You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Meet Dizzy

Beringer Log - Log 3 Mission 2

Personal Fund: 2,706

+200 from sound investments

Partisan Funds: 3,400

Republic Funds for Mission: 1,500

After the brief battle with the patrols, Flower, Omnath, Mathus, Cael and I were on the bridge of the freighter. The bridge had its normal compliment of crew and officers.

I tried to convince the crew to surrender and lay down their arms because they were surrounded and had more forces onboard. One of the techs called my bluff while the freighter’s captain was defiant. The captain’s E.O. looked like he was willing to surrender but the captain shot him.

Blaster fire was exchanged. Cael was able to get a direct hit, however the freighter caption was able to use her E.O. as a shield, absorbing most of the blast.

Omnath charged the captain, stabbing the captain in the leg with a vibroknife. The captain dropped the body shield and was taking aim on Omnath. However Flower got a shot off directly into the captain’s arm, disabling her.

The crew on the bridge surrendered but we expected more to come from behind. Mathus hacked into the system trying to gas the ship with nitrogen to knock out most people on the ship. Instead, Mathus must have fat-fingered and engaged the fire suppression system. It brought down blast doors and made the corridors slippery, giving us time.

We proceeded by entering coordinates into the nav system to our rendezvous point. When the freighter detached from the station, two galleons on the station were prepping to detach to pursue our freighter.

Our freighter jumped into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Mathus finally was able to get nitrogen into the cabins knocking out most people not in the bridge.

Looking at the ship schematics, one pod is a prison. I’ve learned the prison mostly houses political dissidents and vagrants. The other pod is a luxury pod, while the last one houses weapons. I’ve decided to go to the prison pod to look for anyone connected to or sympathetic to the rebellion. I got the manifest, grabbed a personal breather so I am not inhaling nitrogen, and went on my way while others either stayed on the bridge or to other parts of the ship.

In the prison, I came across some droids who had restraining bolts. There was a protocol droid and I tried to talk to it. He seemed willing to help if I got the restraining bolt off. I tried to use a plasma torch to remove it but it was on too securely. I said to the droid I will be back and went to the next cell.

There was a cell of Gigerion Mercs. In a first aid kit, I grabbed some rebreather masks and revived them. I said they were free to help and that I was here to rescue. The Gigerions were willing to help. We gathered the guard’s weapons, locked them up in the cell and tried to look for other prisoners to free.

I came across this one cell that held a prison but it was different. There were autocannons pointed at an individual chained to a chair. This person was not on the manifest and I dared not go inside.

While returning back to the bridge, I heard an explosion. The freighter dropped out of hyperspace. We fell short of our coordinates. Listening to the com, I heard Omnath is stuck because he is a cork to a breach. Mathus and Flower went to help out in the weapons pod.

Once the breach was secured, the freighter was able to make a microjump to our rendezvous point with the Mon Cal Cruiser Guppy.

Cael and the crew noticed someone was trying to hack into the navigation system, either by bringing it down or to notify the Imps our location. We had little time and knew we were compromised.

While all this was going on, I found a tool to remove the bolt on the protocol droid. I went back to the cell and removed it. The droid was kind of glitchy and spoke a bit gibberish. He introduced himself as DA-A7. I gave him the nickname of Dizzy, which it did not appreciate.

I asked Dizzy about the freighter, which was too board a question so I narrowed it to what it knew about the prisoner in the single cell with the autocannons. Dizzy said the prisoner is someone who once worked at the Jedi Temple.

The freighter rendezvoused with the Guppy. We were met with Mon Cal commander Gravic. We had little time and started to lead the prisoner pod before the two galleons exited hyperspace. There was little time to recover other items from the freighter so we rushed to the Guppy.

Mathus pressed his luck downloading as much as he could from the freighter. Once the download was complete, he, Flower and Omnath ran to the closest escape pod. However, in the rush to eject from the freighter, the pod ejected but was out of control.

Moonbeam, in the other ship, detached from the freighter and tried to rescue the pod while the galleons closed in. Moonbeam was able to maneuver and get the pod. Meanwhile, the Guppy fires on the freighter to leave no traces behind and jumps to hyperspace.


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