You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

New Assignment, But First, R And R

Episode 6-30-2017

.256 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
Mop up operations have commenced. The wounded are being tended to. All the casualties have been counted. Remarkably our casualties are lite for the force we repelled. We lost Jeb from the recruits and 4 partisan rebels. As I am in medical getting patched up. Voba comes in with a worried look on his face. (Voba) “Cael, we have a problem. Imperial comm traffic says that Admiral Korlands flag ship is only moderately damaged and the Admiral is screaming to anyone that will listen that Moff Dardano is a traitor by firing upon him. He is asking for orders and permission to re-group and attack the rebels that Moff Dardanno conspired with. Mainly that is us. Jiranna base has been destroyed and Star Destroyer Ominous is in atmosphere over the base on protection and recovery of wounded. I suggest we plan to evacuate. With a faulty shield generator. We will not last a half hour if 2 star destroyers bombard us.” (Cael) “Frack, Yes, give the word to start evacuation procedures. Get Arkam on the comm. Give him the heads up. As soon as April finishes patching my arm. I will give you a hand in the comm center.” Voba leaves medical. (April) “Cael, I have several wounded people here that cant walk and need transport.” (Cael) “We will get them out. No one gets left behind.”

Over the next 4 days, we prep for evacuating the base. Arkam has a transport on stand by for us just out of system. Rosa has her people prepping to go to 1 of their hide outs they have. It is only about 40 km from the base. The recruits all want to stay on planet to help. Rosa incorporates them into her team. Treb even volunteers to stay on Onderon and continue training the rebels. I supply them with plenty of equipment and arms to continue to harass the imperials. I do persuade Flower and Moonbeam to come join the Alliance. Berrenger is offered to be the Alliance representative on Onderon.

.260 ABY – Squad: Delta 3 – Planet Onderon – Whisper Base – Cael Log
The partisans and recruits transport themselves and their equipment to their new base of operations. Berrenger was the 1 that actually set up the ground transport for them. Voba sets the base to overload and to explode when any Imperial code is entered into the base computer after we are gone. The GR-65 transport comes in and we load all our equipment on her. The few speeded bikes we have, 1 ATST, the shield generator, boxes and boxes of supplies. We do not leave anything for the imperials. We even load the headhunter into the cargo hold. Gaave has loaded his equipment on his YT-1210, The Majestic Gundar. Its not a bad ship. A little on the old side but can still get you where you want to go. Once loaded, the GR-65 takes a low course around the planet and exits the atmosphere on the far side of the planet from where the star destroyers are sitting over Izis and Jiranna base.

.267 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2235 – Cael Log
Captain Ontoro take us a round about way to base. Several micro jumps and a lot of waiting. We get to base several days later. Debriefing with Arkam takes longer then I ever expected. Arkem is a bit of an armchair team captain. Critiquing every decision I or Voba ever made. Even if it was the correct decision at the time. I commend every 1 of my team members for their above and beyond performance. Arkam goes over the good points and the bad points of the mission. Looking at he datapad. There are more on the plus side then the minus side. A lot more. The duty Sargent eventually finds me some quarters to bed down in the officers barracks.

.275 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2235 – Cael Log
Arkem informs me that Gaave has also given his report on the operation. I and everyone else gets an astounding recommendation from him. When I read over Gaave’s report. I notice that he has glossed over some of the more obtuse parts to make us all look that much better. Arkam puts in the recommendation that I receive a promotion to Captain. He informs me that I will receive new orders, soon.

.277 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2235 – Cael Log
Zal informs me that she has passed her psych evaluation and she has been contacted to help reform the attack fighter group “The Flying Dactalions” She has accepted the position as 2nd in command. I wish her all the luck.

Florek has been in all his glory. He is back in his hot house lab / repair facility. Working on new projects.

.279 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2235 – Cael Log
Voba has been informed that his uncle Rekla, has been imprisoned as a suspected rebel informant to the Alliance. He can possibly be executed for this. Voba has left to try to secure his released.

Gaave is already on a new secret assignment. Somewhere in the Annoid System.

We receive news from Onderon. Rosa informs us that Moff Dardanno has been taken into custody and is under a court marshal. The Interim Moff has not been assigned by the Emperor as of yet. They have recruited another dozen local troops and have set up 2 separate hidden bases. Berrenger has moved into a plush office in Izis and is making alliances all over the planet. Voba’s trap at Whisper Base worked partially. Only half the base got destroyed when the imperials arrived. Still going to cost them time and credits to fix.

.281 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2235 – Cael Log
I am giving my psych evaluation and bearly pass. I stretch the truth about the frequency of the night terrors. Arkem informs me that I have been promoted to Captain. Flower and Moonbeam have passed their evaluations and are taking some courses. There is no assignment for me as of yet. To relieve the boredom, I take over running a morning PT class for a bunch of new troops. After a few weeks they are in tip top shape. Only had 1 recruit bail out of my class. I also take a few courses in espionage. The class mostly works on deceiving someone. Coming up with a lie on the spur of a moment and using my surroundings as a way to influence others.

.341 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2059 – Cael Log
I am temporarily transferred to another base several sectors away. Flower and Moonbeam have both been assigned as my attaches and are promoted to corporal . This is after I persuade Arkem that they are loyal to me and can shoot the eye out of a flying Rupey at 1 km. At the new base. I am given a class to teach on the tactics we used in infiltrating and fortifying Whisper Base. It is a hands on course for a bunch of Sergeants and Lieutenants. They are impressed with the versatility of the operation. I drone it into them. Improvise as you go. Then improvise on the fly while improvising. While at this base, I also take some defensive driving courses. Covers several different vehicles.

1.039 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2059 – Cael Log
We have finally generated some R and R. A 30 day pass. The girls and I catch a shuttle to Floston Paradise. This is the life I remember when I was a Blitzball star athlete. Laying on the beach with a drink in my hand.

1.068 ABY – Floston Paradise – On’lok System – Cael Log
We are on our last day on Floston Paradise when my comm buzzes. When I look at it, it is Arkem. Oh Frack, I answer it. (Cael) “Cale Here.” (Arkem) “Cael, hope you are well rested?” I look to my left. Flower and Moonbeam, in their bikinis. Each are laying on a chase lounge with bronze tans. Some cabana boy keeps bringing them drinks. Just to get an eye full. (Cael) “Yes Sir, well rested.” (Arkem) “Good, we have a new assignment for you. We will brief you when you get back to 2235. You can assemble your team there. Arkam out.” I look back over to the girls and the cabana boy is putting suntan lotion on Moonbeam’s back.

1.070 ABY – Secret Alliance Base 2235 – Cael Log
0900 Hour – The meeting room on the new assignment has a dozen people in it. Arkems assistant, Borga goes over the finer points of the mission. (Borga) “The mission is along the Perlemian trade route. The imperials are moving large amounts of cargo and equipment through Martle station. The station is in orbit around Remduba 2. There is a M226 Temple class bulk freighter, highly modified. It arrives at the station with a convoy at odd intervals. The ship is commanded by a Lt Commander Jilan Noor. He was under a court marshal for insubordination. The trial has been put on hiatus indefinitely.” (Arkam) “Your job Cael, is to go to Martell Station. Infiltrate the crew of the bulk freighter and at the opportune time, commandeer it.” (Borga) Remdoba 2 is a mining planet. The surface is riddled with mines. We have contacted several members of your team. Berringer you know. His cover will be a casino prospector, looking for new locations. We have also made contact with Gaave’s old ship mate. A Gank name Omnath. Seems he is not dead and has been supporting the rupee riders on Onderon in their bid to harass the imperials.” Borga points to a Wookee sitting to his left. (Borga) “From Tattoine we have a Wookee doctor named Grabbo. He was recently working for some smuggler named Pash Edo. Who is under the protection of a Hutt named Jabba who controls that sector. His cover will be a medical supply salesman.” I nod to the wookee, he grins and nods back. I think to myself “I hope he has a translator. I still don’t understand wookee speak.” Borga then points to the man sitting next to the wookee. (Borga) “Also from Tattoine we have a mechanic / slicer / computer expert. His name is Mathus. He has worked for several people in the past few years. A repair facility owned by a man named Sol. Before that he was also associated with the smuggler Pash Edo on some ship named either Sand Devil or Hand of Sorrow. It is a little unclear. Before that he was employed by a young Hutt named Temo. He comes highly recommended by the local Alliance recruiter.” Mathus stands up and extends his hand to me across the table. I stand and shake his hand. (Borga) “There is your 2 attaches, Miss Flower and a Miss Moonbeam. Attached to this datapad is a list of equipment allocated for the mission. Also on there is yours, Miss Flower’s and a Miss Moonbeam’s cover information. Any questions?” I quickly look over the datapad. A lot more equipment then we were given to take over Whisper Base. A YT-2660, R2-T7 and lists of other equipment. (Cael) “Is there anyone on Martle Station we can trust?” (Arkem) “There is a trandoshan information broker named Passk on the station. He has been instrumental in relaying information for us, for a price.” (Arkem) “Cael, this bulk freighter is supplying to allot of systems that are hammering the Alliance. We need this supply line cut off.” (Cael) “We will get the job done.” (Arkem) “If no one else has anything, dismissed.” As I get up to leave. 1 of Arkem’s other assistants hands me a datapad. (Assistant) “Here is your expense budget, sir. Please do not go over it.” I look at the amount on this datapad but am slightly disappointed in the budget amount. I step over to Grabbo and Mathus. (Cael) “Gentlemen, please prepare you belongings. We can meet at the ship in 2 hours. She is parked in bay 12L. The both nod Yes.

1000 Hour – I return to my quarters to read through the finer points of the mission. I call the girls on my comm link to come to my quarters to go over the pending mission. They both arrive in a few minuets. We sit down at the table to review the information. My cover is Anthony Suprano, low budget holovid producer. Flower is Miss Silvia Garner, model and budding holovid actress. Moonbeam is our makeup and special effects artist by the name of Miss Helena Hardy. Omnath’s cover is a weapons and power pack dealer named Frank. Frank the Gank, I wonder who thought that one up. I can possibly use him on the holovid as another hired actor. Roots is our astromec. The YT-2660 looks like a nice ship, the Oasis. Allot better then the Box. We gather any last minute supplies. Change into some civilian clothes and head to bay 12L.

1200 Hour – When the girls and I get to the ship. Mathus and Grabbo are already waiting at the loading ramp. This ship at least has staterooms and some armament. I give the girls the port side double stateroom and I take the port side single stateroom. Grabbo and Mathus can take the starboard double stateroom. Berrenger and Omnath will be meeting us at Martle Station. We check the supplies and make sure she is fueled. Moonbeam, who has been taking a course in flying space ships. She goes over to the dock master to discuss our departure. Roots is already in the cockpit calculating out our hyperspace jumps. As I am strapping down some equipment. Moonbeam comes stomping up the ramp, mad at the world. She goes right to the cockpit. I look down the ramp. The dock master is holding the left side of his face. He is stooped over a little and is holding his crotch with his other hand. I don’t want to know what he said to her. I close the ramp. Grabbo secures the medical bay. Mathus is at the engineering station, balancing the engines. When I get to the cockpit, MB is in the pilots seat getting us clearance from space control. (MB) “Roots has calculated our course. 1 micro jump, then 2 short jumps and we will be on the Perlemain. From there we have 1 long jump. 14 hours total. Everyone buckled in. Here we go.”

0200 Hour – Martle Station
MB gets us clearance to land on pad 201-7 on the lower level. Our ship is pretty secluded in this area. The dock master does not even come over to our ship to see if we have anything to declare. I put a call out to Berrenger as to what dock we are at.

0230 Hour – Berringer arrives with Omnath. I greet them at the top of the loading ramp. (Cael) “Berringer, great to see you again. And you too Omnath. Berringer shakes my hand. Omnath just nods. We close the ramp and st in the lounge to discuss the plan. Mathus will see if he can get an incoming ship manifest to see when the bulk freighter will next get here. Grabbo will make contact with Passk. Berringer will try to find out which dock workers handle these special shipments. The girls and I will get the layout of the station by videoing in several areas.

Mathus, on the dock level. Passes 2 imperial guards while looking for a dock computer station to slice into. After a few minuets, he finds 1 in a small cubby. He easily defeats the keypad lock to get in. What he finds out from the computer is. The M226 bulk freighter will be arriving tomorrow. When it get to the station. They close off the level 3 to all non essential personnel. He soon finds out that he is wearing the wrong color jumpsuit for this area of the dock. He is wearing a Blue jumpsuit and this is the Red area. There is a zarbeth and 4 other red suited dock workers pounding on the glass to the booth he is in. Mathus is able to get a call to Omnath and Berringer as to his problem. They head down to the dock level. Berringer contacts me to let me know the situation. (Cael) “On my way. Girls, keep making the layout of the station.” I head to the nearest lift down. Omnath gets to where Mathus is 1st. He confronts the Zarpath and they both stab each other. Omnath is extremely outnumbered. He is soon knocked to the ground by the rest of the gang hitting him with spanner wrenches. As Berringer and I arrive. After being delayed by load lifters blocking the hallway. There are several imperial guards already on the scene. Mathus is no where to be found and must have snuck out of the booth when the guards were occupied with Omnath. Who is still on the floor bleeding. The Zarpath is also bleeding and is talking to 1 of the guards. As I approach the scene. I come up with a fast improvised idea to defuse the situation. I use my commanding voice. (Cael) “Cut, Cut, Oh My Stars. Can you people not screw up my shots in this holovid.” Everyone starts looking at me with a confused look on their faces. I continue to press the ruse. Pointing to Omnath, who is now sitting up on the floor. (Cael) “And You! You were off your mark and got yourself hurt in the process.” I point at the zarpath who was just about to get binders put on him. (Carl) “You were not suppose to injure my extras on this set. We will have to patch him up and reset the whole scene.” The zarpath seeing a way to get out of being arrested, plays along with the ruse. (Zarapath) “Yea, holovid, shooting a holovid.” Berringer walks up to Omnath and helps him up to his feet. I sweet talk the lead guard about possibly using him and a few of his men in the vid as an essential part. I get their names and promise the guard that we thought this vid was not going to cause a problem. I go over to the zarpath. (Cael) “I will let you know when we have this shot set up again, ok?” the zarpath tries not to look confused. He just nods yes. The zarpeth, the 3 humans and the aqualish dock workers quickly leave the area. The guards are satisfied with my explanation. Berringer and I carry Omnath back to our ship. (Berringer) “That was close, really close”


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