You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

I am not a thief

Beringer Log 5

Personal Investments: +200 credits
Personal Fund End of Session: 566
Partisan Fund: 4000

Gaave approached me asking for a favor. Apparently Rosa and the partisans are holding his ship, a YT12-10, in safekeeping since it’s supposed to be impounded in the imperial naval yard. Gaave asked if I can convince Rose to return the ship.

Considering that the only way all of us could get in and out of the jungle is through the use of the dump trucks, we needed alternative, more flexible methods to move people around. I went to see Rosa asking if she knew anything about the ship. She acknowledged it was in her custody but she needed something in return because it’s useful to their cause. I said we needed that ship to help us out here in the jungle. After some negotiation, she agreed to hand the YT12-10 for an air speeder or an equivalent.

Thoughts were going through my mind about how I will obtain an air speeder. Would I have to go to town and steal an air speeder? I’m not a thief but the cause is kind of getting desperate. Fortunately Zal pointed out Whisper Base has Imperial speeders that are not being used. She suggested we trade 3 Imp speeders for the freighter.

I took Rosa to the parking deck and offered Rosa 3 of those speeders. Zal test drove the speeders with some fancy moves showing they have the best controls and also showed off the blaster canon, an added bonus Rosa didn’t consider. Rosa agreed and said I would need to travel to the sulfur factory and speak with Mayla.

I made a call for the dump trucks from the city to pick us up and to being in 500 credits of food supplies. The trucks arrived and picked Zal, Gaave, Cael and myself up, as well as the 3 imp speeders to take to town.

We were dropped off in the outskirts of the industrial sector and had to walk to the sulfur plant. It was an imperial holiday so many of the factories were using skeletal crew. On our way, we passed a group of officers, along with McMurphy, do a community service outreach with the media. The producer saw us in the background and asked we come into the shot and interact with McMurphy and his crew.

I was not happy to be interviewed this close to those I am against but had to play along. We interacted with the media and the police, but when the cameras were turned off, we were asked for our paperwork and explain where we were heading. I said I am a union officer and needed to verify if too many people are working on this holiday. They ran a background check and found nothing.

We arrived at the plant. I found Mayla operating a forklift. I recognized her from the local bar. I had no idea she was a partisan. She said she had Rosa’s authority to release the YT12-10 freighter. It’s hidden in an exhaust port and advised we leave when the exhaust is released to hide out exit. We had 17 minutes until the next exhaust release.

We were not careful around the plant and Cael was struck by a forklift. He was pretty banged up and brought unneeded attention. I said we will care for him and headed to the ship.

Gaave’s freighter has become a shadow of it’s former self. Gaave was in tears as he saw the inside and outside torn out. It was not space worthy and the ship was all banged up. The ship had a hard time starting up on time; Cael tried to remove some debris while Zal did some rewiring before starting up the ship and leaving.

Upon leaving, a patrol ship saw us and said we were in restricted space. They asked for identification. I figured the partisans kept a list of valid ID’s within the ship and looked under the visor. Just as I thought, there was a fake ID available for use. The Police validated the ID and we left town.

Upon return, I asked Voba to reregister the ship, Jungle Juice. It was also made high priority we get the ship space worthy again. I tried to use my contacts and found a place with high quality components that allows us to fix the ship in a short amount of time instead of the weeks it needs in drydock. Unfortunately the place is next to the imperial ship yard.

Zal and I figured we needed to ditch Gaave to minimize risk. Zal and I left for the city and arrived at the repair dock. The shop owner, Riker, works on imperial ships. I only hope he is not allied with the imps and is trying to make credits.

Robots greeted Zal and I and asked we wait in the waiting room. 30 minutes passed and a protocol droid came in and asked Zal and I if the ship is for sale. I said no, and the droid asked if we can meet with Riker. I said that I am not interested but noticed that something was off. I asked why to the droid and the droid said the ship is marked as stolen.

I said that is our ship and that the partisans took it from us; we just took it back. Nonetheless, we were told the police were on the way. Zal and I bolted out the building, only to be followed by droids and robots. We were nearly surrounded until a voice come from the speakers. It was Riker. Riker tried to stall us but Zal and I would not have any of it. We got onto the ship, Zal released the docking clamps, and took off in the air.

Good news, we escaped with along with the supplies needed to fix the life support systems. Bad news, we need to install it and that I think this ship cannot go near the city anytime soon.


gdallaman brian_k

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