You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Mission Accomplished, Sort Of

Episode 8-3-2017

1.072 ABY – 1900 Hour – Bridge of M226 Bulk Freighter
We are on the bridge of the M226 freighter as it is moving out into the flotilla of other bulk freighters. In the center of the bridge is the captain. A Lt. Commander Jilan Noor. He is arguing with his XO, a Lt. Hyzhan Troo about the boarding incident. We are at the rear of the bridge with weapons targeting the crew. (Berringer) “Drop your weapons. We are in charge of the ship. We have you surrounded.” Most of the crew quickly drops their weapons. 1 crewman questions whether the 5 of us constitutes being surrounded. The captain starts shouting (Jilan) “Damn it! Don’t just sit there you fools, shoot them!” Jilan pulls out his blaster and shoots his XO. He uses her body as a shield. The crew retrieves their weapons and begins to fire. Mathus is at a ships computer terminal. (Mathus) “I’m in the computer.” I fire at the captain but he is backing away with the XO as a shield and my shot only grazes him. The rest of the bridge crew starts firing on us. They are not trained solders. They are ducking under cover and shooting at us blind. Omnath, who is off to my left. He runs forward and stabs the captain in his leg. As the captain falls back, he attempts to shoot Omnath. Flower takes aim and hits the captain in his right shoulder. The hit knocks the blaster from his right hand and the arm is hanging out of its socket. The captain falls to the deck screaming in pain. (Jilan) “In a few minuets there will be 30 armed troops coming through that door for you.” (Cael) “Mathus can you get all the doors sealed off? Or something else to block anyone from getting up here?” (Mathus) “I can activate the fire suppression system. This will seal all doors and initiate fire foam where I direct it to. We can even flood the halls with nitrogen and knock them all out.” (Cael) “Do It.” I turn to the crew still blind firing at us. (Cael) “Listen here! Drop your weapons. I have the firepower to blast every one of you to past Hutt space from here. Drop your weapons now and you all will survive.” They all surrender. I nod to Flower. She moves around to where the captain is. She drags him to the center of the deck while he screams in pain. Well away from his weapon and any command console. She plants a foot on his chest and keeps aimed at the crew. We then hear the fire alarms going off. Along with the warning alarms. Its getting noisy in here. (Cael) “”Mathus. Do something about those alarms.” I move to the pilot and navigation consoles. I get Roots on the comm. (Cael) “Roots, We need the hyper jump coordinates.” Mathus gets the boarding alarms turned off but the fire alarms are still going. (Mathus) “Working on it.” while he is munching on a coco covered protean bar. I can see on the holo-monitors. The crew in the hallways are all passing out from the low amount of oxygen in the air. I get Berringer and Omnath to search the crew and consoles for hidden weapons. Flower gets a comm link to Grabbo on our ship. He gives her instructions on bacta patching the captains leg and resetting his arm back into its socket. (Mathus) “Cael, several escape pods have jettison.” Omnath informs Berringer and I what each of the 3 cargo pods contain. (Omnath) “Pod #1 is a prison pod. Political and some rebel prisoners. Pod #2 is a VIP pod. Engineers and technical people. Pod #3 is a cargo pod. In there are large amounts of various weapons and walkers.” Berringer gets a crewman to access the prisoner list to download onto a data pad. Roots has transmitted the jump coordinates. I reassure the crew. Holding a frag grenade in my hand. (Cael) “You cooperate and no one gets hurt. Someone doesn’t follow my orders. They get shot, or worse. Are we clear on this?” The crew all shakes their heads YES. The navigator puts in the coordinates and we make the jump to hyperspace. Berrenger is heading off to the prisoner pod to see if he can find us some help. Grabbo enters the bridge as Berringer leaves. The crew sees the large Wookee enter the bridge and get uneasy. Grabbo checks out the captain. (Grabbo) “Good work Flower, just as I told you.” He then sedates the captain so he is less trouble. At this point the ships pilot recognizes me. (Pilot) “Hey, aren’t you Cael Hanarist the blitz ball star. I seen your rookie game where you made 5 goals. They interviewed you afterwards and you were thanking your pop and…….” I loose tract of what the pilot says at that point. The image of the interview is fresh in my head. The crowds around me. Asking a ton of questions. My dad was so proud of me. I could see him smiling from his seat in the VIP section. Then the memory of Alderan clouds the thought. I turn to the pilot. (Cael) “You better shut your mouth about my dad. He was on Alderan.” I give the pilot an angry look. He stops talking and turns back to his control board. (Mathus) “I need to get down to engineering. I need to make sure the engines are running properly and nobody sabotaged anything.” He takes another bite of the coco covered protein bar. I nod yes then turn to Flower. (Cael) “Go with him and try to keep him out of trouble.” (Flower) “More like keeping him from getting coco covered fingerprints everywhere.” After they are gone for a while. I notice Omnath is missing. I nonchalantly scan the bridge. I finally see him. He is standing between 2 computer terminals in a dark shadow. He has his vibro knife clasped in his left hand. He has a good vantage point of the bridge if these yahoos do something stupid.

2130 Hour - There is a knocking at the locked door to the bridge. I call up the camera in the hallway out there. It is a human with an odd haircut and handlebar moustache. It is sticking out on either side of his breather mask. I contact Mathus and ask him about this guy. (Mathus) “Yea, his name is Ravin. He is OK. He helped Omnath and I get through the VIP area.” I let the stranger onto the bridge. (Ravin) “Hey, thanks. You in charge here? Of course you are in charge. My name is Ravin Zale. When all hell broke loose I thought it was a good time to take advantage of the confusion to escape.” (Cael) “Why were you being held?” (Ravin) “I was investigating a bio-weapons program that the imps were running on Correllia. Real vicious stuff. They are planning something about spreading a virus on the populous of a couple of planets. I was on the way to my contact when a couple of Compnor agents picked me up. By the way. You know there are a lot of crew passed out all over the ship. Good thing I found this re-breather or I wold be passed out also. I was able to get 500 credits off of the people out there. I can share with you. By the way, I did not catch your name?” This guy does not shut up. What kind of investigator is he? Just as I am going to answer him. I see Berrenger at the bridge door. He has several Gigrans behind him. I let them onto the bridge. (Berringer) “See, I found us some help.” The Gigrans are mercenaries and each has an E11 blasters. I shake my head. (Cael) “I cant figure out how you always just find things that are needed.” (Berringer) “I’m just that good.”

2245 Hour - We are soon to be dropping out of hyperspace, when we all hear a thump and the ship shakes. We check the cameras and the alarm board. There is a hull breach in the cargo pod. I comm to Mathus about the problem. (Omnath) “I go to help him.” Omnath exits the bridge with a breather mask on. (Cael) “Mathus, Omnath is on his way to help you.” (Mathus) “Roger that. We will see what we can do.” I look at the controls. The pilot is desperately trying to keep us from dropping out of hyperspace. He keeps us going for another 30 minuets before the venting causes us to drop out. (Cael) “Where are we? Show me the scan of the area. Are their any ships in the area?” (Navigator) “We are in the Columex system near Falusia.” Well, we are in the correct system, just on the completely wrong side of it. I get the pilot to get this ship going in the direction of the randevu point under the sub light engines. Suddenly there is a flurry of lights flashing on the navigation board. The navigator is confused and has his hands up (Navigator) “I’m not doing that.” Someone is hacking into the bridge. I shut down this control board. Soon the comm board lights up. I start pushing buttons and by luck, I lock out the hacker. (Cael) “Roots, we need the micro jump coordinates for when Mathus gets that hole breach fixed.” Roots replies “Affirmative.” This tub in sub light is extremely slow. The chronometer slowly ticks away. It is almost an hour later. (Mathus) “Cael, we have the hull fixed as well as we can. We can jump to hyperspace now. We may not make it back up to the bridge anytime soon. We have a few problems back here. Some of the crew has woken up.” (Cael) “Do you need help?” (Mathus) “Moonbeam and Omnath are handling them.” (Cael) “I thought Flower was with you.” (Mathus) “I cant tell them apart, whatever.” I get Roots to re-enter the jump coordinates to this tub. I get the pilot to make the micro jump and 20 minuets later we are at the correct randevu point.

1.073 ABY – 0100 Hour - We arrive at the randevu point and there is a calamari cruiser there waiting. She is The Guppy and a happy sight to see. I transmit the friendly code and contact the commander of the Guppy. Berringer returns to the bridge. (Berringer) “There is a lot of political prisoners and 1 special prisoner. I think they must be some jedi or something. They are in a special lock up.” (Cael) “Let the troops from the cruiser handle the prisoners. The Guppy’s commander, Lt Commander Gravic radios orders to us on docking. The cruiser moves in and docks on our starboard side. The breach in the cargo pod does not last and reopens. (Gravic) “Strike team. We have to move fast. Seems we have 2 Star Galleons coming in on an intercept course. We can get 1 pod off. Which pod do we take?” As the rebel troops enter the bridge. (Cael) “Pod #1 is prisoners. My team will wrangle the VIPs in pod #2 into #1. #3 is just heavy equipment and weapons but there is a hull breach in that pod.” (Gravic) “Roger that strike team. You do not have much time, so act fast.” The calamari troops are ushering the bridge crew onto the cruiser. (Pilot) “I thought you were going to let us all go?” (Cael) “After we pull any important information from you.” I take Berringer, the 5 Gigarans and 6 of the calamari troops and head to the VIP pod. We use 1 of the in ship speeders to get there quickly.

0130 Hour - We usher all the VIPs from pod #2 into the prisoner pod #1. Then they are transferred to the cruiser. Most of these people are engineers and tech crew. The calamari troops still on the bridge of the M226 send a data dump of the computer over to the Guppy. I comm Moonbeam to move the Smooth Sailor to the Cruisers docking bay. (Mathus) “Moonbeam, Omnath and I are on our way to the cruiser but several access ways are blocked. We will find another way.” Why does he keep calling Flower Moonbeam? We get the last of the people from the M226 onto the cruiser. Alarms start going off. The cruiser begins targeting an escape pod. I get a faint call on my comm. (Flower) “Mathus cant control escape pod, mayday.” I tell the commander. (Cael) “Those are my people in that escape pod. I will send my ship to retrieve them. Moonbeam, New orders. Retrieve the escape pod with our crew in it.” (Moonbeam) “Roger that Cael. On my way.” I rush to the bridge of the cruiser. On the main holo-screen. We can see the cruiser firing on the bulk freighter to destroy it. We can see the Smooth Sailor, swiftly move in to retrieve the errant escape pod. Moonbeam does some fast maneuvers and avoids several pieces of debris. She soon docks in the Cruisers docking bay as the 2 Star Galleons appear on the screen. The cruiser jumps to hyperspace. (Cael) “Commander, when ever you are ready for debriefing. You can contact me on my ship. And commander. Thank you for being here to pick us up. Any delay and we would not have made it. Gravic smiles and rolls his bulbous eyes. For a calamari, the eye roll is a yes nod. I meet the rest of my team back at our ship. Mission accomplished, well sort of.


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