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A Shield Generator, My Kingdom For A Shield Generator

Episode 12-7-2016

.247 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
1315 Hour – Several of us are sitting in the Cafeteria drinking some hot java. Idly discussing a few ideas on securing the base. (Dendric) Our new chain smoking security expert. “I have several options already laid out in an extensive flow chart. With projected costs and implementation times. Booby traps for incoming ground troops. Setting up a forward lookout post. Upgrading the existing turbo-lasers emplacements to ion cannons. Maybe another anti aircraft turbo-laser installation. Building a shield generator. Internal base barriers and defense choke point locations. Various troop deployments. There was mention of a bunch of T-16s that were crashed not too far from here. Maybe they could be salvaged and utilized? We can fabricate a launch ramp for the headhunter to launch quicker. Just to mention a few ideas. (Cael) “We only have just under 3000 credits left in the base slush fund account. I am pretty sure we can not buy a slightly hot shield generator on the local black market for that little credits.” (Berrenger) “Don’t be so negative. You never know what product some dumb fool is trying to unload because he does not know what he has.” Dendric excuses himself to finish unpacking. After he leaves. (Cael) “Does he have to smoke those death sticks every waking minute of the day?” (Zal) “He seems a bit high strung. They may help him calm down.” (Cael) “The smoke makes me sick. I also doubt he has the parts for a shield generator stowed in his luggage.” (Gaave) “How is the flying bomb coming? The Box.” (Zal) “Voba has been non-stop working on making a large quantity of explosives. Florek is trying to set The Box to be flown remote controlled.” (Cael) “Berrenger, do you have any contacts that could find out when the Imperials will be attacking the base here? If we knew that date. We could hit them prior to them being ready.” (Berrenger) “I will check.” (Zal) “I am going to go check on Florek and then go look over the Headhunter you almost destroyed on me.” (Cael) “Hey, I said I was sorry. Besides, I did not crash. It was like falling with style.” (Gaave) “Glad I missed that maneuver.” Zal heads to the motor pool and I head to my quarters to work on the duty roster. When Zal gets to the motor pool. She finds Florek is having trouble getting the aileron controls to do what the remote flight program wants them to do. She helps him with the radio controls for a short while and then heads to the landing pad.

In the cafeteria. (Berrenger) “I may know a guy that can possibly help us. He is in a far corner of Iziz. In sector 3. I will give him a call and see what he has in inventory to sell or trade.” (Gaave) “I can easily fly you there in the Majestic Gundar. No one will pay no mind to us leaving.” (Berrenger) “OK, lets go. I also want to take a few Partisan rebels with us. If we just happen to purchase or get some parts. Then they can help us load.” The 2 men and 3 rebels take off in the Majestic Gundar before Zal gets to the landing pad. She is so intense on checking out the headhunter that she does not notice the YT-1210 is not sitting where she parked it. The manifest for the fighter shows that the headhunter only came with 1 concussion missile. As she removes the access panel. She discovers that there are 3 other missiles in the ammo magazine. She carefully removes them and sets them down on the duracrepe pad.

1400 Hour – Before going over the duty roster. I get Rosa to get 2 or 3 of her lackeys to get the schematics for the launch ramp from Dendric. I get them started constructing it. After a while, I remember Voba picked up the crate of glitterstim from the T-16 crash site. Maybe Berrenger can trade the drugs for some of the stuff we need around here. Maybe even for the shield generator. I put in a call to his communicator. When he answers, I give him the information about the full case of glitterstim and to trade it for what we need. I never used the stuff personally, but I knew some of the other guys that played ball professionally would use it. A case of the stuff, as I remember went for around 5000 to 7000 credits. (Berrenger) “OK, I will see what I can do.” He seemed a little leery of unloading the drugs. I next go find Dendric. He has actually taken over 1 end of a barracks room. He has set up a temporary desk next to his bunk as his office. As I enter the bunk room the billowing smoke from his death sticks hits me in the face. (Cael) “Please don’t set off the fire suppression system with those.” (Dendric) “Yea, Yea, OK. Can I help you?” (Cael) “I wanted to go over some of the ideas you had on fortifying the base. I was thinking we could use the 1 remaining ATST we have as the forward post. It at least has armor, weapons and can move or fall back as necessary. We can camouflage it down the road.” (Dendric) “That would work. That would save time on building the lookout post.” (Cael) “I also have our scrounger Berrenger, working on leads on a shield generator.” Dendric lights another death stick. Takes a puff and when as he puts it down on the ash tray he has on his desk. He notices he has another lit stick there. He smokes both of them. I leave him to his smoke filled room. I go find Treb. Treb is in the makeshift classroom with the recruits. (Cael) “Treb, I need you and some of the recruits to set up the ATST down the road from the motor pool as a forward lookout post. We need it camouflaged. Voba should have 1 or 2 vid cameras that can be placed farther down the road. Also set up some booby traps down the road. Trip wires, sensor pads, spring traps. Use your imagination with what is available. Make a map so we know where the traps are set. (Treb) “OK, We will get it done and It will show the class how to properly camouflage.” (Cael) “Good, I will also be sending some of the partisan rebels to you. I need you to get them up to speed on tactics and chain of command. Some of them need armor. Some need weapons. Can you handle all that?” (Treb) “Afirmative, sir.” (Cael) “Good, see to it.” I head back to working on the duty roster. It is so much easier understanding him with that wookee translator now. As I pass Roots in the hall. (Cael) “Roots, does Torre still have his B-1 battle programing in tact?” Roots gives me questionable wheerrrrr that he is not sure. (Cael) “Can you please find out. I may want to deploy Torre as internal base security if we get over run by imperials.” He gives me an affirmative beep and rolls down the hall.

1530 Hour – Zal has removed the 4 missiles from the fighter. She takes them to Voba to determine how he will utilize them. (Zal to Cael) “Cael, I am going to take the headhunter out to survey the T-16 crash sites. See what we have to work with. What is salvageable and what is not.” (Cael) “OK, don’t be too long and don’t go looking for trouble.” (Zal) “Me? How can little ole me get into trouble?” as she cuts the call to my communicator. (Cael) “I know how you can get into trouble.” Zal preps the headhunter and takes it out at a fast clip.

1600 Hour – As I pass the comm room. I can hear the local communication channel from Iziz. Something about a ship. “The Hand of Sorrow” is being boarded by customs agents. (Cael) “Wasn’t that the name the Tie fighter called Gaave’s YT-1210 when we were over Iziz? Maybe I was mistaken. That crate is still sitting hear at the base.” In the hall I come across Rosa. (Cael) “Rosa, I need the rest of your crew to check in with Treb. We need to get them ready for the attack on Jiranna Base. Armor, weapons, directions, training. You know the drill. We all need to work like a team.” (Rosa) “Ok, I will round them up and send them to the rec room where Treb has been holding class.” (Cael) “So far I have 2 men training in each of the 2 turbo-lasers. I have another 2 men working on maintenance on the base generators. Xian is doing a good job of helping Voba and Gaave. The rest are just not handling their keep around here.” (Rosa) “Ok, ok, I will talk to them. I still want in on any attack planing. These are my men.” (Cael) “Yes I know, but if you want to get rid of the Empire on your planet. Then you have to help us here.” (Rosa) “If you have the equipment. I will get the men in line.” (Cael) “Good, this operation is going to start running faster as we get closer to attack date.”

Back in my quarters / office. I go over the inventory list and how we should be utilizing what we have. We should have just enough armor. Between what we scavenged from the Imperials and what was sent to us in the last drop. We should cover everybody. Weapons we have plenty of. With some left over. I would prefer some heavy 1 hand blasters for close quarters. The E-10s are not meant for base defense or close combat. I am going to need to set up 2 man teams for the 4 BlasTech E-Web Repeaters we have. They will cause some havoc but they are heavy and slow to set up. I might want to set up 1 at the top of the motor pool. Just in case we get breached there. We may need Voba to fabricate some grenades. We are running low on those. We do have some of the rocket grenades the Rebels brought with them. The personal shields will also help in close quarters.

1815 hour – I look up from my data pad work at the chronometer. I head to the cafeteria for some chow and more java. As I pass the communications room. I hear Voba talking to Berrenger who is at some night club in Iziz. Something about he is in possession of a Black Imperial Express charge card. So Berrenger is either independently wealthy. Which I don’t believe for a second. He has very wealthy friends or is a thief. I am leaning closer to thief in my gage of this guy. I got to keep an eye on him and our inventory. Wait, how did he get back to Iziz so quick?


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