You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Can I Claim Temporary Insanity If I Shoot This Captain
Episode 5-2-2018

1.080 ABY – 1430 Hour – Spy Frigate Shadow Raptor – Bonadin System – ( My team is still scattered all over the Shadow Raptor. These reports were relayed to me prior to our debriefing at base and each situation is going on simultaneously )

From the bridge of the Shadow Raptor. With a smile across my face. I can see the Imperial cruiser Iceheart tumbling out of control towards the singularity. Berrenger over the comm system contacts the tie fighters that now do not have a ship to land on. (Berrenger) “Tie squadron, this is Shadow Raptor. I suggest you power down your weapons and accept surrender. Unless you feel the need to follow the Iceheart to her doom.” (Tie Commander) “Shadow Raptor, this is Wing commander of tie squadron 244. We are powering down our weapons and await your tractor beam to docking bay, out.” Not a bad call. We can use those fighters somewhere.

Sortuli turns and walks over to me. (Sortuli) “Captain Cael, I want your team in the brig until we can determine where this breach originated.” (Cael) “What? My team just pulled your mess of a ship out of this dire situation. My crack pilot over there just saved your sorry back side from getting sent to an imperial detention and interrogation block.” (Sortuli) “Never the less. You brought those droids on board. You are responsible until I deem otherwise.” (Cael) “Shall I forward my R2 units holo record of actions of my team to Arkem? That alone will poove where the fault lies. Besides, Who activates a crate full of untested droids without putting restraining bolts on them 1st?” (Hastings) “Ah Captain I believe Captain Cael’s strike team were instrumental in saving the ship.” (Sortuli) “I’m going to get to the bottom of this. Koomsey, plot us a course for Port Tuga.” (Cael) “You are going to hand over this ship to the imperials if you go there.” (Sortuli) “The brig, captain.” Sortuli walks away from me. At this point I give up arguing with this asinine captain. I throw up my hands and walk off the bridge. I do not go to the brig. I head to the area of the ship that still has saboteur droid resistance. I filter into a security team and proceed to shoot down any and all rogue droids left aboard. In the middle of the carnage. I notice a bright blue chip in several of these rogue droids. I pick 1 out of the chest cavity of a protocol droid. It has TTC printed on the chip. I seem to recall some droid factory with the initials TTC. I pocket the chip and will talk to Mathus later about it.

Unbeknownst to me. After I stormed off the bridge. RR5, who is still sitting in the pilots chair. Talks to the captain. (RR5) “Captain, maim, instead of the brig. Can our team be confined to our ship, the Smooth Sailor?” (Sortuli) “I will allow that. Someone make sure that hot headed captain gets there.” (Hastings) “I will see that captain Cael is escorted.” RR5 gets up from the pilots chair. Another crew member takes his place. RR5 proceeds to the Smooth Sailor. 2 security guards force Mathus to return to the sailor. He only slightly argues with them. Mr Berrenger is highly surprised by the appearance of 3 security guards to escort him to the Sailor. Just as the tie squadron is being loaded into the forward hanger bay. When my team all get to the Sailor. They find Jemin and Roots there, but DZ has been taken as a possible saboteur droid.

1530 Hour – A technician enters the Sailor. Past the 2 guards that are stationed at the bottom of the boarding ramp. (Tech) “Ah I am ordered to check the programming on your 2 droids.” He walks over towards RR5. As he approaches with a sensor probe in his hand. RR backs up and holds out his left hand. (Tech) “It is just a program scan. I can even run any updates you require. Besides, some of us seen you guys in action today. We know what you guys did to save the ship.” RR5 puts his hand down and allows the tech to run his scan. He also allows the tech to update 5 of his out of date programs. The tech next scans Roots programs. Roots does not allow the tech to update any of his programs. Berrenger has been messaging me as to the progress from the Sailor. I reply as to where I am and about the funny blue chip. Mathus knows that TTC stands for Tigan Tech Consortium. They are based on Tigan, in the Listoral system. Same as Port Tuga.

Also unbeknownst to me. Hastings had informed the security team sargent that I am with as to who I am. The sargent is to keep an eye on me and if the captain asks questions as to why he did not escort me to my ship. He was toplay dumb him about it.

1745 Hour – Captain Sortuli had competed her investigation as to the situation and my teams involvement in this droid fiasco. She informs my crew on the Sailor that they are no longer confined to the Sailor. Berrenger sends me a message about this. I still do not trust this pompous ass of a captain. I head to the Sailor. Once there I show Mathus the blue TTC chip. He calls up a mountain of information on TTC. They make the style of protocol droid that were used as the saboteur droids. They have a mostly automated factory on Tigan. Captain Sortuli walks onto the Smooth Sailor with 2 security guards, Hastings and Navigator Koomsey. (Sortuli) “You captain and your team have cost me a mountain of problems. Here are your orders. Find out who is responsible for these saboteur droids and apprehend them. I want their heads on a platter for what they did to my ship. You can either accept this assignment or we can have you and your team face a court marshal when we get back to Titan base. It is your choice.” This pompous captain needs a blaster bolt in the head to fix her attitude problem. I grab the data pad from her hand. (Cael) “My team and I will again pull someone’s back side from the fire. And when I make my final report. I will definitely make sure I let Arkem know everyone’s roll in this fiasco.” Sortuli confidently walks off the Sailor. Koomsey shrugs at me then turns and also leaves. Berrenger runs after Sortuli. (Berrenger) “Ah captain. Can I get my protocol droid back. They seem to have confiscated him along with the rest of the saboteur droids.” She turns and looks angry at Koonsey. (Koomsey) “I will see to finding his droid captain.” Sortuli walks off with her security detail. Koomsey turns and heads towards the detention area. Berrenger walks back onto the Sailor. (Cael) “Ok people, any suggestions on how do we get into this facility and track down these bastards?” Ideas are thrown around. After a wile, we decide to use the broken down tug. We will make an atmospheric compartment in 1 of the shipping containers. This will hold Berrenger, Mathus, Hastings and I. RR5 and Roots will pilot the tug. We fill the shipping container with destroyed droid parts. RR5 will fly the tug to the TTC factory and make a return of defective droids. Hasting looks at us with confusion on his face. (Hastings) “You guys do crazy stuff like this often?” (Mathus) “We make do with what we are handed.” We get to work on the compartment and start rounding up droid parts. At this point someone notices that Trosc is missing. (RR5) “I seem to have left him near the aft escape pods when I rescued the captain and navigator.” no one around the aft loading dock has seen him. We are under the gun here to get the tug ready. We will find him later. It takes us a little over 2 hours to fabricate the compartment and test it to be pressurized. We load piles of all types of broken droid parts into the container. The Shadow Raptor has jumped to the Listoral system. We can feel the ship return to normal space. We go over the plan 1 more time and make sure RR5 has his comm open and is linked to Berrengers data pad for messages. Tigan is aligned with the Empire but there does not seem to be an imperial garrison on this planet. Roots calculates our course in the shortest of time.

2200 Hours – We couple the shipping container to the tug and launch from the aft landing bay. The compartment we have made is cramped and utilitarian but it holds air and will do. I prop myself into a corner and catch a quick nap as RR5 pilots us to the factory.

2300 Hours – RR5 gets clearance and lands us smoothly at the space port near the factory. An administrative droid comes over to RR5. (TTC Droid) “Good day, how can we help you?” (RR5) “I have droids for a defective return.” (TTC Droid) “I will be happy to assist you and I am sorry you are having difficulty with our product. Please input your TTC order #.” RR5 stalls like he is looking for it. Berrenger quickly dummies up a 3rd party invoice and sends it to RR5 data pad. RR5 shows it to the TTC droid. As the 2 droids are preoccupied with the datapad. The 3 of us sneak out of the container. Mathus being Mathus. Hacks into the local cameras and sets them in a loop. Then he calmly walks out of the container and over to where we are hiding. I just shake my head at him. We head across the port to the customs area. Once there, we find multiple droids efficiently processing customers through customs. So the lines are not long at all.

RR5 and the admin droid continue to look for an original invoice on the TTC factory computer system. (TTC Droid) “I am sorry. Without an original invoice to proceed from. Then I can not process this return.” Berrenger messages RR5 to see if they will accept the load as scrap and used parts. (RR5) “Well, Would you accept these parts as used parts and scrap?” (TTC Droid) “Excellent, I will procure a off load unit to inventory the parts and assess a total value. It should not take us long.” The admin droid notices the severely damaged droids in the container. (TTC Droid) “These droids are not in optimal operating capacity. You should keep better care of your property.”

1.081 ABY – 0030 Hours – While we are in the customs area of the space port. We find an unattended computer terminal through a window. Mathus tries leaning through the window to access the terminal. When he cant reach. I grab his left leg and pick him up higher and farther through the window. Hastings and Berrenger stand in front to block the view of this clandestine operation. Mathus quickly accesses information on the computer system. The tug was purchased on planet by a Lt Hura Kogler – imperial intelligence. He also cross references orders in Kogler’s name and finds a droid order of several millions of imperial credits that was shipped to a warehouse across the port. A check of the warehouse comes up with a company that has been out of business for close to 10 years. The warehouse is supposedly an abandoned automation plant. Mathus also finds info on a Nubian shuttle that is registered to Kogler. The shuttle is listed to still be on planet. The warehouse is not far from the customs area. Mathus next pulls up a map of the area and prints out a copy. I slide Mathus back out of the window and we head towards the warehouse. RR5 meets us down the block from the customs area.

0100 Hours – When we get to the warehouse. There is a heavy metal 3 meter high fence around the warehouse. There are 2 working cameras near the gate. There is evidence of speeder traffic through the gate recently. The 2 cameras at the gate are the only ones we can find. We go to a side section of fence. Out of the view of the cameras. I hoist RR5, Berrenger and Hastings over the fence. Then I climb over last. Mathus walks down the fence and finds a weak spot in the fence. He cuts a hole for him to slip in. On the other side of the fence. We all can see an open garage door in the side of the warehouse. Inside are droids loading more droids into shipping containers. Mathus uses his scanner that he innocently forgot he had hanging off his belt. The scanner shows that there are 7 life forms inside and several other items moving around. The moving items are most likely droids. His scanner can not filter out the multiple of sounds in there. We sneak up to the door and see Captain Oglerk and her 1st mate Kog. Except now they are dressed in imperial intelligence uniforms. Berrenger produces several stun grenades and hands them out. Berrenger runs in and throws the grenade. Captain Oglerk, AKA Lieutenant Hura Kogler. Pulls a blaster and fires at him as she ducks for cover. Her shot misses Berrenger. Inside the warehouse are also 5 storm troopers acting as guards. The grenade goes off in the midst of the troopers. Disorienting them before they can react. The rest of us enter and pitch the grenades. Kog is backing up towards the far side of the warehouse. Hura is trying to crawl away. I run over to her and plant a foot in her back. With a loud umph. She gives up. Kog slips out another door in the warehouse. Mathus cuts him off and walks him back inside. Mathus actually got to use his hold out blaster for once. My team ties up the 2 imperial officers. Mathus looks over the manifest of the droids. I in the meantime make short work of the incapacitated stormtroopers. I hide their bodies in a metal crate and lock the lid. I walk over to my team and hand each of them 1 of the E11 blaster carbines from the stormtroopers. They all look at me confused. (Cael) “The troopers had no more use for these and they had me make sure these weapons went to a good cause.” I don’t think RR5 got the joke. Mathus shows us the manifest of another shipment of droids that they were going to tempt another Alliance cell with. He also shows us Hura’s mission plans. Dates, times, contacts and all the mission parameters. We also check the logs on the Nubian shuttle to see where it has been. We make sure the load lifters finish loading the droids into the shipping containers. There is a better tug in the warehouse to move the shipping containers. RR5 contacts the TTC Admin droid. He accepts the 450 credits for the droid scrap. RR5 pilots the tug with the shipping containers. I will pilot the Nubian shuttle. I really like this shuttle. Smooth, quiet and rides like a cloud. We make sure we have Hura and Kog secured. Mathus had downloaded all the information on Hura’s mission into his datapad and wipes there data trail from their computer. Mathus memory wipes the load lifter droids so as not leave a trail. Berrenger finds the camera memory files and we download them and shut the cameras down. We make the warehouse seem abandoned again.

0600 Hour – We take off in the Nubian shuttle and the tug with the shipping containers full of replacement droids. It takes us over an hour for us to rendevous with the Shadow Raptor. As we approach the dark colored Alliance frigate. We can see the extensive damage the ship had sustained from the debris field while it was tumbling towards the singularity. Part of the overly large sensor array is missing. There are several major breaches to the hull. Blaster scoring pot marks the ship. We get clearance to land in the aft landing bay. As we disembark the shuttle with our prisoners. Sortuli and Koomsey are standing there waiting. (Cael) “Ah yes captain. Please have some of your security detail escort these imperial agents to the brig. We do not want them to be injured before they can be interrogated for their crimes. My team needs some rest and chow. So if you will excuse me.” I don’t let her reply before I walk past and head to the cafeteria for breakfast. Everyone follows, even Hastings.

1.082 ABY – 0400 Hours – The shadow Raptor comes out of hyperspace near Titan base. We are escorted in by 2 X-wing fighters. We can see the Guppy, still in dry dock. Looks like most of the repairs are done. There is also a slightly bigger MonCal cruiser docked at the base. I will be glad to get off this frigate and away from captain Sortuli. The Shadow Raptor is docked in the slot next to the MonCal cruiser. I personally move the Smooth sailor back to the landing bay on Titan base. Afterwards I check in with Arkem. We sit down for a short debriefing. I go over the major points of the mission and of the disagreement with Sortuli. (Arkem) “Well, Sortuli is politically connected. I would give her a wide berth. I will make sure she does not continue the idea of a court marshal. I will see that one of my men sits in on Hura’s and Kog’s interrogations. Thank you captain, dismissed. Oh and General Cracken will be having a general debriefing at 1100 hours today. Make sure you and your team are there. And this time clean up a bit”
(Cael) “Aye, Aye sir.” I make sure my team gets food, rest and is primed for the debriefing. I also check on the Flower and Moonbeam. They are both on lite duty but out of the infirmary.

1100 Hours – Main briefing room – Titan base – General Cracken is a bit younger then I expected. He still has some red hair but there is grey around his temples. He is a very personal guy. Shakes hands and hugs almost everyone above lieutenant. Even offers me some Corellian whiskey when he shakes my hand. The briefing starts. Arkem helps in going over the notes. Cracken goes over the shorter points of each of the missions. The Shadow Raptor’s intelligence gathering. The saboteur droids take over of the Shadow Raptor. The imperial intelligence officers behind the droid problem. The conclusion to all of them and how they each affected the other. He commends the crew of the Shadow Raptor. The crew of the Remember Ryloth and my team in bringing the Shadow Raptor in with her information. He also commends my team again for being instrumental in securing the replacement droids and capturing the imperial agents behind the evil plot. I look over at Sortuli. She does not seem happy at that comments about my team. She does not look in my direction. Cracken and Arkem go over possible upcoming missions. They want to increase Alliance presence on some of the core worlds. We have a missing division. The 501st on Dantoine. Maybe after some R and R, we will see what assignments are available. Never found out what happened to Trosc. Someone may need to check the morgue.

Beringer Mission 4 Log 8

Personal Fund: 7,806
+200 from investments

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Untraceable Funds from Republic: 400,000

Commander Figlia and I were staring down the light Imperial cruiser Ice Heart which was closing in. It was being chased by the corvette “Remember Ryloth” which I called in for help. The Ice Heart alone, would not have been able to go up against a Nebeloun –B Frigate, but I assumed the commander of the Ice Heart figured our systems would be compromised enough for the Imps to take over.

We hear Cael on the loud speakers “battle stations” while the Ice Heart approaches. Moments later, weapons systems are restored. I don’t know who restored them, but it happened in the nick of time.

I take control of a single turbo laser and fire, striking the Ice Heart at long range. Commander Figlia question why I only fired one laser and said I can group them together. I had no idea from my training. I started to fire salvos of 3 turbo lasers at the incoming Ice Heart.

My first salvo missed. Second salvo hit, causing the Ice Heart to tailspin and get captured in the gravitational field of the black hole.

Ice Heart returned fire causing some damage. My third salvo hit the Ice Heart placing it more in a tailspin and dooming it to gravitational forces.

The worst seems behind us, but the ship is damaged and someone needs to be held accountable for all the damage and compromising the ship. I have a bad feeling who the finger will be pointed to. Need to plan a quick escape with the 400,000 untraceable credits that’s still in the briefcase.

Rescue And A Slow Get Away
Episode 4-18-2018

1.080 ABY – 1330 Hour – Spy Frigate Shadow Raptor – Bonadin System – ( My team is still scattered all over the Shadow Raptor. These reports were relayed to me prior to our debriefing at base and each situation is going on simultaneously )

Imperial cruiser Iceheart is closing on the Shadow Raptor but the Alliance CR90 Corvette, Remember Ryloth is right on the cruisers tail. The corvette is peppering the cruiser with blaster fire. I give the order to increase power and move us away from the singularity. (Bridge Crew) “Sir, non of us are pilots.” (Cael) “What the Frick? Do I have to do everything?”

RR5 and Trosc are in the aft hanger bay. RR5 is in the Smooth Sailor and Trosk is out in the hanger bay. The kappa shuttle attempts several times to free itself from the debris, but it is stuck. The droids abandon the shuttle. They usher Captain Sortuli and Navigator Koomsey out and across the landing bay. They are headed for the aft escape pods. Trosc sneaks up closer to the 2 prisoners and tosses a small tracker onto the captain. Now they can follow them from a safe distance. As the droids and the 2 prisoners exit the aft landing bay. RR5 comes up to Trosc. (Trosc) “I put a tracker on them, but I suspect they are headed for the aft escape pods.” RR5 contacts me and asks for orders. (Cael) “Go after the droids and rescue the captain and Navigator. They must not get off the frigate with the captain or the navigator.” Trosc and RR5 proceed after the droids. On a monitor on the bridge. I notice that there is fire in the aft landing bay and it is getting bad. There are no fire suppression droids working on it. I have the aft landing bay control room evacuate the air out of the bay into space to put out the fire. DZ, who is still in the control room. Replies to me that they are looking for the door controls and will comply.

Berrenger, who is on the communications level. He patches more of the Shadow Raptor’s internal cameras up to the bridge. This way we can see more of what is going on around the ship. I command the ships crew to man the ships guns and commence firing on the cruiser. (Sensors) “Captain Cael, we have multiple sensor alerts coming in. We have incoming tie fighters from the imperial cruiser.” Mathus, who is monitoring the bridge. In between trying to get the hyperdrive on line with Roots. Reinforces the Raptor’s bow shields. I sit in the pilots seat and pilot us slowly away from the singularity. I never flew something this big and it takes some getting use to the delay in the ship moving. Problem is, the direction we need to go is the direction towards the imperial cruiser. It is still at long range from us. (Cael) “Do we have any long range weapons to use on the cruiser?” (Sensors) “Yes sir. 6 port and 6 starboard medium turbolasers can make that range.” (Cael) “Well, lets put some fire power directed at that imp cruiser.” Berrenger is able to get 1 of the medium turbolaser to fire. At long range the shot just hits. The cruiser and the corvette are still trading pot shots back and forth.

RR5 and Trosc follow the droids down 2 levels and down several corridors. They find them at the end of a corridor. The escape pods are past this area. They come up with a plan for RR5 to go down the corridor to where the droids are. He will find out which droid is the leader. He will shake hands with the leader. This way Trosc will know who to shoot at from down the hall. RR5 calmly walks down the hallway and past the 2 droids guarding the door. He sees 2 droids putting Captain Sortuli and Navigator Koomsey into an escape pod. As RR5 enters the room. The droids there all point their weapons at him. (RR5) “Weapons down. I’m not a meat bag. Who is in charge of these droids?” A silver protocol droid turns to him. (TJ-11) “I am commanding this mission.” RR5 sticks his hand out to the other droid. TJ-11 just looks at the hand for a long moment. At this point, RR5 realizes his mistake. Droids do not shake hands. Trosc’s shot goes over both RR5’s and TJ11’s heads. As the rogue droids scatter for cover. The door to the hallway is closed. RR5 calculates his chances are not good for him being in here by himself. He decided his best chance is to eject in the escape pod with the captain and the navigator in it. He draws his weapon. Points it at TJ-11’s head and fires. Blasting the whole left side of the droids face apart. RR5 dives into the escape pod. He can hear TJ-11 trying to give orders but his vocalization unit is severely damaged. RR5 closes the hatch and jettisons the pod. He quickly scans for the control mechanism for the pod. At this point he notices that the captain’s lizard is clinging to he back. As he gets the controls activated. The pods scanner on board shows that they are headed in the direction of the singularity. He fires the maneuvering thrusters and maneuvers the tiny ship to an access port on the forward section of the Shadow Raptor center spar between the forward and aft sections of the ship. He docks with the port and shuts the pod down. He unties the captain and navigator. When they pull off their blind folds they see a droid sitting there. (RR5) “Hello captain. We are presently docked at an access port on the spar section of your ship. Our team is slowly regaining control of the ship from the rogue droids. Are either of you injured?” (Sortuli) “No, we are not injured. You are not with the other droids?” (RR5) “No, I am with the strike team that inadvertently delivered these rogue droids to your ship.” RR5 opens the pod hatch. Scans the area for threats. There are no rogue droids in this area. The 2 officers and RR5 exit the pod and proceed towards the bridge of the Shadow Raptor.

The Shadow Raptor light turbolasers can now target and fire at the tie fighters that are swarming around it at close range. The main medium turbolasers continue to alternate fire at the imperial cruiser that has closed to medium range. The imperial cruiser is severely damaged. Mathus uses the ships ECM projector to disable one squad of 3 tie fighters. 2 are moving erraticly and one is drifting around disabled. The alliance corvette is really pounding the imperial cruiser from the rear. What little fire power the cruiser can muster against being in the middle of the 2 alliance ships is futile. Berrenger’s fire control station gets a solid hit on the cruiser and it lists heavily to its port side. I see the cruiser drifting. I maneuver the Frigate to pass the cruiser on our starboard side. Mathus, who is still monitoring our progress from engineering. Reinforces the Raptor’s starboard side shield.

At this point Captain Sortuli, Navigator Koomsey and RR5 reach the bridge. The captain immediately starts asking her crew for status reports. Koomsey is hovering over the crewman at the sensor station. RR5 walks up next to me in the pilots chair. (RR5) “Sir, would you prefer I fly the ship?” I look at him with a strained look as this huge ship bearly slides past the crippled cruiser. (Cael) “About time you guys got here, yea.” I relinquish the pilots chair to RR5. The starboard medium turbolasers fire agin sending the cruiser spinning out of control towards the singularity. (Sortuli) “Increase our speed. Get us to a safe distance from that black hole so we can jump to hyperspace.” RR5 increases the ships speed as the corvette goes into a slow turn and is following us away from the singularity. As I stand on the bridge. I look around at the devastation and the destroyed saboteur droids. This could have been worse. Much worse. We are still going to catch hell for delivering those droid. That reminds me. I really hope Shulla the hutt wiped the memory on that protocol droid we gave her.

I need lots of shooting practice
Beringer Mission 4 Log 7

Personal Fund: 7,606
+200 from investments

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Untraceable Funds from Republic: 400,000

The comm room is secure and I begin to access the panels bringing up the weapons systems to take out the Y-Wings escorting the frigate. I take my first shot, but miss.

The droids piloting the Y-Wings contact me but I take another shot at them, missing before being locked out of the weapon systems.

After failing miserably, I proceeded with the next objective to get some communications out the Shadow Raptor is compromised. While attempting finding the comm system, I came across 2 droids holding captive Commander Figila. I’ve engaged the droids with my ion blaster, first taking out the interrogation droid, before being scapled by the medical droid.

I fired back, missing him but causing him to drop the scaple. The droid attempts to jab me with a needle but missed, but finally I was able to hit him with my trusty blaster.

Once the room was secured, I gave Commander Figila a stim to get him back up. Once up, a distress call was sent out. A republic gunship was nearby and picked up our call, but also some Imps near by also picked up the call.

Figila and I saw the Y-wings engage the hangar bay, and in the nick of time, the weapons system were restored. Commander Figila and I reactivated the turrets, taking out one of the Y-Wings but in the distance, an Imperial Light cruiser was closing in.
These Droids Have No Clue Who They Are Messing With
Episode 4-4-2018

1.080 ABY – 1230 Hour – Spy Frigate Shadow Raptor – Bonadin System – ( My team is still scattered all over the Shadow Raptor. These reports were relayed to me prior to our debriefing at base and each situation is going on simultaneously )

Berrenger is in the communications control room. He has revived Lieutenant Commander Koomb. Commander Koomb, once stable. Proceeds to unlock and power up the communication systems. Berrenger discovers that he can access a few of the ships External laser cannons from a control panel in this room. He loads up the targeting screen and targets one of the droid piloted Y-Wings trailing the Shadow Raptor. He fires one of the cannons but misses due to the ship tumbling. At this point we all hear the transmission from the tailing Y-Wing. (Droid Pilot) “Unit 14733, reporting. There is a malfunction with one port side laser cannon on Shadow Raptor Frigate. Please correct this malfunction.” As Berrenger sets up another shot. The control panel shuts down on him. Berrenger heads to the 2nd communications center. When he gets there. He finds a medical droid and a floating interrogation droid attempting to torture information from a restrained Merilian. His 1st shot with his ion blaster misses, but his 2nd shot destroys the floating droid. He ducks for cover as the medical droid advances on him. The medical droid slowly rolls up to the console Berrenger is behind. It reaches over the console and slashes Berrenger with a very sharp vibro scalpel. Berrenger is able to destroy the droid with 1 shot. He then releases Commander Figlia ( the Mirilan ) and uses a stim pack to get him mobile. Together they activate the communication system and warn the Alliance fleet of the dire situation aboard the Shadow Raptor.

RR5 and Trosc are in the aft hanger bay after just smashing the skiff into a load lifting droid. They both make their way under cover to the Smooth Sailor and power the ship up. They get the ships gun powered up and the shields. RR5 uses the ships medium laser turret and destroys one of the large load lifters. Another load lifter walks over to the Smooth Sailor and attempts to flip the ship on its side. Another protocol droid across the bay is attempting to power up a Y-Wing for take off. RR5 destroys the load lifter trying to flip the Smooth Sailor. This sends debris all over. Some of it lands in front of the Y-Wing. Blocking its path from taking off. Trosc now climbs up and out the top hatch on the Smooth Sailor to fire his blaster carbine. His suppression fire keeps the droids in the landing bay scattering for cover.

Mathus finally arrives at the upper catwalk area of the engineering section of the Shadow Raptor. He finds that there are 2 astromec and 5 protocol droids below in the main engineering control room. There are 3 engineering crew tied up near the droids. A sustain and 2 mirilans. Mathus finds a control panel in the upper engineering section. He reconfigures the panel to access the static discharge vents on the aft section of the ship. He has them discharge an minor EMP in the engineering section of the frigate. This incapacitates all the droids in the engineering section of the ship. Mathus then descends a ladder to the lower level to free the 3 crew men. A droid message comes over the ships intercom for all of us to hear. (TJ11) “Activate abandon ship protocol. Rendezvous at coordinates 29565.199283. Primary mission protocol has been compromise.” Mathus frees the 3 crewmen and they begin to initiate engine power up sequences for engines #1, #3 and #5.

I am on the Shadow Raptor’s bridge when the droids abandon ship announcement comes over the comm system. I have one of the crew scan the coordinates the droid gave. The sensors show an older style Imperial lite cruiser at the edge of sensor range. Sensors also pick up an Aliance CR90 Corvette tailing the Imperial cruiser. As we are slowly gaining control back on several systems I initiate 3 main orders to the crew. The barracks lock down has been eliminated. I order the crew in the barracks to arm themselves. Fan out across the ship and begin eliminating the rogue droids. Next, we have partial control over the ships weapon batteries. I order that they need to fire upon the 2 droid occupied Y-Wings that are trailing the Shadow Raptor. My next order is for the communications control center. They are to jam any droid transmissions to or from the Imperial cruiser and around the frigate. The bridge crew acts swiftly to my orders. On a side monitor, I can see the forward hanger bay. There are droids prepping several Y-Wing fighters. I leave a Lieutenant in charge of the bridge. Hastings and I proceed to the forward hanger bay to make sure none of the droids escape. As we enter the landing bay. There are 10 rogue protocol droids and 3 load lifters in there. We can see several landing bay crew on the far side of the bay. They seem to only have hand tools to use as weapons. They are hiding behind several large crates. Hastings and I fire our blasters at the droids. I am using a heavy blaster in my right hand and a lite blaster in my left hand. Hastings only has a single blaster pistol. Soon, several of the protocol droids are destroyed. One of the load lifters is hoisting a Y-wing to be prepped for take off. Another load lifter has gotten between Hastings and I. It is pushing a heavy crate in the attempt to crush Hastings against the bulk head. It takes several volleys of blaster fire from both of us to disable the load lifter. As I free Hastings from behind the crate. We can see the deck crew engaging the last 3 protocol droids with their hand tools. As I push the crate off of Hastings. He points to the Y-Wing. (Hastings) “Go, go, that y-wing has to be stopped.” I turn and look. The Y-Wing is sitting on the arms of the load lifter. It is just about ready to take off. I break into a full run. As I get to the fighter, the load lifter is raising the ship. I jump and grab hold of an engine strut. I pull myself up and step over to the cockpit. The protocol droid in the seat looks at me. I attempt to lift the canopy, but it is locked. The droid pilot wags a finger at me in the No-No fashion. I reach onto a pouch on my belt and pull out a frag grenade. I activate it and use the magnetic plate to attach it to the canopy. The droid pilot inside instantly becomes alarmed. I wave my hand to the droid in the bye-bye motion as I jump off the Y-Wing. The frag grenade destroys the cockpit canopy and the droid pilot inside. The blast also damages the load lifter that was holding the Y-Wing. In all under 15 minuets. The forward landing bay is re-taken by us.

As I am coordinating with the deck crew on securing the forward landing bay and getting Hastings medical attention. We all notice the emergency lights go out as the main power is restored and the main bay lights come back on. (Cael) “Thank you Mathus, you miracle worker.” I leave the dock chief in charge of the landing bay and head back to the bridge to see what is next on our list. Maybe we can save this ship.

Mathus, after him and the engine crew get 3 of the main engines started. Moves to work on restoring the ships hyperdrive. He sets up a comm link with Roots for his help. He is unsure as to what is going on where Roots is. There is a loud banging sound coming from the comm. Roots plugs into a computer socket in the aft landing bay control room and coordinate some primary calculations with Mathus.

Outside the control room, in the aft landing bay. RR5, in the Smooth Sailor. Is trading ship cannon shots across the landing bay with one of the Y-Wing fighter with a droid pilot. RR5’s shot sends debris at the Kappa shuttle. Spinning it away from the Smooth Sailor. The shuttle now is having difficulty rotating to take off.

1300 Hour – I return to the bridge of the Shadow Raptor. I find that the 2 Y-Wings trailing us were trying to blast open the rear landing bay doors. 4 of the ships heavy lasers are firing at the 2 Y-Wings. The 2 fighters are soon destroyed before they could breach the dock. (Cael) “Helmsman, do we have maneuverability to get us away from that singularity?” (Helmsman) “Aye sir. Engines #1,#3 and #5 are operational. We have 35% power restored and 1/3 speed capability.” (Cael) “Good, plot us a course away and not near that Imp cruiser. Hopefully my miracle working engineer can get your ships hyperdrive back on line soon to get us out of here.” I scan through several of the ships cameras to assess the situation around the ship. The aft landing bay has a heavy fire fight going on between the Smooth Sailor and a Y-Wing. On several other areas of the ship. We can see fighting as the crew attempts to destroy the rogue droids before they can escape.

Trosc, standing on top of the Smooth Sailor gets another idea. He slides off the top of our ship to the flight deck. Shoulders his carbine and runs from crate to crate toward the kappa shuttle. When he gets closer to it. He activates and throws a thermal detonator grenade at the shuttle. It bounces off the bulkhead and lands close to the shuttles starboard engine. The blast throws the shuttle to the left. Into the debris blocking it on the other side. Now the debris on this side is blocking it from rotating back to the right. Trapping the shuttle from getting out of the bay it is in.

In the middle of all the back and forth laser fire and explosions. Roots rolls past it all as he quickly heads to the engineering section to help Mathus in his endeavor to fix the ships main hyperdrive.

I’ve seen this before in a movie…
Beringer Mission 4 Log 6

Personal Fund: 7,406

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Funds from Republic: 400,000
-4,500,000 for trade
-50,000 to hutt

I proceeded to go through the ducts to access the air regulators which were dispersing oxygen into space. I got lucky finding the air regulators and noticed where the sabatoged occurred. I may be no engineer, but it seems a mouse droid crossed the wires.

I had no confidence in my engineering skills so I contacted Roots to help guide me through the process. With Root’s help, I switched the wires and reverse the regulators. This little experience gave me an idea to invest in my own mouse droid to help go through ducts and act as a scout.

I backtracked out of the vents back to life support to only to find the techs passed out. Also, there were two droids that noticed the airflow was reversed and engaged me. One shot me, but I was able to take both of them out with my trusty ion blaster.

Once the droids were taken care of, I waited until the techs were conscious to secure the area before heading up to communications.

I noticed the doors and trubolift were functioning. I assumed other teams had some success securing the ship. I took the turbolift to communications to secure that part of the ship.

Upon entering the room 2 droids attacked me. Both missed and I neutralized them both. There was Lt. Commander in the room but he was passed out, and looking out the window, I noticed several things that was occurring that made me crap my pants 1) there were 2 Y-wings that appears to be piloted by droids. Either they were escorting the ship or they were ready to jump to hyperspace with info. 2) the frigate was caught in the gravity vortex of a black hole. The situation looked dire.

I need get comms going to contact rebel fleet everything is compromised, but at the same time take out those Y-wings. I heard weapons can be access from this room; I hope my recruit training will come in handy.

The Situation Has Gone From Bad To Worse, Again
Episode 3-22-2018

1.080 ABY – 1115 Hour – Spy Frigate Shadow Raptor – Bonadin System – Tumbling out of control -( The following as relayed to Cael at a later time ) – Mathus, RR5 and Trosc have finally made it to the main gangway level on the ship. RR5 searches for a droid socket. After 3 tries, he finds a working one. He accesses the ships main computer for schematics on how to get the 3 of them to engineering in the aft section of the ship. As a bonus, he finds the main door lock sequence in the computer. He unlocks all the doors on the ship. This should help us and the crew regain control. He downloads the ship layout, and they proceed Aft. When they get to the main causeway aft. They encounter 5 terror droids ( protocol droids with weaons ) and 2 astromec droids driving a skiff in the main access way. The droids are ushering prisoners into a closet. RR5 use a ploy that he has captured Mathus and Trosc. RR5 is holding his blaster. Mathus and Trosc are walking in front of him. As they approach the other droids and get close enough. They all open fire and destroy the hostile group of droids. Seems Mathus got a chance to use his shock gloves on 1 of them. By the time they get to the crew in the closet. They are all unconscious from the lack of oxygen. They take the skiff and head Aft.

1115 Hour – ( The following as relayed to Cael at a later time ) – Berrenger has squeezed himself into the air handler duct work. It takes he some effort but he reaches the control box for the fan assembly. The fan has been re-wired backwards. Berrenger contacts Roots on the Smooth Sailor with his comm link. With Roots help, Berrenger wires the fans back to the correct way. Fresh air starts flowing back into the ship. When he crawls back out to the life support control room. He needs to destroy 2 more terror droids that have entered there while he was in the air tunnel. He then scrounges around in a cabinet and finds some breather masks. He puts them on the crew that are unconscious here and after a few minuets. They become conscious.

1115 Hour – Hastings and I are at the bridge door. We had both fired our blasters at the droids on the bridge and sent them scattering in all directions. My next shot destroys a terror droid. 1 of their blaster shots hits the door mechanism and the door closes on us. As we again have to muscle the door open. Once open, Hastings gets hit by a blaster bolt in his left shoulder. An astromec droid has moved closer to us and sprays a heavy fire retardant fog to obscure the area. I take a chance and run past the astromec. As I emerge on the far side of the billowing cloud. I shoulder block a terror droid. It falls off the catwalk to the floor of the deck below. I pivot to the right and fire both blaster pistols at 2 different droids, destroying both. Wow, this is really just like playing blitzball. I pivot around again. Out of the way of direct hits from being shot at. The blaster bolts deflect off my armor. Soon the last terror droid is destroyed. Hastings runs in and grabs an astromec and pushes it towards one of the consoles. As the droid protests. He uses the droids power coupling to power the console. I try to revive the few crew that are scattered around the bridge, but the lack of oxygen has them still unconscious. After a few minuets, Hastings has the ships internal and external cameras now operational. I can see Berrenger is presently in the life support control room. Mathus, RR5 and Trosc are in a small skiff. They are in the main spar access way, heading aft. (Hastings) “Oh Frick. We are really in trouble now.” I look at the holo monitor he is pointing at. The Shadow Raptor is still tumbling out of control through space. After a few seconds the image on the monitor rotates and shows that we are headed towards a large black hole. (Cael) “Son of a Frick. What the blazes else can go wrong?” Hasting kicks the astromec when it tries to move away from him. I grab some heavy fiber tape and wrap the droid to the console. Now it cant get away.

1145 Hour – As I finish securing the droid to the console. I notice the air is getting better in the ship. Good job Berrenger, good job. Some of the crew on the bridge that are passed out are starting to wake up. As I turn back to Hastings. On another monitor, I can see Captain Sortuli and Navigator Coomsay being ushered onto a Kappa class shuttle. This monitor says this is the aft docking bay. I contact Roots. He is still in the Smooth Sailor with DZ and Jemin. (Cael) “Roots, I need you to lock down and code lock out the bay doors in the aft landing bay. We cant let that Kappa shuttle to leave with the captain.” (Roots) “Twee Twee Boop Boop.” I can see on the monitor for the aft landing bay. Roots and DZ quietly exit the Smooth Sailor. They head to the landing bay control room. I set another monitor to show me the aft bay control room. Roots and DZ casually stroll into the control room. Since they are droids. The other droids in there are not alarmed. There are several terror and astromec droids in the control room. Roots plugs into a working computer socket while DZ stands guard. The computer mechanism spins and a red light comes on in the control room. I can also see from the bridge control panel as to what the warning light says. It says that the aft bay doors are closed and locked. 1 of the terror droids pulls a blaster on Roots. Roots trying to act sly. Probably from hanging around with us sneak around liars. Tells the terror droid that the door is not locked. It is still open. Another tech droid looks confused at this answer. It tries to confirm the door is locked. It tries to open the doors but cant. DZ now has his hands up in surrender.

I look back to the aft landing bay camera. Jemin is now exiting the Smooth Sailor He walks calmly to the bay control room. For some reason the droids in the landing bay do not notice him or for that matter pay any attention to him. When he gets to the control room. He finds DZ and Roots and 3 terror droids in there. He distracts the terror droid with the gun by throwing a datapad at it.

1200 Hour – Mathus, RR5 and Trosc have reached the aft landing bay with the skiff. Trosc jumps out and heads for cover by the smooth Sailor. As RR5 tries to steer the skiff around several ships and head for the exit door to the engineering section. A walking load lifter slowly moves into the path. RR5 pushes the throttle to full. Grabs Mathus and bails out of the skiff. The skiff hits the load lifter and both explode. Mathus gets up and in the commotion. Runs past the now destroyed load lifter and heads towards engineering on foot. I look back at the monitor for the aft control room. Jemim and DZ are in a battle with the terror droids in there.

1215 Hour – Berrenger has left the life support control room after the crew there was finally revived. He makes his way up to the 2nd communications level. When he gets there, he destroys 2 of the terror droids there. He finds Lieutenant Commander Koomb there, still unconscious.

Hastings and I continue checking several cameras in and around the ship. To gage who is captured and also where the rogue droids are. 1 external camera shows 2 Y-wing fighters following the Shadow Raptor. As we zoom in. We find that there are droids flying each of the fighters. The aft landing bay camera still shows the Kappa shuttle sitting there. Another external camera shows the black hole. It seems allot closer then just a few minuets ago. I hope Mathus gets to engineering soon or its going to get real tight in this ship, real tight.

I hope this does not bite me in the ass
Beringer Mission 4 Log 5

Personal Fund: 7,206

Party Fund: 900

Secret Slush Fund: 300,000

Funds from Republic: 400,000
-4,500,000 for trade
-50,000 to hutt

We celebrated our Huttball win. Chulla seemed pleased and agreed to most of our conditions. She was determined to keep DZ, but I was able to negotiate his release by providing another protocol droid out of the droid stash I was able to acquire.

DZ still had the restrining bolts attached and I asked Mathus to have them removed later on.

With the case of credits, Cael, Mathus, and the rest of us went back to Captain Oglerk in Bay 99. We noticed there was more security on board after hearing an Imp officer was killed on the station. Don’t know why an Imp officer was on here in the first place.

I made the trade with Captain Oglerk and had Mathus search for the best protocol droid in the pile. Once one was found, I sent it to Chulla as part of our agreement.

Mathus and RR started t o examine the tug to be used for ferrying the containers of droids. The tug is slow and was not properly equipped with anything to decrypt astrogation coordinates. Time was spent updating the system on the tug while waiting few hours waiting out a solar storm to pass.

Once the storm was over, we left the station in the Spinster’s Loom (or Loon?) I sent Chulla the Hutt a parting gift of 50,000 credits to stay on her good side. She seemed appreciative of the gesture.

We left the system and made several hyperspace jumps before arriving at our rendezvous point in the Bonwan System. Once we arrived, we were hailed by the Shadow Raptor. We docked in the hangar bay of the frigate and personnel began to offload the droids in the containers.

The Captain the vessel, Sortali, was pleased we got the contents and planed on putting them to immediate use after wiping their memory. Our group stayed for a briefing with General Cracken in the holoprojector room. General Cracken congratulated us on the mission until all went dark.

The Shadow Raptor, was in hyperspace, but stopped. All panels in the ship were dead. Moments later we heard over the comm in a droid voice the ship is under their control. The droid we brought on board compromised the ship and now the ship is in lockdown.

The engine room in the back was overrun as well as the bridge. But most critically, the ship began to decompress because the life support systems was also overrun.

Without discussing it with Cael and the rest of the group, I headed to life support to get it restored and let the rest figure out where to head to. I tried to open a door but it’s in lockdown and the emergency latch was too hard to operate. Fortunately there was a gonk droid that help powered the door. I took the gonk droid and a tach to lead me to life support.

We traveled down the ship, and it took longer because of the droid. We eventually made it but the area was in control of two droids. I’ve engaged both droids, taking both out with my ion blaster before a droid took out the gonk droid.

Once the room was secured, I freed 5 trapped techs, and they informed me there was an astromech droid in the other room controlling power and gravity. I went to the other room engaged with the droid. It tazed me, but it was taken out from one blast of my ion pistol.

The room was secure, but the techs said they can’t restore the oxygen systems. The droids reversed the scrubbers, which requires me to get to them and reverse them back.

I kind of feel responsible for allowing these droids to be on this ship and gain access. But I also fear that Chulla the Hutt may have a similar problem too and would take it out on me for giving her a compromised droid. I just hope she placed a restraining bolt on it.

Never Shot A Droid That Did Not Need It
Episode 2-21-2018

1.078 ABY – 1810 Hour – Listehol System – Shadow Port Tuga –
( Warning – White Dwarf System )
Shoola the Hutt slithers over to congratulate us on our slim victory. Bypassing the Mirilan that is still laying on the floor. Not that she did not make a sector load of money betting on us anyway. I notice her sneaking glances at me as I get dressed. Berrenger continues to negociate getting Mathus, DZ and the briefcase. Shoola is pretty set on keeping DZ. I lean over to Berrenger and whisper in his ear. (Cael) “We have protocol droids in the batch we are getting. Give her one of them.” Berrenger turns to me with a smile, then turns back to Shoola. (Berrenger) “Shoola, I have grown accustom to this older style protocol. I have access to another, brand new protocol droid. I will give it to you so that we can have DZ back.” She smiles at this prospect. (Shoola) “New you say? As long as it can translate Hutties. I accept.” Berrenger smiles and bows to the hutt. I meanwhile have retrieved my helmet from the mens room. The 2 men are still passed out cold in there from the 2 lines of glitterstream they did. As I return to the mezzanine. Shoola is directing Berrenger, DZ, Mathus and Trosc to a side exit. (Shoola) “Cael, if you ever want to get back into playing Huttball. Just let me know. I will make it worth your while.” I smile at her about this prospect. For a second there, it was starting to sound like a good idea, but I keep walking. When we get outside the door and in the alley. Berrenger hands me the briefcase with a stern look on his face. I say to him. (Cael) “Whats the problem? That was easy as pie.” He just gives me a disgusted look as we walk back to the docking bay 99. There are warning bells going off everywhere. When we asks a nearby shop owner about them. (Shop Owner) “It is just a minor solar storm. It should blow over in a few hours. Nothing to worry about.” We take our time getting to the dock. On the way, Trosc stops to look for some electronics gear. We also buy Mathus a smoothie to settle his nerves.

1830 Hour – We get back to the tug and find Captain Oglerk and Kog. They have been coupling the cargo pods so they are ready to be towed. I bet they were assuming that we would not return and they would have needed to get out of here quickly. (Oglerk) “Well, that was pretty quick. You got my money this time?” I hand Berrenger the case. He in turn, opens it and hands it to Captain Oglerk. (Oglerk) “Ooooo, very good. It was good doing business with you, and your backers.” As the 2 walk off smiling. We call RR5 to come to docking bay 99. He needs to check out the tug. Berrenger, Mathus and I look for a protocol droid for Shoola. We soon find a nice shinny silver one. We activate it and DZ checks to make sure it has the proper languages stored in its memory. When it checks out. We send it on its way to the Nova Room and to Shoola. RR5 soon shows up and he goes over the tug with Mathus. The tug is not in the best of shape. It only has a jump 4 hyperdrive. Also the slave circuit to coordinate jumps is burned out. We also need to do some other minor repairs. Our coordinates are encrypted and we need to coordinate the jump of the tug and the Smooth Sailor together. (Mathus) “Do you want me to crack the encryption on the coordinates?” Berrenger and I both give him the look of. What are you waiting for? (Mathus) “Ok, ok, give me an hour and I will have it open.”

1930 Hour – While Mathus is busy with the encryption. Berrenger revisits the Nova Room casino. I really hope he is betting with his own money. RR5 and I go over the check list on the tug and the pods. One of the couplers between pod #3 and #4 is not completely engaged. It takes us a few minuets to fully couple the pods together. Next, RR5 plugs himself into the tugs computer and familiarizes himself with the ships systems. By this time Mathus has broken the encryption on our coordinates and rendezvous point. At least now we can coordinate the 2 ships to the same points.

2030 Hour – The solar storm has subsided and we can finally leave the station. RR5 will pilot the tug and I will pilot the Smooth Sailor. Roots has calculated and transmitted the several rendezvous points to RR5. It should take us a little over a day and a half to reach our final drop off point. We launch both ships and get a safe distance from the station before we enter hyperspace. At jump 4 we will make our 1st incursion to normal space in a little over 8 hours.

1.079 ABY – 0445 Hour – Our 1st check point. The Smooth Sailor emerges into normal space. There is no other ships near by. After 15 minuets. The tug emerges. (RR5) “The tug is operating at nominal efficiency.” Roots double checks the next point. I allow the tug to enter hyperspace before the Sailor this time. This jump will be over 9 hours.

1410 Hour – Our 2nd check point. The Smooth Sailor emerges into normal space. There again are no other ships near by. After 10 minuets. The tug emerges. (RR5) “I have reduced the ships life support to compensate a slight power loss. Since I do not need to breath. There is no need for air circulation.” I got to hand it to RR5. That was a good call. Roots double checks our next point. This is only a 7 hour jump.

2120 Hour – Our 3rd check point. We are sitting for over an half hour before the tug emerges into normal space. RR5 quickly radios us. (RR5) “I regret to inform you that the tugs hyperdrive is not working at nominal efficiency. There is now a 6.345% power drain. I can only compensate that slightly.” (Mathus) “Do I need to come over there or can I talk you through a check list to look for?” (RR5) “To optimize time. Please vocalize the procedures for me to observe and correct.” Over the next hour. Mathus gives RR5 directions on what to look at and possibly correct. (RR5) “Mr Mathus, The power drain is now at a 2.62486%. I do think this is as close to optimal that we will acquire. We should be on our way for the final jump.” Mathus is satisfied with the repairs. Roots again coordinates our final jump point. This jump is another 9 hours.

1.080 ABY – 0730 Hour – Bonadin System – The Sailor emerges into normal space. Our sensors are on maximum. There does not seem to be anyone here to meet us. After about 15 minuets, the tug emerges into normal space. We continue to wait for another 15 minuets. (RR5) “The tugs sensors do not show any ship near by, but my optical sensors detect slight movement. Bearing 76, Mark 10, 2000 meters.” We all look in that general direction. After a few seconds, we notice something big, dark and moving closer to us. On the comm system. (Cael) “Shadow Raptor, this is Smooth Sailor, come in?” After a few seconds we get a reply. (SR) “Smooth Sailor, this is Shadow Raptor. Welcome to the Bonadin system. We were just being cautious to make sure you were not followed. We will beacon you and the tug into our rear landing bay.” As the beacon directs us to the rear of the ship. We now notice that it is a Nebula Class Frigate. She is painted a matte black and there are strategic lights place on the hull to simulate stars. Making it harder to detect. I have seen some of these frigates before, but this one has a huge sensor array on it. I let the tug dock 1st. With all those pods. It will be easier for the Sailor to maneuver around the tug then the other way around. As we disembark, the deck crew is already off loading the 1st pod of droids. The Deck master gives us directions to the fore section of the ship and as to where to meet with Captain Sortuli.

0815 Hour – Captain Sortuli and Navigator Coomsay meet us at the main vertical turbo shaft on the forward section. The captain has some sort of lizard as a pet following her. (Sortuli) “Welcome aboard the Shadow Raptor. The deck crew has already unloaded 1 of the pods you delivered and are working on the rest. We are very pleased with the shipment of droids. General Cracken will be holding a debriefing at 1030 hours in conference room 3. We will make the jump to hyperspace within the next hour.” (Cael) “Captain, do you have any further instructions or orders for my crew and I?” (Sortuli) “No Captain Cael. Hopefully the General will have your new orders. Are you worries we will leave you here in the middle of nowhere. You and your crew have free run of the ship.” She walks off and the lizard follows her. I spend some time on the ships bridge to see how it operates. I notice, most of the crew are not in uniform. I suspect that is because of the secretive nature of this ship.

1030 Hour – Shadow Raptor Conference Room #3 – General Cracken is not on board the Raptor, but is on the holo projector. He commends my crew and I on completing the mission and about bringing the much needed droids to this ship. He goes over several other aspects of the mission. Making sure the technicians are doing memory wipes on all the droids. He gives Sortuli other orders on the droids but none are given to my crew or I. He salutes us and signs off. I turn to Berrenger, RR5, Trosc and Mathus. (Cael) “So are we in a hurry to get back to Titan Base?” (Trosc) “I could enjoy finding out more about this ship and some of the toys she has.” (Berrenger) “I’m in no hurry.” (Mathus) “The Guppy is going to take at least 2 more weeks for her tech crew to complete repairs. I could also enjoy looking over whats on this ship.” RR5 does not answer. He just gives a blank stare. I take that he is indifferent. (Cael) “Well then, it unanimous. We see what this ship has to offer, for a little while.” Just then the ship lurches. Inertial dampers strain from the jolt and we are thrown all over the room. I can tell the ship has fallen out of hyperspace. Klaxon horns are going off everywhere. The lights flicker and go out. Emergency lights immediately come on. As we are helping people to their feet. One of the crew members, Hastings tells us. (Hastings) “The ship is in lock down mode. It is a fail safe if we are ever taken over. Or if something strange happens.” The intercom system come on with a mechanical voice. (Droid) “We have taken control of the ship. You are now under Imperial control. Do not resist and you will not be harmed.” We look at each other and understand. This is all our fault in bringing that shipment of droids here. Next we notice that the air handlers are off line. We figure we have an hour or so of air in this ship. We are presently on deck 17. 1 level above the Life Support on deck 18. The Bridge is up on deck 9 and the barracks are 1 deck higher on deck 8. All the doors are locked. I look around us to see what we have to work with. There just so happens to be a power/gonk droid sitting in the corner of the room. We activate it and use it to open the door to the main corridor. (Berrenger) “I will head to the life support level and reactivate the atmosphere system.” (Cael) “Take the power droid with you. You might need to hook him into the system.” Berrenger and the power droid head to the lower level. (Mathus) “We need to get the ships power plant back on line. RR5 and I can head there.” (Trosc) “I can help you guys in getting there.” The 3 of them head to the main stairway shaft up. (Cael) “Hastings, you are with me. We are going up to the bridge level and see if we can wrestle control back from these renegade droids.” (Hastings) “I am unarmed.” (Cael) “We will fix that soon.” I pull my data pad and contact Roots in the Smooth Sailor. I ask him what is going on in the landing bay. (Roots -translated from binary) “Several hundred ill intent droids have taken over the dock, engineering and the near by armory. I have locked the Sailor. The droids are taking the ships crew hostage.” I type back. (Cael) “Sit tight and don’t let any of those droids in. Mathus, Trosc and RR5 are on their way.” Hastings and I proceed to go up the stairway. We pass RR5 helping Mathus at 3 levels above. By the time we get to the bridge level. We are both winded. We can hear blaster fire coming from several directions. When we look through the clear door panel. We see armed droids passing. We wait for them to pass. We muscle the door open and head down the hall towards the bridge. Hastings finds us a storage locker. There is a hold out blaster and a stun baton in there. I hand Hastings the blaster and I clip the stun baton to my belt. We travel several corridors until we are at the door to the bridge. We can see through the clear door panel that there are 4 astromech and 5 protocol droids in there. They each have weapons and they have taken the bridge crew hostage. The door is electronically locked. I try using the power from the stun baton to operate the door. The best I can do is get the door unlocked. We ready our blasters and muscle the door open. We both proceed to shoot. This sends the droids all scattering. I don’t think we hit any of them, but maybe we can get to the hostages.

An Expensive Blitzball Game
Episode 2-7-2018

1100 Hour – Listehol System – Shadow Port Tuga – ( Warning – White Dwarf System )
Berrenger and RR5 are in the next room at the Barby Harpy. They are negotiating with Captain Oglerk and 1st mate Kog. There is now a loud bar fight going on in the main bar room. I can not hear what is being said in the next room. I try an old trick. I grab a drinking glass off a side table. I place the glass on the wall and listen. It helps me hear some but not much. Oglerk’s freighter is parked in docking bay 99. Oglerk is expecting 10 million credits for this shipment of droids. I know for a fact we do not have that much. Berrenger hems and haws and gets them down some. The bar fight is getting intense. A couple of blaster shots come down the hallway and into the back rooms. They decide to take this party to where the droids are located at docking bay 99. As they file out of the room. RR5 is the last out. I quickly grab his arm. (Cael) “I need you to open your com link to transmit only. Not to receive. I will be listening in as I follow behind you, OK?” RR5 nods yes and continues after the group. I let them get ahead and then I make my way out of the bar. I sneak my way around the opposite side of the bar that the fight is on. There are close to 25 people fighting each other. Once outside the bar I can follow Berrenger and RR5 easier since I can hear their conversation. Berrenger is still going over finer points in the negotiation as they walk to the dock. I try to keep far enough back but not far enough that I can not see them. Trosc is still tailing me by 10 to 15 meters.

1200 Hour – Docking bay 99 – I make my way around to the far side of the transport tug and the 5 cargo containers. There is no one else in this 4 slot docking bay. 1 slot has the tug. The 2nd slot has the 5 cargo containers in it. Slot 3 and 4 are empty. Berrenger has called Mathus to come examine the droids. While they wait the 15 minuets for Mathus to show up. Berrenger continues to chew down the 10 million price tag. I find a comfortable spot on a fuel drum that is partially covered with a tarp. I can see the group, but they can not see me. By the time Mathus gets there. Berrenger has gotten the price down to now somewhere around 5 million credits. They continue to haggle while Mathus and Kog go through the droids. Randomly they activate some of the droids. Mathus even opens the chassis on some of them. I cant hear what he is saying. RR5 is closer to Berrenger then to Mathus. After about a half hour. They are done examining the droids. Mathus walks up to Berrenger’s left side and whispers into his ear. Berrenger nods, nods again and turns to Oglerk. (Berrenger) “So Captain Oglerk, are we in agreement on the 4.5 million credits? 5 cargo containers of droids and the tug thrown in for good measure.” (Oglerk) “Ok, 4.5 mil. Where are your credits?” Berrenger sends Mathus to retreive DZ and the case. As he is walking away I can hear Mathus complaining about walking and being an errand boy. To bide the time. Captain Oglerk regales Berrenger and RR5 on a short story about being boarded a few months ago by Imperial customs. I do not pay attention to the story. I am more interested in keeping an eye on them and DZs approach.

1400 Hour – Mathus still has not returned. I can hear Berrenger trying to contact him. Now I am starting to get worried. Then I see Berrenger walk away from Oglerk. He is looking at his data pad. (Berrenger) “Frack, the Nova Room, 20 minuets to be there.” Berrenger begs forgiveness that there is a problem locating our droid with the money. (Oglerk) “You show up to a negotiation without bringing the money? You have until 2100 hours to get us our money or the deal is off. You got that?” (Berrenger) “Yes, we will have it. We will have it.” Berrenger and RR5 start heading towards the market and the Nova Room Casino. When they are out of sight of the 2 angry people at the tug I rush up to them. Our Bothan spook Trosc comes up behind me to see what happened. (Berrenger) “Shoola The Hutt has Mathus, DZ and our case of credits. She wants us at the Nova Room.” (Cael) “I have a way in. You get inside and I will back you up.” (Trosc) “I will see if I can get Ruahara’s help.” Trosc runs off to the Barby Harpy. Berrenger moves to in line to get into the Nova Room.

I move off to the side and ready myself to rush in the guarded door. I calculate how long it takes for the door to open and then close behind someone. There is a Gigaran and a Miriralan bouncer at the door. I wait for a group of 5 merchants going inside. They pay their fee and are putting their weapons into a locker. When they are just about done. I flick the switch on the stealth shield and move in. As they filter through the door 1 at a time. I rush the door as the last of the 5 merchants enters. I can hear the alarms go off as I pass the doorway. Once inside I move off to the right and out of the way. Before I can breath there are 4 large bouncers in this entryway. They are all sporting very large blasters. They cant see me and are searching the room. 1 of them gets close to me and accidentally steps on my foot. (Bouncer 1) “Ah, I think I found him?” I quickly push the bouncer back and tip him over. Blaster fire starts bouncing all over the place as I run past the coat check and into the casino. 1 of the blaster bolts catches me in the left side. I make a quick scan of the place as the bouncers enter the casino. There is the kitchen hallway. No only droids coming out of there. There are several males going into the mens room. 2 of them are about my size and are sporting long duster coats. I slip in the door behind them. Inside I turn off the field. I can still hear Berrenger on the open comm link outside pleading to get in the casino. He bargains his way past the bouncer for only 200 credits.

In the casino mens room. The 2 humans I followed are in the corner at a small table snorting glitterstreem. When they see me they think I will turn them in. I befriend them that I will make sure no one bothers them while they are busy. When they do a 2nd line they both get real glassy eyed. (Cael) “You ok? Here sit down. Is it hot in hear?” I get them to take off their dusters. They soon pass out on the couch. I take the larger of the 2 dusters and put it on over the armor and my blaster side arm. Its not a perfect fit but it hides my armor. I hide my helmet in the mens room and exit out onto the casino floor. I soon find Berrenger at a Pizzatt table with a pile of chips sitting in front of him. I step next to him. I can see Trosc a few isles over near the slot machines. I wonder how he got past the bouncer. Berrenger turns to me. (Berrenger) “We have to go see Shoola the Hutt upstairs in 30 minuets. Our code word to get past is Gronkis.” (Cael) “I should have just changed into the black suit and signed autographs to get my way into this place, but I did not think of that at the time. I am still armed and I have a little round ace in my pocket.” Berrenger give me a confused look. Then by the look on his face. He realizes I have a thermal detonator in my pocket. Trosc is working his way over towards us. Berrenger wins a couple of more hands of Pizzatt. It has been about 20 minuets. He looks at his data pad for the time. Then gets up from the table and cashes out 2000 credits at the cashier.

1500 Hour – The 3 of us head towards the mezzanine level stairway. When we get to the top. The bouncer stops us. (Berrenger) “We are here to see Gronkis.” The bouncer lets us through. On a large raised dias is a female Hutt. Shoola the Hutt is a medium sized purplish Hutt. She is wearing a large feather head dress. There are several semi nude male Tel’wik dancers entertaining her. Shoola motions us closer. She says something in Hutties that none of us understand. She next says something to 1 of her attendants. The attendant goes into a door to the side and comes back out with DZ. If a droid could look worried. Then DZ is worried. DZ interprets for Shoola. (Shoola) “We have captured your protocol, the chubby scared human and have your case. Who do you think you are coming into my domain and making a deal as large as this and not cutting me in. I will be kind to you and will only charge you 50% to get the case and the human back. I will keep the droid.” DZ looks to Shoola and to Berrenger, then back to Shoola. Now I know DZ is worried. (Berrenger) “My information was that you were not in control of this station any more.” (Shoola) “I have always been in charge here. All business transactions go through me. Who is the fine looking friend you have there. Step forward. Show me.” At this point It dawns on me that she is talking about me. I have been too busy determining that there are 8 armed guards, 6 attendants, 7 Tel’wik dancers, 14 other assorted males and 6 assorted females in this room. Not counting the Gigaran bouncer at the top of the stairs. I look at Berrenger. (Berrenger) “Move up. Let her take a look at you. I need time to think of something.” I give him a grimace as I step 2 steps forward. Shoola twirls her finger around as she licks her bright red lips. I slowly spin around and face her again. (Berrenger) “Shoola, how about a wager, or maybe a game of Hutt Ball. Winner take all. Now I turn my head and really grimace at Berrenger. (Shoola) “I keep the protocol.” (Berrenger) “Winner takes ALL.” I step back to Berrenger and whisper. (Cael) “What are you thinking. I have not played pro ball in over 2 years” (Berrenger) “Like you can forget how to play? This is our best chance to get out of here alive with that case and all the credits in it.” (Shoola) “That is an Interesting proposition. You 3 against any 3 that I pick. We will make it 2 contests. 1st accuracy, the 2nd will be actual game. As you say, All or Nothing.” Shoola picks her 3. A very muscular Gigaran. A Dug, now Dugs are versatile. They have 4 appendages that can act as a foot or an hand. Makes them agile. Her last pick is a Mirialan. I recognize him as an ex pro ball player. He played for the Hutts as I was just getting out of the game. Near as I can remember. He got pitched for using enhancing drugs. (Cael) “Guys, I cant play ball in this coat and armor. I need some help in hiding the blaster and little round ball in my pocket.” As I take the duster off. Trosc hides my blaster and the thermal detonator in the coat. I strip down to my skivvies and put my boots back on. Shoola seems impressed with my body. I may have not played ball in a while, but PT every morning has kept me in top shape.

1545 Hour – We start with a standard .45 meter target hole. We are about 10 meters away from the target. The 1st throw. We all make it except the Dug. He is out. The next round the Mirialan cheats and knocks my ball out. Berrenger scores. The Gigaran misses and Trosc scores. We win the 1st round. Now comes the hard part. I give the guys some pointers on the game as we line up. I normally play a left guard forward. Playing point center is more difficult. The mezzanine has gotten really crowded. I can see a Drall taking bets on the game. I get ready. When the ball pops between the Dug and I. I grab it and lateral it back to Berenger. He swings around to the left. We gain some meters towards the goal when the Gigaran knocks the ball from his hands. We are almost half way to the goal line. This time when the ball pops. I grab it an run right. I get pretty far in this mini field, until the Gigaran tackles me. We reset and when the ball pops. The Dug is ready for it and grabs it. I am a bit stronger and rip the ball from his hands. I pass it to Trosc. He fakes left and gets deep into their territory. The Mirialan knocks it out. We are within scoring distance. I huddle the guys. (Cael) “We are going to do a simple play that most times works flawlessly. You 2 will line up to my left. It will look like I will run or throw to whoever is farthest left. I will fake left, pivot right and dive for the goal line. As long as the Mirialan does not guess what play we are doing. We should score and win.” Berrenger lines up at my left. The Gigaran is guarding him. Trosc is far left. The Mirialan see this and moves over and guards him. When the ball pops. I grab the ball like I am going to throw left. The Dug jumps left. I did not know Dugs could jump that high. I pivot to the right and dive. Crossing the goal line. I look over at the Mirialan. I am pretty sure he is ticked that we got the better of him on a simple old play. I head towards the pile of my clothes. Just in case this goes from bad to worse. I want a weapon close by. Now it depends if Shoola will hold up her part of the bargain.


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