You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Firefight On Shantipole

Episode 10-19-2017

1.074 ABY – 1600 Hour – Reserch Station Shantipole – Roche Asteroid Field – Cael Report
MB and Flower are pinned down on the far side of our shuttle Musky. I am near the hallway on the far side of the landing bay, still cloaked. I can hear over my comm the problem that Berrenger and RR5 are having with the boarding droid in the pod bay at the far side of the asteroid. I really hope Berrenger has that ion gun. Grabbo enters the main docking bay from the comm room door with his vibro axe. Never could understand a Doctor who uses a vibro axe, but he is pretty good at wielding it. From the ceiling of the docking bay. There are some odd looking flechette guns shooting at the storm troopers. I suspect they are a Virpine design defensive gun. They are not hitting much but they are keeping the far group of troopers dodging for cover. The 2nd group of troopers comes around the back side of the lambda shuttle. (Trooper1) “Where did he go?” (Trooper2) “He must have doubled back.” (Berrenger – through comm) “Commander Halbey has been hit. We are taking heavy amount of fire. Pinned down.” Damn it man! I cant be in 2 places at 1 time. Berrenger will just have to hold on. I autofire on the group by the lambda and 2 troopers go down. I move to behind the remaining 3 in that group as they fire in the area of where I was. (Berrenger) “Droid down! Droid down! We are retreating and taking a pod to other asteroid base where the prototypes are.” (Mathus) “Guppy, Come in Guppy. Imperials have breached the outer defenses of Shantipol station. We are evacuating.” I can bearly hear the Guppy’s reply over Mathus’s comm. (Guppy) “Guppy Here. 2 heavy cruisers, heavy fire, rendezvous Shantipole, secure prototypes.” I think to myself. Yea, yea, what do they think we are doing. Singing old Bith jazz tunes? The girls are under heavy fire from the troopers on the far side of the docking bay. I can not see what is happened over there from my vantage point. Only that the girls are exchanging fire with the troopers. Over the intercom throughout the station. (Ackbar) “All personnel, evacuate, imperials have entered the station.” (Mathus) “Lets go commander. We have to go NOW!” (Omnath) “Mathus, you get the commander to the pods. I will delay these imperials.” (Berrenger) “Launching pod for other………..” the communication trails off. He is out of range of our comms and I assume on his way over to the prototypes. I fire on the group of 3 in front of me. 2 more go down and I move between the 2 lambda shuttles while the last trooper fires where I was. Grabbo has pried open the cover the 3rd group of troopers was using. The flechette guns takes out 1 of the troopers. Grabbo takes the helmet, and the head off of the lieutenant and plants his vibro axe into another trooper in that group. I take out the last trooper in that group and pivot and take out the last trooper that is off to my right. I flick the switch off on my stealth field. Roots rolls past me and up the ramp of the 1st lambda shuttle. (Cael) “Roots, fire that shuttle up. We are bugging out asap.” (Roots) “Twee, Beep” I run to the girls. Moonbeam is unconscious. Flower’s left arm is severely damaged. Grabbo comes over to us and we get them mobile. (Cael) “Get them into the lambda. Roots is powering it up. I need to see to the commander and what is happening on the other side of this base.” (Grabbo) “Warrrssek Yaarrr – Yes, I think.”

1615 Hour - I proceed to the hallway that leads to the comm room. Omnath is engaged with 2 imperials at the far end of the hallway. There is a 3rd trooper on the floor choking on his own blood from a severe wound to his neck. He slumps to the floor dead. My 1st shot at the 2 troopers standing goes wide and hits the wall. Omnath sees me coming down the hallway and pivots the imperials between him and me. My 2nd burst hits both the imperials. They both slump to the floor with the other dead trooper. (Cael) “Where is the commander and Mathus?” (Omnath) “Mathus drag him to pod bay. That way.” Omnath and I double time it towards the pod bay. There are station crew and Virpines rushing everywhere. We direct them to the main shuttle bay and the lambda shuttle. When we get to the pod bay. We see Mathus engaged with the huge boarding droid. Actually the droid has Mathus in its 2 claws. He is trying to disable the droid, but cant reach the open access panel near its head. Omnath and I shoot at the droid. My shot bounces off the droids heavy armor. Omnath’s shot hits the open panel. Sparks fly everywhere as the droid tips and falls over. Mathus jumps clear, so as not to get crushed. All the stormtroopers in the pod bay are dead. Mathus meets us half way as we walk over to the pods. (Cael) “Are you alright?” (Mathus) “I will live to splice another day.” In the middle pod, we see commander Ackbar. He is in a heated argument with Carnor Jax. Just as we get to about 5 meters from the pod. Carnor sees us and hits the launch button. The pod iris door quickly seals and the pod launches before we can get to it. (Cael) “Son Of A Frick! Come on, Roots should have 1 of the lambda shuttles prepped and ready in the main landing bay.” As we rush back to the landing bay. We usher any remaining crew towards the shuttles. We bump into Suskapo. (Cael) “Are all the crew out?” (Suskapo) “We have very few that are left.” (Cael) “Get them to the shuttles, NOW!” (Mathus) “I will pilot the 2nd shuttle. I will take Sus, Soska, whatever his name and Omnath with me.” (Cael) “OK, We will need to follow you, since Suskapo knows the way to the other asteroid with the prototypes.”

1630 Hour - All the remaining crew from Shantipol station is loaded into the 2 lambda shuttles. I pilot the first shuttle and Mathus pilots the other. Flower is in the gunners chair with her left arm in a makeshift sling. She gives me the thumbs up. 1 of the Virpines is in my co-pilot chair. He is regulating the pre-heaters on the fuel cells. (Cael) “Cael to Mathus, are we ready?” (Mathus) “We are ready over hear.” We launch the 2 shuttles and Suskapo navigates us to the other asteroid where the prototypes are housed. As we approach the other oval asteroid. We see that there are tie fighters swarming everywhere. The landing bay of Shantipole station C, is blocked by a patrol. Mathus uses the shuttle comm to contact the patrol. (Mathus) “Shuttle 29534 to patrol. We request landing in the asteroid bay.” (Imperial) “Shuttle 29534. Why are you not at the base command asteroid?” (Mathus) “Base command asteroid secure. We are moving to help secure this next asteroid.” (Imperial) “Shuttle 29534. You and shuttle 27335 are cleared to land. We will need the help.” As we bring the shuttles into the landing bay. We can see several groups of imperials. Some have alliance prisoners. I turn to the co-pilot. (Cael) “Can you make the landing?” (Verpine) “Yes, but where are you going?” (Cael) I want you to initiate the landing. As we land, open the boarding ramp as quick as possible. Flower, I want you to fire the ships guns at any group that does not have alliance prisoners. I will thin out the groups that have prisoners. Are we clear?” Flower gives me the thumbs up. The Virpine sees Flower’s reply to me. The virpine hand only has 3 articulated fingers. It curls 2 fingers and give me 1 finger up. I take that as a go. I don my helmet, grab Betty and head to the top of the boarding ramp. I look over the main seating in the shuttle. MB is on a stretcher with several bacta patches on her. She is still unconscious. There are 10 other Shantipole crew in here. I do not want to put any of them in harms way, but I have no choice. 1 of the Verpines sees me standing there with my rifle. He comes over to me with a blaster in his hand. (Cael) “You keep any imperials from coming up this ramp.” He nods to me yes. I can feel the shuttles repulsers activate as we are slowly dropping to the deck. The ramp is opening before we are fully down. Flower starts firing the ships guns in rapid succession as the ramp is only down part way. When the ramp is fully down I rush to the landing bay deck and start picking off imperials. After a few minuets, the landing bay is clear of imperials. Flower comes down the ramp holding a blaster pistol. (Cael) ”We need to find the commander. I hope Berrenger has secured the prototypes. You up to this?” She nods yes. (Flower) “I have to settle on what they did to my sister.” I am glad she has my back, and I have hers.


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