You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

On your marks....get set.....

Beringer Log 8

Personal Fund: 2066
+200 from sound investments
+700 from wager on race
Partisan Fund: 3,400
-500 from thermals being held

I have an uneasy feeling with the impending Imp expedition to Whisper Base. It’s clear the Imps moved up their timetable while Voba, Cael, Zal and all others are trying to rush jobs to get the base running in decent shape. I got a message that the blockade is delaying the delivery of much needed components, specifically the quad canon and the parts for the base shield generator. However, along with that shipment were 3 thermal detonators.

I knew the thermals would be impossible to get through the blockade. I negotiated a holding fee of 500 until another time they can be retrieved. Meanwhile, the other components were delivered to the warehouse and shipped out via the dump trucks for. This was the last truck shipment to be delivered to Whisper Base.

I’ve received intel that the Imps hired mercenaries to join the upcoming expedition. That didn’t sit well with me as Whisper Base was understaffed as is. I am not much of a fighter but I had an idea to help even the odds. I knew a bike gang was hired to help the Imps. That gang needed a driver for an upcoming swoop race. I had the idea I could convince the gang to not join the Imp expedition in exchange for a driver.

I approached Zal asking if she is able to help. I said “I have a plan to convince the Mercs not to join the Imps, but I need your help.” Zal seems confused as first, but I said a bike gang needed a driver for a swoop race and I wanted to negotiate a deal; if Zal wins the race, the bike gang does not send their people into the jungle. I told Zal it’s our only bargaining chip and she agreed. I failed to disclose this plan to Cael and company. Minor oversight on my part.

Zal and I took an Imp speeder into the slum part of the city and met with the Black Shashes gang. The Black Sashes gang, as well as the other gangs, lost their main drivers as the Imps were cracking down on illegal speeding in the streets and they were desperate to get a hold on a large sum of money for the winner. I approached the leader, who appeared to have been beaten one too many times with a police baton. I never caught his name, but he agreed to the terms if Zal wins the race, they will ‘forget’ their rendezvous time with the Imps. We never discussed what would happen if Zal loses the race, but I could only assume it would involve broken bones. On another side note, I placed a wager of 700 that Zal wins the race.

The speeder Zal and I came in, was military quality but needed additional enhancements while the forward canon needed to be removed. I negotiated to trade the forward canon for parts upgrading the speed and maneuverability of the speeder, which the gang agreed to help with.

Around sundown, the race was about to start. 4 other gangs showed up at the start location, each with their own driver. One speeder looked out of place as it was massive. Zal lined up with the other 4 competitors at the starting line, waiting for the green light. The green light lit and Zal didn’t hestitate putting the pedal to the metal. The biggest speeder bike took off, but threw the driver off. The race is now Zal verses 3 bikes now.

I am watching the race now on a monitor. The racers are now in the streets with live people and other vehicles. Zal is in second and seems cool swerving through the traffic. One of the competitors couldn’t handle the traffic and smacks right into a dump truck broadside into a ball of flame and smoke. I hear cheers in the audience seeing such destruction. Another speeder clipped a pedestrian before all of them headed into the sewers. It was not Zal verses 2.

Zal was ahead, but not by much and saw a 3 way split. I noticed on the monitored Zal hesitated as she was unsure what to do. Zal decided to slow down and let one of them pass her. Zal then followed the leader into one of the tennels and floored it. Zal and the other speeders were now in a switchback with very sharp turns. Zal was able to maintain control but the lead speeder pulled out a blaster hoping to slow Zal down. However the lead speeder lost his grip on the pistol and the pistol flew right into Zal’s lap.

The final obstacle in the course was a corkscrew. Zal was catching up but lost control as the turns were tight at the speed she was going. She lost control and became dizzy. One stable, Zal tried again to catch up and pass the lead bike. The finish line was in sight and Zal floored it, then braked immediately at the end as to not hit the crowds of bystanders watching the race. The other racer was not so lucky and hit the crowd.

I went back to the gang leader and he promised not to send his guys out on the expedition. I also collected my winnings and was advised to make a quick getaway out of town as some of the other gangs were not happy. Zal and I made a quick exit out of town.

Upon return, Cael saw Zal and I and asked where we are. I said I took care of the mercenary situation. I don’t think he was thrilled I left the base without his knowledge.

I went back to my quarters with my winnings and fell asleep. I had a strange dream though. In it I was winning hand after hand of pazzak and towards the end, I was carrying out lots of cash. However, the irony was there was nothing to spend money on.

In the morning, Zal went out in the Box to begin the preemptive strike on the Imp base. Upon leaving, Zal noticed movement in the jungle. The Imps moved their timetable up attacking Whisper Base. Treb and Cael took out a small band of rebels to meet up with some of the imps while I stayed behind. There was a bit of chaos at the base so I came out of my quarters and established order, sending everyone to the hangar door.

I hear explosions and blaster fire in the distance while hearing Cael and Treb on the comm link. I also hear on the comm link one of the partisans manning a turret go silent. Thinking a turret was compromised, I took 3 partisans with me to see what happened. Voba joined us and in the rear base, we came across 8 Imp soldiers. Voba threw a flash grenade blinding everyone there while he continued up a ladder to help some incoming Y-Wings.

After I was able to clear my head, I noticed the Imp soldiers were also starting to come through too. Outnumbered, I had our small group retreat back into the fort and closed the blast doors. I asked for reinforcements and I think I started to hear the Imps plant thermite on the doors to blast them. Moments later, I heard nothing. It took me a while to find out the Imps chose to retreat.

There was a bit of relief, but now that the Imps know we are here, I fear they will come back here in greater numbers.


gdallaman brian_k

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