You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Falling In Style

Episode 1-18-2016

.251 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – 30 minute PT. The partisan rebels are starting to shape up. The recruits are also working harder to look good in front of the Partisans. A quick shower, shave, day uniform and I go get some chow. In the cafeteria, I go over my planned duty roster with Voba, Treb and Dendrick. We narrow down the specifics of what must be done and who do we assign to do it.

0800 Hour – Florek’s report on the 2nd ATST.
- Both blaster cannons are destroyed and inoperable.
- Salvage blasters from bikes are not compatible and will require extensive adaptation.
- 2 Leg servos are in need of replacing, movement reduced to half speed.
- Most of the controls in the cab are clogged with mud and inhibit proper operation.
- Estimate to repair – 26 days + 3000 credits for parts
As I look at the report. Florek keeps readjusting 1 of his fans. (Cael) “So it was a waste to go get that hunk of metal?” (Florek) “Not Really. It can be fixed with proper time and repair parts. That we do not have time or access to the parts is moot? (Cael) “It will still move. Can we switch it out with the other ATST that does work?” (Florek) “Yes.” (Cael) “OK then Florek. Move on to the next project. I will have some of the Partisans switch out the units. Dismissed.” I dispatch 2 Partisans and Roy to switch out the broken ATST with the working 1 as our look out post. They can mount 1 of the repeating blasters in it for defence. I finish the duty roster and post it.

1200 Hour – I track down Torre to help me. Over the next several hours we go through the storage compartment. We pull out armor and weapons for each Partisan, each recruit and for Berrenger. Zal helps the 2 Partisans finish the headhunter launch ramp. Voba and Viga go over local imperial message protocols. Treb continues training our budding infantry. Berrenger spends the day in the bacta tank. He emerges a shinny new man.

.252 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – 30 minute PT, hot shower, shave and a day uniform. This day comprises of continuing repairs and upgrades to Whisper base. The data feeds coming in stop. Voba suspects Moff Dardanno must be scared and does not want any leaks about his eventual attempt to take back his base. Voba tries for several hours to determine the new frequency they are transmitting on but can not find it. He still has the link to his back door.

.253 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – 30 minute PT, hot shower, shave and a day uniform. This day comprises of finalizing the planning of the attack on Jiranna Base. Picking the targets. Zal still wants to fly the Box in to the base and bail out the back on a speeder bike. She is confident she can pull it off. Berrenger has been on his personal communicator since he got out of the bacta tank last night. Does that guy ever put that thing down?

1100 Hour – (Roots) “Cael – Report on Viga. All seems normal. Her working vicinity is to Voba and the comm room. Other vicinity is her bunk, cafeteria or the rec room. (Cael) “Thank you Roots.” Roots rolls away to continue his duties. Still not sure if I trust Viga too much.

.254 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – I wake up from a bad night of horrible dreams. My combat knife is in my hand. 35 minute PT with the class getting bigger each day. Rosa is at PT this morning. Then a hot shower, shave and a day uniform. Morning chow is pretty good.
All of this day is spent doling out armor and weapons. Treb and I check each individual out on the proper use of the armor and weapon they have been issued. Zal and Berrenger have disappeared with the YT-1210. Even Gaave does not know where they took his ship. He is not happy. I hope those 2 have not gone off to be intimate with each other. That is all I need. All the internal base door locks have been competed. No word from Zal or Berrenger by nightfall. Still no word from Omnath. I list him in my daily report as MIA and presumed dead.

.255 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour – I wake up from another bad night of dreams with my combat knife is in my hand again. Not sure if I should still keep it under my pillow at night. I don’t want to loose a finger in the middle of the night. 30 minute PT. Very big class today. Hot shower, shave and a day uniform. The following is a list of items complected throughout the day.
1) 1 turbo laser turret has been raised so as to shoot over the opposite side of the base.
2) The shield generator is 100% complete, but not tested.
3) Voba has set up phoney messages from Admiral Korland’s Star Destroyer to Jiranna Base and back. They are gibberish in a phoney code.
4) The explosives are slowly being loaded onto the Box. Voba will set the detonators tomorrow.

1800 Hour – Voba, Rosa and I are sitting in the cafeteria having dinner. Rosa is explaining that when she was younger. She was always able to sneak in and out of the tiniest places. She once escaped from a lock up by squeezing through a narrow gap of a window. Just then Gaave runs in. (Gaave) “Ah, I think I found out where Zal and Berrenger went. You guys have got to see this.” The 3 of us in a confused state follow Gaave back to the comm room. On the big screens is what looks like the start of a swoop bike race. There are 6 racers on all different types of bikes at the starting line. The 3rd from the left. I see Berrenger standing next to what looks like 1 of our 74-Z speeder bikes talking to Zal on the bike. (Cael) “What the frick is this. Where is this feed coming from?” (Gaave) “Someone in the crowd is live streaming this from the warehouse section in Iziz.” Gaave brings up 5 other cameras that show some other parts of Iziz that are also being live streamed. (Gaave) “These other cameras show the rest of the race route.” (Cael) “What the frick is she doing there?” Just then a young Tel’wik girl in a very tiny bikini walks out in front of the racers. She raises a green flag and swings her arm down. The race is off. Some little guy on a D-22 Screamer bike wipes out after 10 meters past the go line. Another guy in a Mobquet Flare-S bike takes the lead. I am not sure what the other 3 bikes are. They are highly modified. Zal is in 3rd place. There is a long strait away that at the end bends to the right. Switching to the 2nd camera we see 2 lanes of cross traffic. The Mobquet plows right through the intersections without slowing. (Rosa) “Did that guy just run someone over?” The 2nd place guy swerves around a large grav-truck. Zal swerves around the opposite side of the truck. The guy in 4th place cant swerve and explodes when he hits the truck. The 5th guy goes past but clips a taxi. He has a faring loose and his bike is shaking. The racers disappear down a large pipe. (Voba) “Which is the next camera?” (Gaave) “Not sure.” Gaave switches across 3 cameras till he sees the exit of the pipe. It is an agenizing long time before we see the racers come out the pipe. They continue by going through a series of switch backs. Zal is now right on the leaders tail. The other 2 bikes are closing in on her. At the top of the switch backs the next camera shows the route goes over the roofs of several warehouse buildings. All of a sudden Zal drops her bike below the guy on the Mobquet. The loose faring on the 3rd place bike finally breaks off and flies into the chest of the 4th biker. He is knocked off his bike and the camera loses him as he falls between the buildings. After the roofs, there is a long straight away and they pick up speed. The course winds into a corkscrew. Zal is gaining. This is the last section before they reach the finish line. Zal seems to be swinging her bike wide, very wide. She then opens her bike up and it rockets past and clips the right aileron on the Mobquet. Zal brings the bike to a vertical halt at the Start-finish line. The Mobquet spins off and crashes into the stands where people are watching the race. People are scattering. The last remaining bike comes to a stop at the finish line. Some of the cameras switch to show police speeders heading toward the warehouse district. By the time they switch back to the finish line. Zal and Berrenger are gone. (Cael) “Damn that girl can fly! I better stop busting her chops about crashing the Lambda.”

2200 Hour – Zal and Berrenger return to the base. I play it like we did not see the race. (Cael) “So where have you 2 been off to?” (Zal) “Wouldn’t you like to know.” As she walks past with a smile on her face. (Berrenger) “Well, we wont need to worry about the mercenaries that Moff Dardanno hired.” (Cael) “What do you mean?” (Berrenger) “A little wheeling, dealing and the mercenaries that Moff Dardanno hired to attack the base here. Well, they are just going to not be around when he needs them. Plus I told them to not hang around Jiranna base either. He got my meaning.” (Cael) “Good work. You did that all by yourself?” (Berrenger) “Yea, well, Zal helped a little.” (Cael) “I bet she did. I bet she did.” Berrenger gives me a strange look as I head down the corridor. Voba’s last message to Arkam is to confirm tomorrow, local time is when the attack will commence.

.256 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
0530 Hour- Very bad dream this morning. Thousands of people on fire. Screaming at me for help. I cant move. I cant help them. I wake up on the floor all sweaty and my arms are tangled in the blanket. 30 minute PT. Most of the class does not want to stop. I think they really are getting into tip top shape. They will need it for today. A nice hot shower, shave and I put on my combat armor. Sven is making flapjacks in the cafeteria. Zal skips breakfast. She is prepping the box for take off and loading a speeder bike into the cargo area. I make sure that the forward look out, the 2 turrets and the shield generator are manned.

0725 Hour – Zal takes off for Jiranna Base. It will take her about 1 hour to reach the base. Voba, Viga, Gaave, and I are all in the comm room. I am the only one there in heavy armor and look out of place. After Zal is a half hour out. She radios that there is heavy movement in the jungle. Moving in the direction of Whisper Base. (Voba) “Looks like Moff Dardanno move up his time table again. I need to slice into the base fire control system. This is going to go down quick.” (Cael) “Keep me in the loop on my comm. I will get the troops in position.” I head to go get Treb. He is just about done putting on his armor. (Cael) “Show time. We have incoming. 30-40 minutes.” Treb and I get most of the troops into the Motor pool. We have 18 people suited up and ready. Even April is in armor and has 2 portable med kits on stand by. We have 3, 2 man teams on the heavy repeaters. Treb and I coordinate and move the troops out to the tree line 30 meters from the motor pool doors.

0820 Hour – Zal radios that she is slowly gaining altitude to make her run on the base. Voba coordinates the Y-wings and gets the Jiranna Base fire control on line. All in the comm room hears Zal. (Zal) “Port engine out . Negative on building target. Secondary target airfield is now prime target. This brick is falling way to fast. Bailing out.” Gaave pulls up a camera from district 2 in Iziz. To the left you can clearly see the base. The box in a steep dive goes over the wall. We can just make out Zal on the speeder bike exit the rear of the Box. 5 seconds later the camera shows a huge explosion just out of view over the wall. Voba sends the order to Jiranna Base fire control. He gives the coordinates of Admiral Korland’s Star Destroyer. All 6 turbo laser batteries begin to fire. The Star Destroyer takes some damage and tries to evade. Gaave coordinates the 6 Y-wings in on a low trajectory. They are the Flying Drackdalions. (Gaave) “Zal can you use the targeting sight on the bike to home the Y-wings on to target. (Zal) Roger that, lighting up the admin building. Airfield is all on fire. All craft destroyed.” Zal swings the bike around and sets the targeting computer on the South East corner of the admin building. The turbo lasers are still firing up at the Star Destroyer when the Y-wings come in at a shallow angle and their bombs hit directly on target. The admin building collapses into a heap. The Y-wings swing wide for a 2nd pass. (Drack 1) “Drack 1. Heading 320, mark 20. We are coming around for a send pass. Light up our next target.”

0840 hour – We can hear a lot of something coming towards us. We soon see it is a stampede of large animals. (Treb) “TREES! GET BEHIND THE TREES NOW!” We all duck behind the trees. The booby traps and mines take out some of the advancing animals. Right behind them are 3 squads of troopers. I hand signal the 3 repeater teams. They drop the guns down on the tripods and begin to fire. Troopers fire back. We all open fire. A few of us Swing to thetroopers left flank. The fire fight lasts 15 – 20 minutes. Soon we hear the crash, thump of the ATs moving through the jungle. I have 2 men down but we took out the troopers.

Berrenger hears 1 of the Partisans in the turret go silent out on the landing pad. When he gets there with 3 Partisans. They see 2 squads of troopers cresting the hill behind the base. Voba joins them and throws a flash grenade to incapacitate th troopers.

Zal lights up the repair facility at Jiranna base. The Y-wings come around for their 2nd pass. All 6 hit their target. More then 75% base is either destroyed or is on fire. (Zal) “Base is done. Do we have a 3rd and last target for these guys?” (Gaave) “Zal, We are under attack here. Cael and Treb have incoming ATs. They are holding them off. Voba has intruders also on the landing pad. We need the ATs taken out. (Zal) “Roger that. Drack 1 Do you copy?” (Drack 1) “Copy, what are my coordinates?” Zal forwards the coordinates of Whisper Base. (Zal) “These are the coordinates of our base. Use your discretion as to the incoming ATs. You will make it there long before I can. I will be on your 6.” (Drack 1) “Roger Zal, coordinates confirmed. Thanks for your help and see you on the flip. Drack squadron, line up on me for on target at incoming ATs at jungle base.” The Y-wings zoom off in the direction of Whisper Base. Zal accelerates for home but the bike can no way keep up with the Y-wings.

As 2 ATSTs come into view with an ATAT not far behind it. I hand signal to Treb to take out the driver in ATST-2. I will do the same to the driver in ATST-1. We both take aim. My shot goes clear into the pilot of the ATST. The walker stops right away. Treb fires into the 2nd ATST cockpit with his bowcaster. He used an exploding round and takes out the driver and the gunner with the 1 shot. There is smoke coming from his ATST cockpit. The ATAT behind them starts firing. I call for a fall back to the motor pool. Treb and I are the last to head back. We set up a cover fire for our troops to get back to the base. There is another squad of troopers with the ATAT. As we head back the ATAT fires. It is not a direct hit on us, but throws us both about 2 meters. Our troops at the motor pool have set up 1 of the repeaters. They now give us cover fire to get back there.

Voba and the partisans take care of the 2 squads of troopers that were climbing up the back of the base. At this point. They hear the Y-wings on approach. Voba climbs up the ladder to the roof of the base. He will help them target in on the ATs that are just outside the motor pool.

Treb and I reach the motor pool doors. I hit the emergency button to close the doors. They get half way closed and jam. (Cael) “SON OF A FRICK! What else can go wrong? Take cover everyone. Those Y-wings are targeting the ATs just outside these doors!” Our troops all move as far from the opening in the doors. The Y-wings, with Voba’s help. Drop their bombs on the advancing imperial walkers. The ATs are destroyed. The rest of the ground troops that were with them also get decimated. It takes us a few minuets but we pick off the last few imperial troopers from inside the motor pool. As the dust settles we see the Y-Wings heading home. I turn to Treb. (Cael) “I wonder if Voba’s plan to shoot Admiral Koland’s Star Destroyer down worked?” (Treb) “You go ask him and find out. I will have the troops mop up here. You will get a report if we find anything important or when we are done.”


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