Star Gallons after every jump. I have turned his transmitter off. Grabbo has Ravin secured to a gurney, highly sedated.” The sensor officer yells to the commander. (SO) “Sir, 2 star gallons coming out of hyperspace bearing 198, Mark 10.” (Cael) “Commander, I suggest an different micro jump point then the next we are scheduled to jump to. We need to shake them just in case the traitor gave away our next course heading.” (Gravic) “Helm, quickly calculate a micro jump. Heading 75, mark 20. Do it now.” Just as the Star gallons close, the Guppy jumps to hyperspace. In under 4 minuets we re-emerge to normal space. (Gravic) “Sensors, where are the gallons?” (SO) “No sign of them following this time commander.” (Cael) “Your welcome commander. My team is determined to complete our mission. No matter the odds.” (Gravic) “Yes Captain Cael, Thank you. Security to deck 4 section 23A. Meet the strike team personnel with a traitor. Oh and by the way Cael, I may have need of your teams expertise for our next mission. That is all I can tell you at present.” (Cael) “Thank you sir. I will put some thought to it.” I head back to the Smooth Sailor to get some rest. It will be several hours until we reach Titan Base.

0900 Hour – Mathus and Grabbo get to our ship. They fill me in on the rest of the story with Ravin. I like the part where they strap Ravin to the gurney and flip him upside down and Grabbo intimidates him. I also bust Mathus’s chops for taking 10 minuets to crack the code on Ravin’s data pad. (Mathus) “And you could do better?” (Cael) “I did not say I could do better. I was just commenting that it took you that long to do it. Are you losing your touch?” Even Grabbo chuckles at that remark. Berrenger soon returns to our ship and relays the story of the special jedi prisoner, a Jemin Tarth. (Flower) “So we did not screw this mission up by leaving the weapons pod behind.” (Mathus) “I think the prisoners and imperial engineers we rescued will make up for losing the weapons.” (Cael) “And you 2 finding the double agent is going to be a definite plus. With the amount of intelligence he was going to pass to the imperials. The Alliance would be in severe trouble. (Cael) “I suggest we all get some rest. It will be several hours until we reach base.”

1410 Hour – I am back up on the bridge of the Guppy with Berrenger. The Guppy makes the final jump and arrives at Titan Base. It is a very large planetoid with the base structure jutting out in several directions. We are in the middle of nowhere, Korvon system. Only things out here are asteroid mining several gas giant systems and a very old colony settlement. We inform the commander that we are moving the Smooth Sailor to the docking bay on Titan base for some minor repairs and refit for our next mission.

1445 Hour – We are cleared from control to land the Smooth Sailor in docking bay #1. As Moonbeam brings us in and sets us down on our designated spot. We see 4 X-Wings, 1 YT-2400 and 1 Y-Wing. That is very lite on star fighters for a base of this size. As we disembark from our ship. We are met by a Lieutenant Char. (Char) “Welcome to Titan Base. General Arkem will have a briefing in the command center in approximately 10 to 15 minuets. We have quarters allocated for your team to freshen up or there is the cantina for a bite to eat before the meeting. Is there anything I can get you?” (Cael) “Thank you Lieutenant. You will find us in the cantina.” As most of us head to the cantina. (Grabbo) “I will go to the supply depot to stock up on medical supplies for the ship.” The rest of us go to the cantina. We find a table in the corner big enough for the 6 of us. Mathus, Berrenger, Moonbeam, Flower, Omnath and I order drinks and discuss what commander Gravic said to me and about the situation on the Guppy. (Mathus) “Well the Guppy really needs some severe upgrading. Some of their software is years out of date.” (Omnath) “I notice gaps in security on Guppy. Easy to sneak on, sneak off.” (Berrenger) “Most of the crew has not had any leave in a long time. They are really strained.” (Cael) “Well the commander told me the Guppy was slated for some upgrades and a 2 week layover. I am not too sure of his proposal. He was a bit vague on an explanation of the mission.”

1500 Hour – LT Char finds us in the cantina. She escorts Berrenger and I to the command center level of the complex. We drop our weapons in a lock box and then she shows us to the command center. In there is our Bothan commander, General Arkem. We are introduced to the others there. Arkem’s 2nd in command is a female Bothan named Helem. A male human named Captain Janis. The base commander is a male calamari named Colonel Elmack. I will admit, General Arkem is a lot shorter then I really expected. Arkem has 2 data pads on moving pedestals. He is reading from both of them when we walk in. We are standing there for approximately 5 minuets before Arkem acknowledges us. (Arkem) “Yes, good morning gentleman. Please have a seat and we will start in a few minuets.” As Berrenger and I get seated. We notice the holo video set up that Arkem has here. There are 8 video feeds on each of 3 walls. There is a holo navigational chart showing the asteroid field and surrounding sector. (Arkem) “Well gentleman, seems Gravic has commended you on your mission. I see here we retrieved 2 of the 3 freighters pods. Imperial prisoners, mostly alliance personnel. A large quantity of Imperial technicians. It’s a shame we did not get the weapons, but Gravic says that the Guppy destroyed that pod before the imperials could retrieve it. Do you have anything to add.” (Cael) “Well, Omnath, our Gank spy was instrumental in saving a substantial amount of personnel when the wall of a pod got breached.” (Arkem) “Helem, please make a not of that.” (Berrenger) “Sir, we did need to improvise on just about everything for this mission. There were large gaps in the intelligence we received for this mission.” (Arkem) “This is why we sent you and your team. If it was easy we would send a flock of toydorians.” Not sure If I like the comment, but he is somewhat right. (Arkem) “We have 2 possible assignments for you. A small Special Operations Squad has gon MIA. They were doing recon near a Base called Hammer Station. They were investigating an imperial prototype weapon called the Shellcracker. Knowing the imperials, this new weapon can possibly be devastating.” Berrenger and I look at each other with a little smile on our faces. (Arkem) “Commander Gravic has also asked for your team. Seems Admiral Akbar is overseeing a new prototype fighter. Someone has compromised his position. They are blockaded by a large imperial force. They may need extraction or a distraction. Ackbar and I do not talk much, so that is all I know about this operation.” (Cael) “General, let me talk to my team and go over these notes on both missions. I will have an answer for you by tomorrow morning.” (Arkem) “Good, I will tell you that the spec opps team is based out of Titan base here. A lot of people are praying that this team comes back alive.” (Cael) “Ok general, I will take that into consideration.” As Berrenger and I leave. We retrieve our weapons and head back to the Smooth Sailor. (Berrenger) “You are not thinking of going up against a substantial imperial force in that little ship of yours?” (Cael) “No, but I still want it to look like we decided on Arkem’s mission on our own. We have to look like we are professionals.” (Berrenger) “Oh I see now. Its all about the image. If you look like a Blitzball star, you are a blitzsball star.” I just grimace at him.

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of
Episode 8-3-2017

1.072 ABY – 1900 Hour – Bridge of M226 Bulk Freighter
We are on the bridge of the M226 freighter as it is moving out into the flotilla of other bulk freighters. In the center of the bridge is the captain. A Lt. Commander Jilan Noor. He is arguing with his XO, a Lt. Hyzhan Troo about the boarding incident. We are at the rear of the bridge with weapons targeting the crew. (Berringer) “Drop your weapons. We are in charge of the ship. We have you surrounded.” Most of the crew quickly drops their weapons. 1 crewman questions whether the 5 of us constitutes being surrounded. The captain starts shouting (Jilan) “Damn it! Don’t just sit there you fools, shoot them!” Jilan pulls out his blaster and shoots his XO. He uses her body as a shield. The crew retrieves their weapons and begins to fire. Mathus is at a ships computer terminal. (Mathus) “I’m in the computer.” I fire at the captain but he is backing away with the XO as a shield and my shot only grazes him. The rest of the bridge crew starts firing on us. They are not trained solders. They are ducking under cover and shooting at us blind. Omnath, who is off to my left. He runs forward and stabs the captain in his leg. As the captain falls back, he attempts to shoot Omnath. Flower takes aim and hits the captain in his right shoulder. The hit knocks the blaster from his right hand and the arm is hanging out of its socket. The captain falls to the deck screaming in pain. (Jilan) “In a few minuets there will be 30 armed troops coming through that door for you.” (Cael) “Mathus can you get all the doors sealed off? Or something else to block anyone from getting up here?” (Mathus) “I can activate the fire suppression system. This will seal all doors and initiate fire foam where I direct it to. We can even flood the halls with nitrogen and knock them all out.” (Cael) “Do It.” I turn to the crew still blind firing at us. (Cael) “Listen here! Drop your weapons. I have the firepower to blast every one of you to past Hutt space from here. Drop your weapons now and you all will survive.” They all surrender. I nod to Flower. She moves around to where the captain is. She drags him to the center of the deck while he screams in pain. Well away from his weapon and any command console. She plants a foot on his chest and keeps aimed at the crew. We then hear the fire alarms going off. Along with the warning alarms. Its getting noisy in here. (Cael) “”Mathus. Do something about those alarms.” I move to the pilot and navigation consoles. I get Roots on the comm. (Cael) “Roots, We need the hyper jump coordinates.” Mathus gets the boarding alarms turned off but the fire alarms are still going. (Mathus) “Working on it.” while he is munching on a coco covered protean bar. I can see on the holo-monitors. The crew in the hallways are all passing out from the low amount of oxygen in the air. I get Berringer and Omnath to search the crew and consoles for hidden weapons. Flower gets a comm link to Grabbo on our ship. He gives her instructions on bacta patching the captains leg and resetting his arm back into its socket. (Mathus) “Cael, several escape pods have jettison.” Omnath informs Berringer and I what each of the 3 cargo pods contain. (Omnath) “Pod #1 is a prison pod. Political and some rebel prisoners. Pod #2 is a VIP pod. Engineers and technical people. Pod #3 is a cargo pod. In there are large amounts of various weapons and walkers.” Berringer gets a crewman to access the prisoner list to download onto a data pad. Roots has transmitted the jump coordinates. I reassure the crew. Holding a frag grenade in my hand. (Cael) “You cooperate and no one gets hurt. Someone doesn’t follow my orders. They get shot, or worse. Are we clear on this?” The crew all shakes their heads YES. The navigator puts in the coordinates and we make the jump to hyperspace. Berrenger is heading off to the prisoner pod to see if he can find us some help. Grabbo enters the bridge as Berringer leaves. The crew sees the large Wookee enter the bridge and get uneasy. Grabbo checks out the captain. (Grabbo) “Good work Flower, just as I told you.” He then sedates the captain so he is less trouble. At this point the ships pilot recognizes me. (Pilot) “Hey, aren’t you Cael Hanarist the blitz ball star. I seen your rookie game where you made 5 goals. They interviewed you afterwards and you were thanking your pop and…….” I loose tract of what the pilot says at that point. The image of the interview is fresh in my head. The crowds around me. Asking a ton of questions. My dad was so proud of me. I could see him smiling from his seat in the VIP section. Then the memory of Alderan clouds the thought. I turn to the pilot. (Cael) “You better shut your mouth about my dad. He was on Alderan.” I give the pilot an angry look. He stops talking and turns back to his control board. (Mathus) “I need to get down to engineering. I need to make sure the engines are running properly and nobody sabotaged anything.” He takes another bite of the coco covered protein bar. I nod yes then turn to Flower. (Cael) “Go with him and try to keep him out of trouble.” (Flower) “More like keeping him from getting coco covered fingerprints everywhere.” After they are gone for a while. I notice Omnath is missing. I nonchalantly scan the bridge. I finally see him. He is standing between 2 computer terminals in a dark shadow. He has his vibro knife clasped in his left hand. He has a good vantage point of the bridge if these yahoos do something stupid.

2130 Hour - There is a knocking at the locked door to the bridge. I call up the camera in the hallway out there. It is a human with an odd haircut and handlebar moustache. It is sticking out on either side of his breather mask. I contact Mathus and ask him about this guy. (Mathus) “Yea, his name is Ravin. He is OK. He helped Omnath and I get through the VIP area.” I let the stranger onto the bridge. (Ravin) “Hey, thanks. You in charge here? Of course you are in charge. My name is Ravin Zale. When all hell broke loose I thought it was a good time to take advantage of the confusion to escape.” (Cael) “Why were you being held?” (Ravin) “I was investigating a bio-weapons program that the imps were running on Correllia. Real vicious stuff. They are planning something about spreading a virus on the populous of a couple of planets. I was on the way to my contact when a couple of Compnor agents picked me up. By the way. You know there are a lot of crew passed out all over the ship. Good thing I found this re-breather or I wold be passed out also. I was able to get 500 credits off of the people out there. I can share with you. By the way, I did not catch your name?” This guy does not shut up. What kind of investigator is he? Just as I am going to answer him. I see Berrenger at the bridge door. He has several Gigrans behind him. I let them onto the bridge. (Berringer) “See, I found us some help.” The Gigrans are mercenaries and each has an E11 blasters. I shake my head. (Cael) “I cant figure out how you always just find things that are needed.” (Berringer) “I’m just that good.”

2245 Hour - We are soon to be dropping out of hyperspace, when we all hear a thump and the ship shakes. We check the cameras and the alarm board. There is a hull breach in the cargo pod. I comm to Mathus about the problem. (Omnath) “I go to help him.” Omnath exits the bridge with a breather mask on. (Cael) “Mathus, Omnath is on his way to help you.” (Mathus) “Roger that. We will see what we can do.” I look at the controls. The pilot is desperately trying to keep us from dropping out of hyperspace. He keeps us going for another 30 minuets before the venting causes us to drop out. (Cael) “Where are we? Show me the scan of the area. Are their any ships in the area?” (Navigator) “We are in the Columex system near Falusia.” Well, we are in the correct system, just on the completely wrong side of it. I get the pilot to get this ship going in the direction of the randevu point under the sub light engines. Suddenly there is a flurry of lights flashing on the navigation board. The navigator is confused and has his hands up (Navigator) “I’m not doing that.” Someone is hacking into the bridge. I shut down this control board. Soon the comm board lights up. I start pushing buttons and by luck, I lock out the hacker. (Cael) “Roots, we need the micro jump coordinates for when Mathus gets that hole breach fixed.” Roots replies “Affirmative.” This tub in sub light is extremely slow. The chronometer slowly ticks away. It is almost an hour later. (Mathus) “Cael, we have the hull fixed as well as we can. We can jump to hyperspace now. We may not make it back up to the bridge anytime soon. We have a few problems back here. Some of the crew has woken up.” (Cael) “Do you need help?” (Mathus) “Moonbeam and Omnath are handling them.” (Cael) “I thought Flower was with you.” (Mathus) “I cant tell them apart, whatever.” I get Roots to re-enter the jump coordinates to this tub. I get the pilot to make the micro jump and 20 minuets later we are at the correct randevu point.

1.073 ABY – 0100 Hour - We arrive at the randevu point and there is a calamari cruiser there waiting. She is The Guppy and a happy sight to see. I transmit the friendly code and contact the commander of the Guppy. Berringer returns to the bridge. (Berringer) “There is a lot of political prisoners and 1 special prisoner. I think they must be some jedi or something. They are in a special lock up.” (Cael) “Let the troops from the cruiser handle the prisoners. The Guppy’s commander, Lt Commander Gravic radios orders to us on docking. The cruiser moves in and docks on our starboard side. The breach in the cargo pod does not last and reopens. (Gravic) “Strike team. We have to move fast. Seems we have 2 Star Galleons coming in on an intercept course. We can get 1 pod off. Which pod do we take?” As the rebel troops enter the bridge. (Cael) “Pod #1 is prisoners. My team will wrangle the VIPs in pod #2 into #1. #3 is just heavy equipment and weapons but there is a hull breach in that pod.” (Gravic) “Roger that strike team. You do not have much time, so act fast.” The calamari troops are ushering the bridge crew onto the cruiser. (Pilot) “I thought you were going to let us all go?” (Cael) “After we pull any important information from you.” I take Berringer, the 5 Gigarans and 6 of the calamari troops and head to the VIP pod. We use 1 of the in ship speeders to get there quickly.

0130 Hour - We usher all the VIPs from pod #2 into the prisoner pod #1. Then they are transferred to the cruiser. Most of these people are engineers and tech crew. The calamari troops still on the bridge of the M226 send a data dump of the computer over to the Guppy. I comm Moonbeam to move the Smooth Sailor to the Cruisers docking bay. (Mathus) “Moonbeam, Omnath and I are on our way to the cruiser but several access ways are blocked. We will find another way.” Why does he keep calling Flower Moonbeam? We get the last of the people from the M226 onto the cruiser. Alarms start going off. The cruiser begins targeting an escape pod. I get a faint call on my comm. (Flower) “Mathus cant control escape pod, mayday.” I tell the commander. (Cael) “Those are my people in that escape pod. I will send my ship to retrieve them. Moonbeam, New orders. Retrieve the escape pod with our crew in it.” (Moonbeam) “Roger that Cael. On my way.” I rush to the bridge of the cruiser. On the main holo-screen. We can see the cruiser firing on the bulk freighter to destroy it. We can see the Smooth Sailor, swiftly move in to retrieve the errant escape pod. Moonbeam does some fast maneuvers and avoids several pieces of debris. She soon docks in the Cruisers docking bay as the 2 Star Galleons appear on the screen. The cruiser jumps to hyperspace. (Cael) “Commander, when ever you are ready for debriefing. You can contact me on my ship. And commander. Thank you for being here to pick us up. Any delay and we would not have made it. Gravic smiles and rolls his bulbous eyes. For a calamari, the eye roll is a yes nod. I meet the rest of my team back at our ship. Mission accomplished, well sort of.

Meet Dizzy
Beringer Log - Log 3 Mission 2

Personal Fund: 2,706

+200 from sound investments

Partisan Funds: 3,400

Republic Funds for Mission: 1,500

After the brief battle with the patrols, Flower, Omnath, Mathus, Cael and I were on the bridge of the freighter. The bridge had its normal compliment of crew and officers.

I tried to convince the crew to surrender and lay down their arms because they were surrounded and had more forces onboard. One of the techs called my bluff while the freighter’s captain was defiant. The captain’s E.O. looked like he was willing to surrender but the captain shot him.

Blaster fire was exchanged. Cael was able to get a direct hit, however the freighter caption was able to use her E.O. as a shield, absorbing most of the blast.

Omnath charged the captain, stabbing the captain in the leg with a vibroknife. The captain dropped the body shield and was taking aim on Omnath. However Flower got a shot off directly into the captain’s arm, disabling her.

The crew on the bridge surrendered but we expected more to come from behind. Mathus hacked into the system trying to gas the ship with nitrogen to knock out most people on the ship. Instead, Mathus must have fat-fingered and engaged the fire suppression system. It brought down blast doors and made the corridors slippery, giving us time.

We proceeded by entering coordinates into the nav system to our rendezvous point. When the freighter detached from the station, two galleons on the station were prepping to detach to pursue our freighter.

Our freighter jumped into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Mathus finally was able to get nitrogen into the cabins knocking out most people not in the bridge.

Looking at the ship schematics, one pod is a prison. I’ve learned the prison mostly houses political dissidents and vagrants. The other pod is a luxury pod, while the last one houses weapons. I’ve decided to go to the prison pod to look for anyone connected to or sympathetic to the rebellion. I got the manifest, grabbed a personal breather so I am not inhaling nitrogen, and went on my way while others either stayed on the bridge or to other parts of the ship.

In the prison, I came across some droids who had restraining bolts. There was a protocol droid and I tried to talk to it. He seemed willing to help if I got the restraining bolt off. I tried to use a plasma torch to remove it but it was on too securely. I said to the droid I will be back and went to the next cell.

There was a cell of Gigerion Mercs. In a first aid kit, I grabbed some rebreather masks and revived them. I said they were free to help and that I was here to rescue. The Gigerions were willing to help. We gathered the guard’s weapons, locked them up in the cell and tried to look for other prisoners to free.

I came across this one cell that held a prison but it was different. There were autocannons pointed at an individual chained to a chair. This person was not on the manifest and I dared not go inside.

While returning back to the bridge, I heard an explosion. The freighter dropped out of hyperspace. We fell short of our coordinates. Listening to the com, I heard Omnath is stuck because he is a cork to a breach. Mathus and Flower went to help out in the weapons pod.

Once the breach was secured, the freighter was able to make a microjump to our rendezvous point with the Mon Cal Cruiser Guppy.

Cael and the crew noticed someone was trying to hack into the navigation system, either by bringing it down or to notify the Imps our location. We had little time and knew we were compromised.

While all this was going on, I found a tool to remove the bolt on the protocol droid. I went back to the cell and removed it. The droid was kind of glitchy and spoke a bit gibberish. He introduced himself as DA-A7. I gave him the nickname of Dizzy, which it did not appreciate.

I asked Dizzy about the freighter, which was too board a question so I narrowed it to what it knew about the prisoner in the single cell with the autocannons. Dizzy said the prisoner is someone who once worked at the Jedi Temple.

The freighter rendezvoused with the Guppy. We were met with Mon Cal commander Gravic. We had little time and started to lead the prisoner pod before the two galleons exited hyperspace. There was little time to recover other items from the freighter so we rushed to the Guppy.

Mathus pressed his luck downloading as much as he could from the freighter. Once the download was complete, he, Flower and Omnath ran to the closest escape pod. However, in the rush to eject from the freighter, the pod ejected but was out of control.

Moonbeam, in the other ship, detached from the freighter and tried to rescue the pod while the galleons closed in. Moonbeam was able to maneuver and get the pod. Meanwhile, the Guppy fires on the freighter to leave no traces behind and jumps to hyperspace.

Not my day, can't sugar coat it
Beringer Log - Log 2 Mission 2

Personal Fund: 2,506

+200 from sound investments

+40 from gambling

Partisan Funds: 3,400

Republic Funds for Mission: 1,500

-6,000 for permits

Today hasn’t been my greatest day. Everything that seems that could have gone wrong went wrong.

We took Omnath back to medical bay in the ship after his altercation with the workers. He was given a stimpack but he was still in bad shape.

While Omnath was receiving treatment, I’ve went back to the promenade to solicit more information on the upcoming station lockdown. I’ve befriended a cadet, Chevan, playing a game of Pazzak. While chatting I’ve said I am a casino prospector and Chevan said bringing a casino to the station would lift spirits.

Chevan said he needed to get his uniform cleaned up before the next station lockdown. I offered to help so Chevan gathered a pile of clothes to get washed. I offered to watch his laundry while scoping out the laundry mat as a possible location for a casino. Once Chevan left, I took two of his uniforms thinking it will be useful in the future.

The rest of the group tries to negotiate with Grabo and Rath to help get us onto the 3rd level of the station during lockdown. But it turns out it was the same group of people that Omnath was engaged with. We were not able to secure a deal. Needed a plan B.

Gabo suggested we meet with the station governor, Varlaprale. We took it under consideration; didn’t know if we can trust her since she is imperial.

After our meeting with Grabo, I went to the 3rd level of the station to scope it out. When I entered the turbo lift, two imp soldiers entered along with a woman in an Imperial officer uniform. While going up, she inquired about the casino I was seeking to establish. I said “Word travels fast.” She introduced herself as Varla, the governor. I was not prepared for the encounter and talked my way though it pretending I was serious setting up a casino.

Varla gave me her contact card and exited the turbolift.

Later, Cael and the rest of the group came up with a plan to move the ship to the 3rd level. Cael and I met with Varla asking to film her for an upcoming documentary. Varla was cautious to the request but agreed and allowed us to move our ship to the 3rd level right before the section is lockdown. She also requested we get a filming permit for 6000 credits.

We needed a keycard to help us get around during lockdown. Mathus and Omnath were able to acquire a keycard while I distracted a miner playing Pazzak, they made a copy of it and returned it back to the miner.

Once the station was in lockdown, Cael and I got dressed in uniforms and hid Mathus and Omnath into shipping containers to help get us onto a freighter at Dock 226. Once inside the freighter, we got to the first checkpoint and were asked to identify the goods. I said “Ore” but should have stopped there and said it’s “unstable” which was a mistake. I was further questioned as to why the containers were not properly labeled and wanted to open the container. I panicked stating that Varla requested I bring the container in.

The checkpoint guards called Varla. Once Varla arrived, Cael and I knew we were in deep touble. Cael and I didn’t have good explanation why we were there. I felt for certain we were going to be thrown out the airlock. Instead Cael and I were sent to the brig.

I have no idea what happened to Mathus and Omnath left in the containers.

Varla questioned Cael and I but honestly, I was not at my A-game. I thought I was done for, but what I should have done was turn up my charms. But I didn’t think I can BS that much.

Varla ended up giving Cael and I a harsh warning and kicked us off the station. We were set free and had to leave immediately.

Back on the ship, I find out Mathus and Omnath were able to penetrate inside the ship. Cael had a plan to join them by docking with the freighter and boarding with Flower and Moonbeam. Alarms were triggered on the ship. I’ve heard over the comm Mathus and Omnath engaged with an imperial patrol and while Cael, Flower, Moonbeam and I engaged a patrol of 3 soldiers and a driod.

Cael and the girls made good work of the imps while I took a shot from the droid. I never been hit before and It’s a great feeling. Both imperial patrols were neutralized but the alarms were still going off on the ship. I’m sure more imperials are on their way.

I hate this sneaking Around Deceptive Stuff
Episode 7-12-2017

1.071 ABY – 0530 Hour – Martle Station – Cael Log
Omnath is leaving a blood trail as we drag him back to our ship. When we get there, we put him in the medical bay. I hook up the bacta pump that is attached to a sleeve that I place around his non cybernetic arm. Berrenger puts an oxygen hose to his nose and I place a bacta bandage on his bleeding head. Omnath opens 1 eye. (Cael) “Sleep, you need time to heal. We have to go find Grabbo. He can probably do more for you.” I give him a pain killer. Berrenger is going to see if he can find information and / or the procedures for when there is a lock down on level 3. I try to come up with a viable plan without having to improvise again. As I am going over what we know. Berrenger returns with some information and 2 Imperial uniforms tucked under his arm. (Cael) “Good job. This should help a lot in getting onto the freighter.” My comm buzzes, it is Grabbo. We need to meet him at Passk’s shop. He gives us the directions and we head up there.

0930 Hour – We get to Passk’s shop. There is a little of everything in here. Grabbo is in the back with Passk having tea. We sit down and discuss plans in getting on to the 3rd level during lock down. Passk has a friend that works on that level. He is an albino Zabrak. He is called Big Black. At the mention of a Zabrak, I am hoping it is not the 1 that got into the fight with Omnath in the red sector. (Passk) “Yes, plan veery gooood. Black put men cargo container. Push container freighteer. Yooou hiddeen inside. It veery goood plan.” At this point an albino Zabrak walks into the shop with several bacta patches on him and wearing a red jumpsuit. There is an Aqualish and a human entering behind Black. The Aqualish has a bacta bag on a rolling pole. It is set to drip into his arm. My heart sinks. Black and I lock eyes and I stand up. (Black) “You, your thing attacked me. Passk, this is not the guy you are dealing with?” (Passk) “Is probleem heere?” (Cael) “We have met.” (Black) “Met? That assassin of yours tried to kill me!” (Cael) “You owe me. Otherwise you would be sitting in the brig right now. Besides, you were trying to kill my slicer.” (Black) “Its my job to chase out others in my red section. Passk, the deal is off. Lets go boys. We are out of here.” Passk is confused. He tries to stop Black and the others from leaving, but soon returns to the table. (Passk) “Nooo gooood. Wee neeed go alternate plan. I show governor tooo yoou.” Passk looks at each of us. To Berrenger. (Passk) “yooou tooo old fer her.” next he looks at Grabbo and just shakes his head. Then Mathus. (Passt) “Yoou tooo dirty. She like young men.” Next he looks at me. (Passk) “Yoou, yoou just right age. We clean yoou up. You lovey douvey Varla” Passk pulls on my cheeks like he is primping a doll. (Mathus) “Cael here is an ex Blitzball star athlete.” Passk looks back at me and smiles more. (Cael) “Now wait a minuet. My name has been associated with the Alliance for a while. Everywhere I go I am incognito and use another name. 1 mention of the name Cael Hanarist and we are going to be sitting in the brig waiting for Imperial intelligence to pick us up. Faster then you can say – What happened.” Passk is combing my hair and putting gold chains around my neck. I get the sneaky suspicion that Passk is pimping me out to the governor. Information we do find out from Passk, is that the M226 freighter is the last in line on this convoy. There are 2 Star galleon escort ships for the convoy. That will also be docked the entire time the freighters will be here. Passk sets up the meeting with Governor Varla Prule. I still think this is a bad idea to get the governor involved in this but Berrenger and I go meet her.

1400 Hour – We bring my R2 – Roots and some camera equipment with us as part of the cover. We are stopped at a checkpoint just outside the administration offices and cant take the camera equipment into this area. I tell Roots to wait for us with the equipment. He beeps at me – Affirmative. This area of the station is in immaculate condition. White plasteel walls, the air is cool and does not smell of garbage or fuel. Berrenger and I are shown into the governors office by 1 of her attaches . Governor Varla Prule is a middle aged human. She speaks with a heavy Courasant accent. She is dressed in a white military uniform. She is cordial to both of us. Berrenger, who is using the under cover name Nick Papageorgio. Pitches the casino prospecting story. I do notice that Varla is looking at me as Berrenger is talking. Her answers to him are short and to the point. I am using the alias Tony Saprano. I in turn pitch the holovid story about Varla. Getting some holovid time of her and show some decision making. A very in depth story of her on bearing the burden of running this station. She seems interested with this, or is it me she is intent with? Still looking at me. She says to Berrenger. (Varla) “Send me the request for the casino and I will have my staff rubber stamp it. And don’t forget the 5000 credit fee for the permit.” She is still looking at me. (Varla) “How about you and I meet for dinner to discuss how this holovid can proceed. And possibly discuss a few other things.” (Cael) “Well, my ship is stuck down on the 5th level in a cramped corner of the bay down there. It will be very difficult and time consuming to move cameras and equipment around.” She quickly sends approval to move the Oasis to an open bay on the 3rd level. Not that far from where the freighters will be docked. She then gives me the name of 1 of the restaurants on the 3rd level. We decide to meet at 1800 hours. She holds out her hand to me with the palm down. Unsure what protocol to use. I take her hand and nod to her. She seems content with the exchange. Her hand is warm and light to the touch. She does not give her hand to Berrenger. (Varla) “Then I will see you at 1800 hours.” It is more a statement then a question. (Cael) “I will be there.” As we leave, we stop to retrieve Roots and the camera equipment. Berrenger on the way back to the ship. He messages the governors office and forwards the 5000 credits. In under 5 minuets he gets the approval for the casino back.

1530 Hour – Back on the Oasis. Marcus tells us that he needs a card key and that he has the codes and the means to copy it. Berrenger is putting together his gambling equipment. Moonbeam gets clearance and she moves the ship to our new larger docking port on the 3rd level. I find my best looking clothes and get ready to go meet the Governor for dinner. For a middle aged woman that is 20 years my senior. She looks pretty good.

1745 hour – Berrenger has scoped out a good spot in a lounge to put the casino. I head to my dinner meeting, or should I say date with Varla. I am sitting at the bar drinking a sparkling water when Varla enters the restaurant. She sees me and dismisses her 2 guards. As I walk over to her the matradee walks up to Varla and bows and tries to usher her to a special table. Varla holds her hand out to me as I get to her. I take her hand and the Matradee gives me a slight sneer. He escorts us to a table for 2 by a clear pllasteel window over looking Ramduba 2. We start with a little wine and Varla loosens up a bit. She expresses that the older gentleman that was with me before, should have just jumped to the point and offered the bribe. We order dinner and more wine. I make sure that every time she is not looking directly at me. I loose some of the wine. So it make it look like I am drinking more then I am. After and hour She opens the buttons on her uniform jacket to reveal ample cleavage. We discuss the holovid and what shots we can set up. I steer the conversation around to the lock down and what problems that will cause. She assures me that the dock will be busy but we will have plenty of places to shoot that will not interfere with loading operations. By 2030 hours. I have only had a little over 2 glasses of wine. Varla on the other hand has had 6 glasses of wine. (Varla) “Tony, walk me to my quarters.” I get up from the table and walk to her side to pull out her chair for her. As she stands she pivots and grabs my left arm. She leans her head on my left shoulder as we walk down the corridor to her quarters. As we get to her door. The 2 guards there snap to attention. We enter her lush apartment. (Varla) “Tony, make us some nightcaps while I get comfortable.” As she walks to the bed chamber she slides her jacket down her arms and it falls to the floor. As I am making the drinks. I mention to myself that Varla is probably the oldest woman I have ever thought to be with. I make her drink a little strong and mine very weak. As I finish the drinks. I look up and Varla is leaning against the door frame of the bed chamber. She is wearing a shear white lace night gown. I take a large gulp of my drink. She walks over to me at the bar. In my daze of staring at her. I hand her the drink. She takes a sip and pulls me from behind the bar and leads me to her bed chamber.

1.072 ABY – 0300 Hour – Varla is still sleeping. I slip out of the bed to find my clothes. They are at several places around the room. I get dressed, but I am missing 1 sock and cant find it. I think the best thing to do is leave it and get out now. As I exit the apartment door. The 2 guards are just smirking as I pass. I make it back to The Oasis. Roots greets me at the ramp and informs me of the exact time is 0310 hour. Mathus does not even notice me enter the ship. He is working intently on the ships computer. I walk into my room and collapse on the bunk.

0800 Hour – I wake to commotion in the main area of the ship. Berrenger and the girls are getting equipment for the casino ready. They soon take the equipment to a lounge on the 3rd level. Berrenger sets up a gambling table. The girls are preparing drinks from the auto galley. At 1st, business is slow. Mathus hacks into the station communications and video feed system to advertise about the casino. This helps a little and as the day progresses and the house credits begin to grow. More and more people do show up. A card key is picked from 1 of the more clueless workers. Mathus only needs a few minuets to duplicate the key and reprogram the copy for other areas. They return the original key back to the worker. They do this by dropping it on the floor behind him and then tapping him on the shoulder and pointing to the key on the floor. We hear and see the massive freighters docking at the station.

1000 Hour – Roots and I are filling holovid time of the governor. We set up several shots of her giving orders. Walking the length of the dock. Her rearranging the schedule. In between we get some close ups of her giving some orders and looking regal. We get shots showing a lot of what is going on in the background. How the ships dock. What it takes to load. We can cross reference the dock number to the ship number and what gets loaded on it later.

1500 Hour – Freighter M223 docks in the last dock to the port side of our ship. We know it will disembark at 2100 hours. 6 hours from now. (Cael) “Varla, I need to compile the holovid time I have here and we can continue shooting later. Besides, I assume you have much work to do.” (Varla) “Yes, we are at a very busy point. We can continue later. Maybe in my quarters. I can give you a private interview.” (Cael) “That would be great. I will contact you in a while.” Roots and I pack up our equipment and head back to the ship. Once there, Mathus informs me that he has duplicated the card key we need to get on the freighter. I contact Moonbeam and relay that we are limited in time to get to the freighter. She in turn informs Berrenger and he slowly closes down the casino for the day. They return to the ship in less then half an hour. Berrenger and I will dress in the stolen uniforms. Mathus and Omnath will hide in a cargo container. We will use the card key to gain access to the M223 freighter. We will work our way forward and attempt to take the bridge. We easily find a skid loader and a cargo pod to hide Mathus and Omnath in. We easily get through the dock area and are soon on the ship. There is a long corridor running the length of the ship. (Berrenger) “This cargo skiff drives like a drunken nerf. I cant keep it from swaying.” At 1 point we actually hit the side wall of the tunnel so as not to crash into another loaded skiff. After some workers yell at us. We continue forward. When we get to the 1st of 3 vertical cargo lobbies. We are asked what is in the pod. Berrenger blurts out ore. I look at him with a shocked look. He has forgotten that this ship mostly is taking on food stuff. We are then asked for our manifest. At this point I am sure we have truly screwed this mission up. There are way too many guards and crew to take out if we decide to fight our way out. As they try to open the pod. Berrenger again blurts out that it is hazardous. The guard looks dubious at Berrenger. (Guard) “Hazardous? Where are the hazard markers on this pod? Why aren’t you 2 in environmental suits? Ok, open the pod. Sargent, place these 2 under arrest and get them out of here. All I can see now in my mind, is the image of me getting thrown down a long dark shaft in the Kessel mines.

We are taken back aft to the loading dock. I can see over my shoulder. They attempt to open the pod. The officer makes a sour face and they quickly close the pod. They send the pod up the vertical conveyer. Well, at least those 2 guys have not been discovered. Hopefully they can reach the bridge. It takes a while to get back to the loading dock. When we finally exit the ship onto the dock. They take us to a detention waiting room. We are there for only a short while but it seems like days.

1800 Hour – Varla comes in and is sprouting an extremely angry face. Now I get the image in my mind of her pushing me out an air lock. While she is just starting at me with that cold sultry smile and red luscious lips on her face. Her security chief, Tera Wen follows Varla into the room. Varla is screaming at me. Tera is screaming at both of us. My excuses are lame. I press the point that with all this secrecy going on. I just wanted to get holovid time of it. Varla’s rant at me shows that she is angry, but when she says she is throwing us off the station. My heart jumps a beat. (Varla) “Take them to their ship and make sure they are out of here before I change my mind.” This woman cant bring herself to kill me after last night, still fresh in her mind. The guards escort Berrenger and I to our ship. They are not too gentile with us. When we enter the ship. Flower is looking at me confused. When the ramp closes and locks. I turn to everyone. (Cael) “Plan B, or maybe its plan C by this point. Flower, suit up. Moonbeam, get the engines started. We are going to find a docking port near the bridge of that behemoth and force our way on board. I am tired of this sneaking around stuff.” (Flower) “Where are Mathus and Omnath?” (Cael) “Hopefully making their way to the bridge of the freighter. Berrenger and I got caught. Hopefully they didn’t.” I get out of the officers uniform and put on regular clothes and a nerf leather jacket. I take Betty out of her case and load in a fresh power pack. I holster my heavy blaster pistol and slip my knife in a sheath at the back of my belt. I pocket several power packs and the 4 frag grenades I have left. I clip my comm to the inside collar and last. I take a handful of stim packs. I head up to the bridge. Moonbeam is balancing the engines, and they are almost ready for take off. I turn to Roots. (Cael) “Roots, start calculating our hyperjump trajectory. Just enough to get us out of their range. We can recalculate and jump to the rendevous point after that.” Roots beeps “Affirmative.” Moonbeam backs the Oasis out of the dock. She drops down under the freighter next to us. She swings us around to the starboard side of the freighter M223. Flower walks up to me in her white imperial laminate armor. Her blaster rifle is in her right hand and her helmet is in he left hand. (Flower) “How are we going to get on that ship. The ports are locked and coded?” (Cael) “I got a plan, that I hope will work.” Grabbo points to an access port on the side of the freighter. Moonbeam slides us in slowly. I go to the port docking ring to lock it down when we connect. She hits the thrusters and the ship moves right into the docking ring. I hit the magnetic lever and we are attached to the freighter. I open the hatch and the freighter hatch is 1 meter past. The code I use is 1 that I found in some of Sariv’s old notes. (Cael) “Please work.” I punch in the code. The light turns green and the hatch opens. I begin to breath again. There is a short corridor beyond. We can hear warning sirens going off. As we get to the end of the corridor. There are 4 Imperials and a security droid. I flick the switch on Betty to full auto and spray the hallway with fire. 1 Imperial goes down faster then you can say, got cha. Flower also shoots her blaster rifle from my left. She also takes down another Imperial. The guards have scattered. They are returning fire at us. Berrenger has only a hold out blaster, but he gets a good shot on 1 of the guards that was already injured. I take a blaster shot to the left arm. Then we see Omnath at the end of the hallway. He stabs 1 of the guards in the neck. The guard falls to the deck gurgling blood. My last shot takes out the security droid. It falls to the floor in a heap. We rush to the end of the hallway. Mathus has forced the hatch to the bridge open slightly and is crawling under to get in there. (Omnath) “Nice of you to join the party. What took you so long?” (Cael) “Well, trying to persuade the governor to not throw the both of us out an air lock took some time.” Mathus, from the other side. Gets the door to the bridge open. We rush in, point our guns at the crew and take over. I turn slightly to Berrenger. (Cael) “See, I knew this plan would work better then trying to sneak in.”

Grabow's and Mathus' Recap
You have a gentle touch, for a Wookie...

Grabow ran into Mathus in the cantina in Mos Shuuta as Mathus was finishing up a “house call” to repair some droids in the casino.

Mathus was bored with his job at Sol’s Repair in Mos Eisley, and really frustrated with Sol’s refusal to stop hiring Jawas to “help out”. Every time Mathus turned around, another piece of his gear or some part that he had laid out for the repair he was working on had gone missing. Besides, how often can a mechanic swap out a “used engine” for a “slightly less used engine” on an aging light freighter before he admits that he is totally, thoroughly, bored. What made it worse, the boredom and stress had led him to start stress eating and he had lost the last of his hair. No need to shave his head anymore! After 6 months he looked at least 10 years older than his actual age.

He had been talking with some friends who had made working for the Alliance, and they made it sound really thrilling. A mechanic never knew what he would be working on in that outfit! And some of the tech was even cutting edge! Time to do some thinking…

Grabow had come to realize that Mos Shuuta was a dying town, and his idea of opening a clinic there was flawed. The mines were mostly played out and most of the miner families had left after the promised jobs in the casino had been taken by bartender droids, dealer droids, and other forms of automation. And after the initial excitement of the casino opening, most of the big shots and their hangers on had realized that they could get more “business” done by gambling at Jabba’s palace itself. Anatto the Toydarian was barely seen around anymore. The only visitors were some die hard locals and some types who really did not want to be found.

Mathus had been toying with the idea of joining the Alliance, and after a few drinks at the old cantina in Mos Shuuta both had gotten convinced that it was the right idea. Grabow closed up his clinic, and left with Mathus on his transport back to Mos Eisley… A month later, they both were on a light Freighter “The Smooth Sail r” and headed to a remote system on their first mission for the Rebellion!

Zal's Recap

Zal gunned her Z-95 Headhunter around the turn of the farthest point of her patrol route in a system at the far end of the Outer Rim. Although it was several months after the end of the Onderon campaign, its end and aftereffects still took up too many of her thoughts and dreams. She kept having nightmares where she pushed the “the Box” over into its final dive over the Imperial Base, but this time she stayed at the controls all the way down… The fact that she had even volunteered for that suicide mission instead of letting Voba steer the Box in by remote control still bothered her. She knew that at the the time she felt it was what needed to be done for the success of the mission, but it was so far removed from her perception of herself as a coldly efficient and logical pilot that it almost felt like she had become a different woman during that campaign. The closeness and savagery of the ground campaign had affected her deeply.

When the team had disbanded after the campaign, she had requested immediate reassignment to a fighter squadron. Hopefully, the cold hard facts of space combat would restore her sense of self. Unfortunately, she had failed her psych eval and had been relegated to transport duty. No amount of arguing and pleading could change that. She was deemed “too dangerous to herself and others” to put in the seat of an Alliance fighter craft. And that two-faced Arkhan had not lifted a finger to help her!

She had hated to lie to Cael about her pysch eval, and its consequences, but when they had run into each other she had already resigned her commission and was heading out to see if she could re-assemble her old mercenary crew “The Flying Dactilions”. Knowing his dedication to the Alliance and the chain of command, she was not sure he would understand.

After scouring the bars and cantinas of numerous Outer Rim worlds, Zal had managed to re-assemble her old team. A motley collection of pilots and ships, but the Alliance gladly accepted her help now. It seems that the Imperial pressure of the past 6 months had really taken its toll on Alliance operations. They were still outside of the official chain of command, but “Commander” Zal didn’t care. She was back in the seat of a fighter and contributing to the cause on her terms…

“Zal, Zal! Are you picking up that alarm?!? I’m reading something. You should have seen it by now!”

Dammit, how had those patrol ships gotten past her?

Off Onderan, new mission
Beringer Log - Second Mission 1

Personal Fund: 2266

+200 from sound investments

Other Funds: 3,400

6 Months elapsed since the Battle on at Whisper Base. We also received word the Rebels destroyed what is called the “Death Star”, a weapon that destroyed Alderan at the battle of Yavin. The Imperials are seeking revenge seeking out the leaders of that faction in the outer rim.

As a result, the Imperials have not spent as much attention reinforcing Onderan. Their base at Jiranna lays ruined and abandoned, but the Imps still retain an orbital presence. We did abandon Whisper Base as a precaution. I’ve traveled back to the city and laid low for a while until I receive further communications. I’ve also undergone some surgery obtaining an implant to help resist toxins into my bloodstream. After my experience being interrogated by the interrogation droid, it’s best I invest in this little measure.

Weeks after the Battle of Whisper Base, I received word I am to be made an official political liaison for the Rebellion. I’ve also received word that Cael was promoted to Captain for his role at Whisper Base. The rebels tried to split sisters Flower and Moonbeam into two separate units due to family policy, but Cael was able to convince them it’s better they stay together with him. Zal decided to take some time to rejoin an old group of hers called “The Flying Dactalions”.

Weeks later, I receive word from Rebel Command I have a new assignment to examine a hidden trade route called the Premlenian Trade Route. The rebellion wants to know more about how the Imperials are getting their resources. After their recent actions at Onderan and Yavin, they should seem a bit depleted but the Imperials are chugging along across the galaxy. My mission is to find it and try redirect it to the rebellion.

I was told there are special cargo containers that pass through a mining facility named “Remdula 2” where they stop to refuel. I am to board once of those freighters to identify those goods to gain a better understanding of where the cargo is coming from.

I am rejoined with Cael and Omnath. The rebellion also assigned Mathus, a mechanic since Voba is no longer with us and Grabow, a Wookie doctor. We rendezvous at Matle station where we are placed on a YT2600 Transport called “Smooth Sailer” (or is it Sailor? Hard to tell).

We were all given fake ID’s for our journey. Mine was Nick Pappageogorio, a casino prospector.

We arrived at Remdula 2, a 5 floor station. Upon my arrival, I split from the group to scope the place. To solicit information, I had a Pazzak deck on me. I sat down in the main lobby and started flashing my Pazzak desk. Some of the miner, who were obviously bored, approached me asking to play. I decided not to hustle them as I really wanted to solicit information.

I’ve learned from the miners when special vessels pass through, the top 3 decks of the station are off limits. There is no timetable when this occurs or is there a consistent pattern.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Mathus sliced into a system below pulling manifests of upcoming transports. However, Mathus also drew the attention of either a gang or union miners. Hard to tell the difference here. Omnath was there and engaged the group while Mathus radioed for help. Cael and I received the message and ran down to the lower level of the station.

Omnath strikes the first blow but is then overwhelmed by the mob. Omnath is seriously hurt while Mathus is able to slip out. By the time Cael and I arrive, it seems that we were going to be overrun because and Imp patrol was monitoring the situation. I kept my blaster hidden and saw the wounded thug that Mathus hit earlier. I wanted to offer help to ease the situation but the thug was too anxious and held his vibroblade in my direction.

Cael announced that his “shot” was ruined by what happened. I was impressed with Cael’s acting abilities playing the part of a movie producer trying to film a live action sequence. Cael convinced the thugs and the Imps the whole movie scene was ruined and they believed him! Perhaps Cael should consider taking up a position as a diplomat.

I rushed to Omnath and gave him a stimpack to stop the bleeding. I then tried to convince the Imps not to write up the incident up so we are not recorded. I nearly broke a sweat there but they agreed as paperwork is cumbersome.

Now we need to go back laying low until the station is on lockdown for the next freighter.


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