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Hey Wait, I know Where There Is Another ATST

episode 1-4-2017

.250 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
1515 Hour- After picking up Voba and Viga at the rendezvous point. We soon land back at base. Zal has taken a very round about way. Just to make sure we were not followed. When we exit the ship Zal checks on the progress of the headhunter launch pad. The rest of us take Berrenger and Darius to the infirmary. All the base doors are locked with codes to get past. It takes us a bit longer then I would like to get them there. Darius is in worse shape then Berrenger. He has 3 broken fingers, several missing teeth, severe lacerations, bruises and several broken ribs. Berrenger just has several small lacerations, a concussion, bruises on his upper body and face. So Darius goes into the bacta tank first. As the new medical droid scans Darius. It finds a tiny tracking device placed under his skin. Just under his left shoulder blade. When the droid removes it. Voba takes it to the comm room. I walk over to Berrenger, who is still conscious. (Cael) “You guys were lucky we showed up when we did. I cant have the Imperials damaging my best asset. Get some rest and April will have you in the bacta tank soon.” Berrenger gives me a half hearted smile before he nods off. I go over to April. (Cael) “Make sure Berrenger does not have a tracking device on him also.” (April) “Med 1 scanned him. No tracker. I will keep him slightly sedated till we can get him into the tank. He has got to be in some pain. I may give him an ice bath to take some of the swelling down” (Cael) “Good, keep me posted on their recovery.” I go find Voba. On the way to the comm room I spot Torr. (Cael) “Torr, There is a human female in the base. She is previously an Imperial junior officer stationed at this base prior to our arrival. Her name is Viga. Do you remember her?” (Torr) “Affirmative Cael. Her Imperial ID# is 2319J45Y.” (Cael) “Good, She is supposedly now on the Alliance side. Please make sure she does not go anywhere restricted, does not damage any systems or contact Imperial forces. I do not 100% trust her.” (Torr) “Affirmative Cael. I and R2-T7 will keep her under lite surveillance.” Torr heads off down the hallway and I continue to the comm room.

1600 Hour – I find Voba, Gaave and Xian in the comm room. They have the tracking device in a stasis box. They are trying to tap into its transmitting signal. (Cael) “Are we compromised?” (Voba) “I don’t think so. It is transmitting on a short burst interval. I think I got it into the box before the next burst. You know, I could duplicate the same transmission it has from somewhere else. How about from Admiral Kolands Star Destroyer?” (Cael) “You can do that?” (Voba) “Sure, just copy the coded signal, set the frequency, power output level, burst interval. Then hack into a stationary droid on 1 of the star destroyers. Set the code in its low priority memory loop. Now we sit back and watch Moff Dardano get goose bumps when he sees where his tracker is transmitting from.” (Cael) “Very slick, I like it.” Zal comes into the comm room. (Zal) “Hey guys. I just had a brilliant idea. Why don’t we go retrieve the other ATST that is stuck in the mud? The YT-1210 is strong enough to pull it out.” (Cael) “That’s not a bad idea. Do you think it is still stuck at the edge of the ravine or do you think the mud washed it farther down hill?” (Gaave) “Let go find out. I can fly…” Zal just glares at Gaave. (Gaave) “It is my ship? I’m a good pilot. I know some maneuvers, some….Ok, Ok, you can fly us there.” Zal points to me. (Zal) “I will need you and possibly Treb to hook some cables to it so I can pull it out of the mud.” (Cael) “Ok, Let me go change and tell Treb. I think Dendrick has all the recruits working on projects with the Partisan Rebels. So Treb should have some spare time.” I find Treb in the infirmary checking on Darius. I inform him of the plan. He agrees and goes to get some harnesses for both of us. (Cael) “April, how are the both of them?” (April) “Well, Darius is healing. He will need several more hours for him in the tank. Berrenger on the other hand. He woke up a little while ago and has been on his personal communicator to some guy in Iziz. I’m thinking he can wait till Darius is healed for him to go into the tank.” (Cael) “Good. Treb, Zal and I should be back in a couple of hours.” I head to my quarters. Change into a jumpsuit with high boots, gloves and a hood.

When I get to the cockpit on the crate. Zal and Gaave are already there. Zal is in the pilot seat. Gaave is being pouty in the co-pilot seat. Every time Gave touches a control. Zal slaps his hand and adjusts the control a bit. I just chuckle and head to the back to strap in. As I sit down, Treb hands me a body harness with several meters of adjustable lanyards. After we are airborne. We unstrap and put on the harnesses. I have to adjust Treb’s harness 3 times to get it to fit his big furry frame body. On the intercom. (Zal) “When we get to the site. I will open the front cargo hatch where the winch is. Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. We should be there in 20 minuets.”

1730 Hour – Zal circles around where the ATST should be. On her 3rd pass she spots a small section of the ATST cab sticking out of the mud. It is approximately 10 meters down the slope and 30 meters from where the Box was pulled out. She opens the forward cargo doors. Treb and I each hook a lanyard to the cable and start to climb down. Not an easy climb. We both slip a few times but get the hoist cable hooked to 1 of the lifting rings for the ATST. We then pull out folding shovels and start to clear some of the mud from around the ATST. Treb gets stuck at 1 point up to his waist and I need to pull him out. As Zal tightens the cable, the ATST pulls slightly free of the mud but stops. The winch cable on the underside of the ATST is tangled around a large tree trunk. There is no way to free it. We both look for the cable release. The Inside of the cab is partially filled with mud also. I can just reach the cable release from the top hatch. After the cable releases. The ATST swings free of the slope of mud. Zal has to fight to control the Crate. The added weight of the ATST hanging off the winch makes her unstable and difficult to fly. Treb and I crawl inside. Treb is able to find the release for the lower hatch to open and all the mud inside falls out the bottom. Making the weight more manageable. The ATST at the end of the 30 meter cable continues to swing wild. Zal finds a clearing not too far from the slope. She sets the ATST down and lowers the Crate. We double up the cable to 2 hook points on the ATST. Now it only hangs 15 meters below the Crate. Before Zal rises up. Treb and I climb back into the Crate through the cargo door. With the door closed. The Crate flies a lot smoother. As we try to get some mud off of us before we track it through out the ship. We can see Zal drop the ship below the tree line. She hovers there for a few minuets then continues toward the base. I try to use the intercom but it is still broken in this part of the ship. Yelling is the next answer. (Cael) “ZAL, WHY DID WE STOP?” (Zal) “THERE IS A SQUAD OF TIE FIGHTERS OFF OUR PORT SIDE. WE ARE DUCKING OUT OF EYESIGHT.” Great, that is all we need. We have to duck into the tree tops 1 more time before we reach base.

1830 Hour – Zal sets the ATST down outside the motor pool. We unhook the cables and Zal lands the Crate on the landing pad. Treb and I are still pretty much covered in mud. 2 of the Partisan Rebels in the motor pool drag out a water hose and hose the 2 of us down before they hose off the ATST. Once we get the mud off of the ATST. We can now clearly see the damage. The winch cable is gone. Both blasters are bent. There is a jammed ankle pivot point. There is a large tree branch stuck in it. Plus the entire cab needs to be cleaned out. This may have been more work for nothing. We will let Dendrick and Florek assess whether it can be repaired in time. I head to shower and change. I am getting quicker at typing in the access codes to get through the internal doors.

1900 Hour – Sitting in the cafeteria having some dinner at the big table. Voba, Viga, Zal, Dendrick, Rosa and Gaave. I grab a plate of gravy covered mystery meat and some java and sit down with them. Remarkably Dendrick does not have a death stick in his mouth. (Voba) “Viga and I have been working on a couple of internal Imperial protocalls to make it easier for me to get information out of their computers.” (Cael) “So Voba, How did Moff Dardano like his tracker showing up on Admiral Korlands ship?” (Voba) “Not good. He moved up the attack date from day 28 to day 23.” (Dendrick) “Oh boy, that will make the schedule very tight. Also I am out of my 3 week supply of death sticks.” (Cael) “You have only been here 1 week.” Dendrick gets a very sad look on his face. Mumbles something and walks away. Everyone starts brain storming ideas. From using the exploding Box on a Star Destroyer. To how Zal will be able to fly it remotely. Voba throws out a couple of ways to possibly boost the remote control signal. Zal was thinking to fly the box in and when it gets close, put it on autopilot and bail out the back on a speeder bike. Voba and I are worried she would get blown up in the Box prior to ejecting. A viable idea is to hack the Jiranna base fire control orders. Give the coordinates to fire the base turbo lasers, but the actual coordinates are the spot Admiral Korlands ship is. This way we get the imperial Army and the Imperial navy to duke it out. When they are beaten down, then we attack. I really like this idea. Especially since Moff Dardano is already suspicious of Admiral Korland. That was why he set up this listening post in the 1st place. Xian comes into the cafeteria and whispers in Voba’s ear. Voba looks at Xian. (Voba) “Are you sure.” (Xian) “Yes Sir. We are tracking their new trajectories.” (Voba) “Ok everyone. Seems Admiral Korland has situated his Star Destroyers to blockade the planet. We need to notify Arkam. We may have a severe problem if this operation goes bad.” I follow Voba and Xian to the comm room to contact Arkam. We generate a short message of the situation unfolding and our provisional plan of attack on Jiranna base. Xian compresses the message and Hyper links it to Arkam. As the 3 of us continue to brainstorm possible contingency plans of attack. 20 minuets later we get a hyperlink message reply from Arkam. (Arkam) “Message received. Approve of plan to pit ground against orbit. Can commit squadron Y-wing bombers. Advise of time table. Arkam.” (Cael) “A Squadron of Y-wing bombers. Wow, that fricken Bothan finally comes through for us when we need it. This may mean the difference between us getting hammered and us hammering Jiranna base.”


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