You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor! Take Them Away!

Off Onderan, new mission

Beringer Log - Second Mission 1

Personal Fund: 2266

+200 from sound investments

Other Funds: 3,400

6 Months elapsed since the Battle on at Whisper Base. We also received word the Rebels destroyed what is called the “Death Star”, a weapon that destroyed Alderan at the battle of Yavin. The Imperials are seeking revenge seeking out the leaders of that faction in the outer rim.

As a result, the Imperials have not spent as much attention reinforcing Onderan. Their base at Jiranna lays ruined and abandoned, but the Imps still retain an orbital presence. We did abandon Whisper Base as a precaution. I’ve traveled back to the city and laid low for a while until I receive further communications. I’ve also undergone some surgery obtaining an implant to help resist toxins into my bloodstream. After my experience being interrogated by the interrogation droid, it’s best I invest in this little measure.

Weeks after the Battle of Whisper Base, I received word I am to be made an official political liaison for the Rebellion. I’ve also received word that Cael was promoted to Captain for his role at Whisper Base. The rebels tried to split sisters Flower and Moonbeam into two separate units due to family policy, but Cael was able to convince them it’s better they stay together with him. Zal decided to take some time to rejoin an old group of hers called “The Flying Dactalions”.

Weeks later, I receive word from Rebel Command I have a new assignment to examine a hidden trade route called the Premlenian Trade Route. The rebellion wants to know more about how the Imperials are getting their resources. After their recent actions at Onderan and Yavin, they should seem a bit depleted but the Imperials are chugging along across the galaxy. My mission is to find it and try redirect it to the rebellion.

I was told there are special cargo containers that pass through a mining facility named “Remdula 2” where they stop to refuel. I am to board once of those freighters to identify those goods to gain a better understanding of where the cargo is coming from.

I am rejoined with Cael and Omnath. The rebellion also assigned Mathus, a mechanic since Voba is no longer with us and Grabow, a Wookie doctor. We rendezvous at Matle station where we are placed on a YT2600 Transport called “Smooth Sailer” (or is it Sailor? Hard to tell).

We were all given fake ID’s for our journey. Mine was Nick Pappageogorio, a casino prospector.

We arrived at Remdula 2, a 5 floor station. Upon my arrival, I split from the group to scope the place. To solicit information, I had a Pazzak deck on me. I sat down in the main lobby and started flashing my Pazzak desk. Some of the miner, who were obviously bored, approached me asking to play. I decided not to hustle them as I really wanted to solicit information.

I’ve learned from the miners when special vessels pass through, the top 3 decks of the station are off limits. There is no timetable when this occurs or is there a consistent pattern.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Mathus sliced into a system below pulling manifests of upcoming transports. However, Mathus also drew the attention of either a gang or union miners. Hard to tell the difference here. Omnath was there and engaged the group while Mathus radioed for help. Cael and I received the message and ran down to the lower level of the station.

Omnath strikes the first blow but is then overwhelmed by the mob. Omnath is seriously hurt while Mathus is able to slip out. By the time Cael and I arrive, it seems that we were going to be overrun because and Imp patrol was monitoring the situation. I kept my blaster hidden and saw the wounded thug that Mathus hit earlier. I wanted to offer help to ease the situation but the thug was too anxious and held his vibroblade in my direction.

Cael announced that his “shot” was ruined by what happened. I was impressed with Cael’s acting abilities playing the part of a movie producer trying to film a live action sequence. Cael convinced the thugs and the Imps the whole movie scene was ruined and they believed him! Perhaps Cael should consider taking up a position as a diplomat.

I rushed to Omnath and gave him a stimpack to stop the bleeding. I then tried to convince the Imps not to write up the incident up so we are not recorded. I nearly broke a sweat there but they agreed as paperwork is cumbersome.

Now we need to go back laying low until the station is on lockdown for the next freighter.


gdallaman brian_k

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