You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Exit Strategy, I Hope

Episode 11-16-2017

1.074 ABY – 1830 Hour – Reserch Station Shantipole – Roche Asteroid Field-Cael Report
We are in the science bay with the 2 prototype fighters. Zal has RR5 plugged into the onboard computer in the cockpit of the 2nd B1 fighter he will need to fly. So he can orient himself with the controls. This fighter is named “Republic Saber.” Zal’s B1 is named “The Spirit of Alderan.” The name of this fighter brings up a thousand bad memories. I quickly push those memories aside. Zal still needs a co-pilot / scanner person for her fighter. Berrenger volunteers to be RR5’s co-pilot. I call Mathus, who is still in the landing bay. To see if he can trace where the transmission from Carnor Jax came from. He is actually in the landing bay control room. He is aggravated that I am taking him away from getting the landing bay doors open, but he runs the trace. (Mathus) “I cant get an exact lock, but I think the transmission came from a small asteroid near by. Bearing 181 Mark 22. Approximately 2000 meters away. (Zal) “Hey Guys ! I still need a co-pilot for my bird. Which one of you are going to fly my 2nd? ” (Cael) “I cant, I need to go after Jax and get the commander back.” (Berrenger) “Cael, our mission was to get these prototypes out.” (Cael) “Our mission was to get everyone and the prototypes out. I intend to do that.” Mathus overhearing the conversation over the comm. (Mathus) “I will second seat the fighter. Give me a minuet to get over there. I already found the controls for the blast door. I will meet you in the science bay.” I turn to Zal. (Cael) “So now you have a co-pilot. Are we good? I suspect you can hold off the Tie fighters while I head the other direction and go find the commander? Let me know when you are ready to launch.” Zal nods to me and turns to RR5. (Zal) “Are you OK on the controls?” (RR5) “Affirmative, I have catagorize each of the controls into my memory banks.” Just then, Mathus comes running up the ramp to the science bay. He is huffing and puffing. I need to get him into PT class when we get back on the Guppy. If we get back to the Guppy. In between his huffing and puffing (Mathus) “The controls for the blast doors are in the control room. Panel on the right of the door with the 3 red buttons. Oh yea, Omnath got his arm caught in the blast door. I had to disassemble his arm to get him out. He is OK. Well almost OK.” Mathus turns and looks at the prototypes. (Mathue) “WOW, so these are the prototypes. They are bigger then I expected.” Zal gets Mathus into the co-pilot seat and starts pointing out controls to him. Grabbo, Flower and I leave the science bay. The Verpine techs finish prepping the ships, and then they also head for the landing bay. In the turbo lift I contact Roots. (Cael) “Roots, start powering up the shuttles. We need to move all the passengers and wounded to the 2 other shuttles. We will be there in about 2 minuets. (R2T7) “Twee Dee Boop.”

1845 Hour – As we reach the landing bay. Roots has our shuttle and 1other powered up. He is heading to the 3rd shuttle. When I get to the ramp of our shuttle. (Cael) “Ok everyone, I need you all to move to the other 2 shuttles. When we open the doors. I need you to drift the shuttles out of the bay and slowly move out of the asteroid field. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Go slow. Our Mon Calamari cruiser, the Guppy is not far. Grabbo, can Moonbeam be moved to the other shuttle?” (Grabbo) “Warr shrr ggrrrddd sshhhwwwooo – translation “Yes, I will secure her.” Omnath walks over to me. He is holding his partially crushed left arm in his right hand. (Omnath) “What I do?” (Cael) “Help move the passengers to the other shuttle. Then you are with us. Make sure we have a space suit for you and Grabbo. Flower’s and my armor will act as a suit.” Omnath nods Yes. I head to the control room. When I get there I look for the panel to the right of the door with 3 red buttons. There are scorch marks on the panel, but it looks like Mathus has jury rigged the door to operate remotely. There are open sockets and wires running from the panel to an open access hole across the room. In the black soot next to the panel. Mathus wrote the 5 digit code to open the door remotely. Got to hand it to him. He can probably make a computer out of Bantha dung, wire and an old stormtrooper suit. I repeat the 23T3Z code several times as I run back to the shuttle. All the passengers are in the 2 other shuttles and all the Virpine techs are also with them. There is a Verpine in the pilot seat of both of the other shuttles. I climb into the pilot seat and shut the ramp. Omnath is in the gunner chair and Flower is in the co-pilot seat. Grabbo is in the back. I can hear him complaining about his fur getting stuck inside the space suit. Roots is next to me. He is plugged into the ships computer. Zal radios that they are ready to launch. (Cael) “We are good to go here. Good luck.” We then hear a loud explosion, and the asteroid shakes. I enter the 23T3Z code and the blast doors slowly open. We slowly drift out into the asteroid field. I try to use the thrusters as little as possible. I don’t want any Tie fighters noticing me. The other 2 shuttles are slowly heading off in the direction that the Guppy should be. (Cael) “Roots, see if you can narrow down where that transmission came from.” Roots directs the shuttle sensor array and coordinates pop up on the screen. They are for a medium sized asteroid. Looks like a landing strip is carved out of it. I tell Omnath that he better put on his space suit. He goes in the back and dons the suit. With a little help from Grabbo. We can hear the radio transmissions from Zal to RR5 and back. The Tie fighters are oblivious to us and are after the 2 prototypes. 2 Tie fighters zoom past us, not thinking twice. This is good. I take this opportunity to speed up a bit. The Tie fighter leader tries to intimidate Zal to surrender. Tie fighters may be fast, but they have no shields. Those 2 prototypes have good shields and carry a lot of fire power. Those imperials are in for a very rude surprise. As we get near the asteroid, we can see 3 life pods and 5 skiffs in the landing area. We hear Zal destroy 1 tie fighter. Seems she cut the enemy ship in half. Damn those B1 fighters must be something to see in combat. We next hear RR5 has destroyed 1 and disables another tie fighter. As we are coming down for a landing at the landing strip. 1 of the techs on the asteroid runs up to the shuttle. He hits the intercom that is by the ramp. (Tech) “What, what is going on. This is not protocol. Carnor should not have the commander out here.” (Cael) “Where are they? Where did they go?” I can see on the monitor. The tech points toward another asteroid that looks like a big donut with a bite taken out of it. (Tech) “They are headed in that direction in a skiff. That part is not finished. They are still mining that area of the asteroid field. Besides there is a imperial cruiser over there. This is not protocol.” I look in the direction the tech is pointing. There is an imperial gladiator lite cruiser a bit farther outside the asteroid field but still visible. The donut asteroid is a little over 5000 meters away. I hit the microphone to the outside. (Cael) “Carnor Jax is the traitor.” The tech has an odd bewildered look on his face as I lift off the asteroid and head towards the direction he was pointing.

1910 Hour – (Cael) “Roots, can you detect the skiff with Carnor and the commander?” Roots is using the sensor array. (Roots) “Wooor boop boop.” In other words, NO, (Cael) “Ok everyone. See if any of you can spot them.” As we get closer to the donut asteroid. We can see some movement around the center of it. There seems to be a short landing area with several skiffs parked there. There are rough tunnels bored into the asteroid near the landing zone. I bring the shuttle in to land. 1 of the skiffs has ice crystals on it and is still dissipating heat. It was recently used. I am betting that is the skiff Carnor Jax used. We hear Carnor Jax’s voice again on the comm. (Carnor) “I said give me the prototypes and I will release the commander. I will kill him if you don’t.” Now I know he is here. I do not answer that empty threat. I know he will not kill the commander. That is the only bargaining chip he has. We secure the shuttle and the 4 of us head to the largest tunnel. I put the scan goggles on over my helmet. This gives me a clear view in the dim to darkness of the tunnel. This tunnel may be large but it twists in several directions. I am in the lead. Grabbo is behind me. Then Flower and Omnath brings up the rear. We get about 50 meters into the tunnel. (Carnor) “I thought we were friends captain. I will give you the commander if you let me go.” I still do not answer him. I hope that fool pees in his suit with fear. (Carnor) “You have to be getting close. Let me go. Just let me go.” As we round a shallow bend. I can make out 2 outlines about 30 meters away. It looks like Carnor is standing slightly behind the commander and he is holding a blaster pistol. I give hand signals to the 3 behind me, that I am going to jump him, and for them to get the commander to safety. I hit the switch on my stealth field. I disappear and push off down the tunnel at full speed. I get to Carnor in a flash and grab him. I stab my vibro knife into a fold in his suit. Grabbo runs up and gets between the commander and Carnor. Omnath has the large vibro knife extended from the dislocated arm he is carrying. He stabs Carnor deep. Carnor in pain, drops his blaster pistol. Flower runs up and pulls the commander away to a safe distance. (Ackbar) “No, no, don’t kill him. Don’t kill him. Keep him alive.” I stop myself from stabbing this traitor again. I turn off the stealth field. Carnor’s suit is losing air pretty fast. Grabbo grabs Carnor in a Wookee Hug. Picks him up like a doll and walks him back to the shuttle. When we are all inside and the shuttle is pressurized again. Grabbo removes parts of Carnor’s suit to stabilizes the 2 stab wounds on our prisoner. Flower makes sure that the commander has not been hurt. We next secure Carnor in a seat with heavy cargo straps. He is not happy and is not going anywhere. We can hear over the comm that Zal and RR5 are engaged with several Tie fighters. Just hold out for a few more minuets and we can all rendezvous at the Guppy.


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