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Need for Speed?

Beringer Log 5

Beringer Personal Log

Personal Fund: 766
+200 from investments
Partisan Fund: 3900
-100 from bribery

While everyone is working upgrading Whisper Base for a possible Imp invasion, I was sorting through various leads to help the cause. They are:

1) First Imperial Bank Job Heist: taking out an armored hovercar carrying up to 40,000 credits. Personally, I am not a thief and don’t think much of bank heists. However, it’s an Imp bank and if I can hurt them economically, it’s all good. This is a job I may consider.

2) Mercs/Swoop Gang: gangs have grudges with Imps as they are cracking down on swoop racing and their spice deals. They need other sources to launder their deals. This is something I should look into more. I’m sure Zal would love to be behind the wheel of a swoop in a race.

3) La’Vea Tarpitte: kidnap the underground leader who I indirectly interacted with back at the museum. He’s worth a lot in ransom, but I am skeptical. First, I am sure he has a lot of protection. Second, I would have to leave the planet once he is released. I think this is an option that should not be entertained.

4) Loose Lips at Military Academy: Siphon information from drunk cadets. This may come in useful if other leads end up nowhere.

5) Call in Favors / Setup Mole: There is a former Imp intelligence Tech who wants to defect. Her name is Viga. It’s possible good lead especially since I was just asked if we can find out if the Imps are making a move on Whisper Base.

I was asked to help with the base upgrade and get the right components for the base shields as it’s probably the hardest component to acquire. I setup a meeting in the city with a contact to see if I am able to get those components.

Also, I was asked to see if I am able to get information when the Imps may attack Whisper Base to see if we are able to have the base operational on time. I figured now is the best time to meet with Viga. I was given Viga’s contact info and description, as well as possible places I may find her.
I asked Gav is he is able to fly myself and a few of the partisans into town to pickup supplies and meet with Viga. Gav seemed more than happy to help; he’s way too attached to his ship.

Also, Gaave asked me to do a favor and dump from Glitterstim into the market. I was against the idea of distributing the Glitterstim in my home town. However, I didn’t mind dumping it off at the Imp academy if it ended up there. My conscious felt clear and agreed to unload the goods.

Upon arrival into the town, the sip was halted by customs agents. Gav panicked and hid in the ship while I made an attempt to stabilize and land the ship. Good thing I didn’t mess up the landing. I met with the group supervisor and told him I was on my way back from delivering sulfur from the plant. The supervisor did believe me somewhat since the ship still stunk of rotten eggs but still wanted to search the ship.

I showed the supervisor my union membership as proof as I was resident of the city. I also greased his palm a little to look the other way. Good thing he complied as there were armed partisans on the transport. There was no need for bloodshed and I don’t think Gav would appreciate his ship being shot up from the inside.

We landed and I tried to get a hold of the shield components. From my contacts, I was unsuccessful finding the shield components. It was a critical failure on my part. I had to find another way, but had to place it on hold as I was to meet Viga.

I headed over to a bar to meet Viga. Apparently it’s an Imp academy bar, so I knew I was already out of place. I entered the bar acting I worked there. I found an apron, hat and a tray to help with the disguise.

From a data pad, I had a picture of Viga so I was able to find her in the place. I approached her and told Viga Whisper base is running, which caught her off guard. She worked there at one point so she knew who I was. She seems a bit over eager to join; which makes me a bit skeptical with her authenticity. She said she can get us into the base and access to the mainframe.

I excused myself and contacted Voba asking if it’s possible to gain access to the mainframe if we were able to get inside. Voba seemed a thrilled being able to gain access to a closed system; who knows what information he is able to pull.

I went back to Viga and said we will look into her idea and in exchange we will fake a kidnap in order to help her join the rebellion. Before we left, I asked Viga is she knew anyone who I was unload the Glitterstim. She pointed out this one guy partying hard, Preston.

I approached Preston and asked if he wanted a sample of the Glitterstim. He took it in and started buying shots all around the place. Unfortunately, I had to partake in order to gain his confidence. I kind of regret it. Anyway, through an easy negotiation and his partly incapacitated state, I was able to negotiate a case of Glitterstium for his blackcard for 48 hours. Preston said it has a 100,000 credit limit, but has no idea who much credit is left.

I took the card and called an Uber with his card because my thinking has been somewhat compromised. A fancy vehicle showed up; Preston must be a frequent user.

On the way back to the ship, I FaceTimed Voba showing the card in my semi-drunken state. Voba seemed surprised with the card I held. I asked if he was able to find out how much was on the card. Voba asked I provide the number and found out there is 27,000 credits available. I said we have a 48 hour window and Voba agreed it’s time to shop on the GTN (Galactic Trade Network).


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