You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Decryption protocol: VM1379-Red-Violet-Green

Command this will be brief in my haste to send out this transmission.
In preparation to extract Viga an Imperial defector and gain access to the direct mainframe of Jiranna Base, I managed to create an actual Imperial Naval ID for Beringer. This gained us access within the base, and too the mainframe.

After extracting vital information (see attachment), I managed to create a back door to the Jiranna Base mainframe as well. This proved to come in handy after a series of unfortunate events lead to Beringer and Darius being captured. I found myself alone after Viga was spooked and ran off. So, I used a local café to collect my thoughts, I then used the backdoor access to create a deep intel ID for both Beringer and Cael, falsifying release papers for both Beringer and Darius. Viga contacted me during all of this and I managed to calm her, and reconnect.

With them being held I did whatever I could to get them out. I do want to put on record that Darius should be removed from all future missions outside of whisper base. Zal, Cael and a few others flew in under the false id of a Naval transport to pick up Beringer. They successfully extracted both Beringer and Darius then Viga and myself from a remote location. We are safely back in Whisper Base, but it also comes with a cost.
Zal, Cael, and a few others went out today to recover some lost equipment, the lost AT-ST we spoke about. Zal called in during this recover and told me there was movement by the star destroyers. I looked into this, and because of recent events within Iziz, Admiral Dardono (ooc: I think this the one in the sky), feels a more drastic measure is needed, so he is setting up an orbital blockade.

It will take apx. 3 hours for them to be in position to achieve the complete maneuver, this is the reason for the very short briefing, and why you must reply with haste if you have any orders. I will have a much more detailed recount of events in the logs, but I wanted to make sure your apprised of all that is happening here.

Voba Montari


gdallaman gmunker

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