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Freeing the Box From The Mud

Episode 4-27-2016

Cael Log – 1600 hour – .238 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. We finish unloading and store the delivery from Vrala Mishar’s shuttle. This takes us approximately 3 hours. Zal pays Vrala the 200 cr before she lifts off. Voba, Zal and I have a quick dinner and take stock in the continuing plan. Keith is still missing and unaccounted for. I bring up the loose cannon comment about Keith again. Zal and Voba let the comment slide. The transport for the prisoners will be in orbit, we hope in 4 days. The 2 Imperials at the small listening post need to be relieved in 3 days. The Droid is doing a good job of keeping the prisoners fed and at bay. There is way too much information passing through this base for any or all of us to keep up with. I really hope we get reinforcements to handle the data. Voba is working on a program to filter some of the info down to important words and phrases. We don’t want to have anyone notice a slight drop in the info flow. After a few more hours in the transmission room. I set the data retrievers on auto for the night. I also set the proximity alarms and make sure all external doors are sealed. Voba is bunking in an officers room as am I. Zal has been bunking in the motor pool. I try to get some sleep. Denubian brandy may help. It is 2345 hour.

0500 hour – .239 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. Quick shower, combat uniform. Still need to field strip Betty. Maybe tomorrow. I grab a handful of protein bars and a fruit juice and head to the Operations room. I have set up a holo board of time tables – cross referenced by holo monitors, time stamp and location. Zal preps 1 of the ATSTs to go out and check on the Box and maybe find Keith. She leaves the motor pool at 0730 hour. Voba is prepping the Lamda shuttle to go out and examine the crash site that was discovered of the fly over the jungle. The Lamda is moving very slow and awkward after the damage I caused it. Voba heads North at 0900 hour. I settle in to a routine between the operations room and the data transmission room. Every once in a while check on the droid and the prisoners.

Zal heads South and after 1 hour mistakenly thinking she has gone the wrong direction and changes course. After another 2 hours she comes across Keith’s signal. She again changes course and homes in on his beacon.

Keith awakens with a slight hangover on a couch in the small village. A small boy is playing a game on a data pad. He points to the back door not looking up from the game. Keith gets up and goes out the door. He finds Deil Kadrum in another room. She explains that the men of the village will be returning soon. After another hour, an older 4 door speeder arrives with 4 men in it. Darious, the driver introduces himself. They discuss the problem of retrieving the Box. Darious tells Keith “It is caught in a mud slide and is some 30 meters down the slope from where it was originally parked.” At this time an ATST appears at the edge of the trees at the South end of the village. The men panic and try to leave. Keith radios to see which 1 of us is in the ATST. When Zal radios back. Keith gives the all clear to the rest of the village. Zal brings the ATST to rest in the middle of the village and pops the hatch. (Zal) “Been looking for you.” (Keith) “Well, Been making contact with the villagers here.” The men then lead Keith on the speeder bike and Zal in the ATST to where the Box is stuck. It is about 1 hour from the village.

Back at Whisper Base I get a large blip on the scanners. It disappears then reappears closer to the base. When it reappears over the base. There is a large crash from the roof. 2 of the monitors go blank. I grab Betty and head out to the landing pad. There are several large lizards flying over the base. I can also see that there is a large boulder crashed into the roof of the base. When I climb up to where the boulder is. It has crushed 1 of the data transmission cables. I go down to the supply room and retrieve a 2 meter section of cable. A splicer and a welder. I also check the circuitry to make sure there is power to the turbolasers on the landing pad. When I get out to the pad. I climb into the turbolaser, power up the scanners and rotate the guns to aim at the biggest lizard flying over the base. I fire a burst. It falls to the ground. The rest of the lizards disperse. I power down the turbolaser and go repair the crushed cable. I return to the data center to reroute data through the repaired cable. It works to satisfactory standards. I will need to get Voba to check it later.

After 2 hours of cross searching the jungle. Voba finds what is left of a crashed T-16. There is a small clearing about 50 meters from the crash where he can put the shuttle down. When he gets to the crash site he is puzzled that there are no bodies in the T-16. He retrieves the black box and also finds 3 large locked boxes in the rear compartment. He moves all of it to the shuttle. When he opens the 3 locked boxes. He finds 9 DL10 heavy blaster rifles and 3 kilos of pure glitterstreme. He closes and locks the cases and straps them in the cargo hold of the shuttle. He then goes over what is left of the T-16. There are a few parts he can salvage from it to possibly repair the engines on the shuttle. He spends the next 2 hours removing them and placing them in the shuttle.

Keith, Zal, Darious and the other 3 villagers get to where the Box is sunken into the mud on a slope close to the edge of a 100 meter drop off. The villagers start digging the Box out. Keith attaches a cable from the ATST to the rear of the Box. The digging of the mud disturbs the balance and the Box starts sliding farther down the slope. Zal attempts to pull the Box out but slowly gets the ATST pulled down the slope deeper into the mud. Keith quickly attaches a cable from the speeder to the ATST and attempts to pull them both out. The ATST Sinks down into the mud up to the top of the legs. Zal lowers the front dual blasters and the ATST is now an anchor in the mud. Stopping the Box from sliding any further. The villagers dig out more mud while Keith removes the cable from the ATST that is attached to the speeder. He attaches the cable to the Box. Now with the ATST as an anchor, the Speeder pulls the Box out of the mud. Zal feels a little guilty having to leave the ATST sunk in the mud but there is no way they will get it out. It takes the 6 of them another hour to clear enough mud from the repulsers and the door so Zal can get inside the Box and get it airborne. Keith loads the speeder bike into the Box. The villagers in the speeder, Keith and Zal in the Box head back to the village. Once there, Diel greets them. There are several large lizard creatures flying overhead. Keith thinks he sees people riding them. Diel explains that they are a Hunting clan and help the village every once in a while.

In between checking back and forth between the data and the output to the local Moff. I come across some personal messages from a contact with a code name L. These messages go to the base commander. They are clandestine messages for sure. Will take some time to decipher. I also come across info on the palace in Izis. When the ruling family was removed from power. Several merchant families were installed into the palace. Commander Sarev’s family is 1 of those rich merchant families. In the early afternoon, Voba returns with the shuttle. He informs me as to what he found. We store the DL10s and the glitterstreem. He cracks open the black box and filters through the data. Seems the T-16 was a private shuttle from the Deamon Moon.

Just before sunset. Keith and Zal return to base with the Box. There is no room to land on the landing pad. I tell Zal to park it in the motor pool. Keith has to move some of the speeder bikes but Zal makes it fit where the missing ATST should have been. We again all sit down to dinner and go over today’s excitement. Again I bring up “What are we going to do with the 2 Imperials in the small listing post that get relieved in 2 days?” (Voba) “We will relieve them.” (Cael) “With who? We are already short handed.” Voba just shrugs. After dinner Keith and I again keep tract of the data flow. At around 2350 hour I put the system on auto. I set the proximity alarms and make sure all external doors are sealed. I then take another shot of the Denubian brandy and head off to catch a few hours of rem sleep.

0310 hour – .240 ABY – The base proximity alarms go off. I throw on some pants, grab my combat vest, goggles and Betty and head to the sensor control center. Voba comes in groggy a minute after me. The sensors show several unknown blips all around the base. We can hear more boulders being dropped on the base. I head to the landing pad. Keith and Zal come in to the sensor control room just as I am leaving. Out on the landing pad, I can see several objects flying overhead. Something whizzes past my right ear. I hit the switch on Betty to FULL AUTO. 2 short bursts into the sky. Another shot whizzes past my left side. I keep moving. Another 2 short bursts. Zal comes out onto the landing pad behind me. She is heading for the shuttle when 1 of the giant flying lizards lands on the starboard wing of the shuttle. Zal gets a javelin through her right shoulder. The rider on the lizard is in a mix of armor, fur and bone carapace. He hops down to Zal and grabs her. I turn towards the intruder. Hit the switch back to SEMI AUTO. I have a clear shot but he has Zal by the shoulder between him and I. (Cael) “Let her go and step back!” (Jarro – Rider) “You want your friend to die. Lower your weapon.” (Cael) “I got a clear shot at those pretty green eyes. Want to loose 1 and your life?” (Jarro) “Glad you can see they are green. Now put down your weapon.” (Keith – Stepping in front of me) “No, They are friends of the villagers.” Jarro twists and removes the javelin from Zal’s shoulder in 1 swift motion. (Jarro) “This base must be gone from our sacred land. 1st they made 1 base, then another, then another. Now you come and take the base from them but you are still here on our sacred land.” Jarro mounts his flying lizard and bounds up into the sky (Cael) “Well isn’t he an ungrateful turd? We come all this way to liberate him from his oppressors and he does not appreciate it 1 bit.” Keith shoots Zal with a stim pack and puts a field dressing on her wound. We lock down the base again and go back to bed.

0530 hour – .240 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet: Onderon – Whisper Base. Quick shower, combat uniform. I take 23 minuets to field strip Betty. Clean her and re-assemble her. After grabbing a protein drink and a breakfast MRE. I head to the data center. By the time I get there Voba is already going through messages and comes across a recent 1 from L about the weather and to meet. I show Voba what I had found about L. We start scouring the message dump for previous messages and replies to and from L. We generate a reply. L sends us back another message. Voba back tracks the massage to a semi industrial section of Izis. He pulls up several local surveillance cameras in the area and in under 20 minuets he finds L sitting at a lone outside table in a small café. Our messages back to L is to wait. We hope he buys the ruse?


Sure, totally minimize Zal’s making first contact with the lizard riders… I see how it is…


Freeing the Box From The Mud

1st contact with a spear from a lizard rider…

Freeing the Box From The Mud
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